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New Age
A short guide to divination, including several tools & techniques.

This is an article from Ian Eshey, the author of a popular short booklet 'Six Short Stories: Learn Tarot in a Day'.

Subtitles in this article:
- Introduction
- The Hard Work of the Pentacles
- Summary

Jumpstart Your Journey deals with obstacles you encounter as you go through life. It also offers information on the building blocks of change, which are the basic concepts you should know in order to actively participate in changing the vantage point you use to make decisions and thus create your life.

Journey Through The World of Spirit: God, Gaia, and Guardian Angels is the detailed near-death experience of David Oakford. Triggered initially by a fatal drug overdose, David became bewildered then frightened to find that we do not "die." But instinctively he knew to pray to God and was soon rescued by a wise guardian angel he calls "Bob." Specifically, David shares what he was shown concerning the life-after-death realms: heavens, light beings, dark souls, the life-force energy dynamics of our planet and its inhabitants, and the lessons-learned from a panel of evaluators. This clearly-written, plain-talking account of the life, death, and rebirth cycle provides much food for thought for all leaders and members of the world's major religions to contemplate. The single truth that shines through this old, old story is this one realization: Love is the answer to life's questions when all is said and done.

In a thirty year study of what was, what is and what shall be, Gary Rutz discovered the secrets to the universe, enlightenment and everlasting happiness. It is not so amazing really, because Rutz discovered what we all have within us. He listened to his own inner voice and trusted that the answers and were within him. After reading thousands of pages of history, philosophy, and critical thought, Rutz used a reductionist method to remove unnecessary complexity. Through accessible language and style, Rutz presents his discoveries in an easy to understand way.

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Balance your own chakras as you learn how these "energy centers" affect love and loss, health and happiness, life and death for the participants in a chakra workshop. You'll laugh, cry and and maybe even jump for joy as you experience their transformation with them! 

Whether you're an avid yogi or yogini or have never heard of chakras, you'll find this look at the human condition and the miracles that can happen through forgiveness, love and energy healing to be both enlightening and entertaining.

Chakra balancing techniques and wisdom are woven throughout the life stories.

Accomplishing Ascension will likely turn out to be the most complex and challenging transition our species has ever faced. But beyond the "New Age" razzle-dazzle, the real world actions we need to undertake to get the Ascension ball rolling, as individuals and as a species, while not easy by a long shot, really are quite simple.

Start by forgetting everything you've ever read or heard about Ascended Masters, Atlantis, Chakras, Channeling... Put it all out of your mind to make room for the one and only formula you'll ever need to know in order to manifest your own personal Ascension and to do all you can to make real the positive global transformation of human civilization.

Ready? Here it is:


That's right, 2+2=4 ? a simple formula anyone anywhere can put into action right now, today, to begin changing themselves and the world in a myriad of profound and very real ways...

Popping fights and picking cherries—cutting ties with the Mormon church is culture shock at its finest. In a new trans-genre form that combines short stories, short prose, and poetry, B.E. Hewson anthologizes the memories, emotions, and imaginings of a faith-failed adolescent colliding with an uninviting world. Virginity, rejection, familial angst, ignorance, fear, heartbreaking hope—Leave me alone captures snapshots of life in limbo between two worlds, a life struggling to break the barriers of a sheltered past only to find a cruel and unadjusted awakening. Readers will be intrigued and unnerved at Hewson’s unflinching honesty. In the tradition of authors like Steinbeck and Salinger, the mental and physical realism leaves no stone unturned and no lie undiscovered. Readers may be offended or uncomfortable. Readers may be confused or surprised. But one thing is for sure, readers will breech new territory. Never before has an author tried to portray the confines of growing up in a Mormon home and the chaos of never believing. Through many characters and many speakers, an overall consciousness emerges that speaks to the fornication and fortification of faith and femininity.
Let the rebellion begin.

While Bhagavad Gita (" The Song of God") is one of the world's best known spiritual and literary treasures, the scope of its seminal meaning isn't always paramount among the many accolades given this priceless text. Yet the full and true impact of this venerable Hindu saga, though of ancient vintage, can affect countless number of modern readers of any national, religious or ethnic background. The battlefield advice given by Krishna, the Hindu deith, to Prince Arjuna rings with mind-searing veracity that can modify and influence every element of behaviour in contemporary life and thought.

Sri Vishwanath the author provides a clear and practical analysis of Krishna's dictums and the questions posed by Arjuna, which represent the moral confusion of mankind. THe supernal and mortal worlds of thought and action come together with illumination and clarity.

The ancient "song" and its timeless message are rendered into a modern primer on how men and women should behave to reach other, to nature and the universe- and ultimately to the consciousness and concept of God.

The popularity of Vishwanath's other books which explain many spiritual concepts and methods of achieving mind-clearing serenity continues to soar. It is the rare reader who won't find his or her outlook changed by reading this book and their life improved by absorbing the essence of this epic.

Sri Vishwanath is the author of numerous bestsellers including the Amazon No 1 The Joy of becoming God. He divides his time between United State of America and Mumbai, India.

Dreams give advice on all aspects of your life, including health, relationships, career, spirituality and life purpose. Dreams show why you are here, what you intend to learn about yourself, what your special abilities are and karmic obligations you have taken on. Dreams reveal how all aspects of your life are interconnected and how working on one area leads to improvement in another. 

Dream interpretation is not new, but in our 'Western' pursuit of science has been forgotten or overlooked by many. As far back as the Old Testament, Joseph showed us that dreams contain important messages. Native American cultures hold dreams in high regard as messages from the spirit world. Saint Patrick was told to come to Ireland in a dream. Einstein admitted to a journalist that his entire scientific career was a meditation on a dream he had as a teenager where he was sledding at the speed of light. Dmitri Mendeleyev dreamed the periodic table in 1869. Friedrich von Kekule revolutionized organic chemistry through determining the structure of the benzene molecule from a dream. The list goes on and on.

Dreams focus on the most important aspect of your life at the present time. The focus could be how to restore your health, how to improve your relationship or career, or it could be simply telling you what you need to accept about yourself. The first step, as with any journey, is always about finding out where you are. Dreams show you this and map your journey to where you need to be. 

This book shows how to decipher dream messages from their symbolic form, the key being to understand the symbols. It includes a comprehensive symbol reference and uses real dreams for illustration and teaching. 

The key to a healthy, happy and successful life is handed to you many times each night. Nobody can stop dreaming. It is as vital to us as our heartbeat. Tonight, within minutes of falling asleep you'll find yourself back at the door to this mystical world. What will you learn this time on the other side of the threshold?

Discover more abundance, encouragement, and simplicity in your life. Be present, see the divine at work in all circumstances, and experience ordinary life as sacred. Learn to practice the art of abundance as a form of spiritual awareness based in gratitude. Quotes, meditations, prayers, and instant inspiration to remind you that life can be good, no matter what challenges you may be facing right now. The Heart of Abundance offers selections from the Artful Living series and other books by Candy Paull. 

We live in transformational times. When the road to transformation gets bumpy and we feel lost and disoriented, it is even more important to ground ourselves in the firm realities of daily life. Mindful living, slowing down to notice and savor the blessings and beauty of the ordinary, and soothing our spirits with thoughtful and loving actions can help us through times of doubt, despair, and loss. Practicing the art of abundance is a form of spiritual awareness based in gratitude.

In difficult and demanding times, it is essential to understand that abundance begins within. Whatever you see in your outer circumstances is a reflection of what you have already created by your thoughts, attitudes, and actions. As you change your thoughts you affect the outcomes of your life. Living in the higher energy of positive attitudes and a more conscious way of thinking opens the door to new possibilities, aligning you with the energies of God’s nature.

As you become aware of how rich life is with blessings, your attitude toward life shifts. Simple gratitude tells the Universe that you appreciate life’s gifts and are open to receive more gifts. It shifts your energies from an attitude of lack to an attitude of receptivity and thanksgiving. Learn to see the Divine givingness at work in your life.

Your abundance is my abundance. Celebrate the abundance!

Techniques and routines for all levels of practice and holistic lifestyle guidelines. Some practical benefits of regular superconscious meditation practice: stress is reduced, the body's immune system is strengthened, thinking becomes well-ordered and rational, intellectual and intuitive powers improve, biologic aging processes are slowed, appreciation for living is enhanced, spiritual growth progresses naturally.

When Nicolaus Copernicus discovered the Earth wasn’t the center of the Universe, everything changed. When Isaac Newton figured out the law of gravity from a falling apple, everything changed. When Benjamin Franklin harvested electricity from lightening and Thomas Edison made the first commercial light bulb, everything changed. Today, when quantum physicists realize our physical universe isn’t real, that it’s just a hologram, everything … wait! Nothing’s changed - yet.
"Butterflies Are Free To Fly" offers a new and radical approach to spiritual evolution based on the recent scientific experiments in quantum physics and brain research outlined in Part One. Given that the physical universe which looks and feels so real to us is actually a unique holographic projection from our own brain, the author examines various models for life and living that are very different than what we have been told and taught.
“This is the only radical thinking that you need to do,” Dr. Amit Goswami is quoted as saying. “But it is so radical, it is so difficult, because our tendency is that the world is already ‘out there,’ independent of my experience. It is not. Quantum Physics has been so clear about it.” 
For example, in Part Two we are introduced to something the author calls an “Infinite I,” which is creating our unique holographic experiences. Then there is the “Human Game Model,” offering explanations all the way from why we experience pain and suffering to how we can change our reactions and responses by letting go of our judgments, beliefs, opinions, and fears. The end result, suggests the author, is peeling away all the layers of false identities that make up the “ego,” transforming and emerging from our cocoon as a “no-self.” 
Part Three of the book is a series of questions and answers to offer alternative explanations consistent with these models on subjects such as money, past lives, karma, trust, and the “Earth Environment.”
This book will leave you thinking, because this book is truly radical.

A lovely little book, 50 pages or so, giving fantastic easy simple tips and techniques for relaxation. We could all do with more relaxation in life, and this book helps one achieve this with simple, healthy ways of relaxing, to bring more harmony peace and happiness into you life

Over 50,000 Downloads! Award-winning book by two-cancer survivor! TIME, the FREE SAMPLE BOOK. A genuine user's guide to the meaning of life, the award-winning Manual For Living: REALITY (TIME), A User's Guide to the Meaning of Life will change the way you see the world. Its straightforward guidance and practical wisdom will help you remain true to your path and purpose in life. Find True Fulfillment and Lasting Happiness, Overcome Your Fear Of Death, Learn How to Fully Experience Life, Reconnect with Your Inner Truth, and Discover Your True Purpose. 

Rave reviews from around the country:
I'd recommend this book to everyone. - Luxury Reading

It is a beautiful testament to life and living. A book to help one reach his greatest potential and grasp his dreams. - A Novel Source

I want to say thank you for writing this book! I am only a quarter of the way into it and it is really making a difference in my life! "They say" when you are ready the teacher will appear. I'm glad you did. - Kim G.

A wonderful, thoughtful and compassionate book. It goes to the heart of what it is to be human. We highly recommend Manual For Living! Drink from its wisdom! Ed & Deb Shapiro, authors BE THE CHANGE - How Meditation Can Transform You and the World

Seth Chernoff has taken on the deepest and richest questions of life and death. Listen to his journey, his insight and begin to savor the search for peace within the spectrum of life. - Don Campbell, Musician and Author of Sound Spirit and The Mozart Effect

Manual For Living gives you valuable insight necessary to enhance and enrich your life bringing you closer to fulfillment and true happiness. Manual for Living is full of wisdom to help you find your way. Every page is filled with human emotion about life, death, and everything in between. - TCM Reviews

If you have the chance to pick up this gold mine to read, please do. It is helping me in so many ways. -Read With Tea Book Review Blog

This is the guide to a series of books under this title, including:
Loving Blood
Storm Ship
Eureka, the Gift

Each story deals with the character's belief in the powers of intention and how it is used to transform the lives of the characters in the individual books of the saga.
The first 2 novels, Firewalkers and Loving Blood are currently available for your download.
Firewalkers deals with having the ability to have your body achieve the impossible. Loving Blood has to do with performing healings of yourself and others

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