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35 Halloween Recipes For The Faint Of Heart: Recipe Ideas for Halloween Parties, Dinner and Appetizers

Are you looking for some Halloween recipe ideas that will go over big with both the children and adults attending your Halloween party this October 31st? 

Well, this cookbook should satisfy almost any creature - big or small. 

Yes, All Hallows Eve is fast approaching and every mom wants to please not only their kids, but all the other kids (big and little) who come knocking on their door with their trick or treat bag.

The little monsters want cupcakes, cookies and snacks or they might decide to give you a trick! 

But, when you are ready for some adult food to serve your Halloween party guests, you'll find plenty of quick and easy dinner recipe ideas for them too!

These include party foods such as dinner recipes or appetizer treats and even chili for that fire breathing, fast eating dragon.

Now, I've spent quite a bit of time researching and compiling this cookbook with some delicious food along with snacks following a Halloween theme. 

In this cookbook, you'll find a collection of 35 Halloween recipes and appetizers that are easy and fun to make.

This spooky recipe cook book includes:

- Pumpkin Pudding for Goblins
- Monster Mash Burgers
- Spooky Graveyard Treats
- Pumpkin Filled Cupcakes
- Noodle Brain Prank
- Plus 30 more!!!!

Stuff on a Stick offers you full step-by-step instructions for 21 quirky recipes for food served on a stick. Learn how to make entire meals from starters to desserts, all served on sticks! All projects come from Instructables.com, are written by carnival food experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily do it yourself.
It’s better on a stick!

Ever heard of Tipsy Tower? What about St. Patrick's Hot Potato? Drunken Checkers? All of these and more are included in the Drinking Game-a-Day 2013 Calendar, which features a different drinking game on each page. Classics, from Quarters to Beer Pong, to today's newest and coolest games, as well as holiday and international games will keep drinkers entertained all year long.

No two ways about it: bacon is crazy good--those salty, sweet slices of pork, fried up to crispy perfection. Bacon freaks (and who isn't?) will obsess over the delectable recipe or interesting tidbit found on each full-color page of the meaty Bacon Love 2013 Day-to-Day Calendar.

Carpe Cognac! The door of the Peter Pauper vault has swung open to release our legendary old-school recipe books…for your Kindle!

Conclude your day (and possibly your ability to see straight) gloriously with a cocktail from the heyday of the three-martini lunch. Sip a Gin and It in your smoking jacket, engage in philosophical discussion over Absinthe Frapp├ęs, or bask in the rosy glow bestowed by a Brandy Alexander. Wry verses and illustrations illuminate this A to Z compendium of 1950s full-strength cocktails (with suggested dilutions for “amateurs and maiden aunts”). Featuring two parts time-tested mixology, one part refined taste, and a judicious splash of wit, this book will infuse your libations with high retro style.

Come lift up your glasses
And let’s make a toast
Short life to our liquor,
Long life to our host!

Carpe Kitchen! The door of the Peter Pauper vault has swung open to release our legendary old-school cookbooks…for your e-reader! 

The 1960s kitchen comes alive in this recipe homage to that disc of pure deliciousness, the cookie. Break out your gingham apron and brandish your Bakelite utensils as you prepare these classics, from Brown Lace Cookies and Snowdrops to Lebkuchen and Swedish Sprits. Pair Virginia Tea Cakes with your next cuppa, or indulge in an English Brandy Snap as you sip from your snifter. There’s a cookie for every mood, whim, and flight of sugary fancy in this time-honored A to Z compilation.

Mix your batter gaily, 
Choose a colored bowl, 
Make a cheerful clatter, 
Whistle as you roll!

Nothing fires up folks more than BBQ. Memphis-style or Kansas City-style? Sauce or no sauce? Dry rub or mopping sauce? Wood chips or charcoal briquettes? Each full-color page of the BBQ 2013 Mini Day-to-Day Calendar addresses such burning questions and so much more about the art of barbecue.

10 Fun Things to Do With Your Microwave gives you full step-by-step instructions for fun projects you can do with your microwave. Learn how to make peanut brittle and dye wool, and all about what will or won't blow up when nuked!

Halloween can be a fun time of year for children and adults alike, but here is no need to break the bank or your diet to have a good time. Sometimes the best things in life are free or cheap. In addition, frugal green living is all about making the most of what you have rather than consuming more all the time. It is about sustainability not spending. If you do have to spend, then spend smartly. 

With Halloween coming up and Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, a successful Halloween is also about planning ahead for the end of year holidays and perhaps even forward to next year. With a bit of time, effort and ingenuity, you can make the most of what you already have in the house to create decorations and costumes that can be re-used, not just thrown away when the day is over.

SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks gently escorts you through the treacherous waters of 19th century mixology.

You'll find authentic Victorian punch recipes that could be confused for farmer's cheese, tea recipes which will knock you out rather than wake you up, and downright chewable eggy cream curdles.

Along the way, you'll also find some shockingly tasty 19th century recipes made from all natural ingredients you already have at home.

Whether you're looking for a delicate cocktail to impress a fine corset clad lady or industrial quantities of affordable Victorian punch to serve the entire crew of your airship, you'll find the perfect Steampunk themed drink inside the pages of SteamDrunks.


A guide to quick tips, easy ideas,and festive recipes every savvy host needs for a fun holiday! From Savvy Entertaining's blogger, this book includes her best holiday hints and secret weapons for a fuss-free Christmas. 
From tips on good enough housekeeping to ideas on menu planning, gift giving and table settings, this book is full of great holiday hints. A bonus section offers several simple holiday recipes sure to wow guests.
An excerpt from the author's new holiday novel is included as well!

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