Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to Reality

Here's a few Non-Fiction that looked interesting. Enjoy!
Now in its second edition...

Amy Winehouse’s bright star burned out on July 23 2011.
Amy lived a rock-star lifestyle to the max, replacing an addiction to drugs with a battle against alcohol.
An informative memoir about a son taking care of a mother with Alzheimer's Disease, supervising care -- at an assisted living facility and a nursing home -- and being there at the end. The story is told in a manner that educates and focuses the reader on the insidious nature of adult mental dysfunction, while at the same time offering useful insights and advice on the responsibilities of caregiving and the supervision of care.
To Hell and High Water tells the story of the quest of two brothers to conquer the extreme conditions of outback Australia, recreating the Bourke to Hungerford ‘tramp’ that influenced some of Australian literary legend Henry Lawson’s greatest works. 

The book is part autobiography and part biography. It is an autobiography of the author’s experiences with his brother overcoming significant obstacles to achieve his dream of walking in Lawson’s footsteps. It paints a vivid picture of some of Australia’s most remote country, the challenges and dangers, the heat, the distance, mosquitoes, blisters and thirst. 

At the same time it blends in the biography of Henry Lawson’s captivating life including his marriage, struggles with alcoholism, his suicide attempt, influences upon his writing and his ideals of mateship. Extracts of Lawson’s own writing have been carefully selected and woven into the narrative in a manner that draws parallels between the two experiences and offers fresh insights into his life. 

It is a story both of Australia’s past and Australia’s present—in fact a relatively little known past and present
Imagine yourself seeing hundreds of Messerschmitt war planes overhead and hearing the explosion of bombs being dropped around you. Wondering if this is the day one will fall on your house. 

Ruby Side Thompson’s personal diary was written during the terrifying World War Two London Blitz. Her diary is a true and detailed account of what she experienced during that horrific time. The diary chronicles Ruby's struggle to survive in the midst of a horrendous war, where London is bombed nightly.

Ruby speaks candidly about her unhappiness enduring an unsatisfactory marriage. She was the mother of seven sons, two of whom were enlisted in the R.A.F. One of which became an amputee as the result of hitting a land mine and the other son was captured and sent to a concentration camp as a prisoner of war. Her tale is a mix of the commonplace and the historic as seen through her eyes.

The diary was an outlet for Ruby’s thoughts and feelings that could not be spoken out loud; however, in publishing the diary it gives readers an honest and unfiltered look back at a time that may have been long since forgotten.
Description .
While sitting around my dad's shop at lunch and during breaks, I listened intently to him tell friends and employees the stories that are in my book. The stories are about a time gone by when children played together outside for hours and had exciting Tom Sawyer-type adventures that young people today rarely experience. Although in many ways their lives were simple, most of them also worked hard on family farms or in family businesses. Life was hard for families at that time as banks were failing and people’s lives were suddenly changed. These pages will relate many of the tales and the friendships my father had from his childhood until his late teens. After he realized he was not going to be able to accept the basketball scholarship offered to him by the University of Kentucky, he was very disappointed and decided to move to Cincinnati to start a new life for himself and the girl he planned to marry, my mother, Pearl Sexton. 
Employees would always gather around to listen when “Big Bob” was telling stories. I have spent my life in manufacturing management and as I have matured and learned to appreciate life and relationships, I realized that one day that my Dad’s stories might be enjoyed by others. My mother and I tried for years to get Dad to write a book but he just never around to it. So I decided to write it for him and for my children and grandchildren so that his stories would never be lost. I am putting them in 3 separate volumes. This book, the first of the series covers his childhood and youth in Cornishville and Harrodsburg, KY.
*Weaves the lives and careers of the three generals into one entertaining and educational narrative.
*Includes pictures of each general, and important people, places, and events in their lives. 
*Includes an original introduction for each general.
*Includes a Table of Contents
*Includes a bibliography for each general for further reading.
*Covers the entire careers of all three in one entertaining and educational narrative. 
*Includes pictures of Meade, Hancock, Chamberlain, and important people, places, and events in their lives. 
*Includes a Bibliography of each man for further reading.
*Includes a Table of Contents.
*Includes pictures of Eleanor, Jackie, Hillary and important people, places, and events in their lives.
*Includes a Table of Contents
Steve Jobs' agenda, intelligent cutting-edge products, is an invigorating homage to Steve Jobs' outstanding lifetime achievement. It spotlights the exciting experiences Apple customers make during the process of being interested in Apple’s variety of products. The reader slips into the experiential perspective of the fascinating world of intelligent cutting-egde products, the most challenging product category industrial companies can produce. Anyone who has read this inspiring book, can understand why Apple has so many enthusiastic fans and firmly convinced customers and constantly succeeds in winning critical customers.
Some might say you were in the wrong place at the wrong time when you received your injury (is there ever a right place and time). Maybe you were at fault, and maybe you weren’t. But the fact remains that some things have changed since the accident that left you with a mild TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Can your attitude really have a positive affect on healing after something like that? Or is it just a mindset that helps make this life you’re now stuck with easier to bear? 

In this short book you'll read about the actual problems faced by one accident victim in her struggle to overcome the problems she faced. A sometimes blunt, sometimes humorous look at the trials and tribulations she’s tackled on the journey to reclaim her life.

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