Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sizzling Erotica
Aren’t birthday presents fun to open?
Especially when your husband sets out to fulfill all your secret fantasies.
Join Debra and Jack and see just how much fun.
It’s the thought that counts.

a novella in the Tied with a Bow series.
Molly has a sudden, new experience when she has casual sex with a new coworker named Anthony in the workplace. What first seemed like a fun, one-off sexual adventure turns into something very different for Molly, and she questions the choice she made.

Excerpt from the short story:

If the minutes went by unnoticed, the actions sure didn’t. As soon as they found some makeshift privacy they were all over each other. Molly was scrambling to unbutton his shirt while Anthony took to the more important task of unbuckling his pants. As soon as his khakis dropped to the floor her hand made its way down to his black boxer-briefs, fondling and stroking his bulge. A moment later, Anthony lifted up Molly onto the copy machine and removed her panties. She spread her legs for him and he obliged by putting his head under her skirt. The way he fingered her and licked her clitoris—at a gentle but intense pace—drove her wild. It wasn’t long before she was boiling over from his stellar cunnilingus technique, ready to surrender herself completely to him.
Three more buttock blushing stories that will whip up your excitement! Miranda Forbes is a girl who knows a thing or two about spanking and she has selected the very best stories for you.

In Praise of Older Women by Laurel Aspen
When the train lurches and Annette escapes injury in the safety of Jake’s lap, she admits it’s not the first time she’s found herself over a man’s knee. Neglected by her husband, she believes this cute younger man can help her rediscover the thrill of being soundly disciplined. What she doesn’t expect is that Jake will have quite so many wicked tricks up his sleeve...

Four and a Half Acre Wood by Congressio
The woods in autumn are beautiful and quiet; the perfect surroundings for keen horsewomen Anne and Christina to dismount and find some inventive ways to employ their riding crops. Their spanking game is interrupted by the estate manager and his son, but they quickly discover it’s even more fun when two brawny, horny men get involved.
DESCRIPTION: A professor of history and his seductive stepdaughter explore an unusual modern interpretation of Victorian morality on the night of her homecoming dance.

EXCERPT: I squeeze Mercedes' buttocks with determined intent as I push into her. I do not deserve to feel a body such as this, so young and full of life. After she leaves it is very likely I never will again. This only makes my duty and obligation more important, so I pump that hot pussy for all that it is worth, showing her what an experienced man is capable of; the pleasure he can give.
The loud slaps of my relentless rhythm are quickly drowned out by Mercedes' yelling. She is an utter slattern for me, knowing it is safe to be that way here and nowhere else.
Introducing the Gridiron Lovers series.Twenty years ago Cal Tate played hard on and off the high-school football field he’s now trying to renovate. The former quarterback’s memories of hot times under the bleachers are still there, and it doesn’t take long for his libido to kick in when he gets up close and personal with his assistant on the project. Melanie Anthony once lusted after Cal from afar, but in those days a girl’s reputation was everything. Times have changed, and now Melanie’s ready to be “bad” and sample every inch of Cal in the flesh.Mutual lust runs so hot it overwhelms them both and overshadows the reunion that first brought them together.
Greg is a six-two hunk of solid muscle. Heather, the professor has rusty brown hair and an hourglass figure with large boobs and a heart shaped ass. Both are attracted to each other and she grades his papers down to get his attention and it works. 

Greg is in the last semester of his studies to get his degree in engineering. His grade is slipping in his elective English class and he makes an appointment with Ms. Heather McDonald, his professor to discuss the problem. She assigns him extra credit duty in her office, where she undresses for him and demands he do the extra credit duty right now with the use his special tool to earn the grade. 

It was fun writing this fantasy and it is not based on any personal experience or educators or real persons, past of present. The story contains M/F sex, anal sex, and sex on demand. It is intended for mature readers, no kids allowed in this classroom.
Kaitlyn and Hank have been having trouble connecting since their baby was born. She just doesn't feel sexy anymore. Hank knows just the way Kaitlyn can get her mojo back--a night out playing their favorite game. Whoever collects the most phone numbers at the bar is the winner. Kaitlyn agrees and a sexy new dress helps change her attitude. But with her new look and new attitude, will Kaitlyn draw the wrong kind of attention, and will things go too far?
After their daughter's lovely wedding, Sam and Beth are left with a flood of emotions. Sam finds it hard to leave the lovely resort town by the sea; Beth can't seem to leave the town soon enough. However, Sam has one last voyage in mind before they leave for familiar waters. Will a clandestine by-the-sea rendezvous set sail love's passion once again?Love's Passion is a 5,700-word short story.***** This title is also available in the discounted collection, Love's Quartet: Four Erotic Romances available on *****CAUTION: Love's Passion contains graphic and explicit sexual intimacy that will rock your boat! This is an erotic short story. --------------------EXCERPT: Beth sat down on the padded bench seat and kicked off her sandals. Sam pulled up a wooden table chair. He had found a clean washcloth from a cupboard and soaked it in the small faucet on board. He began to take the cloth and caress her feet, wiping gently between each toe. He laid the cloth aside and began to rub deeply the soles of her feet, guiding his fingers down the ridges of each foot. Beth felt her anxiety begin to release as she let her mind take in his caresses.Oh, God. I think maybe that is all you will have to do to get me off today.quot; She giggled. It felt so good to have his attention and hands on her, even the tiniest parts of her body. Her mind went to other places she would like to have those hands. quot;You know the last time I got a massage from you, you only did my upper half. You got slightly distracted on your way down to my feet.quot; A tingling excitement rose within her. His touch was firm and persuasive. She wanted more.Yes, I remember I made a slight turn towards heaven with my fingers and tongue.quot; He leaned up and traced her lips with his soft kiss.You're not getting distracted again are you?quot; His taste lingered over her lips. quot;Maybe a detour wouldn't be too bad. This feels so good." Beth loosened the neck strap of her halter letting it fall just above her breasts.No detour today, my Lady.quot; He leaned back and continued to rub her feet with his long fingers. --------------------About The Author:Mica Jade is passionate about writing romance where emotional longing meets exquisite passion. Mica is also the author of Love's Delight, Love's Bite, and Love's Rise, which are all included in the Love's series collection Love's Quartet: Four Erotic Romances, Vol. 1. Mica lives and writes from the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.
Candace, a newcomer to writing erotica, is thrilled when Charlie, a veteran of the industry, agrees to be her mentor. But neither of them ever expected that Charlie's lessons would spiral from verbal instruction into hot, hands on education. Unfortunately, Candace's deception about the new book she's writing--where Charlie plays the starring role--is about to threaten their one chance at true love. 
An erotic romance depicting the adventures of three couples who spend a special weekend at a cabin.

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