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A heartbreaking true story of one woman's personal triumph over an abusive relationship set amidst the high-stakes world of Italy's fashion elite.

Intimate in feeling, astonishing in scope, and impossible to put down, The Other Side of Tuscany captures the beauty and power achieved when we come to forgive those who hurt us the most.

A tour de force for women. And for the power of love.

"Tuscany like you've never seen it before. Nancy's story is full of power and emotion, and teaches us that forgiveness is the doorway to freedom." - Elisa Lorello, Bestselling Kindle Author of FAKING IT
Jo Carroll pulls the reader into her life as she experiences an abortion, desertion and divorce, the suicides of two 21 year old boys she loved, her marriage to a gay man and the seduction of her best friend's husband all while fighting the demons of mental illness. She finds religion when she converts to Judaism. From Atchison,Kansas to New Orleans to Gulfport, Mississippi she drags her children through the ups and downs of her daily life with determination and gusto, never forgetting how to laugh. It's every woman's story, with a few shock treatments and drugs thrown in for good measure.

Educated as a photojournalist at the University of Southern Mississippi, Jo Carroll worked for newspapers in and around the Baton Rouge area and the Jewish Press in Nebraska. Her photos have toured the Midwest and been featured in both Carnegie and Metropolitan Museums.
For me, life had always been a game of choices. It is a game of perceptions that we draw everyday within our minds and their associated outlook. To some, life has always been “half-full” while to others; it has been “half-empty”. Through this book, the author guarantees that one can easily solder wire the brain to look only for the "half-full" side that our life has to offer.

Remember the end of movie, Spiderman 3, when Peter Parker pauses for a moment and thinks about life’s best-taught lessons – “No matter what the circumstances are, we always have a choice. And, the choices that we make in life determine who we are”. How true! The choices that we make in our life determine the kind of results that we experience and the quality of the life that we live.

As I share these personal experiences (I have changed names and narrated them in a fictitious storyboard manner to honor and respect privacy), there are good chances that you may have faced them already and would have dealt with such situations in a unique way different than mine. 

The author pledges to donate $1 for each copy sold to The Being Human Foundation (, dedicated to education and healthcare of the under-privileged kids.
This exciting anthology contains stories from twenty-five women from different parts of the world. Their ages differ, as do their backgrounds and locations, but one thing they all have in common is a spirit of independence and a determination to not only succeed, but prevail. Whether their struggles are to maintain balance between motherhood and career, escape from an abusive relationship, or to step out in faith and pursue a dream, all of these women have forged their own path. 

As women, one of our most powerful "gifts" is the ability to encourage one another. This book is an effort to encourage women across the world. These twenty-five women share stories that will make you laugh, inspire you, and maybe even make you cry. Their hope is that these stories will inspire YOUR independent spirit and allow you to live the life you were meant to live. 

In addition, each woman has included a “sneak peek” into one of her own novels.

All proceeds from this book will go a charitable organizaton that fights breast cancer - a disease all too close to home for many of us. Our prayers and best wishes are with those who are struggling with this terrible and devastating disease. Buy a book for yourself and “gift” one to the important women in your life. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your support.
A young man gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in wealth and comfort when an old lady he befriended gives him $10million worth of diamonds as she lies dying at Atlantic City Hospital. I n turning the dream into reality he encounters a young woman who can do it all for him, yet as time goes by he learns she is not at all what she riginally appears to be.

Organized crime, a quadruple murder, a love rival and a bloody North African insurrection all intervene to try to stop the young couple from realizing their dream. This is the story of that struggle, the mysteries that surround it and the lessons of life learned along the way.

Written from true life experiences and a vivid imagination, this storytelling epic will keep you enthralled from start to finish.
Odyssey:1970 is the story of a young man's life on the road during one of the pivotal years in modern American history. The sequel to Crossroads: 1969, it picks up with the story of John Cassell, a twenty-two year old college graduate, just returned from Europe and North Africa. Miraculously freed from the Vietnam War by a high draft lottery number in December of 1969, he decides to devote the year 1970 to exploring his own country? to enjoy being young? to revel in the life of the Counterculture before the War Machine comes for him in 1971. The long, uncertain hitchhike between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Berkeley, California becomes as familiar as the way to work. The freaks, gunrunners, revolutionaries and fugitives who haunt its many miles become family. His year of exploration is shortly transformed into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a rogue Albuquerque cop, Robert Dugan, a man maimed in mind, body and spirit by his Vietnam War service. Based in part upon a true story.
Hello Bitches! is not for the close-minded. Or else it might cause a heart attack. The book is about the scandalous life of Georgina Vogue and her party animal friends who lived life in hedonistic mode. The stories are told in the author’s gossipy manner of talking about socially acceptable topics like love and friendship, as well as thought-provoking subjects such as alcohol, drugs, sex…
He comes from a dysfunctional home where the brothers were involved with violence and drug use. She comes from a supportive, loving family environment. Both are Mormons. Both served missions for their church.

She works in a drug rehab facility as a counselor. He comes to the facility on a court-ordered drug rehab program. It is where they meet: Dino DiLello, the charismatic and natural leader, too often on the wrong side of the law and Misty Squire, the pretty blonde social worker eighteen years his junior, who has a firm commitment to doing what’s right.

Dino and Misty are drawn together in a powerful love that surprises them both. They marry and face a bright and hopeful future. Dino has left his lawless past behind him. Or has he? The night that changes everything brings up troubling questions.

As Misty comes to terms with her worst fears, she must also decide at what cost to pursue the truth behind that night. And somehow she must learn to live with a grief that seems to break her heart beyond all healing.

An excerpt taken straight from Lüc Carl’s upcoming memoir, The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds…Wasted, a beer-soaked tale of a long-haired, leather-clad rock ’n roll party-maker who transformed a whiskey-and-5:00AM cheeseburger lifestyle into a wildly successful weight-loss regime.
Full of charismatic wit and insane stories about his life, this excerpt is a mix of memoir and advice: laugh and be inspired while he takes you along on his hilarious journey to become healthier and fitter, and live vicariously through a guy who likes to have a good time, ALL the time (even if that now means running 8 miles a day).

September 11th, 2001, changed my life. A decade later, I consider how. This includes "What I Saw That Day (9/11/01)," an essay from my self-titled collection; "The Come Back," an essay that originally appeared on my website "Exciting Writing"; and "I Still Love You, Though, New York," an all-new, original essay exclusive to this collection. In this last essay, I look back on how surviving that day changed the course of my twenties.

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