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Warning! Foul language can be used. This book is a dark piece of comedy fiction, but the series is romantic as a whole. If you take it seriously, you will fry your brain. Not for children. Also, reading story may make you actually crave sweets.

Hippie hero, death by sweets, never ending childhood for young and old, and an interesting hit on the newest resident? Welcome to Lost Secret girls and boys!

Shari Kari is in trouble. She just broke up with her boyfriend, but now he's got a hit on her. Her supportive sister tells her to get out of Calibri City and into a small safe town: Lost Secret. Famous for being the one-stop drop town for the rich and famous' children. No crime. Where even adults act like children. She finds a friend in Timothy Varmen, and a semi-happy life, until her special condition gets out of control.

Ezekiel is the town's hero. While acting like a big child himself, he's taken on the extra duty of trying to 'save' the new local resident, whether she likes it or not.

In this town, a man must learn to grow up, and a woman must learn to grow down. Scandals, inhibitions, temptations...

A story of childhood...that's not for children.


10 Dating Lessons from Sex and the City is the essential guide to dating, based on the cult hit Sex and the City. By studying the dating drama and disasters in Sex and the City, women can discover what to do, and what not to do when it comes to dating and relationships. The book provides humorous and practical dating advice for women of all ages written by an author with a degree in Psychology.
Cora discovers her father is in trouble… and the only person who can help her is the enemy’s son, Nick Holloway.

Her father couldn’t have stolen a million dollars, so how is he going to replace it? In one week?

Nick is ordered to take Cora out into the wilderness to a remote cabin to keep her father in line. He claims he wants to help Cora and says he’s deceiving the Hollways to keep her safe…but what if he’s playing both sides? He could be using her attraction to him against her. Cora can’t allow herself to trust Nick, no matter how sexy he is.

Nick isn’t the only one offering to help. Alexander Pierce could scare the devil but he can also track down anyone in a day. He warns Cora that if she wants to find her father alive, he’s the way.

Soon she’s running from her feelings for Nick, running from creepy Alexander and the rest of the Holloways, and trying to find her father somewhere in the city of Eugene. To make matters worse, everyone thinks she has access to the missing money.

The clock is ticking…


Clarity is just getting by, working and living single in a country town where life is slow. Everything changes when a man rides his Harley into town and meets Clarity in the cafe where she works. Will Clarity be able to open her heart and life to another man?

Rilo An comes from a world where there are no women. What he longs for is a life mate: someone who'll complete him, someone he can love who'll love him back, someone who'll ease the aching loneliness that haunts his life.

So he leaves his world, takes on the Earth name Chris West, and makes a payment to Star Systems Unlimited for a life mate. When he bonds with Caitlyn Davis, he thinks life can't get any better. But she was married before, and memories of her deceased husband still linger around her home. Will he find a place in her heart or will he have to become like her first husband in order to get her love?


The wedding of the season!
Events manager Sylvie Smith is organizing a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride... a bride who's five months pregnant!
The bride everyone is talking about!
It should be every girl's dream to design a wedding with no expense spared, but it's not Sylvie's. Longbourne Court was her ancestral home, and she's just discovered that the new owner is Tom McFarlane--her baby's secret father. Now Tom's standing in front of her, looking at her bump....
North meets South in this romantic comedy between Cassie, a young widow with three children in Arkansas and Rodger, a single father from Maryland with a son. Cassie operates her own daycare in her hometown of Pleasantville and Rodger writes a column for a big newspaper in Baltimore.

Tempers flare in Cassie and Rodger’s first meeting when he arrives to pick up his sister’s children from the daycare. Apologies are offered later by both of them but more have to be given in subsequent encounters.

In his two week stay to visit his family, Rodger had not expected romance but by the end of his visit he discovered he had been captivated by Cassie. He not only thought she was pretty, but was drawn to her heart when he saw how much she loved children.

Cassie was not looking for romance from anyone, much less the tall dark handsome Rodger. It had only been three years since her husband had died and she was not ready to replace him with anyone in her heart. Besides, as the single mom of her adopted four year old son, and a foster parent for two girls, (one of them a teenager) while running her own twenty four hour daycare, who in the world had time for romance?

After Rodger moves to Pleasantville, Cassie is afraid romance has found her despite her efforts to avoid it, Rodger has made it plain, he is ready to have a relationship with her and her children.

Their relationship road is quite bumpy with comedic yet sometimes serious problems to be worked out. Cassie has to give Rodger verbal speeding tickets to slow down along the way, but Rodger considers them a small price to pay for his captivation with her.

How North and South are able to co-exist is the heart of the story.


“The Hot Girl’s Friend”
How can a plain Jane find love when her best friend is a curvy blond man-magnet?

Jane usually busies herself during a night on the town, fending off the men lusting after her gorgeous friend Miranda. When Brady the bartender overhears her inspired, ludicrous excuses, he resolves to hook up Jane with his friends. But Jane would be quite happy with him. Pine along as Jane tries to find her own happily ever after.

A short story of 12,000 words, or 48 typical book pages.

This is one of the stories from the collection Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories. Buy the entire collection for just $2.99 (with fewer calories than your favorite cappuccino and probably cheaper, too!) Read them all, and discover the loose thread that ties them together. Check out Beach Flirts! now available, and Holiday Flirts! in November 2011.


When Kyle Matthews decides to fight to save his job from outsourcing, he never thought he'd be beaten, shot at, kidnapped, stalked by corrupt FBI agents, or gripped in an international tug of war.

After the FBI launches an investigation into the theft of sensitive software his company produces for the government, Kyle sees his chance to frame foreign employees and save his job. But Ramani Singh, one of the foreigners, catches on to Kyle's plan, and fights back. Unfortunately, that drops them both in the middle of a war between rival factions vying for control of the software.

Terrible as it seems to each other, they may have to join forces. If they don't, their termination of employment will be more violent and painful than they can imagine.


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