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Action and Adventure
Murder gets personal when human remains are found in the beach cottage that realtors Regan McHenry and her husband, Tom Kiley, buy. The murder victim has been hidden away for sixteen years, and although the authorities quickly discover his identity, the trail to his killer is cold after so many years. 
Regan has sworn off playing amateur detective, but when it becomes clear the police have to focus on more pressing crimes, she has to break her promise. As her friend police ombudsman Dave Everett says, “Your house, Regan, your murder.”
Welcome back to Santa Cruz, the community whose unofficial motto is “Keep Santa Cruz Weird,” for the twists and turns of the third book in the Regan McHenry Mystery Series.
Present Day Wall Street. Where intelligence agencies and the financial industry are strange bedfellows, and the two worlds are often intertwined in disturbing ways.

In this chillingly plausible scenario of a military/industrial/financial complex run amok, Zero Sum pits Dr. Steven Archer Cross against powerful financier Nicholas Griffen in a conflict that raises troubling questions about our markets and our government. 

Racing against the clock in a chase that spans continents, one man's battle to expose the Machiavellian machinations of a ruthless Wall Street marauder forces him into a financial jungle populated by every variety of unscrupulous sociopath - rogue intelligence agencies, Russian mafia oligarchs, drug cartels, and terrorist networks. 

As a white-collar game of chess transitions into a lethal real world cage-fight, Steven finds himself in a deadly showdown, where hunters can quickly become the hunted, and blood is the ultimate currency.
Test Pilot’s Daughter: Revenge is the first title in a series featuring a gutsy female genius who fights injustice in a fast paced thriller. Molesters and pedophiles be warned, don’t mess with Christina Matthews!

Review from the Editor’s Desk of Harper Collins: Test Pilot’s Daughter is exciting, original and a real page-turner. It is extremely well plotted. The author’s familiarity with flying lends his action real veracity and texture. 

Ranked number 1 out of 8,000 books on Harper Collins’ Authonomy website November, 2009. 

Romance, adventure, murder and revenge, Christina Matthews does it all. An obsessed fly-girl with the Right Stuff and True Grit finds love in the oddest place, the cockpit. A beautiful and brainy college girl born with jet-fuel in her blood is haunted by a gripping family tragedy and the violent murder of her best friend. The only thing she truly fears is sleep. Tortured by nightmares, this test pilot’s daughter has to find a way to save her sanity or die. Mike Clark, call-name Lazer and a real Top Gun, looks to be the best kind of therapy.

With dreams of becoming an Astronaut-Commander, Christina struggles through heart-stopping perils in the cockpit and crash-lands on a deserted island. Without hope for rescue, she concocts an oddball plan to return survivors to civilization. 

Risking her future at NASA, Christina delivers on a promise to a dying friend and faces her evil nemesis in the sky. Only by overcoming deep-seated fears can she exorcise her ghosts and pursue a lifelong dream of flying in space. 

Will true love conquer Christina’s curse, or will she auger in?

Note from the Author: If you enjoy this novel, make sure to check out the sequel, Test Pilot’s Daughter: Dead Reckoning and follow Christina Matthews into space.
Did you ever want to be an astronaut or take a ride in the space shuttle? Here’s your chance.

Published on the same day as the actual, historic launch of four women in space on April 4, 2010, this novel follows Christina Matthews on her destiny to become NASA’s youngest Astronaut Commander. Michael Jacobs, a bright young colleague, helps Christina unravel a terrorist attack and fight a nuclear battle in orbit. She is pitted between a NASA conspiracy and a terrorist plot to bring the world’s greatest power to her knees. As Christina hopes to be the first astronaut on Mars, her dreams are interrupted by family tragedy and a war with Iranian terrorists. Will space shuttle disaster, torture and mental calamity rein back the dreams of the best female pilot who ever lived? Or will true love conquer all? 

An action-packed thriller loaded with suspense, this story depicts real life scenes of death-defying bravery in the cockpit and exposes the untold traumas of space travel.
Chad Harris, a Tactical Anti-Terrorism Force sniper, returns from Saudi Arabia after taking out a terrorist. Once back in Washington D.C. his wife is kidnapped and taken to Lebanon. She will die if he does not kill the president of the United States but the terrorists are using him as a sap. They kill the president and frame Harris. Now he must get to Lebanon, free his wife, and clear his name before the US Government and Interpol catch him. To add to the tension the terrorists unleash a wave of terror across the United States and plan to release a new form of nerve gas in several major cities. Can Harris stop the terrorists from unleashing this lethal weapon on the American people? At the same time as his hunt begins his TAF unit is sent to Lebanon to take out the terrorist holding his wife. Now the race to save her intensifies as he not only has to battle his enemies but his own unit, some of whom believe he is guilty of killing the president. Will he make it in time or die trying?
From Washington D.C. to London, to Geneva, and then to Cyprus and Lebanon, the book moves at a terrific pace. Lovers of action, suspense, and adventure will relish this roller coaster ride of a story. With gripping tension and twists and turns the reader will be left breathless at the end of this compelling book.
ron Darkbow seeks vengeance, and he plans to have it no matter the costs. Returning to the city of his birth after 15 years, he hunts down the wizard responsible for the deaths of those he loved only to find out another was responsible for the murders. That other is Belgad the Liar, a former barbarian chieftain who is now boss of the city's underworld.

Following his path for blood, Kron comes across the magical healer, Randall Tendbones, and accidentally reveals Randall's darkest secret to the world. It's a secret about the past, a secret that has kept Randall on the run for three years. Now it has caught up with him, and Belgad the Liar is suddenly the least of Randall and Kron's concerns. The gaze of Lord Verkain, king of of the dark northern land of Kobalos, has fallen upon Kron and Randall. And it is a gaze filled with madness.
A new horror is stalking New Orleans. He is the "Queen of Hearts" killer, removing the hearts of his young male victims. He is savage. He is unstoppable. And the New Orleans Police commissioner has requested - by name- the aid of Dr. Jessica Coran. 

But another horror is stalking Jessica. The man known as "The Vampire Killer" has escaped from prison, leaving a trail of blood-drained bodies in his wake. No one knows where he is- but they do know that he's coming for Jessica, the woman that put him behind bars. 

Now Jessica faces double jeopardy. And not even a new - and unlikely - partner from the FBI's experimental "psychic" program can protect her from two killers...

(This book is fourth in Robert W. Walker's Instinct series. It was previously published in paperback.
It is the distant future and one man, Jonas Valent, is letting his life slip by. He is employed by Freeground station as a port traffic controller, a job he took after completing a tour in the military. His only real joy in life is his participation in true-to-life military simulations with a cadre of friends who come together regularly to defeat challenges made to test the brightest military cadets and officers alike. These restricted scenarios stand as an addictive preoccupation that is so enticing that they ignore the potential repercussions of breaking in to participate.

When someone betrays their identities to the Freeground Fleet Admiralty, Jonas and his friends are faced with a far greater challenge: to venture out into the more populated regions of the galaxy to acquire technology and knowledge. They are tasked with laying the groundwork for the Freeground Nation in their efforts to reconnect with the rest of humanity, and to secure the armaments they might need to defend themselves from encroaching enemies.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins is a collected trilogy that chronicles the early adventures of an ambitious crew. Their leader, Jonas Valent, has the least to lose and everything to gain as he tells the tale of his first tour as Captain of a ship tasked with making allies and discovering new technologies for the good of his people. This simple mission becomes more complicated as the crew ventures further into the settled fringes of the galaxy.

This trilogy spawned the best selling Spinward Fringe eBook series. This is where it all began, when one man was challenged to aspire for more than an idle life.

A Space Opera Adventure enjoyed across the globe by all ages.
Alex lives in Fairport, a suburb of Rochester, New York, where he's a senior in high school. For most of his life, he's been a bullied and awkward social outcast. His one love has been Audrey, a childhood friend who grew up to be the most popular girl in school. One day, Alex uncovers a mysterious book on demons in the private collection of a local millionaire. Lost, he commits himself to a desperate and horrifying ritual that transforms him into a demon-possessed creature. Now he must consume human blood to survive. The sleepy town that once abused him becomes his personal hunting ground and revenge rules the day. However, when his bloodlust results in an unintended death, Alex finds himself haunted by a ghost for reasons he struggles to fully understand. Soon he is pulled into an urban adventure through a dangerous world where ghosts, zombies, a Haitian voodoo priestess, and even a centuries-old demon-possessed Albanian boy, inhabit the shadows of a cruel and unforgiving world.
The Overrun story continues…

A week following the declaration of war, the U.S. is close to defeat. A failed genocide attempt becomes known to the public and the President must answer to the world for his administration’s sins.

An element still exists that could bring victory to the battered U.S. forces and ease the tensions of a quickly dividing country. On the ship Hideaway, technology to create an artificial ozone floats secretly hidden away in space untouched by the conflict being waged on Earth. 

The President launches a covert retrieval mission led by one of his top most-involved generals in the war. The J.G.U as well as separate mercenary forces race to do the same. The quest to obtain the prized technology becomes a final battle for victory in the war as well as an ultimate determination of survival of the planet. 

Aboard the Hideaway, a two-man crew is inexplicably awakened from a fifty-year hypersleep without communication from those that launched their mission well before the onset of war. With unidentified ships approaching in the distance, they prepare to forcibly defend their cargo not knowing their actions will decide the fate of the world they float above
Max White, ex MI6. His best client had an outstanding year and Max was looking forward to receiving his fees. Then he discovered almost $6 million missing from her bank account. A few hours later Max found out that his client's son had been kidnapped at gunpoint in São Paulo. Now things had really taken a turn for the worse. Before long Max and his business partner are caught up in a complex web of assassins, warring drugs gangs, thieves and money launderers that takes them from London to Miami, Mexico City, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
Set in the ‘rough ‘n tumble’ Pacific Northwest just after the turn of the last century, Not Without Fear, is a story of love, hate, cruelty, tenderness and triumph. Emily Britt, wife of a brutal schooner captain twice her age, finds love and solace in the arms of her husband’s first mate. Enraged by her infidelity the captain tries to murder the mate, then comes home to heap more abuse on Emily. She runs, but he follows, and corners her at the home of an aunt. Too late he learns not to underestimate the will of a desperate woman, especially one whom fear has made much more dangerous than he.
From Original Book-of-the-Month Club Edition:

Here is a truly original thriller, comparable to the very best of vintage Le Carré. It is set behind the Berlin Wall in the heart of the East German police state and it features one of the most unique and winning heroines since Lucy in Ken Follett's Eye of the Needle. Her name is Käte Frassek, a resistance fighter since the age of eighteen, who over the course of twenty years leads a double life in her courageous campaign to rouse her countrymen to revolt against their repressive regime. She is a wife, a mother, a scientist, a lover... and an assassin. Against a backdrop of the Cold War in the 1960s, an abiding love develops between Käte, while still the young wife of an East German official, and an American physician innocent of who she is and what she is doing. In the remarkable climax to her years of plotting against the head of the State's secret police, she finally must risk not only her own life but her son's and lover's as well. (From the original hardback edition) DEATH MATE To kill the man who had killed so many, Kate would do anything. She would use her brain to work herself to the top of her profession. She would yield her body to go even higher up the ladder of power. She would risk her own child as a pawn on a chessboard of cunning move and counter thrust. But now she was being asked to make a sacrifice she dreaded. Not her own life that would have been easy. But the life of the good and noble man she passionately loved — so that the beast she hated might die.... (From the original Signet paperback)
This is the sequel novel to "Until The Next Time." Forgiveness is a secret government within the US Government and the cause behind Joshua Olivion's eleven year battle with his enemies both foreign and domestic. He is determined to "kill the disease" that haunts him and his family. He sets about secretly after a clue surfaces in his old nemesis - Vietnam. General Taylor of the DIA and the US President quickly learns that the giant has awakened once again and is moving towards battle. Angela discovers that her son, Chad is working with Joshua to finally kill his enemies and the plot thickens as General Taylor and the President learn just who the enemies have been all along. The giant will not be denied its victory and the President orders General Taylor to assist Joshua in his hunt. The climax of the story takes place in the Middle East and will totally amaze you because...there are no crimes beyond forgiveness.

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