Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween How To
Vampires, zombies, werewolves and mad scientists are just a few of the creatures you will meet in Things In The Basement: A History of Halloween Horrors. From the ancient Celtic rituals of Samhain, through the Salem Witchcraft Trials, to modern Zombie outbreaks, this fascinating book examines the history of all things Halloween.
Frightfully fun Halloween recipes, from the sweet to the savory, the grotesque to the gourmet – cakes and candy, party dips, drinks, and more – a colorful assortment of bloody good food that will make your Halloween party a spooktacular event! And to top things off, the authors have included a ghostly little story from Volume 3 of their “Odd True Tales” series (ASIN: B009LTC42I). You’ll find it at the end of the recipes, as a special bonus.
Coming up with great recipes for your Halloween party just got easier with this Halloween Cookbook! These delicious party treat recipes are easy to make and won’t require you to have any fancy tricks up your sleeve in order to create them.
It’s five minutes to Halloween and your child needs a costume… These no-sew costumes are so fast and easy that older children can make them. Keep ordinary supplies on hand such as posterboard, construction paper, markers, poster paints, old clothes and hats, pieces of white and colorful fabrics, gift wrap and gift tissue, costume jewelry, vinyl sheets, aluminum foil, string, safety pins, corks, bottle caps, glue, double-sided foam tape, and duct tape. If you have some time, thrift shops and flea markets are interesting hunting grounds. With proper supplies, it takes just minutes to improvise a quick costume even if you don’t have time to plan it in advance or to go shopping.

This little book contains ideas for 24 last-minute costumes. Use it also as an inspiration to make your own unique solutions. Creativity is addictive, contagious, rewarding and fun fun fun! It's fun to plan a costume with friends, fun to create it, and fun to have memories.

Costumes are not just for Halloween. They provide year-round moments of fun for your kids and their friends. Even if grandmother's attic is now history, stash a few accessories, fabrics, and other simple supplies into a drawer or a big box. You'll be surprised to see many fantasy plays fuelled by wild imagination sprouting from that humble box.
From party games to fancy dress ideas, this book has it all. Learn how to make halloween-inspired cupcakes with your little ones, and get some great craft ideas for the party. 

Also included is a top ten list of things you should consider if you are hosting your own Halloween party.

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