Monday, August 13, 2012

Romancing Monday
My name is Dorothy. I live in Kansas. I've seen a few tornadoes in my day, but nothing like the one that dropped my dead ex-husband, Wade, on my doorstep in a crushed motor home. Wade looked almost as beat up as the RV when he spilled from the back door, his red sneakers sticking out.

That was just the beginning of a crazy Memorial Day weekend when I won a big contest (complete with cash and a car), was accosted by a studly FBI agent, uncovered an old case of blackmail, discovered my ex-love might still love me, dealt with the Wickeds motorcycle gang, managed the annual charity dog show...and nearly died from a gunshot wound.

I almost had the feeling that I wasn't in Kansas anymore....
"In this fast-paced and steamy tale a sexy psychic and hunky private investigator grudgingly come together to solve a kidnapping case. As the clock ticks and they gather clues, they also give into lust and find love in the process. I couldn't put it down!" 

Julie Simmons is a psychic, once well known for working with the police department to solve high-profile homicide cases. She's since distanced herself from law enforcement after a traumatic case she helped solve, but has harbored a secret desire to get close to ex-cop Vincent Marcelli.

Vincent Marcelli, a private investigator who lives by his own rules, works his own hours, and takes orders from no one, has accepted his first kidnapping case. It was supposed to be an open and shut assignment, but every clue seems to lead to a dead end. Against every bone in his stubborn Italian body, he seeks out Julie's help.

The moment Vince and Julie meet, sparks begin to fly. As they work side-by-side, in a race against time, the tension mounts and the heat rises. Julie soon finds herself living out her fantasy in the arms and bed of one gorgeous Vince Marcelli. With so much at stake, and danger lurking, will she be able to help the hardened detective solve the case and win his heart?

**Warning: Contains explicit language and erotic sex scenes*
Emotional, contemporary romance from Best-selling and Award winning author Karen Rose Smith

     Dr. Paige Conrad needs Clay Reynolds' help. However, he can't give it because she and the rest of the town of Langley, Maryland, might discover his secret. Clay has no memory of the first twenty-five years of his life. The past and his father's rejection is behind him. Digging it up brings back nightmare he has fought for ten years to control.
After spending three years in underdeveloped countries following her parents' vision of healing, Paige has come to Langley to gain perspective on her life and help an old friend with his medical practice. Learning Clay was involved in a rock climbing accident and went through the rehabilitation process, she wants him to share his experience with a trouble teenager to give the boy hope.
     Paige and Clay are inexorably drawn to each other. But can Clay trust Paige and share his secret? Can Paige dare to follow her own dreams.
     Love In Bloom was first published with Meteor/Kismet.
“I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t.” That’s what Allie Whitman tells herself every night as she lies awake. Sometimes she even believes it. But mostly she knows deep down that her inability to make a hard choice has put millions of lives at risk, including her own. Now the only one who can help her is her lawyer, Connor Norman. Unfortunately, Allie’s actions have destroyed Connor’s trust in her—and may destroy much, much more.
Breecie Lemay fears the gun hidden in her father's staircase is the same weapon that killed her mother. In search of the truth, she's thrust into a world of her father's only true legacy... lies.

Warnings become death threats because she knows too much.
She knows nothing.
She can trust no one.

"Elemental Mysteries has turned into one of the best paranormal series I've read this year. It's sharp, elegant, clever, evenly paced without dragging its feet, and at the same time emotionally intense."--Nocturnal Book Reviews
   No secret stays hidden forever.
   A phone call from an old friend sets mysterious book researcher Giovanni Vecchio back on the path of a mystery that has eluded him for centuries.  Little does he suspect a young librarian holds the key to an ancient secret, nor could he expect the danger Beatrice De Novo would attract.  
   Now both will follow a twisted maze leading from the archives of a university library, through the fires of Renaissance Florence, and toward a passion that could destroy them both.

   A Hidden Fire is a paranormal mystery/romance novel.  It is the first book in the Elemental Mysteries Series, followed by This Same Earth, The Force of Windand A Fall of Water.

Morgan Amburgy is twenty four years old. She lives in Rochester, Kentucky where she tries to survive day to day without succumbing to a constant depression that threatens to take over. She struggles with the loss of a beloved friend who was taken all too soon during high school, but with the help of her friends she carries on.

Things become weird when Morgan is suddenly able to see her best friend. But it's not the one with a pulse. She begins to question her sanity as she demands answers from everyone else instead of seeking it from the one person who could clear up everything in the first place. Herself.

When old fart blogger Mormon Silver goes to interview young entrepreneur Bea Plastique, he encounters a woman who is stunning, smart, and scary. The unsophisticated, horny Silver is startled to realize he wants this woman (from behind, mostly) and, despite her mysterious love of ice hockey, finds he is desperate to get close to her (and honk her boobies). Unable to resist Silver's oral skills, silver chin fur, and argyle socks, Plastique admits she wants him, too--but on her own terms.

Stunned yet delighted by Plastique's kinkiness, Silver hesitates. For all of her success--her multinational assortment of lubricants, her gay assistant, her condo on a high floor (I mean, really high--you're almost above the clouds, for Christ's sake)--Plastique is a woman haunted by her past and consumed by the need to have hockey-related sex. When the couple embarks on a bold, twisted physical affair, Mormon discovers Bea Plastique's secrets (including a naughty uncle) and explores his own icky, sticky desires.

Silly, sexy, and deeply disturbing, Fifty Shades of Silver Hair and Socks is a tale that will make you horny, tickle you, and give you some great ideas to try on an unsuspecting lover.

Detective Nick Morelli is a widower who can't let go of the memory of his wife and their life together. He buries his feelings in work, and avoids getting emotionally involved. Now, he's been assigned a plum case--tracking down a jewel thief amidst Denver's upper crust. The only clue is a pristine white feather, signature of the infamous thief know only as "The Dove." His prime suspect is Cullinan Benedict, the owner of a local antique shop.

Assistant District Attorney Hope Benedict and her brother Cullinan are the children of The Dove, who died several years ago. Thought Cullinan is innocent, they know the truth about the ancient healing pendant--it's cursed, with love. Anyone giving the pendant to a wife or a lover will die a violent death. They must protect that secret and others and see the pendant returned to the church in Scotland where the curse will be broken.

From the first minutes of their meeting, attraction sizzles between Nick and Hope. To become romantically involved would be a severe conflict of interest because Cullinan is a suspect. Protecting Cullinan and the secret has to come first. Nick and Hope must work together, and as their passion increases so does the danger--from the real thief, an organized crime lord with a terminal disease who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the pendant that can cure him.

"Looking for Mr. Right is one fun and sexy read! Top that off with a darn good plot that has plenty of fun twists, and a writing style that pulls you right in, and you have a romance story you won't want to end! Well done, Ms. Wallace!"

Brandon Right is a stiff and starchy lawyer who must help footloose and carefree Candy Garland find a husband in three weeks or a Beverly Hills mansion and millions of dollars will fall into the hands of a dead man's undeserving family. Brandon is instantly attracted to Candy, but there's no time for an affair, and he certainly isn't in the market for a wife!

Candy knows that a passionate lover exists beneath the cool surface of her newly appointed mentor, but doesn't have time to melt the glacier around his heart.

Will they relinquish Mason's fortune for a night of wild passion? What sexy mystery lies in the hidden garden? Will Fred be forgiven?

Donovans of the Delta Series, Book One (Special Holiday Price)

When Martie Fleming breezed into small town Pontotoc, Mississippi, determined to settle down and teach jazzercise in her home studio, she never expected to land next door to the minister. She never expected her playful golden retriever to steal his shorts right off the clothes line. And she certainly never expected to fall in love.

Everybody in town would agree they are so wrong for each other - everybody but Paul Donovan. With her gypsy outfits, her lively music and her irrepressible spirit, Martie is exactly the angel the preacher needs. But can he convince her? Can their love and his career survive the small town gossip and the fireworks Martie creates wherever she goes?

This is the first of a 5-book romantic comedy series originally published by Loveswept - Donovan's Angel (1), Sleepless Nights (2), Hallie's Destiny (3), Any Thursday (4), and Higher Than Eagles (5).

Love + Imaginary Man = Mayhem ...

Meet Megan, a manicurist by day and Avon salesgirl by night. After losing her job at Lucy Lu’s Salon, she escapes her real world troubles by burying herself in a romantic novel. But soon the fictional hero seems more genuine than the world around her and Megan is questioning the line between fact and fairytale. A nosy roommate and an angry cat also join forces to wreak a little havoc in Megan’s love life. Can she sort out fact from fantasy before her true hero slips away forever?

Does every relationship deserve a second chance?

When chief romantic Rose Delaney scores her dream job at London's quirkiest new attraction, The Museum of Broken Hearts, she thinks she's got it made. Sure, it's a little depressing dealing with relics of failed relationships each day, but Rose is determined not to let it break her 'love conquers all' spirit. After discovering the museum's handsome curator is nursing a broken heart of his own, Rose steps in to fix it. Can Rose heal the rift, or will this happy ending go awry?

Fans of romance novels by Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber and Susan Mallery will enjoy THE WEDDING GIFT by Lucy Kevin, the first fun, sweet contemporary romance in the Four Weddings and a Fiasco series.

After Julie Delgado’s restaurant closes, she temporarily takes over the catering position at the Rose Chalet, a full-service San Francisco wedding venue. She plans to dazzle the bride and groom so the Chalet’s owner will keep her around, but fate has other plans for her when the bride’s brother shows up for the first food tasting.

Andrew Kyle is not only the Cuisine Channel’s Edgy Eats host and chef, but his recent review of Julie’s restaurant was the final nail in its coffin. Once he meets Julie at the Rose Chalet, he’s certain she’s playing it safe. And he wants nothing more than to be the one to break her guarded passions loose.

But despite the undeniable sparks between Julie and Andrew–and the fact that he seems to believe in her when no one else does–can she afford to be taking risks with her cooking, with her career…or with her heart?

Bryn needs to come up with a way to earn some extra cash, and fast. With her mortgage due and her martial arts studio in jeopardy, it seems life can't get any tougher. That is, until she is run over by a station wagon in front of her neighborhood grocer!

For hunky EMT, Aiden Romero, Bryn may just be the distraction he has been looking for to get him through his last year of grad school. Can the two become roommates, solving both their problems, or will their encounter spell heartache for Bryn?

This contemporary romance is a 29,000 word novella set in Southwest Ohio and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She has something he wants… and he has something she can’t resist.

Laurel Sweet has the picture-perfect life. Her unwavering kindness has earned her a successful career in the party planning industry, and her loyalty keeps her holding on to the Sweet family bakery. From the outside looking in, she’s got it all together. But when an alluring businessman steps into her life, Laurel learns just how quickly she lets her heart take precedence.

Daniel Becker's good looks and persistence mask his hidden agenda. As an architectural project manager, he’s set his sights on his next big project—buying out the Sweet family property for commercial development. Nothing is more important than closing a deal, so when Daniel puts his deceptive plan into action to manipulate the beloved bakery owner, the last thing he expects is to fall in love.


Jake McKoy moves to a tiny town in upstate New York to escape a painful past. He has no idea that it is here that he will find healing and strength and a new start in life. And that healing comes in the form of a fresh-faced woman who steals his heart.

Samantha Fox was only a month away from her wedding day when her fiance broke the engagement. He'd found a more 'suitable' bride. Haunted by the constant fear that she's not 'good enough', Sam finds it hard to give her heart to another man. And when that man happens to be a billionaire who can't let go of his past, things become complicated indeed.

Can Jake and Samantha overcome their difficult pasts to forge a bright future together?

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