Saturday, September 1, 2012

Young Adult
16 year old Shaylee Andrews is a gymnast-in-training. She and her childhood best friend Angela are thick as thieves, and nothing could tear that apart...unless you count a force beyond the Earth's comprehension into the picture. Shaylee has a not-so-cute surgical scar on her neck, and if that's not crazy enough, that scar has attracted the ghost of a harlequin...<br><br>Nothing about this situation is funny, especially when this ghost clown claims that Shaylee has something around her neck that she wants....
Curtis is only 17. When his parents left him in the mountains with the other children he had no idea he would some day be forced to lead them on a march across mountains and ice in search of a haven from the shadow men.

Jessica went looking for proof adults were still alive. When she finds a book that talks about a war no one remembers she knows she must find Curtis before he reaches the Icelands.

Josh escapes the ravers and finds himself in an unlikely quest into the heart of the shadow men’s world. When he befriends a boy who possesses unnatural speed and a gift for killing the shadow men’s creatures.

Tiffany is locked away deep in the cells of the shadow men compound. When a shadow man decides it is time for her to die, she discovers she has something the shadows fear buried deep inside her. She can do magic.

Markus is hearing voices. He knows it is only a matter of time before the shadows end his life. The voices keep whispering secrets. Secrets about humans who can perform powerful magic called incarnators. Secrets about him. 

In the land of Rathian the wall has always been there to protect them. Keeping the darkness out, protecting them from monsters. Hiding them from shadows. In a land where magic once ran wild, the people of Rathian have forgotten how to use it. Forgotten the monsters. Forgotten the shadow men. When the wall comes down it will be up to Curtis, Jessica, Josh, Tiffany, and Markus to find their magic. Find their destiny and rally the children of Rathian to push the monsters back through the wall and into the Dark Lands
A 2,900 word near-future short story.

Isabella is away from home when the world around her is consumed by fires from a colliding comet. Stranded on a little island with her best friend, the boy she wants to love her and the boy who's been after her for years, will Isabella find her way back to safety?
Brendon Alexander was a normal high school kid until his dead grandfather appeared in the flames of a fire and told him of the gift he inherited: He has the power to force a demon from an inflicted body and send the creature back to Hell.

Lisa Stratton, the new girl at school, has a secret of her own—her father is possessed by a demon. She recognizes the scar on Brendon’s chest that brands him as a protected one, but she must discover if he has the ability to cleanse the evil from her father’s body.

The closer Brendon gets to Lisa, the more he uncovers buried secrets from the past. Not hers, but his—his father’s death and the creature that killed him, and the legacy handed down to him from beyond the grave. Burning curiosity and frightening nightmares thrust Brendon deeper into his past while Lisa urges him forward into danger—and into his destiny.
Princess Soraya is the daughter of the sultan of Maracanda, which is a bustling city on the Silk Road, one of the most important trading routes of the Middle Ages. She is also the proud owner of Jawl, a hyperactive female jinni. Their careless lives are interrupted when they go on an ill-fated journey with the sultan, and their lives are saved by Edric, a young warrior.

They barely escape an invasion, pirates, strenuous mountain trails and a snake-infested desert. Soraya and Edric fall in love, even though they know that her father wants her to marry a prince, and Edric's father wants him to become a member of the feared Varangians.

Grateful, the sultan allows Soraya and Edric to spend a summer together. However, the young lovers soon find out that the sultan's trusted alchemist is involved in the dangerous endeavors of a secret group of alchemists and supernatural beings.

This confronts Soraya and Edric with a choice between giving in to their growing desire for each other or saving a splendid city from destruction.
'Magic! Real Magic! Ever wanted to learn? We require someone with intelligence and a disciplined mind. Those well versed in fantasy novels and role playing games a plus. May need to travel.'

Little did James realize when he answered the ad in the paper that he would find himself in the middle of an adventure destined to test the limits of his intelligence and courage. Not given any explanation as to why he had been brought there, James, a high school senior, must learn to survive quickly or die as others before him.

He quickly realizes that knowledge gained from hundreds of books, as well as time spent role playing, will prove invaluable in his new circumstances.

This new world is one on the edge of war and only by learning to control the magic within himself will he be able to survive the trials ahead. With the help of a boy named Miko, the wits he was born with, and no small amount of luck, he sets out to discover what he must do and perhaps the architect of his being there.
At 16 years old, Alicia has made one of the best decisions of her young life since her father and mother left her: She's dropped out of high school and is simply trying and apparently failing at making a life for herself--one on her own terms, that is--by attempting fit in the mold of everyone else. When it becomes clear that the mundane world is not for her, Alicia ventures in another world--the one of entertainment...more specifically singing....

When the president of the recently remodeled nightclub Red Lily uncovers her talent for singing, Alicia just might have a chance at achieving her mother's only wish, one that she must first learn to make for herself in her heart.
Zach Thompson is an ordinary teenager just out looking to have some fun. One night he embarks on an evening of partying with his friends and discovers that there are unseen forces at work in his life, forces that could ultimately determine his destiny.
On the island of Maui in Hawaii, a sixteen-year-old international spy named Rio Kayenta discovers a two-thousand-year-old coral stone. Legend has it that the stone is meant for a girl named Amber and that with it, she can stop the evil S.H.R.O.U.D. organization. 

Amber Page lives in the Arizona desert and wants one thing more than anything else in the world: to see her mom and dad back together again. Amber's mom is a school bus driver who has split with her dad, but Amber believes the two still love one another. 

When a strange old man stops at nothing to tell Amber that the legendary stone is meant for her, it frightens her and her family deeply. It is a race against the clock to get the stone to Amber and to see if she will realize its legendary powers. For with the stone strengthening her, Amber may be able to save her family and the world.

You met the Guardians of Vesturon in Survival and Resurrection. Now read about how their parents, Rowan and Annalise met in Beginnings, the novella Prequel to The Guardians of Vesturon. Learn more about Rowan and how Annalise unwittingly captured his heart and how his chance meeting of her took him on a journey of forbidden love.

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