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Ladies and Gentlemen start your ovens!
This is the “Must Have Cookbook” for any Chocoholic. It is filled with 30 rich and easy to make cake recipes that will certainly satisfy any chocoholic craving.

Chocolate: Oh, the sweet smooth brown substance! Incredibly delicious! Definitely satisfying! When placed upon one’s palate it has been described as being better than any sexual climax. 

If you are a chocoholic then you understand all too well these feelings of euphoria. You have an addiction and you have an insatiable craving that can only be fulfilled with chocolate. You need your fix and you need to gratify your palate with this delicacy. 

We designed this Cookbook just for you. There are 30 recipes in which the main ingredient is Chocolate! We cannot guarantee that you will not gain any extra weight by trying these delicious cakes, but we will promise that each and every bite will bring Total Gratification to your taste buds!

Homemade cocktails turn an average holiday party into one your guest will actually remember. Download “Holiday Cocktails: The How-To Guide” now and learn how to mix memorable cocktails for any occasion. This Vook delivers step-by-step home bartending recipes that will prepare you to host holiday parties like a seasoned pro.
You’ll get a quick cocktail history, as well as a bartender’s checklist that will help you get in the right frame of mind and fully-stocked for each event.

With such an increased emphasis on health and nutrition, which comes on the heels of the rising obesity epidemic, many people are researching ways to significantly improve their diet. There are countless diets currently on the market that don't work, or give you results that in turn diminish your health. Superfoods are just that, super. While a number of foods provide the body with a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals, each of these foods step up their game to offer something usually reserved for expensive supplements that still fail to bring what these foods do to the table.

Unforgettable Fall Recipes with Coffee - A seasonal collection of gourmet recipes for coffee cakes, sweets warming coffee drinks and coffee-based cocktails.

Cool morning air, leaves change color in to beautiful golden hues... the beautiful season of fall is on the way, and with it, kitchens fill with warming foods and drinks to keep the cold guests happy.

In this unique recipe book, Billy Taylor shares a selection of hand-chosen recipes with coffee that really show the true essence of fall. Using pumpkin and spices, nuts and amazing fall fruits like pomegranates and persimmons — these recipes will fill your kitchen with amazing smells and probably a guest or two!

Having worked with coffee for decades, Billy is not only author of this collection of recipe books, but also the lead editor of - a website dedicated to reviewing coffee makers. So he knows a thing or two about coffee, that's for sure!

The menu of one of the many Italian homes, a variety of tasty recipes "stolen" from a really good cook, my mother.

There is nothing like waking up in the morning to a wonderful hot moist muffin. You can smell the wonderful aroma through out your home,which couldn't be more wonderful in my world. Everyone has a favorite flavor, for me its a blueberry crumb topped muffin. Why buy muffins at the bakery for three dollars each, when you can make a whole dozen for that price at home. With my Scrumptious Muffin recipe book you can save money and have hot delicious muffins anytime at home. Not only will you have great breakfast muffins, but also some savory, delectable dinner muffins as well. Also, you can top these wonderful muffins with the great butter spread recipes at the end of the book. With my recipe collection your house will have the wonderful aroma of piping hot muffins, that your family will love to wake up to.

Drinking a delicious smoothie for breakfast, lunch or in between meals is a great way to maintain a healthy body and mind. Smoothies are rich in natural vitamins and nutrients that your body needs for energy. Making smoothies at home is quick and easy with these awesome recipes.

If you’ve always wanted to plan and prepare the ultimate event then Party ideas is the starting point you need. From casual cocktails with friends, to formal dining with your boss, this book provides the top tips to stress free party preparation to ensure that the big event goes swimmingly. With advice on the best location, games to get people going, music to get them to their feet and an atmosphere that sticks around until the early morning Party ideas has got it covered.

**The 2012 Book Blogger's Cookbook is now available**

Great books, bloggers, and recipes meet in this fresh and unique cookbook that helps you experience books, not just read them.
Books were selected from the author’s book review blog and paired with delectable recipes like “Fairy Touched Calico Brownies” from the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull, “7-Day Layer Dip” from Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall, and “I Hate Chocolate Cake” from Amanda Hocking’s Switched. Mouthwatering photos complement every recipe.
The 2011 Book Blogger’s Cookbook includes a foreword by Amanda Hocking, author of the USA Today Bestselling Trylle Trilogy and showcases over seventy reviews with links to book review blogs and author websites.
Whether you're a food lover, an avid reader or a book blogger, there’s something for you in The 2011 Book Blogger’s Cookbook.

Are you confused of what great chicken dishes you are going to make? or feel bored with your old chicken recipes and want to try new recipes? With this Chicken Recipes Collection you don't have to be confused of what chicken dishes you are going to make. You are going to have many choices on cooking chicken.

Chicken Recipes Collection for your favorite dishes. Finally! You can now amaze your friends and relatives with your newly found chicken recipes, you now have
over 25+ recipes to impressing them, an ecookbook that gives you ideas and guide you to cook chicken every time you enter the kitchen!

Chicken is one of favorite foods and many different dishes can be created with chicken. With this Collection of Chicken Recipes you are sure to find something everyone in your family and friends will like!

14 simple, handmade Desserts "Italian taste".

Are you looking for some of the Tastiest Shrimp Recipes around? Whether your looking for easy coconut shrimp or that special grilled shrimp marinade, you will find the perfect shrimp recipe for you and your family to enjoy in this book.

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Young Adult
Trapped by the same confinement spell as her mother, Irene is a young slave girl willing to do anything to free herself from a malicious witch’s control. The horrible spell confines Irene to Sora’s isolated cabin, the hideous witch making the girl carry out her every whim and tedious chores. Finally, the day comes, the day Irene has dreamt of for years, but the messengers of this most happy news is not what Irene had expected. Prince Alec and the king’s most loyal advisor, Alden, have come to Sora for help bringing with them the opportunity for Irene to escape Sora’s clutches. Needing a curing potion for King Launder, Sora gives Irene a golden necklace that will temporarily lift her confinement spell and allow Irene to venture into the great unknown and retrieve the ingredients for his elixir. 

With her faithful cat companion, Conner, and Prince Alec, Irene begins her journey into the world to gather the rare ingredients such as the magical Black Lilac, Red Raven feather, and Dragon Turtle tear, but the task is much more treacherous than they could have ever imagined. Irene is given seven days to complete her mission and return before the golden necklace detaches from her neck and the spell is once again in place. With nefarious bandits on their tail and mysterious beast tamers trying to detour their plans, Irene and her friends must pull together if they ever hope to save the king. 

Along the way, they meet a cast of allies such as a silver fox called Archer and a wayward warrior from the northern lands named Aliana. With the help of her new comrades, Irene is able to succeed and return to Sora’s cabin where the witch and Alden’s true intentions are soon revealed, but by then it is too late. Now, Irene must put a stop to the evil plan that she helped to put into motion not only for her sake, but for the future of the entire kingdom.

Almost fifteen-year-old Caleb Hart is a Cadaver-Manipulator in the year 2025.

When teens receive a government-sanctioned pharmaceutical cocktail during school,
paranormal abilities begin manifesting... making the teens more powerful than the adults.

After Caleb discovers he has the rare, Affinity for the Dead, he must do whatever it takes to hide it from a super-secret government agency whose goal is exploitation.

Caleb seeks refuge in his new girlfriend, Jade, until he realizes that she needs as much protection from her family, as he does from the government.

Suddenly, Caleb finds that hiding his ability while protecting Jade and his friends is a full
time job; can he escape the government, protect Jade and lose the bullies that are making him miserable?

App.word count: 112,000-paperback 354 pages.
What happens when teenagers manifest paranormal abilities which make them more powerful than the adults? Can death be used as a weapon? Can humanity transcend death? Death Whispers, reveals impossible human potential and the evil which lies therein.

An explosion at Christopher Morris' recording studio leaves his teenage daughter Elissa's life in turmoil with Christopher missing, and Elissa's mobility taken away; even worse, it exposes her parents' lives as secret agents. No longer able to fit into her old world, Elissa embarks on a journey far away from the rock star daughter and dancer existence she knew. Acceptance to Madisyn Academy takes her out of her comfort zone and into danger - into the relentless world of the Sunglass Man, a stalker and a link to her dad's mission.
At Madisyn Academy, Elissa trains to be a secret agent in spite of prejudicial issues over the use of her wheel chair, and learns to trust her intuition and to believe in her abilities. As an active agent, she completes challenges, falling for fellow student Benjamin along the way. With her new canine sidekick, Morocco, she exposes the danger of her dad's mission and fights to unlock the truth about the mysterious software called Ice Rose. Elissa soon finds herself picking up in her dad's place, needing to complete the mission in order to stop The Northern Elimination Retaliation Deployment (NERD) from taking power. She just hopes she does not lose Benjamin or her missing dad along the way.

Teldine is an isolated mountain kingdom that has been magically protected from ancient enemies for one thousand years by an impenetrable fog wall. Inside the wall, Champions of the Cobaltine Flower keep the peace. But as the fog wall thins, a Champion is killed and the king is murdered. The remaining Champions work together as intrigue, betrayal, and foreign influences threaten the tiny realm.

The world is ripe for destruction in 1953. The Korean War drags on and the Rosenbergs are executed as spies. Senator Joseph McCarthy convinces the country communists are infiltrating the government, and the threat of nuclear war festered in the collective consciousness of the nation.

While the nation worries about communist bombs, sixteen-year-old Bernadette Vaughn holds court in the family bomb shelter, finagling a way to read Kinsey’s groundbreaking work on human sexuality. She obsesses about boys and big city life. Her best friend, Faith McNulty is a devout Catholic who dreams of staying in their small town, marrying Allen Hanlon, and raising a family. Their awkward and unattractive friend, Octavia Mansfield doesn’t have room in her life for boys, dreams, or God. She spends most of her young life caring for her severely disabled brother.
Their conversations about what each of them would do if the end of the world were imminent become the catalyst for a prank that spins wildly beyond control and draws in an entire town.

Left behind in the wake of that summer’s events are their unrealized dreams and open wounds. In 1973, a reunion trip to the small town of their youth returns them to the summer of 1953 and the passion and betrayal that changed their lives.

100% of the net royalties go to cancer causes and charities.

Three hundred years ago, an innocent man was accused of wizardry, and the lies of a child led to his murder at the hands of a frenzied mob. Tonight, he’s back for his revenge. The villagers are stirred into action when signs of Crackly Bones’ impending arrival are witnessed. Led by Jones, the owner of the public house, the people gather and agree to fight, a decision that will have devastating consequences for the entire village.

Crackly Bones is a morally complex tale aimed at adults and older children. It is an updated, modern take on the grisly fairy tales of old, told entirely in rhyme. It is a very dark story, focusing on a monster that boils down naughty children in his big black pot, in order to use the fleshy brew to feed his garden. However, things are not so black and white, and readers will find that by the end of the story they have a certain amount of sympathy for Crackly Bones, as it emerges that there is a history of lies and murder, and blood on the hands of the villagers’ descendants.

Seventeen-year-old Talisa Santiago is the granddaughter of a shaman and going between two different worldly dimensions is something she realizes she is destined to do; however, what she doesn’t count on is what fate has in store for her. After surviving the first hurricane of the season on the island where she lives, Talisa learns her life is in grave danger. She must retreat immediately to live with a secretive clan of Indians on a remote reservation deep within the Great Smokey Mountains. Her blood brothers, three shifters who have the desires of both man and animal surround her, promising everlasting friendship and protection. However, the majestic mountains hold many secrets and danger lurks in the night. As Talisa falls prey to the evil tricksters that want her dead, she unleashes an untamed passion that may get them all killed.

Grace just moved to San Francisco and is excited to start over at a new school. The change is full of fresh possibilities, but it’s also a tiny bit scary. It gets scarier when a minotaur walks in the door. And even more shocking when a girl who looks just like her shows up to fight the monster.
Gretchen is tired of monsters pulling her out into the wee hours, especially on a school night, but what can she do? Sending the minotaur back to his bleak home is just another notch on her combat belt. She never expected to run into this girl who could be her double, though.
Greer has her life pretty well put together, thank you very much. But that all tilts sideways when two girls who look eerily like her appear on her doorstep and claim they’re triplets, supernatural descendants of some hideous creature from Greek myth, destined to spend their lives hunting monsters.
These three teenage descendants of Medusa, the once-beautiful Gorgon maligned in myth, must reunite and embrace their fates in this unique paranormal world where monsters lurk in plain sight.
Rae Wilder has problems. Supernatural creatures swarm the earth, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Stalked by a handsome fairy who claims she is like him, demonkind, Rae thinks maybe it was a mistake breaking the rules by going over the Wall into demon territory. Plunged into a world of dark magics, fierce creatures, and ritual sacrifice, she is charged with a guarding a magical amulet. The changes to her mind and body are startling, but rather than accept her purpose she struggles against who she is destined to be. Throw in a big lust for a vampire who can't keep his hands off her, and life starts to get complicated. Rae is forced to make the ultimate choice: to live and die human, or embrace her birth-right and wield magics that could turn her into something wicked, a force of nature nothing can control.
Young Adult
British English
Advised 13+

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Romantic Suspense
Mira Anders has lost her job, damaged the professional reputation she has spent years building, and is at the end of her rope. Seeking solace, she returns to Boston, going home to the man who has been like a father to her for the last 15 years. When Pat Kelly urges her to apply for a position with his estranged son’s architectural firm she thinks he’s crazy. While once friends, she hasn’t seen or spoken to James Kelly in a very long time and they didn’t exactly part under the best of circumstances. Despite her misgivings, she finds herself applying for a job in the design department and she is hired. Her worries about her identity never materialize because James does not recognize her as the same chubby, homely girl he knew as a boy. Just grateful for the opportunity, she decides to say nothing; after all he’s just her boss.

But there is a problem: she finds herself intensely attracted to the man who had once been at the center of her adolescent fantasies. Mira must face a difficult decision: try to build a relationship that is essentially based on deceit, or tell him the truth and risk losing both her wonderful job and James all over again. Just when a solution seems in sight a dark specter from Mira’s past threatens their fragile, but deepening bond and Mira’s very life. Will they be able to overcome their doubts and trust each other before it’s too late?
To Love, Honor, and Protect 

Detective Clay Blackthorne has his hands full when he promises to safeguard an old college pal’s sister without letting her know what he’s up to. He never imagines that lively Marisol Calderon will knock his socks off and put a ring on his finger—and all at his suggestion! Their marriage of convenience is meant to protect her and Clay doesn’t plan on being hitched for long to the tempting beauty. But the honeymoon sure feels real to him…

Sassy Marisol is used to doing whatever she wants—and right now her plan is to shake up the hot detective’s hard-edged demeanor. But the fun turns to danger when a mystery stalker bent on marrying her marks her as his prey. Temporarily becoming Clay’s wife seems like a practical way to thwart the stalker. But as passion ignites and Marisol falls for the tender heart buried beneath the tough detective’s chest, Clay’s true identity is revealed and she begins to wonder who—if anyone—she can trust…

Grand Prize Winner of Houston Bay RWA Judge A Book By Its Cover Contest.
Beckie is falling in love with a surfer guy half her age. The fact that she's already married shouldn't be a problem-especially since her husband just filed for divorce. Beckie is torn between her infatuation with her hunky surfer and a desire to extract sweet revenge on her unfaithful hubby. Which way to turn? Surf's up!
As speech writer to the Texas lieutenant governor, lovely Lacy Blair accidentally stumbles onto a high-level fraud involving state funds and masterminded by her boss. Since she can't risk snooping into the situation herself, she secretly consults with an FBI agent who agrees to help her investigate.Soon afterwards, she realizes she is being watched, and the FBI agent has been killed.
Terrified for her own safety and hungry for justice, she flees. But where can she turn? Who can she trust? Her former lover, Mike Talamino, is the only person she could ever count on. But will he agree to help her? Can she endanger him, too?
Never having lived up to her father's expectations since she was born the wrong sex, Melony Shepherd is a high-powered, high-strung attorney by day, reclusive emotional cripple by night. Melony searches for a way to find the inner peace and true courage she has never known by taking Hunter McFadden's Alaskan Wilderness Survival Course. She figures that two weeks of roughing-it in the summertime Alaskan outback would do the trick, but will she make it through the sexy Scotsman's rugged course, while continuing to ignore the instant attraction they feel toward one another? Melony is determined to leave with her heart intact, while Hunter vows to seduce the spiny-tongued temptress and have her begging to share his sleeping bag.

**Warning: Contains explicit language and erotic love scenes**
Pregnant artist Ashley Ferguson thinks it is another ordinary night leaving her part-time job at the BVX pharmacy. 

It is not. 

Two drunk, evil strangers abduct the twenty-three year old, on the way to her car. One of them slugs Ashley in the face, hard, which renders her unconscious, the other snatches her designer handbag. 

The unknown assailants then carry Ashley to the dark field behind the shopping center. When she regains consciousness, Ashley finds herself in a terrifying life or death struggle.
Cassidy Shea’s life was nothing if not serene. Loving parents and a doting brother provided happiness and innocent hope in dreaming as life’s experience. Yes, life was blissful at her beloved home of Terrill.
Still, for all its beauty and tranquility…ever there was something intangible and evasive lurking in the shadows. And though Cassidy wasted little worry on it…still she sensed its existence, looming as a menacing fate bent on ruin.
And when one day a dark stranger appeared, Cassidy could no longer ignore the ominous whispers of the secrets surrounding her. Mason Carlisle, an angry, unpredictable man materialized…and seemingly with Cassidy's black fate at his heels.
Instantly Cassidy found herself thrust into a world completely unknown to her, wandering in a labyrinth of mystery and concealments. Serenity was vanquished…and with it, her dreams.
Or were all the secrets so guardedly kept from Cassidy...were they indeed the cloth, the very flax from which her dreams were spun? From which eternal bliss would be woven?
Blood Slave.
Captured, taken from her beloved family and woods, Aria’s biggest fear is not the imminent death facing her, but that she will be chosen as a blood slave for a member of the ruling vampire race. No matter what becomes of her though, Aria knows that she must keep her identity hidden from the monsters imprisoning her. She has already been branded a member of the rebellion, but the vampires do not know the true depth of her involvement with it, and they must never know. Though hoping for death, Aria’s world is turned upside down when a vampire named Braith steps forward to claim her. He delays her execution, but Aria knows it’s only a matter of time before he drains her, and destroys her. Especially once she learns his true identity as a prince within the royal family; the same royal family that started the war that ultimately brought down humankind, reducing them to nothing more than servants and slaves. Aria is determined to hate the prince, determined not to give into him in anyway, but his strange kindness, and surprising gentleness astonish her. Torn between her loyalties to the rebellion, and her growing love for her greatest enemy, Aria struggles to decide between everything she has ever known, and a love she never dreamed of finding.

Jessie  Jones is living the life--except for the fact that she earns it by working the streets. She's been under pimp Spence's thumb for fourteen years, and she isn't looking to change it. That is, until undercover cop Gabe walks into her life and offers her something she's never had before: a love, a future, a home. But even if Jessie could walk away from Spence, there are darker forces of evil who want her to stay put, or worse, dead. 

In this romantic suspense, author Heather Huffman delivers an adventure from the vibrant streets of St. Louis to the caves of the Ozarks as Jessie discovers whether she can love another, whether she can love herself, and whether any of it is enough.

Don't miss Heather Huffman's other books: Suddenly a Spy, Jailbird, Ring of Fire, Ties That Bind, Tumbleweed, and the newly-released Devil in Disguise!
When your life's threatened,who do you trust? Everyone looks suspicious...
At first it seems to aerobic instructor, Jessica Albright that she may have found love online, when she meets Gary Burke.But just when things are warming up, her new acquaintance turns weird.
Jessie swears off the chat line and is introduced to handsome Kent Morgan by her girlfriend, computer programmer, Elizabeth Barrow. Jessie immediately falls for Kent who appears to like her too.
Then threatening messages begin appearing on Jessie's e mail, and Jessie has reason to suspect Kent, when Liz puts doubts in her mind. But after Jessie's mom dies, Liz does an about-face.
Confused and fed up, Jessie seeks police help from good-looking Ricardo Alvarez. But too late she discovers that Ricardo has his own agenda. Liz and Kent team up to try and save Jessie from the danger she's walked into. But can they outsmart the calculating and sick mind of Ricardo Alvarez?

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Action & Adventure
Night of the Assassin is the gritty, edge-of-your seat prequel to King of Swords. A no-holds-barred, breakneck-paced thriller, Night charts the early years of El Rey - known as the King of Swords - a super-assassin responsible for some of the world's most spectacular and daring executions.

Framed against the backdrop of present-day Mexico's brutal narco-trafficking violence, Night of the Assassin chronicles the making of a monster - a cold-blooded, ruthless killing machine. Raw, disturbing, edgy and unflinching, this epic saga defies convention to create a roller-coaster of intrigue, suspense and thrills that will leave even the most jaded thriller aficionados gasping for breath.
The thought of finding Montezuma’s hidden treasure urges Johnathon Scribner deep into the Forgotten Canyon. Why he stays there, however, is a different reason altogether.
Austin Kelly is about to learn a lesson: Be careful when you pray for God to change you, because He answers prayer. Even though he's a Sunday School teacher, Austin's faith in Jesus Christ is no match for his fear of rejection from others. Lizzie Kelly has more courage than her husband, but struggles to find fulfillment and meaning in her job at their church. The couple's friends aren't faring much better. Computer tech Daniel Cabrera fights disappointment with the direction his career has taken, and even more frustration with the church youth he teaches. His wife, Jackie, strives to maintain a sense of control over her life, but it's quickly faltering. Faced with churches dying across New York City, the four Christian teachers have a cry in their hearts for their lives to make a difference. God answers their cry by throwing them into a world that looks like a nightmare version of the United States. Everything is so similar, yet totally different, starting with the fact that Christians are nearly extinct after decades of persecution. They soon discover it is a fascist nation, where anyone who professes faith in Christ risks their life. The four travelers encounter a group of teenagers that turn out to be one of the last surviving churches, led by their high school teacher, Eric Peterson. With no visible way to get home, Austin, Lizzie and their friends join the underground church in their fight to spread the Gospel while avoiding the National Police. Their task is made even more difficult when revival breaks out in the local high school and draws unwanted attention, but they know they can't stop until their work is complete and the Lord makes a way for them to go home...if there is one..
Two thousand years ago in Egypt's exotic city of Alexandria, the single most revered treasure of the Mediterranean would inexplicably disappear from the pages of history. Believed irretrievably lost to all but legend, few dared dream the possibility that it might still exist . . .
Until now! Guided by the discovery of an ancient artefact, a determined professor of archaeology and a beautiful New England heiress join forces in the quest of a lifetime. Overcoming treachery and deadly obstacles, they follow an ever-murderous trail that eventually leads them to a barren, desert valley containing a stunning secret -- one the modern world may not yet be prepared to accept.
Melanie moves back home with her parents in La Jolla, where her mom, with the help of Melanie's collage roommates, sets her up on a marathon of comical blind dates (is there another kind?).  Romance finally finds Melanie when she meets Adam, the tall dark and mysterious chef. She falls in love, but life once again becomes unstable when Melanie decides to return to the Agency.
Minda may be a bombshell when it comes to looks, but her life's a mess. The last thing the
young widow ever expected was to be torn between two men. Handsome, helpful Alan is her knight in shining armor until she meets the hot alpha computer expert Dan. Unexpected accidents, men anxious to help, the mob and deep betrayals keeps her life in a chaotic web that threatens to strangle her when her late husband's past catches up to her and puts her life in danger
It is the distant future and one man, Jonas Valent, is letting his life slip by. He is employed by Freeground station as a port traffic controller, a job he took after completing a tour in the military. His only real joy in life is his participation in true-to-life military simulations with a cadre of friends who come together regularly to defeat challenges made to test the brightest military cadets and officers alike. These restricted scenarios stand as an addictive preoccupation that is so enticing that they ignore the potential repercussions of breaking in to participate.

When someone betrays their identities to the Freeground Fleet Admiralty, Jonas and his friends are faced with a far greater challenge: to venture out into the more populated regions of the galaxy to acquire technology and knowledge. They are tasked with laying the groundwork for the Freeground Nation in their efforts to reconnect with the rest of humanity, and to secure the armaments they might need to defend themselves from encroaching enemies.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins is a collected trilogy that chronicles the early adventures of an ambitious crew. Their leader, Jonas Valent, has the least to lose and everything to gain as he tells the tale of his first tour as Captain of a ship tasked with making allies and discovering new technologies for the good of his people. This simple mission becomes more complicated as the crew ventures further into the settled fringes of the galaxy.

This trilogy spawned the best selling Spinward Fringe eBook series. This is where it all began, when one man was challenged to aspire for more than an idle life.

A Space Opera Adventure enjoyed across the globe by all ages.
Still half asleep, Michael looked up at his parents sitting on the buckboard of their covered wagon and saw an arrow penetrate his father's chest. Then he saw his mother being dragged from the wagon by two Indians. His mother fell from the wagon and disappeared from his sight and from his life forever. Now he was all alone.
Fast-paced page-turning character-driven mystery crime-drama with a hint of the supernatural, Lighthouse follows the trail of five kids who stumble upon a lighthouse situated in the middle of nowhere 500 miles from the sea, built by an eccentric old man to hide an impossibly large quartz crystal he unearthed there. The children reconnect as adults when three pieces of an ancient Japanese sword handle start to appear and one man's quest to obtain all three of them results in violence, mystery and mayhem.
A mixture of organised crime, terrorism and security services, with a sprinkling of fallen comrades, and all stirred together with a Romeo and Juliet love dilemma.
This book is the 2003 Christy Award Winner for "Excellance In Christian Fiction."

Although Sam Bartlett enjoyed a successful horse-supplying business in Independence, Missouri, he was none-the-less envious of the hundreds of folks who passed through on their way west. Unable to stand it any longer, he convinces his wife, Judith, to pull up stakes, pack up their three-year-old son, Tom, and accompany him on a journey that turns out to be much more than either of them could have imagined.

The trek quickly develops into one of extreme hardship and survival that is further complicated by: dangerous weather, raging river crossings, unique personalities in the wagons, hostile Indian attacks, hunger, water shortage vengeance, courage, romance, and biblical principles. 

The determined traveler's abilitiy to effectively defend themselves is pushed to the very limits as One Eye's maurading warriors harrass and attack them repeatedly, with devastating results. With four of the train's beloved children having been taken captive, the inner strength of the beleagured pioneers is sorely tested and a handful of the men set out to recover the children.

After valiant attempts to rescue their children fail miserably, they are forced to return empty-handed. Against all that is held sacred, the members of the wagon train are forced to leave them behind while they do their best to evade the heathens and continue their struggle for survival with barely enough water left to keep the animals going.

With all hope of ever seeing their children again now gone, it is the valor and ingenuity of the beautiful Comanche woman, Birsdong, that is yet to be heard from.
The Delphi Chronicle is a serial trilogy - a story that unfolds over three installments, with each continuing in the next episode, usually with a cliffhanger ending, on all but the last installment. This first book, The Manuscript, chronicles the saga of NY private eye Michael Derrigan, as he unwittingly comes into possession of a manuscript that will change the world order if its secrets are aired. Clandestine factions of the U.S. government will do anything to keep the story buried, & a trail of butchery follows Derrigan as he races for his life in a chase that spans from New York, to Mexico, to Havana. An epic roller-coaster ride of a thriller, The Delphi Chronicle's unflinching & often disturbing twists & turns question the nature of reality & of the integrity of our governments in a post-modern world of lies, deceit and betrayal.
Drifting in search of work, Roy Boone is out of money and out of luck when his twin brother’s good deed keeps him from getting shot out of the saddle from a shotgun blast. Offered a job, Roy soon finds that he’s been hired right into a first class range war when his new boss becomes the first victim. With supplies in town cutoff and a Sherriff who just wants peace in town and doesn’t care what happens out of town, Roy finds help from a freedman that used to work for his new boss. If he can keep his boss and himself alive, Roy might just have found the change he’s been looking for but first he has to deal with a range war that has put a bull’s-eye on his hide.
When a friend is kidnapped and a rescue attempt ends with disastrous results, three friends since childhood must race against the clock and the power of an evil business man to find their friend. Failure could mean her death…and their own.

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Biographies and Memoirs
Crafty Girls Talk is a collection of interviews of women who craft for fun, for profit and for others. 

Each of the 21 stories explores the crafty girl's world, what they make and where they have taken their passion for creating. 

Meet the women who:

- lead textiles tours to France and China
- have created crafty businesses, big and small, from home
- are amazing fabric, pattern and needlework designers
- bring a little bit of knitted love to those in need.

Crafty Girls Talk includes gorgeous photographs of the crafty girls and their creativity. 

This Kindle edition of Crafty Girls Talk also has a bonus interview.
In the freewheeling '70s, La Mesa Penitentiary was a prison unlike any other, a colorful little pueblo on the east side of Tijuana that was home to the worst criminals imaginable—and their entire families. Everything was controlled by the inmates, and the world they created was a bizarre reflection of the one they'd left behind: 

There was a bustling business district complete with stores and restaurants, a prison laundry staffed by transvestite hookers and a babysitting service run by a schizophrenic murderer. Weekend fiestas brought drunken partiers to the prison, along with masked wrestlers and strolling mariachis. La Mesa at the time was both a deadly powder keg and a nonstop party, a temple of vice where the inmates had better guns than the guards—a place where anything could happen.

"Locked Up In La Mesa" is the true story of Steve Peterson, a young California surfer dude caught smuggling pot in the hills outside Tijuana. In thirty-four short stories of black humor and bittersweet humanity, Steve, together with writer Eldon Asp, recalls his hilarious adventures and scary close calls inside the most notorious prison in Mexico...
If you managed to survive a beating by over 100 gang members one cold October night deep in gang turf, would you ever go back into that neighborhood? M. Rutledge McCall not only went back, he moved into the 'hood--for over a year.
This shocking saga details the year and a half writer M. Rutledge McCall spent living in the largest, most violent ghetto in America. During his time in the 'hood, gang members were sending bullet-riddled corpses to the county morgue at the rate of one every 11 hours. After spending months in gang turf on a regular basis, sufficient mutual trust and respect grew between gang members and McCall that they allowed him to be involved in every aspect of their lives: to go where they went, to see what they saw, to do what they did. ...To move among them as no white outsider had ever been allowed. McCall saw it all, from crimes committed by gang members to crimes committed by police officers. He saw firsthand the path that leads 6 year-old boys to becoming 16 year-old killers, and society's role in creating and fostering the mayhem and violence in America's big-city ghettos.
By 2010, street gangs such as La Eme (the Mexican Mafia) and the BGF (Black Guerilla Family) had spread into and gained virtual free reign of the nation's prisons, where Latinos far outnumber Blacks, and violence between the two had risen to alarming levels. This is a true story of the earlier, more innocent days, when a white writer moved freely among the gangs of South Central L.A. at a time when the murder rate in Los Angeles was the highest in the city’s history, during the year that encompassed some of the most violent episodes ever to grip L.A. 
The events McCall witnessed and participated in, not only shattered his perceptions of racism in America today, they shattered his entire life. The sequence of some of the events in this stunning account has been shuffled, in order to protect the guilty...the author included.
The book has gone into eight reprints and is currently in development as a motion picture with a Hollywood film company.
Come Back Early Today will touch you.
It will make you laugh. It will make you cry.
If you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s
It will give you information and advice.
But mostly, it will give you hope.

This is the true story of an amazing 30-year relationship between a young American woman and a delightfully colorful, wickedly eccentric and considerably older Romanian gentleman who develops Alzheimer's about 25 years into their relationship. 

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Bastard Husband: A Love Story is a humorous account of the author's first year alone in Las Vegas after a midlife divorce from someone who was the perfect soulmate--until that one drink too many. The book is threaded with reflections of the relationship and shows how she transitioned from anger and sadness to doing stand-up comedy for the first time at age 46. Funny and sad, demented and poignant... all at the same time.
With lazer-like precision Glenn Langohr lays bare the festering under-belly of our criminal justice system in a driving, graphic narrative that somehow finds the humanity in this most inhuman setting." Phillip Doran, T.V. Producer and Author

Number #1 Best Seller. The California Prison System houses a mixture of Mexican cartel members, Mexican mafia, Bloods, Crips, and thousands of other street gangs fighting for control. Add a bad prison guard and you have a recipe for disaster.
Having been blessed with a rich, full life, I must with all due humility confess that very little moves me anymore. I’ve seen and experienced the self-sacrifice and beauty that only the deepest of loves can bestow. I have been poisoned and hardened by man’s inhumanity to man.
Having said that, imagine my soul-stirring surprise when my friend Danny Cole sent me, almost apologetically, the first chapter of what became this book, seeking my opinion. 
The thing was, you see, Danny Cole had never before written anything in the way of books, short stories, poetry, etc. But he had something he needed to express and about halfway through his twenty-second year of sobriety he felt the time had come to express it. 
Not that he isn’t a creative artist. Anyone who has ever seen the photographs of his loving tribute to his daughter Gloria, named Gloria Gardens, that he designed and constructed stone by stone in his back yard couldn’t help but realize that. Anyone who has ever seen his photography would also realize his artistic talent. 
What follows here is true artistry as well… it is a story of depravity, deprivation and cruelty… a story of angels with razor wire halos. It is a story of guts, determination, learning the hard way, the law of the jungle and human kindness even in the vilest of circumstances. 
It is the story of a life that never stood a chance…except for the guy that lived it: G. Daniel Cole and the merciful God that was watching over him.
Whether you are a troubled soul struggling with tragedies that appear insurmountable, or one privileged to say “there but for the grace of God go I”…. from start to finish this story will move you to the very depths of your Being. That every minute of it was lived by the man who put these words to paper only adds to its deep and eternal message. 
With an abiding sense of privilege to have witnessed its birth, I now invite you to read Hell's Highway….. a story that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Diary from the Dome is a personal memoir of two very different trips to New Orleans - 'America's Most Soulful City.' The first chronicle is the author's 1977 trip, recorded in his journals as 'a naive twenty-one-year-old discovering himself.' The second trip finds the author caught in the vicious storm, Hurricane Katrina, and eventually becoming trapped as a tourist inside the New Orleans Superdome - with 25,000 other helpless people. 

This incisive story presents Harris's observations of human behavior at its best and at its worst and also serves as an eloquent tribute to 'the incredible citizens of New Orleans.' It is the first non-fiction book describing the actual conditions in the Louisiana Superdome from someone who was there, and discusses where the media got it right and wrong about the environment within.

The author, a San Diego tourist tried to leave the New Orleans immediately after the evacuation order took place but he discovered that the Airport, Amtrak, and Greyhound stations has all closed the day before the evacuation and two days prior to the storm.

It also explores the preferential treatment that the author received when he joined a group of international tourists who were also trapped in the Superdome and their eventual smuggling out to the Sports Arena next door and then the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

That wasn't the end of their trials and nerve-racking challenges though as they finally left the city almost a week later. 

Buoyed by the 2010 success of the New Orleans Saints football team this book helps put the reader in a stadium that has seen many triumphs and during Katrina a surreal atmosphere that flows from the writer's emotional state shortly after. 

Included are tips for anyone to be better prepared for a natural or unnatural disaster as well as suggestions to Disaster Preparedness authorities on how to better meet the needs of those in the disaster zone.

In this fascinating book best selling author and historian Sylvia Perrini takes us on a journey looking at female serial killers around the world. 
Serial Killers have always existed but it is only in the last twenty years however, that the term has been widely used. People have always been fascinated and simultaneously horrified by them. They want every last gruesome detail, preferably with accompanying graphics.

But it is the female serial killer who horrifies us most of all. Women are after all meant to be the gentler sex, the nurturers of life. Yet, as we read through the various profiles in this book it becomes very evident that this is not always the case. 

Female serial killers rarely torture although as can be seen in the story of ERZSEBET BATHORY, DARYA NIKOLAYEVNA SALTYKOV and ELIZABETH BROWNRIGG that is not always the case. Female serial killers tend to prefer weapons such as poison, or fatal injections or ‘accidents’.

Women serial killers unlike male serial killers, normally attack people that they know such as husbands, children, relatives or neighbors. But again there are always exceptions as in the case of ENRIQUETA MARTI --The Vampire of Barcelona. A truly shocking story.
A life is created by a series of events, mostly small and a few significant. They may not seem notable at the time, but when you have a chance to look back and remember, each one does seem quite remarkable. I am at such a time, a time for looking back. I've got nowhere to go except where my mind and memories can take me. I'm writing my stories now so that I'm able to relive as much as I can while I still can. 
This is not a biography about living with ALS. It is a series of reflections, thoughts, and embellished memories based on the first 25 years of my life. Writing and remembering is a gift I am giving myself, and others who accept it, at a time when I mostly take and the opportunities for giving are few. Writing gives me something to think about, something to do each day, so I don't dwell on the frozen and decaying state of my body. 
My intent is to tell the story, however blurred and imagined, of some of the events and influences in my life which led up to the pivotal decision I made to leave South Carolina and accept a teaching job in Japan. I start by sharing memories of my two trips to Korsae Micronesia and the profound impact the Polynesian people had on my youth. I continue with stories remembered growing up on Guam and Okinawa describing the influence Japanese, Chamorro and military culture had on my formative years. 
I describe what I remember of my teenage years, my first job, first car, senior year of high school in Charleston South Carolina and my somewhat troubled adjustment to life in the United States. I reminisce about my fun filled years at Clemson University and some selected exploits during my travels through Europe at that time. My decision to become an educator is explained and I talk about my first teaching job, life and friends in Gaffney South Carolina. I end the memoir describing my personal growth during a three week road trip across the United States just before moving to Japan.
I'm just an ordinary person who's lived, in my opinion, a remarkable life. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed living them.
From the beloved blog of a commitment-phobe known simply by the name “Jenburger”, over seventy-five rants, recollections, inspirational offerings, and general observances of everything from romance to the human condition can be found within the pages of this book.

Fall in love, fall back out, hide from stalkers, and laugh through ridiculous logs of text messages and emails, all the while climbing into the head of a young woman who calls it like she sees it, tells it like it is, and most of all, finds a way to maneuver through the bad and come out the other side smiling.

Within just a few minutes of reading, you’ll know why her popular blog made the WordPress Blogs of the Day “Growing Blogs” several times, and had subscribers on the edge of their seats and buzzing about it on popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
In "The Princess of Kosovo," former 82nd Airborne paratrooper Brendan Walsh powerfully composes his short, heartfelt memoir about trying to keep the peace in a merciless, war-torn town and the little girl he befriends while serving there. Far from your common war memoir, Walsh drags you into the rubble-strewn streets of Kamenica where assassinations and firefights are daily occurrences and introduces Majlinda, a sweet little girl with a story and a dream.

The Story of Mary MacLane shocked the literary world when it was published in April 1902. It sold 100,000 copies in its first month, an astonishing number then and now. Within a few years it had been translated into 36 languages, and writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Hart Crane, and Gertrude Stein lauded it as an important influence in their quests for a new American style.

The author was a 19-year-old girl from the raw, masculine mining town of Butte, Montana. With the publication of this book, Mary MacLane became an overnight sensation. She was called the ‘Wild Woman of Butte,’ a Bohemian, a radical, a feminist, a rebel. Although MacLane went on to write other books, none had the impact of this one, which remains a tour de force about life, love, and longing. Fresh, frank, and funny, ‘The Story of Mary MacLane’ is as powerful today as it was provocative when first published.
If you have ever struggled with addiction or know someone who struggles with addiction, Monica Sarli wrote Men-ipulation for you.