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Action and Adventure
It is a time of great crisis and bloodshed as the two greatest powers of the ancient world - Carthage and Rome are locked in a deadly struggle for control over the Mediterranean. But for one young Roman soldier named Gaius who once dreamed of glory and honor, finds himself trapped between his duty to the Republic, and his heart, for in Rome is Julia, a childhood friend and the one woman who has given his life meaning. However, the daughter of the wealthy and influential senator, Terentius Varro has promised her to his political rival Lucius Aemilius Paullus, dividing Gaius’ loyalties as war ravages Italy, and as Rome faces one crushing defeat after another from Hannibal’s invading barbarian horde, Gaius stands to lose more than just his love and his life. 

Set during the events of the Second Punic War, circa 218 – 201 BC, Swords of Rome is a sweeping military epic set against the backdrop of historic events and figures, fought during one of the ancient world’s greatest conflicts – a war that would see the end of one nation, and the rise of a new world super-power that would forever change the course of western civilization. This is the human story of this war and the people that fought it.
Do you love to read big adventure thrillers packed with tales of gold snatched away from Nazis, chase scenes in steaming jungles, even steamier sex scenes, treacherous waterfalls, coded messages buried in dusty journals, and a secret society conspiring to take over the world?

Christine Kling's new Caribbean thriller, CIRCLE OF BONES, is just such a real page-turner based on an actual true mystery of World War II. The French submarine Surcouf, once the largest submarine in the world, departed Bermuda in 1942 and vanished without a trace. In this pulse-pounding thriller, Kling imagines what might have happened in this unsolved mystery.

Solo sailor Maggie Riley is cruising aboard her forty-foot sailboat when she rescues a sexy – but crazy conspiracy-spouting treasure hunter/archeologist who is swimming totally nude off the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. She soon learns he is searching for the wreck of a mysterious submarine. Cole Thatcher claims the sub holds millions in gold coins as well as secret documents from a powerful inner circle of Skull and Bones whose goal is to keep America at war for their own profits. Cole hopes for Riley's help in decoding his father’s journals that are the key to the location of the wreck.

At last, Riley joins the search for Surcouf when she discovers the demons in her own past intersect the inner Circle of Bones, and this conspiracy nut might not be so crazy after all.
In this fast paced thriller, Iraq's top terrorist makes two promises - a kidnapped American contractor will be executed on a given date, his body dumped in Baghdad's Green Zone and a major attack will occur in seven days. 

Working desperately to find the American and thwart the impending attack is an elite 4-man CIA team which includes an attractive female doctor. But they can only watch helplessly as the terrorist and his masked henchmen behead the American during a live video feed carried on the Internet. 

What they don't know is that one of the masked men is not a terrorist, but completely innocent. He is an Iraqi pharmacist who has infiltrated the group. His only objective - to find his missing fiancée, who the terrorist has also kidnapped. 

After the beheading, he is free to go. But little does he know that his fiancée will bring the deceased American's head to the Green Zone, and inside the dead man's mouth is evidence linking him to the terrorist.
Read the daring new novel that flips the JFK assassination on its head!

The story opens in a world where KGB snipers botched the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza fifty years ago, killing his wife Jackie instead. The heinous crime enrages Americans and triggers a chronic war with Russia. In present day, the two superpowers are hell-bent on annihilating each other. 

A team of outlaws time-travels back to 1963 to fix history. To save the future, they must right the wrongs of the past. 

But, their plans may go awry . . .

All the events count down in a ticking clock to November 22, 1963. To ground zero of the assassination: Dealey Plaza in Dallas.
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Four free short stories from bestselling author Stephen Leather, plus opening chapters of six of his bestselling thrillers.

The short stories are: Breaking In (where a burglar gets more than he bargained for when he breaks into a London house), Strangers On A Train (where a mugging on a train doesn't go to plan), Inspector Zhang and the Hotel Guest (where the Singaporean detective solves a mystery) and Cat's Eyes (the backstory of a Bangkok go-go dancer).

There are also tasters of six of his bestselling novels, including The Chinaman, The Vets and The Birthday Girl.

Stephen Leather is one of the UK's most successful thriller writers. He was a journalist for more than ten years on newspapers such as The Times, the Daily Mail and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. Before that, he was employed as a biochemist for ICI, shovelled limestone in a quarry, worked as a baker, a petrol pump attendant, a barman, and worked for the Inland Revenue. He began writing full time in 1992. His bestsellers have been translated into more than ten languages. He has also written for television shows such as London's Burning, The Knock and the BBC's Murder in Mind series. Two of his books, The Stretch and The Bombmaker, were made into movies.
Lethal Force: 

Special-forces soldier turned mercenary Steve West is dropped onto a remote Scottish island. His every movement will be tracked for ‘Lethal Force’, the most expensive video game ever made. He’s been told it’s just a story. But within seconds Steve is fighting for his life. And a deadly manhunt has begun...
Derek's lifelong work is about to be sold to pornographers for a lot of money. His wife has left him, for that and other reasons, and he's having a hard time keeping existential focus. Into this maelstrom, flies a package from his mother that contains his father's account of his experiences in the European theater of World War II. 

As he reads about his father's war, while struggling with the business deal and its ramifications for his idea of himself, he begins to expand his understanding not only of who his father was and the character of his country, but also of the ebb and flow of the seemingly conscious force of war. All of which comes into focused during one terrifying night of the rape of a girl.
Still half asleep, Michael looked up at his parents sitting on the buckboard of their covered wagon and saw an arrow penetrate his father's chest. Then he saw his mother being dragged from the wagon by two Indians. His mother fell from the wagon and disappeared from his sight and from his life forever. Now he was all alone.
The fools killed his family...then made him a lawman. This wild and wooly western, in the Louis L'amore tradition, comes from renowned author L. J. Martin, whose over 20 novels have brought compelling reading to so many. McBain, broken and beaten from the Civil war, is reluctant to return to his family, as a snake dwells in his belly and he can't get the images out of his mind...until he learns his sister and her family have been murdered. Then it's retribution time.
There are times when life leads you down a path and there are times when it drags you. This is the tale of a man who was forced into a life he would not have chosen. Once in that life he finds more excitement and adventure than he ever imagined. We watch as his journey unfolds and in the end sets the path for another young man.

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