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Thriller Thursday
After a career of excitement and danger, former U.S. Air Force special agent Alex Porter retires and looks forward to leading a quiet and simple civilian life. But when he comes upon an accident turned crime scene involving New England mafia don Vince Vionelli, Porter lands in serious hot water.

Vionelli is charged with murder, and Porter is the U.S. Justice Department’s star witness against the crime boss. With the trial just days away, Vionelli’s son terrorizes Porter, forcing Porter to choose between testifying against the mob and saving his own and his daughter’s lives. But when other, even more deadly threats begin surfacing, Porter suspects there’s yet another player in this ruthless game—one who wants him eliminated no matter what.

Full of danger, deceit, and revenge, Solemnly Swear is an action-packed suspense thriller that explores the fragile balance between justice and self-preservation
**This book, formerly titled Haven, has received new cover-art and titling to prepare for the release of it's sequel. The two books together are now known as The Fall of Haven, books one and two called Uprising and Exodus, respectively. More editing has been done to alleviate complaints.**

Before Proposition 172, being a Citizen was a way to separate one’s self from the rest of society. After Proposition 172, the rest of the world truly was separate from you. It was such a simple answer, really. How could one keep every undesirable part of society away from the parts that deserved better? Move it.

In the city of Haven, the dreams of the Citizens have been realized in the Separation project. No longer will people of good stature and breeding be required to interact with the working class, the filthy and disease-ridden rejects that fill the streets. No longer will real people have to suffer junkies, criminals, and thieves. Instead, a cleaner and purer world has been crafted to suit your every need. The best part? Well, all those undesirables had to be worth something, after all. Why not just use them? Give them a short re-education and make them docile workers. 

This is the world that a young woman named Kaylee lives in. One where Citizens, the aristocratic elite, capture and enslave ordinary people to suit their needs. This is the Haven of constant fear, where any moment you might be brutally beaten by a gang, stolen by a squad of Citizen “recruiters,” or you might simply starve to death. It is a world of darkness, hidden far below the bright and shining city where the Citizens and their ilk live in splendor. It is a world without hope.

Yet in these dark slums beneath the city of Haven, things are being set in motion. Plans are being carried out, forces are being gathered. The powerful and reclusive slumlord, Elijah, starts a chain of events which will swallow everyone in the city - Citizen and undesirable alike.

Stuck in the middle, Kaylee and
When Jeremy moved into his new house he left his friends, school, and old life behind. With nobody but his eccentric neighbor Adrian to play with, Jeremy unearths something buried within the woods that was meant to remain undiscovered. The fate of the world is in Jeremy and Adrian's hands when they must stop the dormant evil they unwittingly unleash from within the Sarcophagus.
July, 2021. When the small rural town of Kentsburg, Mississippi finds itself cut off from the rest of the outside world following a terrible thunderstorm one evening, no one thinks much of it, although several teens can recall seeing flashing red lights on the horizon just before the power went out. The next morning, even stranger things begin to happen.

Nobody's car will start, clocks are frozen, and all cell phones are mysteriously dead. Then come the circular drones that some farmers have started digging up in their fields--heavy devices which house a plethora of deadly weapons to kill anyone who interferes with them.

In the days following the aftermath of what many refer to as "The Shock", an unlikely young antihero named Markus Huxley rises, eventually declaring himself de facto leader of a place henceforth known as "Burntown". Influenced only by his haunted past and an unusual penchant for fire, the future of those who remain in Kentsburg under his reign seems uncertain.

With the town's older residents dying off, the younger teens soon turn to drugs and alcohol in order to cope. And so the parties rage on, even as the world has seen fit to end in fire...
One body, two minds: what could possibly go wrong?

Dead Doughboy Walking is about a soldier without a body, the girl he must marry, and his best friend who must make room for his mind. 

Cecil loved life in the trenches as a doughboy. The dullness of a blood-stained blade. The thud of a bullet finding flesh. The exhilaration of rushing over the top. But as much as he loved his job, he loved his girl more. So after winning the war, he was headed home to Edna and they were going to be happily married. 

Except Cecil woke up without a body. 

Now, Cecil’s mind must navigate a wasteland of memories, crawl into a new body, and get back to Edna before it’s too late. Unfortunately, his best friend’s body is the first one he finds. It’s Cecil vs. Horace and Edna is the prize. 

Dead Doughboy Walking is a Sojourning Souls short story. 

Edited by Arlene Prunkl, 2011 Finalist for the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence (

Cover Art by Steven Novak (
An erotic psychological thriller laced with a ghostly paranormal twist about a female serial killer who is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and pathological intoxication, who falls in love with her psychiatrist whom is treating her. His undying love and eternal devotion for her leads him to turn the tables in quite a dramatic and eye-opening way. In Novella one, it features explicit scenes of BDSM and sexually-charged erotica, but their overall relationship is one of fathomless love and romance and he would do absolutely anything for her - even kill for her to protect her from the demons from her past...
Meet Michael Anderson, a writer who believes the key to his bestselling fiction is research.
It's not enough for him to imagine situations for his characters, he has to convince himself they could actually happen.
The plot-point he's working out one snowy Saturday in his isolated country house involves a dentist stuffing a billiard ball into the mouth of his patient, a man he knows is sleeping with his wife.
Staring down at his pool table, Michael has only one question; is it possible?
And there's only one way to find out...
Another disturbing tale from Stuart Connelly's Confessions of a Velour-Shirted Man.

Sometimes in life, all we want to do is navigate our journey the simple way. At least this is the intention until we begin to interact with our parents, siblings, friends and the world at large. This is when the real living begins….

The Wall is the story of a young man constantly striving to be a better person in what he deems a chronically cynical and unloving world. Constantly irritated and eternally damaged, he struggles against the unpredictable tides of life. Will the all-embracing memories of his mother’s love bring him back to the right side or will the resulting demons from his father’s deeds constrain him to a narrow, myopic and dark ending?

Faced with the impossible realities that continue to hold him down, he tries everything from therapy to the love of an unattainable stranger, all the time meandering through the imagined maze of his dramatic life. As he approaches the crucial watershed of his life, he realizes he has two choices; wither and slowly come to an ignoble end or power through and break down the wall in his way. Told through his own words, the story follows him from the idyllic hometown of Bakers Heath to the heady heights of the neighboring Providence City.

In the midst of the battle for sanity, George Williams finally decides to be the master of his own fortune, reshuffling the cards he was dealt and propelling himself to his desired destiny. To his great satisfaction, he was becoming a man - million miles from the monstrosity that his father was…..or was he?

Eight girls, living in small town Rouen, Virgina, swear they're being haunted. When Katherine visits the town, she only can laugh at the girls' beliefs, until they start happening to her. But the real mystery surfaces when they see who the face is behind the mask...

Yet one is left to wonder whether the secrets lie in the town of Rouen, or in Katherine herself ?

THE FRIGHT FACTORY -A cozy cabin on a lake. A few glasses of wine. Erotic conversation. What could go wrong?

Wesley and Robin Tate became empty-nesters in their early forties when their daughter left home for college.

Jesse Lawless is an indie film maker intent on producing the next great horror classic despite lacking the funds for actors, effects, or a script. He will stop at nothing to capture and upload his chilling masterpiece to satisfy his rabid internet fan base.

With a secluded resort cottage as the setting and the Tates as his cast, Lawless sets in motion a plan to produce the most realistic slasher flick ever.

The Fright Factory is Jesse's version of reality show and movie premise rolled into one. For the Tates, no acting ability is necessary as the terror becomes all too real. In each round, Jesse turns up the brutality in a game where killing your best friend may be the only way to survive.

Anybody who has read Danny Birch's groundbreaking first novel, 'Clipped', will be expecting a fast-paced, sharply-written, emotionally charged gangster thriller, written in Danny's inimitably catchy, witty and streetwise style.

If so, prepare yourself for 'Get Some', a gangster revenge thriller that fizzes and crackles off the page like few others.

It is the tale of two childhood friends, Tommy and Joey, and of how they stand by each other in traumatic times. Tommy's trauma is to be betrayed by an army colleague to a militant group in Iraq and to be subjected to routine and gruesome torture. Pity his betrayer should Tommy manage to escape. And Joey's trauma? Ah, for that, you have to read this book.

Steve Jacobs isn’t a Vampire…not really…then again…

It doesn’t really matter what he is or was anymore because Steve abandoned the darkness of his former life over a decade ago when he left the only people he ever considered to be family and ran to California. There he joined the Los Angeles Police Department, graduated first in his class at the Academy and now works as a Detective in the Homicide division. Respected by his fellow officers and enjoying a special bond with his Captain, whom he considers to be his mentor, Steve feels that he has finally found a place where the world makes sense and he can leave his dark past behind. So when his Captain calls in the middle of the night and instructs him to come to a highly unusual crime scene, Steve does so without question.

Arriving on the scene Steve discovers that the entire staff and patronage of nearly one thousand people at a popular and hedonistic Los Angeles nightclub have suddenly and mysteriously collapsed where they stood and appear to be dead. Rumors of a biological or chemical terrorist attack are doubted by the large number of LAPD and emergency personnel on the scene, but there seems to be no other explanation for the unnerving occurrence.

Then, before Steve can even fully begin his investigation, the case goes from unusual to absolutely bizarre with the appearance of an exotically beautiful and seductive woman in the company of a large, incredibly powerful white haired man. Both individuals are people that Steve thought he had left behind over a decade ago, but he now finds his past and his present are interwoven together in a mystery that threatens to destroy everything that he holds dear. Steve quickly learns that what happened at the nightclub was only the tip of the iceberg in a much larger conspiracy of greed that, if he is unable to stop, will enslave an entire society of people, the existence of whom the rest of the world isn’t even aware, and are the people that Steve used to call his family.

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