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Crime and Mystery Thrillers
When spies go rogue, they need to be stopped. That's where John Purkiss - the Ratcatcher - comes in.

Purkiss's job is straightforward. Track down members of the intelligence services who are taking kickbacks, engaging in criminal activity, or otherwise abusing their positions, and bring them to justice.

Straightforward doesn't mean easy...

After a renegade British former intelligence agent, Fallon, is sighted in the Baltic city of Tallinn on the eve of a historic summit meeting between the Russian and Estonian presidents, Purkiss is despatched to investigate, and uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to tear Europe, and the world, apart.

But Purkiss has personal reasons for going after Fallon. Four years ago, Fallon was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Purkiss's fiancée, a murder Purkiss himself witnessed.

Now, in an atmosphere of treachery and sudden violence, as the countdown begins to a potentially catastrophic conflict between Russia and the West, Purkiss must keep his desire for revenge under control for the sake of the world's - and his own - survival.

"Billie Sue Mosiman's novels are edge-of-the-seat all the way!" Ed Gorman, award winning author of BAD MOON RISING

This is an omnibus edition of two complete novels and a novelette consisting of 155,000 words. The books included are the Edgar-nominated novel, NIGHT CRUISING, KILLING CARLA, and the story, PRETTY KILLER BOY.

NIGHT CRUISING-She ran away from home and needed a ride from the truck stop, but the handsome man who offered it to her was one of the deadliest and most cunning serial killers since Ted Bundy. They were going to cruise the night.

KILLING CARLA-He came out of nowhere and murdered Sully's wife, Frannie. Due to police negligence, the case is thrown out of court, and the killer never prosecuted. Sully wants revenge. Yet it's Carla, Frannie's sister, who means to right the wrong and make sure this killer doesn't get away with it. Now Carla is in the killer's spotlight and he's watching her, he's studying her, he's thinking about KILLING CARLA...

PRETTY KILLER BOY-A handsome young man stole the heart of a girl during 1967 and offered to drive her to California to Haight-Ashbury to join the hippie movement. What she didn't know was he was as revengeful as he was good looking and as unrelenting as he was pretty.

Three works of suspense by Edgar and Bram Stoker Nominated Billie Sue Mosiman.

Meet Rupert Hood. Every day, he joins the sweaty commuters travelling to Putney, in south-west London, where he has a seemingly dull job as an estate agent.

But this property company is not what it seems. And neither is Rupert.

It is a front - for the UK's intelligence service.

When a series of deadly terror strikes begin, Rupert swings into action.

But he faces a test as challenging and deadly as any in his career.

The terror plot leads not to al-Qaeda, or any other known threat. It leads to Big Mama, a former sex worker who built up her own criminal empire in Thailand before going global.

But Big Mama is a woman with a grudge - and not just against the pimps and sex traffickers who ruined her youth.

And as Rupert is about to discover, Operation Herod is a threat to all mankind.

Operation Herod is a brilliantly fast-paced, gripping action thriller in the style of the great masters of the genre - Ian Fleming, Len Deighton and Jack Higgins.

Andrew Cartmel's roller-coaster thriller has been widely praised.

"With a luckless spy and a formidable femme fatale, Operation Herod is a bright and fast-moving entertainment of double lives and double-dealing. The spirit of the 60s espionage thriller takes on new life and vigour in the hands of Andrew Cartmel." - Stephen Gallagher

''Cartmel's writing is a Heckler & Koch automatic wrapped in expensive lingerie. Brutal, exciting, engaging and witty. In the words of a woman who knew her spies: 'Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest." - Guy Adams, best-selling author of The Change.

Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher.

Pain pill addiction and alcoholism seize hold of talented abstract painter, Ashley Ferguson, as she is thrown into a pressure cooker of distress, after losing her husband to a tragic accident in Atlantic City.

Then, a few months later, the unthinkable happens; the gorgeous blonde artist is raped, while pregnant, at the neighborhood shopping center. This sends Ashley spiraling deeper into depression.

Will Troy Young, the handsome grocery store employee, who had rescued Ashley from being strangled and dumped in the woods, become her lover, save her from her demons?

Or will alcoholism, morphine addiction, or a possible self-inflicted gunshot to the head, take Ashley’s life; deprive her baby from growing up with a mother?

Third book in the Detective Trevor Joseph series.

Jubilee Street – the haunt of addicts and vagrants is a part of town to avoid at all costs, especially when it becomes the stalking ground of a brutal and ruthless murderer.

A drunken down and out is the first casualty, mutilated and burned alive but his grisly death raises even more problems for the investigating officers, Sergeants Trevor Joseph and Peter Collins.

They discover that their victim died two years earlier. So who is the dead man? And what was the motive for the bizarre crime? While they seek a killer in the dark urban underworld, the tally of corpses grows and the only certainty is that they can trust no man’s face as his own.

A horrifying series of murders has shocked a stretch of America's southern heartland. Not only are women turning up dead, but the killer has removed their brains with chilling surgical precision.

A new murder has sent FBI medical examiner Jessica Coran to Jacksonville, Florida, on a search for answers to the most appalling murder spree she has ever encountered.

But even she can't anticipate the twist her investigation is about to take--one that will give millions of people a front-row seat for the next victim's death.

Have you ever wondered how a trial lawyer can sleep at night after helping a client he/she knows is guilty, beat the legal system? I have. Have you ever wondered how an attorney would feel if that same recently acquitted client kills a second time? Again, I have, and these very questions prompted me to write a dark legal/mystery/thriller about just such an attorney - I call it DEFENDING EVIL.

Travis Knight is an extraordinary Criminal Defense Attorney winning high profile cases in Atlanta. One of his recently acquitted clients kills again, which has Travis and his wife Julie, questioning what he does for a living. Travis is shaken to his core, but being a consummate lawyer, he is able to move past his feelings of guilt; Julie isn’t.

In a bizarre twist, a mysterious vigilante begins executing Travis’ clients after he wins them an acquittal. This righteous vigilante decides that the clients Travis is helping to put back into society are guilty, and don't deserve to live--the vigilante delivers ultimate justice.

The police only half-heartedly search for the vigilante-off the record, they are glad someone is cleaning-up after the hot-shot attorney.

Will Pruett is a young magazine journalist with a father who sits on death row, claiming innocence. While his father's execution date looms, capital punishment is under consideration for abolishment by the state government of New York. Will seeks to influence the debate and to speed the abolishment along by framing himself for a murder he had nothing to do with--demonstrating how a simple coincidence or two can cost an innocent man his neck. With assistance from his publisher and a defense attorney, Will succeeds in getting himself arrested for the murder before realizing the actual murderer has arranged for him to take the fall for real . . .

NYPD Homicide detective Samantha "Sam" Ortiz conducts an investigation complicated by a city on edge due to racial tensions inflamed by the murder, by a district attorney anxious to capitalize on the case in time for his reelection, by a thirst for revenge within her own police department, and by the man she'd put behind bars who belatedly insists he'd incriminated himself on purpose.

Sam must not only determine whether Will is telling the truth but also follow unexpected investigative leads involving Nazi-stolen artwork missing since WW II and illicit high-tech genetic engineering. Will she crack the case? Or will there be a family reunion on death row?

The coauthors are: Eric Christopherson, a former police officer and federal government consultant, and Brad Schoenfeld, a nationally renowned fitness expert with over 500,000 copies of his fitness books in print.

Bryson Wilde, investigator for hire, lives in an edgy 1952 world where the dames are dangerous, cigarettes dangle from ruby-red lips and the nights are hotter than whiskey-soaked jazz. In R.J. Jagger’s riveting noir thriller, The Scroll Lawyers (389 p), Wilde finds himself entangled with two young attorneys who are thrust into the throes of a deadly thriller when a messenger delivers a mysterious package to their restaurant table. Jagger's noir thrillers featuring private investigator Bryson Wilde (The Scroll Lawyers, The Shadow File, A Way With Murder) are standalone novels that can be read in any order.

16-year-old Cathy Hunter wants revenge.

It is 2024, when criminal trials take place on television, with the verdict decided by public vote. Under this populist system, Cathy's uncle Bobby Jensen was found guilty of raping and murdering his 13-year-old daughter Judith, in the face of overwhelming DNA evidence, despite an alibi. And now he is dead - the victim of an unsuccessful escape attempt planned by his niece Cathy.

It was Cathy who gave him an alibi at his trial. But the public didn't believe her. And now she wants revenge on all the people responsible for uncle Bobby's death... the DNA "expert"... the cop who interrogated Bobby... the DA... and TV personality "Judge Jenny" who is more into stripping than law.

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