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Literary Fiction
With the southern bogs and back dirt roads providing the backdrop of Amber Lynn’s childhood she embarks on a journey full of raw emotional experiences that only the south can provide. Weaved within a story of poverty, promiscuity, and family secrets Amber Lynn attempts to navigate her way through a life shaped by her experiences with men. However, through her difficult times her wit, perseverance, and ability to get what she wants, allow her to utilize her experiences and overcome the hand that she’s been dealt.
PART ONE: A life-changing event leads Daniel on a quest.

Set in the turn of the thirteenth century Scottish Highlands, this is the story of Daniel MacLaurin, a handsome, rugged warrior-laird haunted by his past, and Maryn Donald, the beautiful, high-spirited lass destined to help him find his heart's ease.

HIGHLAND VENGEANCE is a steamy adventure romance, but it is also a family saga. It's the story of how a man overcomes the horror of his past to find love, connection, and contentment once more.
Eleven-year-old Castor is caught in the open and hides in a deep well while his quiet mountain village is being ravaged by soldiers engaged in the slave trade. 

When found, he learns his parents have been brutally killed and he's sold with the other women and children into slavery at the desert city of Neverium. 

He becomes obsessed with escaping; a task which he learns is impossible. Then he discovers he can purchase his freedom if only, as a slave, he can earn enough money. 

Castor works for years, finding the obstacles are great. And he's made an enemy -- a very powerful enemy -- his crippled, young master to whom he'd once been a trusted servant and friend. 

Along the way Castor falls in love with Shaia, a young servant girl who is in danger of being possessed by that same cruel noble. 

Castor must weave a fine thread of deception to protect the girl he loves while furtively working to purchase his own freedom. All the while he patiently toils even when he suffers constant setbacks to his plans.

One day, Castor returns to the palace just in time to find Shaia being assaulted by his master. To save her Castor is forced to injure the young noble, allowing Shaia to escape . . . but only temporarily. The consequences destroy everything he's worked years to attain, and still Shaia is within the noble's power. 

Castor is thrown into prison and scheduled for execution. All his years of sacrifice and planning are crashing down. And he’s powerless to do anything to protect Shaia -- except one thing which might possibly foil the noble's intentions -- and free Shaia once and for all. 

Will it work, or just make things worse?
Duty, Honor, Country is the motto of the graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Black Knights of the Hudson is a series of books that tells the saga of the fictional MacKendrick Army family from the Civil War through World War II. 

In Shadow of the Flags, brothers James and Timothy MacKendrick must decide whether to honor their oaths to defend the flag and remain in the Blue of the Union Army or to follow kin and closest friends into the Gray of the Confederacy.

Shadow of the Flags is the first book in the story of the MacKendrick Army family. James MacKendrick and his younger brother, Timothy, are both graduates of West Point but have been raised in a proud Virginia family. When Civil War rips their country apart, each must make the heartbreaking decision as to whether to stay loyal to the United States or join the tide of other Southern-bred officers who choose to follow their home states out of the Union. For James, the decision revolves around his affection for his Virginia homeland as well as personal ambition. Graduated at the top of his class, James understands that great men often rise from the anonymity of the battlefield. For lighthearted Timothy, in his first exciting assignment with the 1st Cavalry, the decision carries a heavy burden: West Point and his determination to honor his soldier’s commitment against his strong friendship with J.E.B. Stuart and Fitzhugh Lee.

The MacKendrick brothers are not alone as they face the dawn of war. Their uncle, Lafayette Randolph, is a close friend and kinsman of Robert E. Lee. He too is a Virginian and graduate of West Point and must make the same difficult decision to remain true to flag or state. Their aunt, gentle Dorothea, provides what motherly support she can to the boys she raised after the deaths of their own parents at the time of the Mexican War. Vivacious Marietta follows her husband to the plague-ridden city of Richmond so that she’ll be there for him on his rare furloughs. Adria Weston, a brilliant and restless young lady from Boston, must balance her sudden infatuation for a professional soldier against her own willful determination to remain her own person.

In Shadow of the Flags, the reader encounters the full panoply of West Point’s legendary Band of Brothers: Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart, Fitz Lee, Philip Sheridan, George Custer, and Philip St. George Cooke to name only a few of the historical personages who march through the pages of this sweeping saga. From First Manassas to Reconstruction, the MacKendricks confront their destinies on the field of battle and in the loving arms of their women.
Shades of Snidely Whiplash! An evil banker wants to grab the Royce family farm but three teenage cousins and a ghost step in to save the day.

Thunder and Sarah Royce plan on spending a relaxing vacation with their cousin Jamie on their father's family farm. Unfortunately, an evil banker decides it's time to take their ancestral home away from them just as the Royce siblings are learning to deal with their new found talents. Thunder, Sarah and Jamie join up with an Indian spirit, and together they attempt to rescue the farm from this villainous man.

A short story of approximately 5,000+ words, "Lady of the Woods" is based on an Iroquois Confederacy legend and is an excerpt from "Thunder Royce," a full length novel, and is included in the "Slipstream" anthology.
Dark Fiction.

James Raven is a man who needs to be saved. Poor choices, guilt, and desperation trap him in a marriage he doesn't want to survive. Salvation comes in its own good time and with a heavy price.

Bloodstained hands will bury secrets deep in the Loess Hills of Missouri. Stones now cover a tragic past yet the question remains…how long can a man hide his sins.

Casting Stones – New Unabridged Version, includes three stories of the Casting Stones series published in early 2012: Prelude, Casting Stones and Conclusions. Reviews:

PRELUDE – 5 Stars "…a short but powerful introduction to the characters of the upcoming full-length novel. Esther Barton is particularly delicious." DMS

CASTING STONES – 5 Stars "This book was a masterpiece when it comes to getting you invested in the characters and the story." Eric Dunn.

CONCLUSIONS – 5 Stars "After the gripping, torturous tale told in Casting Stones, this Conclusion did a super job wrapping up the loose ends in the characters' lives and resolving my aching questions. Thank you, Ms. Barlean! I can now sleep tonight." Char in Boise.

LADY CATHERINE, a medieval noblewoman has it all: Beauty, wealth, and a handsome, valiant knight whose love for her knows no bounds. Though secretly holding out for a love that would consume her, she acquiesces her fate to wed this knight, a man she loves no more than she could a brother. But a chance meeting with a devastatingly handsome merchant shakes the very foundation of her world, compelling her to act and think in ways she never thought possible.


ERYN REXFORD, a modern-day photographer, has everything many women dream of: Beauty, wealth, a sexy and successful husband, a career she loves, and a beautiful house nestled in a community of beach homes. But passionate love, the one thing she longs for, she learns to live without, until recurring dreams and visions spark memories of a life lived long ago and of a man whose love promises to follow her through time. Eryn recognizes a whisper of that promise in the eyes of a handsome stranger who stays close enough for her to notice, but not close enough for her to remember.


Two women, born centuries apart, both accept lives of obligation and responsibility; lives without passion, with men who would claim them for their own. Until, that is, a chain of events complicates things in ways they never imagined, all because of one man’s love for a woman…a love that crosses through centuries to find her again.
Full of daring fools, haunting old flames, and brimming with panicked villainy, the Oregon countryside was meant to solve Canner Connelly’s problems, not make them worse. But, after their well-intentioned move to Cedardale Court, the safety and peace of mind he’s longed for since the passing of his wife, for him and his daughter, Chloe, might be farther away than ever.
Almost as soon as the sun comes up, the promising start at Uncle Henry’s falls rather short when the ever inept inhabitants of Cedardale Court start their days. One domestic dispute, a little reckless driving, and a broken fire hydrant later, what normally might have been an enjoyable Sunday morning quickly turns into a slightly darker affair when a human hand turns up in the bushes. 
From then on, things only get messier and more frightfully uncertain as, one by one, the secrets that have been so carefully kept, for so very long, unravel for everyone.
*A neo-gothic fabulation, bordered on the lines of hysterical realism, wrapped up in a quirky little murder mystery*
Dramatic in all the right ways, The Fox by new author Arlene Radasky does for bog bodies and Druids what no author in time has ever done; she celebrates ancient history, endless romance and undying love. Brilliant and utterly breathtaking, Radasky’s is a powerful new voice in romance, fantasy, and historical fiction. Bravo!

The Romans’ path of destruction jeopardizes a Caledonian clan unless they are able to strike a bargain with the Gods, which ultimately means a human sacrifice. Jahna is a member of this first century tribe. She has the power to merge minds, which she chooses to do with a twenty-first century woman, Aine MacRae and her contemporary, a young man Lovern, to whom she was hand-fasted in her time and of whom she shared a child, in order to save her people. In the name of the gods, Lovern was killed. Druids place his body in the sacred Black Lake, but through a visit from his ghost, Jahna sends their child away thus securing their bloodline. In the midst of madness, Jahna lives just long enough to reveal to Aine, her grief. Two thousand years later, in the year 2005, Aine is hoping to reestablish her career as an archaeologist and assists in the excavation in the Highlands of Scotland of a first century Caledonian chieftain’s tomb with fellow archaeologist, Marc Hunt. As the fates align, Jahna, guides Aine to one bronze bowl, then another, and when she is led by a ghost, Aine uncovers a two thousand year old man encased in a bog. As the circle goes unbroken, a heart’s chains are loosened and it is understood that Aine and Marc are able to rediscover their past love.
When his homeland is defeated by a predatory neighbouring kingdom, Eadwine finds himself on the run for his life. Homeless, penniless and friendless, literally with a price on his head, he must evade his enemies, avenge his brother's murder and rescue his betrothed. Along the way, he will lose his heart to another woman and discover a shattering secret that challenges all the ideals he holds dear.

THE ROAD TO RIGHTEOUSNESS is a nineteenth century, literary, biographical, fiction, set in Ireland and the United States. In 1855, Darby Martin is one of the most notorious men in the west of Ireland. His scandalous ways have forced his prestigious Protestant family to discipline him, but murder crosses the line. They banish him to America. He meets young and innocent Brigid Finnegan and falls hopelessly in love with her. In order to secure his survival, as well as win over Brigid, he decides that he must become a virtuous man. He chooses lies and deception to hide his past and pave the way for a bright future with Brigid. The emerald eyes Brigid, a Catholic, has some secrets of her own and THE ROAD TO RIGHTEOUSNESS will be a bumpy one for both of them in America on the brink of a civil war.
The short story is alive and well. With this collection Upton examines the triumphs, the tragedies, and the folly of human existence. From the sad to the hilarious, from the everyday to the bizarre-- Upton covers it all, spinning beautifully written tales filled with insights for the reader to ponder long after the story is read.

The Kindle version has two bonus stories: the hilarious "The Great Squirrel Hunt of 1977" and the poignant "The Last Long Walk Home"
A government scryer's life is a prison until she and her bodyguard discover the ultimate secret language. This near-future science fiction tale examines the boundaries of love and freedom, and is part of the collection PENTANGLE: FIVE POINTED FABLES.

Carolyn Kephart is the author of the critically acclaimed epic fantasy duology WYSARD and LORD BROTHER, now in its revised and expanded second edition. A single-volume version, THE RYEL SAGA: A TALE OF LOVE AND MAGIC, is also available.Visit for first chapters and much more.

About the author: Early life as a military brat gave Carolyn Kephart an appreciation of nomadic lifestyles, a fascination with world cultures, and close-up insights into the warrior mentality and its manifestations, all of which influence her work. She loves things that nourish the spirit and widen the mind.
A year after her return home to Wisconsin, Melissa is alone again. Life is good. She has good friends, a bit of land in a quiet place and a job she likes. Her family is far enough away they don't intrude. One night, as she's chasing what she thinks might be a trespassing raccoon, a childhood ghost reappears. The same night, a wandering boyfriend returns, claiming to be reformed. As she tries to walk in two worlds, Melissa is in neither.
Jack Langdon has always heard the call of destiny. As a boy, it called to him through the lonesome sound of a train whistle, and through his Grandmother's prohecies. Now, in the summer of 1917, the call is stronger than ever. The Great War takes him from his home in the hills of Virginia, setting him on a path of tragedy and romance that will soon have him finding his place in the world.
A chance encounter gives a grieving woman new perspective in this 2,350-word short story by the award-winning author of A STRANGER'S TOUCH and A STRANGER'S KISS.
Harold Calfe, disgraced Shakespeare professor at Petonga University, dies alone in his office. A young Harold Calfe makes his name. Another Harold meets Chloe, the last love of his life.

In this experimental short story, lives intersect across time to form a single tapestry that can only be seen from outside.

This short story is set in the same universe as Julian Darius’s novel NIRA/SUSSA and explores similar themes. However, it largely focuses on different characters and may be read independently. The first chapter of NIRA/SUSSA is also included with this short story.

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