Tuesday, August 28, 2012

True Crime

Focused on the Victorian period, the book tells the stories of some of the hospital’s best-known patients. There is Edward Oxford, who shot at Queen Victoria, and Richard Dadd, the brilliant artist and murderer of his father. There is also William Chester Minor, the surgeon from America who killed a stranger in London, and then played a key part in creating the world's finest dictionary. Finally, there is Christiana Edmunds, ‘The Chocolate Cream Poisoner’ and frustrated lover.

To these four tales are added new ones, previously unknown. There were five women who went on to become mothers in Broadmoor, giving birth to life when three of them had previously taken it. Then there were the numerous escapes, actual and attempted, as the first doctors tried to assert control over their residents.

These are stories from the edge of where true crime meets mental illness. Broadmoor Revealed recounts what life was like for the criminally insane, over one hundred years ago.

Let author Al W. Moe take you on a fifty-year trip around the Silver State's casinos! From Las Vegas, to Reno, Lake Tahoe, Winnemucca, Wendover, Ely and Carson City - the stories are all here! 1931 to 1981

Gambling is Nevada. Always was, and always will be. merciless snow. It is said the casinos can still eat you alive.

During the course of the last century Nevada transformed itself from a simple water-stop along a dry, barren stretch of open land, to the greatest gambling center the world has ever seen. Whether you head for the unbelievable spectacle of Las Vegas with its choreographed, headliner shows, megawatt neon signs and 5,000-room hotel casinos, or stroll through the more sedate streets of Reno, gambling will be constantly in sight.

By the 1950's, Harolds Club of Reno had become the most successful casino in the world, although there were large, successful, illegal clubs operating in Florida, Arkansas, Ohio and Kentucky. Meyer Lansky had a financial interest in several of the most successful illegal clubs in the United States, and he and his mob of friends would soon take their income from new clubs starting in Las Vegas. How they operated is a fascinating story - right here in "Nevada's Golden Age of Gambling."

Also between the pages of this book are stories of such well-known casino owners as Bill Harrah, "Pappy" Smith of Harolds Club, Wilbur Clark and Moe Dalitz of the Desert Inn, and dozens of other casino owners and their stories, plus of course, Howard Hughes, who presided over seven casinos in the 1960's.

If you love the casinos of Nevada, you will be amazed by stories here! Plus plenty of old casino photos.

Detective Sam Hudson Junior finally breaks his silence in this new companion book to the Hudson Murders Saga. In candid fashion, detective Hudson tells his life story in his own words - putting a fresh, new perspective on the Hudson Murders novel - as well as telling his own back story.

A brief fictionalized account of the murder of a deputy sheriff in rural North Carolina on the Fourth of July in 1914 by a descendant of the family containing contemporary photographs and news clips.

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http://amzn.to/OsAJdm Volume 5

For some reason I’ve always been fascinated by crime, particularly serial killers and what makes them “tick”. Some if not all of the acts performed by human beings in this publication are so despicable that they seem impossible to believe. Unfortunately the contents contained within are not part of some fictional script for a future Hollywood movie, they are factual!


Dr. Jonathan Anderson, chair of the psychology department of Dallas's most prestigious university, received a rejection letter on his life's work. The next day, October 31, 2008, he got a second chance, an article confirming the existence of ghosts at the infamous Reindeer Manor. The current owner, who only goes by Andy, has been running the property as a Halloween attraction for years. However, it's not the attraction that is of interest to Anderson, but rather its true history. Upon visiting the manor, he struck a deal with the owner to rent the entire property for five days, under the condition that all Halloween props are removed. Unfortunately for Dr. Anderson, he got his way...

Oscar Bonilla L., MD

Everything in this book is real. It seems the product of the feverish imagination of a novelist or the author of distorted fictions, however, Daniel Camargo Barbosa existed, it was on an ecuadorean jail, paying ridiculous sentence of 16 years in prision, for 71 violations and murders, certified by the authorities of that country.

The criminal career of Camargo comprenhends 151 victims in Ecuador and Colombia, plus an unknown number in Brazil. This criminal had a bright intelligence that allowed him to act, almost without punishment, during two decades. He was able to exit, in two occasions, from Colombian reclusion centers.

The history of Camargo exceeds any limit, it is an extreme case in the criminal history of the world. In this book you will find surprising pages, unbelievable at moments, but always truthful, since they are the product of a meticulous work, mix of rigorous journalism and medical study, that goes to the depth of the complex intelligence of an extraordinary criminal.

The history of Daniel Camargo is not an isolated case that surged to commited crimes indistinctively, it is the fruit of a social environment in which he lived, of the brain damaged that changed his behavior and his incapacity to fully develop his intense intellectual gifts in the atmosphere that surrounded him.

The author of this gruesome testimony, doctor Oscar Bonilla León, is the renowned ecuadorean psychiatrist that took part in the capture of Camargo and now tell his story, delivering a scientific report that, undoubtedly, could be of interest for any reader.

A fresh retelling of the Hudson Murders Saga - told entirely from the perspectives of all of the characters! A new spin on an old story.



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