Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Advice and How To

Here's a little advice and how to .... to start your morning off. Enjoy

At last a book that answers the proverbial question, “Where is my other sock?” Cheryl Moeller, emerges from her laundry room at last to tell her story – such as the time Metamucil tablets left in a pants pocket became the size of basketballs after 30 minutes in the washing machine. Her over-the-laundry pile humor will help you laugh your way through motherhood -- 31 days in a row. She’ll also give you Ten Ways to know it’s going to be a Long Labor and Delivery, Ten Things you Can Learn from your Cat, and Ten Reasons Why a Mom should be President. So when your laundry gets taller than you are, turn over a basket, sit down and read a page of, “Help, Mom’s Stuck on Spin Cycle.” Warning: You may emerge from the laundry room with permanent press wrinkles -- from laughing.

How to be sexy provides sensational tips and techniques to help you rediscover your sexiness, sensuality and inner beauty, and shows you what to do with it once you've found it! You'll learn how to flirt and turn people on with your sparkling conversation, how to use music, movies and books to boost your sex appeal and all the tips that every sex siren needs to know about looking fabulous. By learning just some basic techniques about how to dress, walk, talk – even dance – you can reveal your inner sexiness.

Here`s what people are saying about this book at Amazon.com

"If you are a shy person who finds it difficult to communicate with new people then this book will be helpful. Peter Murphy presents conversation starters, explains body language and teaches you what to ask people when you first meet. This book contains simple strategies for entertaining conversations. With this book anyone should be able to survive a party or talk to strangers on a plane. I personally find that listening to people talk about their life is a good way to make people like you. Being a shy person by nature I found some of this book to be very useful." 

Live your life, take more action!

If you not only want to get un-stuck, but also learn how to develop lasting motivation, then this is the book for you!

The experienced team of ActionPodcast Coaches knows that ordinary things, consistently done, produce extraordinary results! 

80 Tips, Tricks and Perspective Shifts for Everyday Action will help you gain and maintain the momentum you want, and the results you desire! In just a few minutes you’ll find at least one step (and 79 more) that you can action today and feel the momentum building before you go to sleep tonight.

Treating Burns

After you have identified whether your burn is a slight burn or a major burn, you can then consider your options for treatment. Burns are classified into three degrees based on their severity: first-degree (less severe), second-degree, and third-degree (most severe).

In this concise booklet, you will learn how to provide first aid care to burns, along with learning various methods of treatment. You'll even get essential tips on applying first aid and insights into home remedies. Learn what to do and also (equally important) what not to do when tending to burns.

Get the knowledge you need to treat your burn as efficiently and effectively as possible to achieve the best results for your skin.

Reading body language is a useful skill that not everybody makes attempts at learning. Of course, some people are born with the ability and talent to be excellent, when it comes to reading body language. 

But, if you're like me, you probably aren't an expert. Many people want to be, however. And, though this book won't make you an expert, it will give you a significant base to begin your learning on. The book contains chapters on every major emotion and expression, how to detect them, and real world examples. Enjoy.

4-Week Bodyweight Home Workout is the first workout program of Workout Series. This fitness book consists of 12 full body workouts with detailed photos and steps of each and every exercise. 

This workout book is NOT a motivational read. It was designed to be a no fluff, straight to the point, photo based workouts that begins the week 1 workouts easier and gets harder throughout the entire workout program.

Diets don't work. Studies have shown that only 5 percent of people who go on a diet are able to keep the weight off for more than a year. Yet even with this 95 percent failure rate the weight loss industry continues to flood the market with new diets and useless gimmicks. What's the secret to true, long lasting weight loss? The key is to focus on your habits as they relate to food, not dieting. Unlike animals in nature, human beings acquire a whole host of unnatural habits related to food without even realizing it. By changing these habits, most of which you are probably not even aware off, you can start to lose weight naturally and easily. Get off the Diet roller coaster and start losing weight WITHOUT dieting today! Now updated with many natural bodyweight exercises that can help anyone burn fat and build muscle.

Are you ready for an all access pass to your infinite inner wisdom, creativity and answers? Open the magnificent gifts your dreams deliver nightly and enjoy their treasures. With this easy, unique, personalized guide, understanding your dreams is fun and easy. Dream tonight, know its meaning tomorrow. 
The author of a Soul series, "Inspirations Expressed" internet radio host, and an award winning filmmaker for "Real People. Real Shifts."; Tina Marie Bueno shares her insights and experience into the wondrous reality of dreams.

This book will gently guide through detoxification, not only of your body, but your life. It has taken years to build up toxicity, and with the steps provided you can slowly start reversing the damage being done and allow your body to thrive like it was meant to. There are no nutritionally devoid crash course diets, no expensive products to buy, or radical alterations needed!

You don't need to change everything in a day, start with one topic and make that your focus, move on to the next when you are ready. Small steps in the right direct, will give you are far greater long term success. It only takes 2 minutes to do an 'Energy Cleanse' (directions in the book) and have another glass of water.

Our world is becoming more polluted everyday, our bodies are paying the price, trying to cope with more stress. Toxicity is effecting our hormones, increasing our weight, inflicting more of our children with ADD/ADHD/ODD, causing more people to develop allergies and simply making us tired, cranky and less able to cope.

Detoxification is worth it, you will feel fabulous, your wallet will be fuller, your life gets it spark back, you will reduce your carbon footprint, and you will be able to achieve so much more when your energy level stays high all day!

Successful detoxification is not just about what we eat, even though some programs out there claim that is all you need. It must include what we put into our bodies, what we put on our bodies, our homes, what we feed our minds, and what you choose to do in your spare time.

You can't change the world, but you can change your world, so start today the easy way!

Discover goal setting and the secrets of how to achieve goals. Aquire the skills of SMART Goal setting and advanced motivation techniques to help you achieve your goals more easily, more quickly. You will learn how to go beyond motivation and create your own 'internal propulsion system' which requies less effort to stay motivated. Learn how to set effective life goals, financial goals and personal goals that you take action on. Save time and effort by setting goals to increase your motivation to be more productive at work. Includes a SMART Goal Setting Worksheet.


Are you struggling with staying positive? Does negativity have a hold on you that won't let go? This book can make a difference!


Hungry Girl The Guilt Free 3: Three Dishes Under 300 Calories. Teaser Bonus!  Hungry for the next Hungry Girl cookbook? This teaser bonus is the perfect-sized helping to tide you over! With three delicious recipes taken straight from the latest book, each one less than 300 hundred calories, what more can you ask for?!? 

Don’t miss the new book coming March 2011, Hungry Girl 300 Under 300: 300 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Dishes Under 300 Calories!  It’s MEAL-MANIA, HG STYLE!  


Improve your health and overall well being by learning about the amazing properties of Green Tea

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