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Mystery Thriller

A series of deadly fires rages across the cityscape, claiming the lives of entire families. Helpless to stop the fires, the SDPD assigns their most famous detective, Jon Stanton, to the case. The evidence points him to a single arsonist committing the horrendous acts. But with a troubled young girl as his only credible witness, Stanton is running out of time. 


The San Diego PD's in-house arson investigator does not believe the fires correspond to the work of an arsonist and impedes the investigation into the murders. Stanton is left on his own to find the deadliest, and most powerful opponent he has ever faced . . .
While vacationing in London, Easter Wells is mistaken for David Bowler; a man presumed murdered 20 years ago. Wells is presently introduced to the tale. Intrigued by the mystery and inconsistencies surrounding the reports, Wells sets out to unravel the 20-year old mystery. But all he has at his disposal are a bunch of Londoners and their foggy memories. As conversations flow over wine, tea and even haircuts, Easter Wells must disentangle the right thread to put to rest a 20-year old enigma.
Happy people are not meant to vanish, and when they do—in droves—everyone is looking for one man. A most ordinary man.

In “A Feeble Drift”, Richard Keiffer—a 37-year-old San Francisco accountant embedded in a life of dull happiness—walks away from his family in a train station for no apparent reason. Bewildered but fully conscious of his actions, he has just taken the first step in an unwilling journey during which he will find himself slowly pegged as “patient zero” in a massive wave of disappearances. 

From a hideout in the basement of an inner city house to an eerie discovery in a remote Irish villa, Richard will never control his journey and the actions of the four women who will cross his path—each cycling between friend and foe—will only bounce him harder against the hedges of his new reality. 

Yet, Richard will need to rise much above his tame condition as he bears the responsibility of damming a destructive wave of mental alienation crashing on three American cities.
When celebrity sidekick Stacey Blyth gets her memoirs serialised, everyone’s intrigued – what’s so special about this scrawny blonde? The answer: she’s the heir to an immense oil fortune. Or so she says... A tabloid hack who befriended her on the showbiz circuit is sceptical – she thought she was Stacey’s biographer, and her remembrances of their time together, piecing together Ms Blyth’s murky past, don’t exactly tally with the excerpts in the papers. So is Stacey Blyth really the richest girl in the world, or an absolute fabulist?
A beautiful young American lands a job in the beauty industry only to find herself in the middle of an ancient battle for the waters of immortality which run underneath a magnificent chateau in the heart of Paris. Follow Sasha White through the streets of Paris and through time as she begins to unravel the mystery that unfolds in her life beginning with a strange blackbird pecking at her apartment window one night on the Left Bank. Find out why Celine D'Aumont, president of Celgen Beauty company and Sasha's new boss, wants Sasha dead....again! Meet a new breed of Immortals in Book One of the trilogy,'The Immortals'.
The Rock. Gibraltar. 1966.

In a fading colonial house overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar, the dead body of a beautiful woman lays dripping in blood. The steel handle of a knife protrudes from her chest, its sharpened tip buried deep within her heart.

The Rock. Present day.

Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan arrives on The Rock on a three-month secondment from the London Metropolitan Police Service. Her reasons for being here are not happy ones and she braces herself for a tedious and wasteful twelve weeks in the sun.

After all, murders are rare on the small, prosperous and sun-kissed sovereignty of Gibraltar and catching murderers is what Sullivan does best.

It is a talent she shares with her new boss, Chief Inspector Gus Broderick of the Royal Gibraltar Police Force. He's an old-fashioned cop who regards his new colleague with mild disdain.

But when a young police constable is found hanging from the ceiling of his apartment, Sullivan and Broderick begin to unravel a dark and dangerous secret that will test their skills and working relationship to the limit.
For fans of Lee Child, Walter Mosley, and Barry Eisler, comes a novella about hard men, and even harder choices...


Shell, a killer-for-hire, is the hardest of these men. Nevertheless, someone has infiltrated his Network. They have the five women closest to him. And they will start murdering these women—one every twenty-four hours—unless Shell meets their demands. Just one demand, actually: kill Roger Coke. But killing Coke, a brutal gun and drug trafficker, is no easy task. Making the job even more difficult is the sudden presence of Coke's girlfriend, a stunning beauty in desperate need of a savior. But why must her greatest moment of need come just as Shell is set to make his kill? 

Killing is tough business, especially when you're...

Click... Click... CLICK!

The delicate sound of a camera shutter penetrates the silence with menace in a rugged, isolated, wooded area where a small plane has crashed. It's not possible that in this place, at this time, someone could be hidden from sight, photographing the scene. Or is it?

Tess Kincaid is a modest, reserved professional golfer who is finally coming into her own. The success that propels her into the national spotlight has put her in the crosshairs of a disturbed photographer, and his laser-focused path to her is twisted and full of suspense. In this lightning-fast tale of intrigue with a dark underpinning, she is forced to confront a terrifying accident and a sinister threat lurking out of sight, yet in the range of a telephoto lens. 

The Omen of the Crow and an engaging cast of characters hints at romance and will keep you riveted and always guessing.

A man wakes to find himself dead and alone in a forest, with no memory of who he is or how he came to die there. 
As he sets off to unravel the mystery of his past, he is pulled into a world stranger than death itself, where the struggle to balance good and evil lies behind the scenes, in the shadows.

Set in an experimental hospital for the criminally insane in the 1950s, CONFINEMENT is loosely based on the author’s one year residency in a psychiatric center, when lobotomies and other equally cruel treatments were rampant, and when the highly-experimental “Insulin Therapy” was in vogue. 

Duffino, an attractive girl in her early 20s, is sent to a mental hospital when she refuses to defend herself at trial for the highly publicized, gang-related murder of her boyfriend’s rival. Refusing to speak, Duffino is ordered locked-up until she’s willing to talk. 

The richness of the story unfolds with Duffino’s relationship to the other inmates, all in for violent crimes, including her obese roommate, Charlotte, sentenced for murdering a nun. Charlotte becomes obsessed with Duffino, and will not let up until she speaks.The inmates slowly come to learn why they did the crimes they did, as they make us question the true nature of guilt. 

Between the horrifying treatments, the group therapy sessions, the flashbacks to violent crimes, the question of whether Duffino will talk, and the constant hope of escape, CONFINEMENT is a page-turning psychological thriller, in the vein of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

This is Book #1 in the Love and Madness Series. Book #2--LOCKED AWAY--is also available on Kindle

The sleepy town of Settlers, Indiana is a town that prides itself on family traditions, morals, and values. 

But they are keeping a terrible secret. Once dubbed one of the safest cities in America, is now a cesspool for violent thugs, drug dealers, and prostitution. A few elected leaders come up with a strategy, and suddenly, crime comes to an abrupt halt. 

A cover up is underway in the town and a few brave souls are desperate to get answers.

Will the truth ever see the light of day in Settlers? Or will the conspirators of this unusual scheme take this secret to their graves?

Jack Reacher…

Leonid McGill…

John Rain…

Now a new brand of tough guy…

There is serious trouble brewing on the cracked streets of Newark, New Jersey, and Shell, a former killer-for-hire, finds himself at the deep center of it all. Nevada, a past love interest, has gone missing from a seedy motel, leaving behind nothing but an impression in the wet spot on the bathroom sink counter consistent with the shape of a laptop, a haphazardly parked SUV in the lot with the engine still ticking warm, and blood splatter on the pillows and wall tile. What happened in the shabby motel room? For most, the answer is simple: Nevada must have fallen into the rough trade of sex for money, nothing more than a prostitution transaction gone terribly wrong. 

From the very start, the case is cold enough to freeze a candle flame.

It makes sense for Shell to walk away and chalk it up as merely another dose of the bad luck and trouble that dispirited him on the killing game and chased him from the dark shadows of that previous life. 

But walking away is always easier said than done. The nagging thought that Nevada is out there somewhere, hurt and praying for a savior, simply will not leave him.

In the blink of an eye, Shell is traveling a path littered with shocking betrayals, brutal ambushes, and senseless murders. One day he is ensnared in a Mob beef, and the next he is confronting an assortment of men linked to Nevada: a community activist with the comportment of a street thug, a possibly bent politician, an understated college professor, and a slick fire-and-brimstone preacher. At best, they are all very dangerous; at worse, at least one of them is a murderer. 

And to survive, Shell is going to have to return to what he worked so hard to distance himself from being: a violent man with a conscience in foreclosure.

After losing his wife in a car accident, a husband struggles with survivor's guilt. But in the dark, he realizes that the dead are never very far away. Not when there are secrets yet to be uncovered. Because Paul hasn't lost everything. Not yet. And as he struggles to separate dreams from reality, he is forced to answer the ultimate question: How far would you go to get back those you've lost?

"Paul, a widower haunted by the ghosts of his wife and unborn son in The Grief Frequency, sums up Burke's subtle approach thus: The dead can be among the living; the living, among the dead...Burke shows skill at imagining expressive supernatural experiences appropriate for his well-developed characters and their agitated emotions." - Publishers Weekly

A Short Story from the Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author of The Turtle Boy, The Hides, and Vessels. 

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