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Come along on a magnificent journey to True Self discovery. "The Space Between" is a true story of transformation, inspiration and hope - an odyssey that is certain to touch your heart and heal your soul.

Faced with difficult challenges, Patricia Reed tells the story of her own adventures as her intuition began flowering, soon after divine visitors came in the night to speak with her. Join her along her spiritual journey through the metaphysical, where what was once black and white transmutes to infinite shades of gray, and meet some extraordinary characters along the way! 

If you've ever wondered how to be happy, if unconditional love, true joy, and the Peace of God have ever eluded you, if you've felt as if your soul is passing through the dark shadow of night, or if you've felt like you're playing your own version of hunger games in life, "The Space Between" is the book that will show you the way to your Heart, healing the mind at the foundational level. If you've read and enjoyed the works of Eckhart Tolle, John Harricharan, Wayne Dyer, A Course in Miracles, and other similar books, "The Space Between" is a definite MUST-READ that was written just for you.

In "The Space Between," you will discover why you think, feel, speak, and behave in the ways you do. You'll find out about what the ego-mind believes - both individually and collectively - as well as how to let go of all those egoic beliefs that energetically block your way to your heart's truest desires. You'll learn how to step into your own true power, developing and increasing your inherent gift of intuition, so as to be true to yourself no matter how difficult your life circumstances may appear to be. You'll find out how you can reprogram your subconscious mind and make the conscious choice to see yourself and the entire universe around you in a whole new way - the way of Spirit's Truth.

Connect with your very soul and discover the ease and joy in experiencing synchronicity after synchronicity, magic, and miracles as your new outer reality by projecting your Inner Truth, which is found only in The Space Between.

Discover more abundance, encouragement, and simplicity in your life. Be present, see the divine at work in all circumstances, and experience ordinary life as sacred. Learn to practice the art of abundance as a form of spiritual awareness based in gratitude. Quotes, meditations, prayers, and instant inspiration to remind you that life can be good, no matter what challenges you may be facing right now. The Heart of Abundance offers selections from the Artful Living series and other books by Candy Paull. 

We live in transformational times. When the road to transformation gets bumpy and we feel lost and disoriented, it is even more important to ground ourselves in the firm realities of daily life. Mindful living, slowing down to notice and savor the blessings and beauty of the ordinary, and soothing our spirits with thoughtful and loving actions can help us through times of doubt, despair, and loss. Practicing the art of abundance is a form of spiritual awareness based in gratitude.

In difficult and demanding times, it is essential to understand that abundance begins within. Whatever you see in your outer circumstances is a reflection of what you have already created by your thoughts, attitudes, and actions. As you change your thoughts you affect the outcomes of your life. Living in the higher energy of positive attitudes and a more conscious way of thinking opens the door to new possibilities, aligning you with the energies of God’s nature.

As you become aware of how rich life is with blessings, your attitude toward life shifts. Simple gratitude tells the Universe that you appreciate life’s gifts and are open to receive more gifts. It shifts your energies from an attitude of lack to an attitude of receptivity and thanksgiving. Learn to see the Divine givingness at work in your life.

Your abundance is my abundance. Celebrate the abundance!

Our unfulfilled wishes, sexual impulses, immoral thoughts and so on are repressed into the Unconscious. The principle of repression is the governing principle. Because repressed materials are not acceptable to the Conscious mind, these repressed contents seek outlets in disguise. Dreams provide an outlet. Freud says: dream is a royal road to the Unconscious. Accordingly, repressed materials (latent contents) surface in the dream in form of some manifest contents. This happens primarily because the dream would protect the sleep giving vent to the unfulfilled wishes at the same time.

"Kelly Wallace gives step by step techniques for learning to 'see', heal, and strengthen your own aura as well as anyone else's! You'll be amazed at the information you can learn and the things you can accomplish just by working with your aura energy!"

Kelly Wallace has been a psychic counselor, spiritual teacher and healer for over 20 years. She works personally with more than one thousand clients every year. In her latest book, Energy Work - Aura Clearing and Healing for Spiritual and Material Advancement she will teach you to work with your energy field, clear your aura then change your aura color. This way you can give off the type of energies you want others to feel from you, while attracting the people and opportunities you want in your life as well. 

Whether you're searching for love, a better career, more money, your life purpose, or peace and happiness, her book offers incredibly freeing and powerful exercises, and best of all they work!

After you finish Energy Work you'll be able to cleanse, strengthen, heal, and change your aura to attract abundance and to help others as well. You'll also learn about various aura colors and how they can help you, as well as reading the aura of others around you. 

Hand reading is a wonderful skill to have and acquiring it makes for a fascinating study. The purpose of this ebook is to guide your way around the hand in preparation for learning its secrets. 

Modern hand analysis has its roots in the ancient art of palmistry or palm reading. The Geography of the Hand is the first part of a comprehensive palm reading guide that aims to shine a modern light on the lines and marks that can be seen in your hands. 

Palms have been studied for countless years – no one is really sure how far back the practice goes. Where modern hand analysis or hand reading diverges from the older version is in the fortune-telling aspect. The ancients saw the lines and marks on the palm as mysterious signs of some pre-ordained destiny. Today they are more often regarded as a kind of print-out of the brain. Modern palmistry takes the approach that what is in your hands you already subconsciously know. The hand reader or palmist is an interpreter of this for your conscious mind, rather than a psychic medium.

If you wish to study hands – your own or other people's – you must first know your way around them. That is what this introductory guide offers. Once you are familiar with all the features of hand and palm, you can begin to learn their particular meaning and significance. 

But there is much more to hand reading than this. The features of the hand and more specifically the palm cannot be studied in isolation from one another. It is in their contrast and comparison that the real art is to be found. 

This ebook is based on a successful course in palmistry and hand analysis started in 1994. Whether you are just curious about what is in your own hands or would like to go on and become a professional hand reader yourself, the content you find here can prove to be very useful in your life.

Coming soon is a second ebook covering in greater depth the Major and Minor lines, as well as the Mounts and particular marks to be found in the palms.

CHRISTIANS in the book of Revelation church destroyed sin, sickness and satanic oppression using just three weapons of spiritual warfare – the Blood of the lamb; the Word and their Humility. Discover how you can also apply these three effective factors to overcome mysterious hindrances to your ideal health, fulfilling career or beloved relationships.
Each lesson in FAITH FOR OVERCOMING LIFE'S MYSTERIOUS HINDRANCES is simple to understand yet revelatory and aptly supported by at least three different marvellous scripture passages. This book will not only leave the reader pumped up to overflow in faith but also liberated from frustrations and oppressions which usually pressurize us to question where God is during storms of life.
The author's groundwork experience in teaching, ministering and leading Cell groups, Youths and Hospital ministry manifest throughout the book as he emphasises the Lord's will and unmatched power to liberate our health, careers and relationships from satanic oppression.

Over 50,000 Downloads! Award-winning book by two-cancer survivor! TIME, the FREE SAMPLE BOOK. A genuine user's guide to the meaning of life, the award-winning Manual For Living: REALITY (TIME), A User's Guide to the Meaning of Life will change the way you see the world. Its straightforward guidance and practical wisdom will help you remain true to your path and purpose in life. Find True Fulfillment and Lasting Happiness, Overcome Your Fear Of Death, Learn How to Fully Experience Life, Reconnect with Your Inner Truth, and Discover Your True Purpose. 

Rave reviews from around the country:
I'd recommend this book to everyone. - Luxury Reading

No matter what anyone has read, studied or listened to , yours is not a additional source, it is all one needs” Margeret Fergusson Program Participant

Enables readers to think less to achieve more bridging the gap between thoughts and actions

Breakthrough process to quickly simplify your thoughts, and transcend from a state of confusion and indecision to calmness and right action.

“I’ ve read books from Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Neale Donald Walsh, Paul Wilson, Eckhart Tolle and other great teachers and authors. Ever since I was about 14 years old I read everything I could get my hands on. Sometimes I’d think I had it figured out, but would soon bounce back to where I was before. Nothing seemed to be enough to hold my attention for long. Finally I wasn’t doing anything with any program any more. And the same goes for other things in my life. So now I am almost 38 years old, and never achieved much, in spite of my far-more-than-average knowledge of self-help, positive thinking, the ways of the mind, etc. Then I read this.And now, for once, I feel a silence in my mind, body, and spirit like I never experienced. I am grateful to you in a way I cannot express. And I know this is only the beginning. Thank you Vish, for helping me achieve what no other teacher ever could.” Carlos V- Program Participant


We all want a stress-free life for ourselves and our loved ones. But for so long we’ve been seeking relief from without, looking for material things to satisfy our needs, while being blind to the fact that the true stress-free life lies only within.

Inside, the kingdom within, is where all of our joy and beauty and sense of wonder and meaning reside. And yet sometimes that kingdom seems to have eroded; the stresses of everyday life have destroyed that wondrous joy experienced during childhood. It's why we strive so hard to protect our own children from the terrors of "real life." We love to feed and nurture their imagination during the holidays and sit back with wide grins as they act out a story or play with new toys. And we ask ourselves: Why are they so happy? I used to be that happy.

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