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Family history was never supposed to be like this...

When American genealogist, Jefferson Tayte, accepted his latest assignment, he had no idea it might kill him. But while murder was never part of the curriculum, he is kidding himself if he thinks he can walk away from this one.

Driven by the all-consuming irony of being a genealogist who doesn't know who his own parents are, Tayte soon finds that the assignment shares a stark similarity to his own struggle. Someone has gone to great lengths to erase an entire family bloodline from recorded history and he's not going home until he's found out why. After all, if he's not good enough to find this family, how can he ever expect to be good enough to someday find his own?

Set in Cornwall, England, past and present, Tayte's research centres around the tragic life of a young Cornish girl, a writing box, and the discovery of a dark family secret that he believes will lead him to the family he is looking for. Trouble is, someone else is looking for the same answers and they will stop at nothing to find them.

After her mother dies from a heart attack, Sloane Templeton goes from Cyber Crimes Unit to bookstore owner before she can blink. She also "inherits" a half-batty store manager; a strange bunch of little old people from the neighborhood who meet at the store once a week, but never read books, called the Granny Oakleys Book Club; and Aunt Verline, who fancies herself an Iron Chef when in reality you need a cast iron stomach to partake of her culinary disasters. And with a group like this you should never ask, “What else can go wrong?”  

A lot! Sloane begins to receive cyber threats. While Sloane uses her computer forensic skills to uncover the source of the threats, it is discovered someone is out to kill her. Can her life get more crazy? 


No secret stays hidden forever.
   A phone call from an old friend sets mysterious book researcher Giovanni Vecchio back on the path of a mystery that has eluded him for centuries.  Little does he suspect a young librarian holds the key to an ancient secret, nor could he expect the danger Beatrice De Novo would attract.  
   Now both will follow a twisted maze leading from the archives of a university library, through the fires of Renaissance Florence, and toward a passion that could destroy them both.


You may run, but you will never hide.

Sara tries to run after the death of her husband.
She tries to run from the mystery of his unexplained death.
She tries to run from the pain it all brings.

The past catches up no matter how hard you try to run.

The letters show up in her mailbox with no address and no stamp. They force her to face the past no matter how much she would rather run. Learning to stand instead of giving in to the urge to run gives her the chance she needs to begin healing from that pain.

Sara teams up with the detective from her husband's original murder case to investigate the mysterious letters and the equally mysterious past of the man she thought she knew. Sometimes the only way to stop running is to turn around and face what is after you.



Pulitzer Prize winning Chicago crime reporter Frank Pulaski thought it would be a normal day at the Chicago Daily Dispatch until he opened a package containing a flash drive from "A Fan".

Little did he know that his life was about to change forever as he began investigating the single file on the drive.

Intent on publishing the contents of the file Frank was stopped by FBI Special Agent Sara Clark who claimed that certain pieces of evidence needed to be kept confidential during the investigation.

The contents of the file (which reveals the existence of a previously unknown vigilante serial killer), along with supporting documents, quickly became known as "The Omega Dossier" can now be revealed publicly thanks to Roger Adele owner/publisher of One Truth Publishing and special permission from the FBI.

WARNING: This is an on-going investigation and if after reading the dossier's contents you have any information that would help solve the case please follow the instructions at the end of the file for contact information.

In the interest of your personal safety if you think you know who Omega is DO NOT approach the individual


In a secret laboratory hidden under the desert, a covert bioengineering project--codename "Exodus"--has discovered the gene responsible for the human soul.

Somewhere in the neon sprawl outside the nation's collapsing economic core, a group of renegade monks are on the verge of uncovering a secret that has eluded mankind for centuries.

In a glittering tower high above the urban decay, an ascendant U.S. Senator is found dead--an apparent, yet inexplicable, suicide.

And in the streets below, a young man races through an ultra modern metropolis on the verge of a violent revolution....closing in on the terrible truth behind Exodus--and one man's dark vision for the future of mankind.

Welcome to Tiber City.


"A dead-on thriller for the decade...I can't imagine anyone reading this and not wanting more." --Thomas F. Monteleone, author of the NY Times bestseller, The Blood of the Lamb and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing a Novel 

If you could hear the thoughts of every person for three blocks around-the regrets, rationalizations, commercial jingles, the lies that hide what they can't bear to think--how could you ever trust anyone? And if you could make them believe anything you wanted, how could you ever trust yourself?

Max Renn is a legend of the Soviet mind control program, a genetic experiment, the product of three generations of psychics bred by the state for their power. Before his first mission, the Soviet Union collapses and he disappears.

We meet him twenty years later in the Everglades, keeping as far from people as he can get, until his best friend-his only friend-is murdered and he is forced to assemble a team of people like him to fight the international conspiracy behind the murder.


It was the evening of August 3rd, 2004. Tony Mendez took his six-year-old son on a fishing trip in hopes of coping with the loss of his wife. What they found in the Texas Sabine River that evening was a human skull.

A cold case was re-opened but little did Tony realize it would ignite a series of disappearances of small children that would upset the town, turn him and his son into the target of a sociopath and make the world question if perhaps the small town legend of La Llorna was true ...


Parson Jonathan MacLean is too healthy and widely loved to die so young. Yet suddenly and mysteriously he's dead. Archivist Ben Reese, in Scotland to appraise the treasures of Balnagard Castle for his old friend Lord Alexander Chisholm, suspects cold-blooded murder. And he is absolutely certain it was one of Jonathan's kith and kin who cleverly did away with him. What Ben doesn't suspect is that the same venomous killer is now arranging a most creative death for Ben himself .


The first offbeat mystery in the Tubby Dubonnet series, by Anthony and Edgar nominated author Tony Dunbar.

"Best known for his nonfiction work (e.g., Delta Time: A Journey Through Mississippi, LJ 7/90), Dunbar creates a lighthearted, fast-moving, comic mystery with New Orleans lawyer and epicure Tubby Dubonnet as the hero ... In this well-written, entertaining first novel, Tubby's luncheon menus are as engaging as the plot." -Library Journal

A simple man with a refined palate, maverick New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet has a penchant for fishing, Old Fashioneds, off-track betting, and fighting evil while passing a good time.

His clients are all renegades from the asylum, including a transvestite entertainer with curious medical issues, a buxom deadbeat blonde, a doctor who refers his own patients to a malpractice lawyer, and the driver of a Mardi Gras float shaped like a giant crawfish pot. He also has his hands full with an ex-wife and three teenage daughters, who are experts in the art of wrapping Tubby around their little fingers. And somehow, between work and family, Tubby finds time to sample the highs and lows of idiosyncratic Crescent City cuisine, from trout meuniere amandine and French roast coffee with chicory to shrimp po-boys and homemade pecan pralines.

Tubby is asked to take on a new client: Darryl Alvarez, the manager of a local nightclub, who has been caught unloading fifteen bales of marijuana from a shrimp boat. At their first meeting, Darryl entrusts Tubby with an ordinary-looking blue gym bag. But when Darryl is later found shot at the nightclub, Tubby realizes he must tighten his grasp on the gym bag - and its million-dollar contents.

Tubby can't just give up the cash. But if he gets caught, he'll be in jail. And if the wrong people catch him, he'll wish he was.

"Tubby grapples with the temptation of riches and the threats of claimants, and, as he sorts out the rogues among the buttoned-downs, he dispatches the villain and finds a home for the cash in a conclusion that's as cleverly convoluted and amusing as the rest of this tale, the first in a...series." -Publishers Weekly

New Orleans-based attorney and writer Tony Dunbar is the Lillian Smith Book Award-winning author of books about Mississippi, Appalachia, migrant workers, and the Southern labor movement as well as the acclaimed Tubby Dubonnet mystery series.


Second book in the Detective Trevor Joseph series.

Compton Castle is a Victorian psychiatric hospital long overdue for demolition. Its warrens of rooms and acres of grounds, originally designed as a sanctuary for the mentally ill, now provide the ideal stalking ground for a serial killer.

Physically and mentally battered after his last case (Without Trace), Sergeant Trevor Joseph is a temporary inmate – but the hospital loses all therapeutic benefit when a corpse is dug out of a flowerbed. Then more bodies are found; young, female and both linked to the hospital. Everyone within the mouldering walls is in danger while a highly unpredictable malevolence remains at large. And, as patients and staff are interrogated by the police, the apparently motiveless killer watches and waits for the opportunity to strike again . . 


A young American couple are conducting an aerial survey of central Africa when they are shot down by hostile militia in a dense region of the Congo. Completely lost and with soldiers in pursuit, they are desperate to find civilization. But something is not right with the forest. The animals behave suspiciously -- aggressively -- while some unknown presence shadows them, entering their dreams and toying with their very thoughts. The pair soon discover that they aren’t the only ones trapped here. Another party is risking the dangers of the jungle, seeking a rare flower with vast medical potential.

All must work together to survive. But the Blood Forest holds its captives with a secret that is more complex and sinister than any of them realize.

“This forest has a pulse.
It beats in my chest.
I can see it in the eyes of the beasts.
Together, we move to this rhythm.
It calls to us. It calls for blood.”


The good news is that public defender Summer Neuwirth just won her first case, which involved a brutal rape and kidnapping.

The bad news? Her client was guilty.

What's more, he knows all about Summer's past.

As Summer pursues her next case, this time to keep an innocent woman off death row, elements of that past--a mysterious case of childhood amnesia, her police officer father's involvement with a serial killer, a terrifying attack she survived just months earlier--entwine with her present legal work, her missing mother, and her rocky relationship with a private investigator, all of which culminate in a thrilling trial... and terror.


Against the backdrop of a romantic ocean cruise between Australia and New Zealand, two clandestine teams of secret agents—one American, one Israeli—join forces to thwart the treacherous plans of third world terrorists and an aged Nazi commander in this dark, edgy, sexy thriller packed with murder, violence and suspense.

THE MURDERERS mirrors today’s front-page headlines, bringing together drug smuggling, corporate scandal, terrorist plots and weapons of mass destruction in a fast-reading page-turner that’s loaded with humor, multiple plot twists and a surprise ending.


She's trapped. A robbery. Hostages. No way out. But that was their plan.

Melissa Walkens is at a roadside café around midnight when she witnesses two men using sign language to discuss the robbery they are about to attempt.

She recognizes the signed words, "Kill anyone if they give attitude." The only other patrons are a mother and her child. She had stopped for coffee and directions, but now she is wondering how to escape. She desperately wants to warn the woman to get her daughter to safety.

Melissa is trapped. What she doesn't know is that the men are there for her. She is about to become the victim of the ultimate betrayal from deep in her past.


Ingo Julian insists the drowning is an accident.

But Ingo has $600 million riding on a stock deal, and a suspicious death of a company vice president would torpedo the whole high-stakes scheme.

Investigator Ben Seidenberg isn't buying the story. The drowning is no accident, he's certain. There's a plot to assassinate company big shots, and it leads him on a twisted trail of violence that races from Ingo's island retreat to his teak-paneled offices on corporate row.

Now the assassin is stalking Ben, as Ben realizes these people are not what they seem – and everything they say is a lie.

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