Friday, August 3, 2012

Woody Schmidt knows it’s hard being shacked up with the sexiest actress on the planet, mostly because Holly Argentina is also the craziest. It’s even harder when Holly Argentina makes Woody and their twelve kids abandon L.A. for the wastes of Alaska to live in a frozen mansion that reminds Woody of the creepy hotel in The Shining. 
In theory, life should be easy for Hollywood’s golden couple with all that power, money and beauty, but somehow even in snow-blasted Alaska, Woody finds he’s never far from temptation in the form of hot women and hard liquor. As the blizzard rages on, Woody and Holly become locked in a life and death battle in which there can only be one victor. 
A comedy novelette exploring the darker side of fame, fortune and celebrity marriage.

~~ Any resemblance to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is purely coincidental.

Thanks to the cast from Jersey Shore, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland have finally been improved.

This book finally answers the question that literary scholars have been asking for hours: What would happen if Snooki took Alice's journey in Wonderland? 

When Snooki follows JWoww through a mysterious hole, she doesn't know if she'll ever return to film the hit series Jersey Shore...

With over 20 new illustrations and a completely improved text, you'll watch Snooki ponder the Drink Me bottle, see The Situation ditch hat making for Ab exercises, and experience literary greatness thanks to the bikini-clad JWoww. 

When you're done, you can read about future titles, use the included questions for your book club, and tattoo your favorite illustration on your lower back.

Start reading now. You're late, you're late for a very important literary experience and/or binge drinking session.

In this hilarious one act play, Ed Helenski has taken Euripides, classic play and turned it into an episode of trash TV. With the studio audience taking the role of the greek chorus and outrageous characters brought to the small screen, this script brings new life to an old favorite. 11 plus roles. 

Statements, thoughts and diary entries written by the violent, the naive and the perverted. Sarcasm and irreverence abound in this collection of humorous articles.


Confucius Cat knows all and has generously agreed to impart his wisdom to the world in this compendium of his best advice and observations. 

Preston Brown is one of the most elegant and upcoming stars in the African-American community; who has destiny written all over him. He has everything a twenty-five year old man could ever want in life: a miraculous looking wife (Delight), kids, dog, and a career lined up after seminary school to top it all off. 
Although, very intelligent and keen with words you will find out how Preston’s strengths will ultimately turn into his center of weakness. Preston finds himself in a series of unfortunate events that makes it difficult for him to even believe in himself after some time. Preston’s ambitious attributes meet the test when he finds himself caught up with a woman that attracts him in every way. Preston soon finds himself in a dilemma of whether to stay married or get a divorce. 
The first of a three part series will read to you a story about failure, struggle, and redemption at its greatest capacities. Find out how the consistent faith of his wife delivers him from evil and how Preston finds humility as the greatest spiritual relief he has ever felt. 

News stories from the #1 source in celebrity fairy tale news. Learn about Little Bo Peeps arrest for indecent exposure. Read the obituary for This Little Piggy. Follow the antics of Prince Charming.

All stories are based on the award winning novel, CURSES! A F***ed Up Fairy Tale by j.a. kazimer.

The seven widows in the Bay St. Louis, Mississippi grief support group have been meeting for four years in an effort to comfort each other. Now tired of feeling sorry for themselves, they decide it’s time to get on with their lives and look for new love. Even the woman in the throes of menopause and the 90ish member who has lost three husbands join the fishing party. That’s when the trolling and fun begin.
In spite of their hilarious, sometimes inept attempts at finding love and companionship, they are successful in landing their catches, the good as well as the bad. Now what do they do with them? Do they throw them back in or are they keepers? And, are they really ready to let go of their former mates?
Go fishing with these strong Southern women and catch a good laugh.

What happens when someone dies? Where do we go? This short story takes a humorous and satirical look at life after death and takes on all perspectives-no holds barred!

One Size Fits All is a collection of short stories about author Katie Greene's life. From dealing with over protective parents to her dog on Prozac, there is never a dull moment. Sit back and enjoy.

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