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Ghost Stories
In 1959, a woman was found lying on the bank of a Pennsylvania river. She was nude, strangled and left for dead.
Doctors soon realized that the woman was in a coma, they also discovered that she was pregnant.
John Harmon is that woman's son, the miracle baby born to a mother who would never know him, never hold him.
He has searched most of his life to discover his mother's identity and to find the person who assaulted her.
His only clue is a black & white photo found clutched in his mother's hand.
After decades of searching, he's finally led to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey where he will not only discover his mother's identity, 
but will also unearth her killer and face death square in the eye.
My name is Jack Weston and I see ghosts. They're everywhere. You have to see blurry to see ghosts. But let me warn you, just in case you're thinking of training your mind to see ghosts, don't let them know that you can see them. They all have unfinished business. That's why they're still here, and they will not leave you alone until you help them complete it. ................................ Jack and Rita help ghosts with their unfinished business. Follow their adventures as they fall in love.

Following a chaotic business meeting, Liam flees the city for the quiet of a childhood beach. Stuck in the rain, he discovers lost and precious memories...but his memories don't return alone... 

As a reaper, Lilly knows that relations with the living are strictly forbidden, and even more damning is to contact someone from her past. Yet when she gets the opportunity to see her betrothed once more, she cannot possibly resist the chance for one last kiss.

*This is a short story with an extended preview of the full length novel JACK- A GRIM REAPER ROMANCE.*

*Some scenes are not suitable for those under 18 years of age.*

There is always a stage light left burning at the City Theater and rumor has it that when it's removed the ghost that haunts the theater will return. Since it is all nonsense to the new stage manager, the light is shut off and removed. Sossity Chandler, in her first acting role at the theater is in for a surprise when she meets a fellow actor who has been with the theater for a long, long time.

This collection of ghost hunting diaries is a selection from those T. M. Simmons kept during her twenty years of adventures in the paranormal world. As a writer, she felt compelled to keep records of her encounters, and until now, she has only shared these with a few friends and relatives. Encouraged by their interest, and the awe and sometimes apprehension on their faces, she is editing some of the dozens upon dozens of diaries in her files. Volume I contains Down the Ghost Trail, which chronicles the start of T. M. Simmons’ ghost hunting career at the haunted Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Crossing Over explains how she learned to help lost souls cross into The Light. In Midnight Ferry, a late-night phone call sends her into a confrontation with a nasty ghost-witch who meant horrific harm. The other three stories are ones she chose as some of her favorites. She has also included a few definitions of her beliefs and the rules by which anyone whom she allows into her ghost hunting life must abide. These stories are true, and each new volume will be offered as a prelude to the upcoming fictional Dead Man mystery series. Dead Man Talking, which should be available as an ebook within a few days of this first volume, will be a fun, scary romp in the paranormal world. Part of the first chapter is included at the end.

Terror gets behind the wheel in these three tales of road trips gone wrong. 

In "Head Music" Diego wanders out on the dunes at night, lured by the strange music of a sea creature never before seen by man. 

A pair of construction workers find out there are worse things than the heat of a Florida traffic jam in "Even at the End, There Was Gridlock." 

A man discovers his daughter's car is haunted by her secrets. Secrets that can only be told on "A Road Like This, at Night". 

Lon Prater is a retired Navy officer by day, writer of odd little tales by night. His short fiction has appeared in the Stoker-winning anthology Borderlands 5, Writers of the Future XXI, and Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show.

An anthology of short stories, novel extracts and a complete novelette from infinity plus and friends:

Eric Brown, John Grant, Anna Tambour, Keith Brooke, Garry Kilworth, Iain Rowan, Kaitlin Queen, Linda Nagata, Scott Nicholson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Steven Savile (edited by Keith Brooke)

From high-tech science fiction, through action-packed thriller to wacky satire, there's something for everyone in infinities, the first of a series of anthologies offering you the chance to sample authors' work at no cost.

Southern Arcana, Book 1
Jackson Holt makes a decent living as a private investigator in New Orleans, home of one of the largest underground supernatural populations in the United States. He and his partners have never met a case they couldn’t crack…until a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hire.
New Orleans is the fourth destination in as many months for Mackenzie Brooks, a woman on the run from a deranged stalker. After all, any man who shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her destined lover has more than a few screws loose. But crazy doesn’t explain why he always finds her no matter how far she runs.
When her well-meaning boss puts a PI on her case, Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible truth: magic is real, and whatever spell has kept her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deteriorating.
With time running out, she has no choice but to trust Jackson as he struggles to uncover the truth of her past—and her destiny.

When Roxy was alive, she was the perfect friend. When Roxy was alive, she was the girl everyone wanted to know. When Roxy was alive, she was the girl everyone fell in love with. The trouble is, Roxy isn't alive anymore and now she is looking for payback. Even if it means destroying her best friend in the process. This is a tale of Eva, one girl haunted by something more than just her best friend's tortured spirit. Her sanity is Getting Thin and she is starting to become the one person she never wanted to be. For Eva, Roxy is the key to finding herself and sometimes discovering who you really are isn't a good thing.

"The burial will be in about a week. I'll contact you with the precise date and time."

"You can cremate her if you want. Save yourself some money."

Hunt turned on him. "That would be utterly improper. Fire mustn't touch her. It is proper that she is laid in the ground in accordance with her profound wishes."

James felt his face flushing after the Undertaker's ticking off. Then the anger kicked in. "She's dead. It's not like she's going to know."

"The only absence of knowledge is your own, Mr Guest. Now good day."

Did the old gods really die? A warrior seeks answers at the burial-mound of his greatest enemy in this Norse-themed elegy, first published in Bewildering Stories. The story is part of the collection PENTANGLE: FIVE POINTED FABLES.

Carolyn Kephart is the author of the critically acclaimed epic fantasy duology WYSARD and LORD BROTHER, now in its revised and expanded second edition. A single-volume version, THE RYEL SAGA: A TALE OF LOVE AND MAGIC, is also available.

About the author: Early life as a military brat gave Carolyn Kephart an appreciation of nomadic lifestyles, a fascination with world cultures, and close-up insights into the warrior mentality and its manifestations, all of which influence her work. She loves things that nourish the spirit and widen the mind.

The great storm hit the Scottish Highlands in the autumn of 1953, slamming into the ancient wilderness of austere rock-hewn landscapes and quiet glens, destroying communities as it raged. But when Jack set out, the storm had not yet hit. The sun was crystal clear in the sky and the land around him had a remoteness and purity that was simply breathtaking.

But this beauty belied the deadly nature of the wilderness.

Now wind is howling through the trees, shadows are flickering in the darkness, and Jack’s face is stinging from the ice-cold rain. He doesn't care about anything now. He just needs to get out of the storm. Nothing else matters. He assumes that he is alone. That is a mistake.

After losing his wife in a car accident, a husband struggles with survivor's guilt. But in the dark, he realizes that the dead are never very far away. Not when there are secrets yet to be uncovered. Because Paul hasn't lost everything. Not yet. And as he struggles to separate dreams from reality, he is forced to answer the ultimate question: How far would you go to get back those you've lost?

"Paul, a widower haunted by the ghosts of his wife and unborn son in The Grief Frequency, sums up Burke's subtle approach thus: The dead can be among the living; the living, among the dead...Burke shows skill at imagining expressive supernatural experiences appropriate for his well-developed characters and their agitated emotions." - Publishers Weekly

A Short Story from the Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author of The Turtle Boy, The Hides, and Vessels. 
Sequel to "Daughter of Deception"

After nearly killing herself weakening her demon-possessed father, all ghost-gabbing Viola Ashwood wants to do is relax with new husband Tobias Duke and take care of the demons in their region of the Network. Her plans are ruined when her estranged brother Sebastian arrives with terrible news: their sister Olivia’s missing. Daddy’s not as weak as she’d believed, mysterious gifts keep popping up on her doorstep for no apparent reason, and her brother’s addicted to a Network-banned drug. When demons start spouting prophecy about the Child of Chaos, Viola isn’t the least surprised. It’s turning out to be that kind of year.

TIME 1946
PLACE Country Western Australia

Alan Burroughs, former AIF soldier ended his war in late 1944 as a
patient in a Psychiatric Hospital.
Released as 'cured' near the end of 1945 he flees to a small country
town in an attempt to escape the disturbing memories that still haunt
But he finds that there is no escape until he feels compelled to assist
a Ghost to exact revenge on her murderer - her husband.
Alan finds love and forgiveness and finally lays to rest his own ghosts.

Madison Hayes has a secret.
She may seem like an ordinary high school student, but by night she’s a hunter—a killer of all things paranormal. And between homework and ghost-chasing, life is complicated enough.
But things get even messier when a monster she’s never seen before begins terrorizing the children in the neighborhood, including her best friend’s little brother. And to make matters worse, there’s Liam—a new hunter in town who’s set his sights on Madison…and the past she’s determined to keep hidden. As the hunt grows more mysterious, Madison is forced to team up with Liam, all the while keeping her best friend, Cassie, out of the loop. But just how long can she keep her double-life a secret and her dark past buried?

Lynn Edwards is a talented co-ed with dreams of becoming a bestselling author. Until she's betrayed by her lover, an English professor who uses her and her work to advance his own career. 

"…a change of pace… It intrigued me, surprised me, and made me think. …an interesting and inventive plot twist... Bravo for coming up with a unique approach to the age old 'he done me wrong now I want revenge' theme. I highly recommend this very short but extremely enjoyable and memorable read." ~Fallen Angels Reviews

Regan Black is the author of the action-adventure Shadows of Justice series as well as numerous short stories, the Adopt a Greyhound Guide and Goal Setting for Writers.

**The Shadows of Justice series in order: Justice Incarnate, Invasion of Justice, Veil of Justice, Tracking Shadows, and brand new in December 2011: Shadows to Light
**For the YA fantasy short story series, start with The Pixie Chicks
**Discover Regan's lighter side with the romantic paranormal novel, The Matchmaker's Mark

One night, Diana Harris, heartbroken, humiliated, and lonely, took a long walk away from campus; she walked out to The Point and was never seen again. The campus legend says that she's still out there, that her ghost still haunts The Point.

Over the years, four young men walked alone at night to The Point, and vanished without a trace.

And tonight Bill Spender is walking away from the campus, not caring where -- just away. He's walking out to The Point...

A short story (3100 words), DRM-free.

After Angie Chandler's husband dies in a car crash in which she was driving, her life comes undone. Though her soul mate is gone, her memories of Paul linger as she tries to recover at their secluded wooded estate. Ostracized from Paul's family--the only family she has really known--Angie's life spirals down a dark path of alcohol and pills. In the blur of constant self-medication, Angie is in no position to know what is happening to her. 

Is Paul haunting her? 
Has she gone mad? 
Or is there another possibility, something far worse?

A 29k word (or about 110 printed pages) novella of psychological horror

I could hardly believe I had let my girlfriends convince me to join them for the weekend at the Bear Creek Lodge—the site of the Bradley Massacre. Eight years ago, some crazy guy gunned down six hikers in the woods near the lodge before a forest ranger shot and killed him. And now the place has become a playground for urban legends. 

My girlfriends had thought it would be fun to stay at the lodge on the anniversary of the massacre, sharing ghost stories and trying to give each other nightmares. And now, here I was, stranded and alone in an allegedly accursed forest. Just my luck.

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