Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Travel books

Brazil is one of the most interesting and diverse countries on earth. It is a great tourist destination. This is the story of a couples two weeks vacation in Brazil and the story of the places that they visited and the people that they met. Not everything was as straightforward as expected but overall the holiday was an exciting adventure. After you have read this account you’ll feel like you’ve been there.

This short travelogue is ideal reading for people that lovel lovel and travel stories.
Discover London and find the best places to visit including London's top sightseeing destinations. 

Take your pick London's most-visited Top 10 attractions. Guide includes maps, prices and opening times of all locations. Discover the very best of London, England, UK!
Come along with me on a journey of discovery of Austria, the land of my birth. You’ll get a glimpse of Austria's glorious history and meet some of its famous people, modern day as well as historic figures such as Mozart and Haydn. I’ll introduce you to Austria’s heritage and culture; take you on a tour of the Austrian Alps, historic Vienna, old Salzburg and the picturesque and very inviting Salzkammergut region. 

We’ll even discover a place where storks roost every spring, be introduced to Austria’s unique wine heritage, and of course we’ll briefly visit the places and settings for many of Austria’s world renowned summer music fests.

As you read through the book you may even hear “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music”, be drawn into a Danube river trip, prompted to have a cup of the famous Vienna coffee along with a slice of Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel. We’ll also take a seat and relax at a local Heurigen, where the owners serve their own wine and food. And of course, as we tour Vienna, we’ll discover some of the architecture that inspired the greats of music and art of old and continues today. 

Come and join me in this exciting and brief journey through Austria.
I came back from China a few years now!
God it's far, while China, under the pressure of "modernity" is forgetful of its past and destroyed with a vengeance! 

China I knew already quickly became "my" China may dream and fantasy, 
From the first moment of my return I fixed my memories and impressions,

These are mostly emotional, meetings, a look, from thousands: But when we lived six years in Beijing, there is no return unscathed from China and I do not know what a poet so aptly put it "It is in exile of a country that is not ours ", whatever besides the lucidity of our eyes and our knowledge of aspects of black and tormented this country
Beaches! Beautiful Beaches! is a picture book for kids that love beaches...or for kids that you want to introduce to beaches.

This book is perfect for color devices because it has plenty of pretty pictures for your little one.

Under every picture is a sentence or two with some information that you can read your child at bed time. Sometimes these sentences provide helpful tips for your child, such as wearing sunscreen or a life preserver on a rented beach boat.
From the author of "No Roads Lead to Rome."

A wise person observed that visiting a new place for a day makes you an expert but the longer you stay, the less you seem to know. As you integrate into new surroundings, the exotic eventually becomes familiar and what was once quirky becomes the new normal, though you may never quite fit in. 

From 2000 to 2005, I lived with my family in Sant Cugat, a Catalan village on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. These were interesting and formative years to live, work, and learn abroad.

On a global scale, the hope of the new millennium and the promise of peace didn’t last. The new century barely arrived before the world was convulsed with terror that soon turned to war. According to the daily headlines, the planet had become dangerous place. 

As we went about our daily lives, we found people were drawing closer, not pulling apart. Traveling extensively through Europe and North Africa, we never felt unsafe or unwelcome. 

In putting together this brief collection, I chose to leave world’s upheavals and politics aside in order focus on a few odd milestones, minor upsets, and gentle bumps along the road one travels from tourist to resident. 

Most of these articles were written and published while avoiding work on my novel, “No Roads Lead to Rome.” The novel takes place in Spain in 123 A.D., a time not unlike the present.
Hawaii has long been a favoured tourist destination. Almost every tourist brochure and magazine is filled with picture perfect scenes of people lazing in the sun. But what if you want something more than sun and surf?. This couple set out to explore what else the island of Oahu has to offer. Their discoveries included the North Shore, the Dole plantations, the south-eastern beaches and a visit to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour.

This short travelogue is ideal reading for people that love travel and travel stories.
Freelance writer and green living advocate Jodi Helmer offers her firsthand experience as a Charlotte local, covering the best of the city—including artsy NoDa, the industrial South End, and the vibrant center of nightlife in Uptown. She also spotlights neighboring "NASCAR Country"—particularly Mooresville, Concord, and Kannapolis—the cities NASCAR fans flock to for race shop tours and a chance to glimpse their favorite drivers. Helmer provides a variety of unique travel strategies, including The Best of Charlotte, Fun and Free: Charlotte on a Budget, and Family-Friendly Charlotte. Complete with expert tips on the best bars, museums, and shopping areas, Moon Charlotte gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.
Writer and Tampa resident Laura Reiley offers her unique perspective on Tampa and St. Petersburg, from exploring the Salvador Dali Museum to enjoying the quirky Gasparilla Pirate Fest. Reiley includes trip strategies for a variety of travelers, such as the Nature Lovers Tour and Tampa Sports, covering the Yankees spring training. Including expert advice on the Museum of Science and Industry, Busch Gardens, and nightlife in historic Ybor City, Moon Tampa and St. Petersburg gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

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