Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby - 3 Childrens Books
"But wait, wait, wait Mommy! Just one more thing..."

Little Max will do anything to keep from going to bed. He'll rattle off every favorite thing he can think of and find clever ways to charm his parents. But will he succeed this time?

Fans--both young and not-so young -of Mo Willems , Sandra Boynton and Dr. Seuss will love Max the dinosaur and his bedtime antics. This cute, fun bedtime read will charm your child and make it a quick read for you parents. The whole Dinosaur Bedtime series is told with few words but with great warmth and joy that will have your little one asking you to read it over and over again--sorry mom and dad!

This picture book is ideal for kids of preschool years and will expose them to concepts like numbers, letters, colors, shapes and opposites. This short story encourages them to learn new concepts while settling them for bed.

Age Range: 3 years old - 6 years old

-Cute, fun story perfect to read again and again.
-Colorful illustrations your child will love looking over.
-A quick read for parents and a sweet ending of the day for your little ones.

***Bonus pages: Fun game pages at the end of book.

A is for air conditioner.
B is for beach ball.
C is for camp.

Summer Alphabet Words is alphabet book using summer vacation and beach themes. Each letter of the alphabet is presented with a word that matches that letter. Each word is then used in a simple sentence. Words such as beach ball, kebabs, movie, swim, travel and watermelon are used to describe summer things and actions. Great for shared reading or for a beginning reader practicing on their own
Someone has been eating my porridge! 

The classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been retold with simple, rhythmic sentences for beginning readers. 

Like all ebooks from Xist Publishing, GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS has has been formatted to take advantage of the Kindle, Kindle Fire and Kindle apps for phones, tablets and computers. GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS is suitable for young readers and also as a read-aloud book to babies and toddlers. 

In the sea, there are lots of creatures to see. There is one over there. What could it be?

I have eight long arms, I like to wiggle and wave.
I have a big oval head and I live in a cave.
What could I be?


I have a head like a horse and a long pointy nose.
I have monkey’s tail and my skin is made of bones.
What could I be?


There are 10 creatures waiting to be discovered. Can you figure out “Who is Who”?

Be sure to look out for the other books in the series: “Who is Who at the Zoo!” and “Who is Who on the Farm!” 

Hurry Up and Wait! is rhyming picture book for young children which addresses the concept of waiting - a concept that can be very challenging for little ones. This heart-warming story follows a young girl through her daily routine and the frustration she feels as she is constantly being faced with having to wait. An easy reading pace and colorful and engaging illustrations make this a fun read.

Please Note: this title is specifically formatted for the Kindle Fire device using the latest KF8 formatting and supports special features such as region magnification. This formatting and features may not be supported on other devices.

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