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Welcome October~! It's time for some scary tales to keep your heart beating throughout the cold weekend! I also have short story collections I'll be posting shortly! I'll be pumping the amount of scary tales posted, in celebration of Halloween. As always, feel free to let me know what genres you want to see and I'll get them!
After sleeping a decade Rent Tres is awakened to find that everything he once knew is gone. Rent will have to learn what it is to be a vampire in these modern times. Set in New Orleans post Katrina, we follow Rent as he searches out old friends as well as old enemies.
Set many years after the zombie apocalypse, Hell Comes for the Hurried follows a group of weary survivors in their trek north through a wasteland of ruined cities and quickly takes a turn for the worse. Some things are worse than death; guilt and cowardice chief among them.

Short Story, approximate word count: 5, 277
When mad sorcerers open a gateway to the very pits of hell, releasing outre demons of darkest nightmare upon the world, only the intrepid knights of House Eotrus stand in their way. Claradon Eotrus takes up the mantle of his noble house to avenge his father and hold back the tide of chaos that threatens to engulf the world and destroy mankind. Claradon recruits Angle Theta and Gabriel Garn, mysterious knights of mystical power to stand with him. Theta and Garn take up their swords one last time against the coming darkness -- a darkness from which only one will emerge.

The Gateway is the first story in the Harbinger of Doom saga. The epic tale continues in The Fallen Angle. The book, Harbinger of Doom collects The Gateway and The Fallen Angle into a single volume. Volume 3 of the Saga is entitled, Knight Eternal. Each volume is available in Kindle and Trade Paperback formats.

The Harbinger of Doom saga centers around one Lord Angle Theta, an enigmatic warrior of unknown origins and mystical power. No mortal man is his match in battle. No sorcery can contain or confound him. No scholar or sage can outwit him. But for all his skills, he is but one of us; a man, a human, who shares our faults, our dreams, and our ambitions. He boldly strides across the land, fearless, peerless, and cloaked in mystery, all his will bent on righting such wrongs as he deems fit.
Until the day the Gateway opened and turned the world on its head. On that fateful day, Korrgonn came and washed away our dreams. And his infernal realms of chaos set their unholy mark upon our world and claimed it for their own.
Only Theta and his companions see the enemies aligning against us. Only they foresee our end coming - the end of civilization, the end of the world of man. Only they can hope to turn the tide of madness and preserve all that we hold dear.
But no man, not even our greatest hero, can stand against the Lords of Chaos and the dark armies of Nifleheim at their command. Fiends that infiltrate unseen within our ranks, that tear down our temples and our traditions; that devour us from within, unseen, unknown, unheralded, and unopposed until the hour grows far too late.
Through the murk and mist that hangs before our eyes, one man only sees true. One man pierces the veil of magic that blinds us all and marks the world as it truly is, revealing secrets, secrets of Angle Theta, so horrifying as to shatter a man's mind and call into question the very nature of good and evil.
DO THE DEAD FIND REST? Sometimes, but not in the way you might think...

This Greyhart Press eBook is a short story, a perfect length to enjoy on your lunch break, or to complement a drink in your favorite coffee house. At 5,500 words, this story would be about 22 pages in paperback.

Be warned, though. You won't want to be on your own after you've read this story. Especially if you can smell parma violets!
A young rookie detective loses his innocence as he butts heads with his crusty, veteran partner while on the hunt for an animalistic mutilator of unknown origin! 

A new novel by Steven Scott Norfolk

Combining the tested good times of a buddy detective story with graphic horror elements, "The Alleys Ran Red" is a quick read, delivering a rollercoaster ride that will keep you guessing until the very end.
Deep in the basement a wooden box sits on a table. Demons that were called into the world are etched on the box. With tiny claws they writhe, push, and scratch at the wood, attempting to gain freedom. The forked tongues flick the air, bulbous noses scent, swollen cheeks pulse. Their icy determined voices vibrate the atmosphere with inaudible high-pitched screeches calling for revenge. Five-year old Stephen's mother, Cathy, is dead. Her body was cremated, her ashes cast into the ocean. Yet her spirit hovers over Stephen. It urges him to go down to the basement. For Stephen is meant to be the demons' instrument. His innocence will be their mask, his love their weapon. Because Stephen's father ended his affair with the babysitter too late. And Stephen's oppressive, demanding grandmother must pay for the pain she selfishly forced on her daughter. With blue eyes and cherub smile, Stephen will set out to punish Mommy's persecutors.
A shadow haunts the sunny streets of Venice Beach, working his way through all the women and valuables he can handle. So far he's been lucky. But too much of a good thing makes a man careless; he gets sloppy, he lets down his guard. From bizarre arrest to explosive conclusion, Freak is a wild rollercoaster of a ride, featuring impossible escapes, a dizzying manhunt, and a gothic mini-movie of a courtroom confession, wherein you'll meet the real Nicolas Vilenov, slippery opportunist and soulless predator, bogeyman of a thousand suppressed dreams.
It starts with a dog. A dog in Richard’s story.

Then a dog-monster in his basement, ready to rip out his throat…

In this remarkable literary horror thriller by renowned writer Bruce Jones, four men, led by failed screenwriter Richard Denning, come together in middle age in their hometown of Topeka, Kansas, to face a childhood trauma that has haunted them since the day it happened forty years earlier. 
Richard, Maze, Scroogie and Shivers, a gang of twelve year old best friends who called themselves “The Deadenders”, made a secret pact, a supernatural pact, a pact that would result in murder and one that would trigger a haunting by a monster so grotesque and unreal that the four of them find themselves locked in a web of betrayal and mistrust as each is forced to face the nightmare alone.

Richard is dying, his sex life with his beautiful wife is dying, and just as he discovers his first tender love has never forgotten him, an occult demon from the past rears up to terrorize all The Deadenders as one by one they remember The Truth—The Truth they have hidden away in the deepest, darkest recesses of their minds.

With the scope of Stephen King and the imagination of Dean Koontz, Bruce Jones enters a world where nothing is real and no one can be trusted, not even your best friend…
Pazuzu (pahzoo'zoo) - king of demons in Assyrian mythology.

Manifestation (manufe'steyshun) - indication of the presence of a person or thing.

PAZUZU - MANIFESTATION is the first book in Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy. This book introduces the godless world of the Shur desert and the sorrowful sinners therein. Readers follow a pair of UnChosen wretches as they flee for their lives from a crime lord in the city of Gomorrah.

The Cortras brothers believe they'll find safety in the walled city called Capital. While the pair cross the desert, they encounter a man wandering the waste alone. The brothers think he is a heathen terrorist and hope they will collect the reward for the man's arrest.

The stranger joins the Cortras brothers, but he doesn't tell them about the voice following him. He doesn't know the voice is Pazuzu. In fact, the demon reminds him his name is Ben. One man suffering amnesia carries salvation and damnation from the desert.
"Being a zombie, not so easy". That could have been Dave Connor's six word memoir. "At first he couldn't remember how he'd ended up in that shallow grave; he just knew it was hell to claw his way out, and that the taste of its dirt would remain in his mouth for the rest of his time on this earth" ... Expect the unexpected in this existential resurrection thriller.

The Book's Review of Itself:

This is not really a story about zombies, for of course there are no such creatures,only maybe that some people are more dead than others, and while some people may have all the luck, others have very little of it. This is an absurdist fable at heart, whose moral is that no matter where you go, there you are, even after death.
Chastity Bream doesn't dance anymore. She also can't walk, speak or think. She's fed through a tube, turned twice a day and left alone in her bed. That is except for him - the one in her closet, who comes out to tend to her needs. And his.
Seven sources of power, demons, unknown heroes and an all-powerful religion clash in a titanic struggle. The Fortress has been reduced to rubble, the Taurans swept aside and the snarling K'ran's head banner flies in secret pride. A strange signal is received, a vast Tauran Fleet assembled and Walters and his men must again stand against both religious intolerance and Dark Magic.
David Petrie and his wife Donna thought they were taking their sick young daughter Pepsi for a vacation to Las Vegas. But somewhere in New Mexico they lost their way--and found a ghost town named Clear Water that bustled along toward the celebration of the Fourth of July in grim fashion: a wolf boy stalking the night, burnt-up zombies with liquor and sex on their minds, and the horror of the strange mystery of a place stuck forever in the fifties, when something supernatural and unspeakable happened to its unsuspecting inhabitants!

But when David and his family try to escape the flesh-ravaged mutants, the lone werewolf, and the leader of these diseased remnants, Herbie Hancock, who is the burly, unyielding force behind this sizzling, evil town, the Petries find that they are The Chosen Ones, selected to save the tiny village from its ill-gotten fate,and that all roads lead back to Clear Water
What starts out as a relaxed dinner party with friends quickly turns into a nightmare for Tony Tanner as the clock rolls over to midnight. Thrust into a world where the only living things are the men and women who fall through the cracks of midnight, Tony must solve the riddle or die trying.
The old woman loves the woods, loves the childhood stories of the wolves chasing little girls in the woods. So today when she felt well, it’s time for a walk in the woods. As she slips away from her nasty servant, she goes for a walk in the woods. Only to find, some of those tales were real
Explore the darkness within the human heart ... Set foot inside the morgue at Stratton Memorial Hospital, a place where the scales of life and death have tipped in the wrong direction, and wander the city beyond, where fantasies of sex, drugs, and violence can become frighteningly real. Redemption may be found under a scalpel, in an alley, or sometimes, by embracing the darkest corner of the soul.

The Apocrypha Sequence is a series of dark fantasy collections with interwoven themes and interconnected stories from Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Australia's master of the macabre. Also in the Apocrypha Sequence: Divinity, Inferno, and Insanity.
Twelve year old Lissie is the apple of her parents eye and she can do no wrong. But, after committing a terrible deed in order to attend her parents ball, she finds herself at the mercy of a vampire consumed by guilt.

Vampire law dictates that the turning of children is strictly forbidden. It's a crime punishable by death for both master and child. But does Lissie have something that might make her worth saving after all?

This includes the first three chapters of the novel The Violet Line.

"Lissie" is a short story inspired by a character from the novel "The Violet Line".
Mikey, Jonnie and Seth, three prodigious 11-year-olds, and best friends, set off for a day of hunting rabbits. Little do they know that something so much more is waiting for them and that it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Reality has broken down, allowing the spirit world to bleed into our own. The source of this chaos, an ancient demon, stalks the streets, rallying his strength for a final confrontation with the young woman who has the power to stop it and to save our world.

Erik Handy, the author of The Web, brings you an urban fantasy epic that will stretch your imagination . . . and make your skin crawl
When newly divorced Leslie Bradford moves herself and her nine year old son, Cody, to the picturesque town of Millford Springs, she believes it to be the perfect place for a fresh start.

But soon after after settling into their new home, Cody sees a dark shape lurking outside his bedroom and begins to suffer troubling visions. Within days a senseless and savage crime leave the small community stunned, and Leslie's own worst fears are imagined after Cody mysteriously vanishes in the night. 

Along with Evan Reece, the town sheriff, Leslie soon uncovers a troubling secret from the town's past involving the abduction of a young girl - a secret that may also hold the key to her own son''s whereabouts. But they will have to work fast to save not only Cody, but the the town itself. It seems the dead girl has come back... and so has her killer
It was supposed to be a fun, exciting night of experimenting with a mysterious hallucinogenic brew amongst friendly strangers. 

And it was... 

Until the effects fade and Marshall wakes up on the floor with everyone staring down at him, terrified. But it isn't until his girlfriend tells him what she saw--what they all saw him do--that he realizes something has gone very, very wrong.

Soon, Marshall begins to understand the terrible truth about himself, what he is, and what supernatural traits he has been burdened with. Soon, Marshall begins to understand what the costs of becoming a legend amongst desperate people really are. 

Before it is all over, Marshall will rip apart the veil that bars every human being to a life of illusion. Through his own suffering, he will begin the final liberation of a world. 

Change is coming.

A horrifyingly fun, supernatural suspense ride, The Colour of the Soul is a novel which shows clearly that, without darkness, there can be no light.
Muriel Chase is like any other young woman who's 17th birthday is just weeks away. Her life is simple: she likes going to the beach, she enjoys working out, she loves to go shopping with her mom . . . and she hunts demons.

As part of a secret group, she is sent around the world to face the demons that are so dangerous that even the Vatican can't handle them. 

Along the way to learning the secrets of the fight against true evil, she meets Michael - her protector, sworn to keep her safe. As they start to fall for each other, their world is turned upside down by monsters and evil creatures lurking in the darkness. But Muriel has a very dark secret, and if discovered, it could threaten more than just her relationship with Michael . . . but all of humanity.
When three of the world’s most prominent horror writers are viciously blackmailed, they are left with no choice but to abandon their comfortable lifestyles and take up seclusion in a tiny cabin in the mountains of Colorado, just on the outskirts of a mysteriously deserted mining town.

As the three trapped writers work together, struggling to understand and meet the demands of their blackmailers, they soon realize that they aren’t alone. There’s something else out there in the woods with them—something that doesn’t like visitors—and soon these masters of the macabre are caught right in the middle of their own very real horror story
Vampires like they're supposed to be, evil

If you want your Vampires with teeth, not sparkly, this one is for you

Hooker, heroin addict, victim, Lucinda Taylor lived her life at the mercy of evil men. After her pimp leaves her for dead she is turned by a passing vampire. Satan's plan for the undead is to spread like a plague, striking at the innocents of the world and turning them toward evil. When Lucinda's master is destroyed she becomes a free agent. Now she has the power, and she uses it to strike back at the evil men who tormented her in life, while making sure that they do not rise again.

Crime boss George Padillas is dying of cancer. His power and money make no difference to the merciless disease. His choices for the afterlife unappealing, Padillas decides that the unlife of a vampire is the best way out. He has a plan, using as his instrument the priest who is chasing Lucinda, to become a free agent vampire.

Lucinda must avoid the attentions of the FBI agent, the priest, the ancient vampire, and the one she killed who rose again, in her quest to take down the crime boss of sunny Tampa. While at the same time controlling the vampire Hunger that pushes her toward evil.

Vampires in the tradition of Bram Stoker, merciless killers whose function is to feed, and feed again, The Hunger is a different take on the vampire genre. Warning: Strong language, violence, and sexual situations.
24-year-old Sara Crimson isn't happy about moving into a shady apartment complex with a man she barely knows. But after discovering she's pregnant with her first child, she decides to try to make a relationship work with the baby daddy Max, an up-and-coming talent agent.

An aspiring novelist, Sara at first is elated with the additional free time she has to focus on her writing. But as the days turn to weeks, she starts to suspect that something peculiar is happening in the Executive Townhouses of North Hollywood, California. People start disappearing, strange noises echo down the corridor, and a creepy old tenant constantly stares at her from afar. 

But what Sara doesn't know is that the hidden horrors that lie inside the complex are far worse than anything her overactive imagination could have ever conceived…
A Haunting in Lottawatah is the fifth book in the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries ebook series. A novella length story, A Haunting in Lottawatah continues the spooky, yet funny saga of psychic Brianna Sullivan who planned to travel the country in her motor home looking for adventure, but unexpectedly ended up in a small town in Oklahoma. In A Haunting in Lottawatah, Brianna is hired to exorcise ghosts from a mansion. But these spirits defy all the rules; a murder confuses the plan; Leon the bulldog continues to run interference as long as he has his beef jerky, and Deputy Cooper Jackson has competition for Brianna's affections. A Haunting in Lottawatah is a "must read" for mystery lovers and aspiring ghost hunters!
'THEY' is a short story by Vincent Hobbes. It was first released in January, 2010 in the anthology, The Endlands. 

A relaxing road-trip becomes madness as two couples find themselves trapped in a blizzard.

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