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Forbidden by law and denounced as an abomination by the church, the Kure has been hidden for centuries . . .
There is a place where nightmares are real. It is a dark and terrifying place, hidden from the world we know, by borders that only the most unfortunate of souls will ever cross.

James Halldon woke up in the dark, alone, without any food or water, without a clue where he was, and with no memory of where he came from.

It only got stranger.

For James has somehow found his way to The Corridor. A place where zombies stumble in the darkness, ever seeking the flesh and blood of the living. A midnight place that no human should ever see and the prison of a creature that has destroyed entire worlds.

Somehow James has to learn to survive. But he is not alone. The lost souls of others who have drifted into this infernal place and died also haunt this world. Trapped forever in the afterlife.

They have been waiting a long time for someone to come along.



- A page-turner of 70,000 words
- 10,000 words of Bonus content
- A twist ending

On the night it begins snowing in every country of the world, an ordinary group of people gather at a rundown English pub. At first they assume the weather is just a random occurrence and nothing to worry about - but as the night goes on, weirder things happen, and they start to realise that something far more sinister is at hand. Something that none of them could ever have imagined. 

By the end of the night, not everyone will make it, and those that do will wish they hadn’t. 


Six short stories by Iain Rob Wright set during the events of The Final Winter, plus one additional, stand-alone tale: THE PEELING OF SAMUEL LLOYD COLLINS
Welcome to Shallow Springs, Virginia. It's not a nice place to visit, and an even worse place to live. Evil dwells in the mountains and lakes surrounding the town. Creatures more ancient than the Appalachian Mountains themselves lurk in the shadows and prey on the unsuspecting.
Consisting of three short stories and a novella, The Grass Monkey and Other Dark Tales takes the reader on a terrifying tour of Shallow Springs:

A family moves to the Springs from the city, only to discover that their new, peaceful surroundings are nothing but a deception...

A telephone lineman, out in a bitter winter storm, must fight demons--both his own, and the ones stalking him in the snowy woods...

A group of loggers set out to harass a tree-hugging environmentalist and instead find an ancient horror...

A paranormal "handler" returns home to Shallow Springs to help a woman who is being stalked by a creature as intelligent as it is evil...

Welcome to Shallow Springs. Sit back. Stay a while. But you might want to be on your way before the sun sets.
The sky darkens and alien parasites cascade to Earth traveling in drops of rain. The parasites’ victims become a colony and crave human flesh. One man finds himself able to resist his new master and believes he is the last hope to save mankind. 

Red Rain is a horror/science fiction story with a Twilight Zone-ish ending. Red Rain is 6,000 words long. Excerpts from the novel Resurrection X: Zombie Evolution published by Post Mortem Press are included.

On a Canadian mountainside above the ski resort of Snow Peak, archaeologists have made a fantastic discovery: a First Nation family frozen in ice, superbly preserved. The man is exhumed for examination, but what resides within his mummified body is something science has never seen before.

The experts called in to control the situation have their own ulterior motives, and Sheriff Richard Wade and Doctor Lauren Kemper are about to be the only lifeline for a town plunged into a nightmare.

Snow Peak is isolated, cut-off by the worse snowstorm in living memory. Hampered by the elements and the greed of outside influence, Sheriff Wade and Doctor Kemper are forced to face a new species, mutated, hungry and deadly, in a race against time to save their town.

Six spine-tingling stories from the Mistress of the Macabre, Rayne Hall.

This collection contains 'Scruples', 'Seagulls', 'Night Train', 'Through the Tunnel', 'Black Karma' and 'Take Me To St Roch's'.

About the 'Six Scary Tales' series:

These are stories of mild horror, free from graphic violence and gore. However, they may be disturbing and are not recommended for readers under the age of thirteen.

Some of the stories have been previously published in magazines, e-zines, print books and anthologies. British spellings.

Here are four new ghost stories from John Kachuba.

In “Heaven Scent” a man is plagued by the memory of his younger brother who committed suicide while serving with the army in Iraq. He wonders if memory can become reality. Can his brother come back from the dead?

The poor ghost in “Home Is Where the Spirit Is” is frightened and confused—who are these strange-looking people that have taken up residence in his house? How can he get rid of them?

“Recalling Miriam” is a unique and different twist on the traditional ghost story. An elderly Jewish widower in New York is stunned when the Virgin Mary materializes in his living room. What’s worse is that she seems stuck in his time and can’t leave.

Based on the life of the Connecticut witch, Hannah Cranna, “A Modern Fable” shows what evil can befall a person when he desecrates the final resting place of a witch. It’s not good.

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