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Scary Hallow Eve

So, today we try something different. I noticed some books didn't have titles on the covers, so the title is now the link. Click on the title under the cover and you will be directed to the book page on Amazon. Please let me know if there are any problems with this, otherwise, I will try to continue to do it! Hope all in the path of Sandy are safe. Curl up with a book and stay inside today! 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The original

Underneath (short tales of horror and the supernatural)

Vengeance...desperation...murder-for-hire...horror in real-time...a healthy dose of zombies...spectrophobia...even a little bit of hope. They all come together in a place underneath the one we know. Ten tales of horror and the supernatural, plus a 17,000 word preview of the upcoming zombie thriller "Orpheus."

A Walk in the Woods (horror short story)
The old woman loves the woods, loves the childhood stories of the wolves chasing little girls in the woods. So today when she felt well, it’s time for a walk in the woods. As she slips away from her nasty servant, she goes for a walk in the woods. Only to find, some of those tales were real…

A Walk in the Woods is 1,823 words.

The Woods of Red Hill
Like most towns, Ridgeware has a dark history. Its inhabitants know of the history, apart from newcomer Gary Strand. Strand has recently moved from London to experience the "quiet life" and finds there is more to the town than meets the eye. 

David Dawson is a family man, and like other residents, knows of the dark history surrounding Ridgeware and the woods, and the infamous story of Killer Kelly. 

To the adults, Killer Kelly was a character from years back that massacred his family. To the children, Killer Kelly is a ghost that is still present and lives in the same shack where he killed his family, which is situated on the common hill, between Ridgeware and the woods.

This thriller is written as seen through the eyes of an adult, and also that of the three children, Alan, Neil and Steven Dawson, David Dawson's son. 
Packed with developing eerie stories, innocent friendship, and scenes of terror, "The Woods of Red Hill" dissects each character and tells the reader how they have been affected.

Crack in the Glass
Gina Sanders thought she would be proudly representing Gamma Beta on the popular ghost hunting-reality game show Graveyard Shift and net herself a comfy little nest egg for her segue from college to the real world. It should have been a piece of cake — do a little ghost hunting, fulfill the dares put in front of her, and walk away with a cool $20,000 after giving up a few screams for television.

It should have been a piece of cake.

A short horror story from the mind of Jonathan Carter.

The Disembodied
The Disembodied-A Short Story by John Grover

In the trees. In the mist.

An apprentice mortician moves his family to the small town of Sotherton to provide them with a better life. Little did he know the dark secret the town and its people harbored.
The town sat on the edge of a mist-shrouded forest with a deadly secret. Something lives in the trees, in the mist and it’s jealous. Jealous of all those who have flesh.

Disembodied is a preview story from the author’s upcoming collection Creatures and Crypts due out in late 2011. Creatures of the living and the dead gather in a volume of over 70,000 words to stalk their prey…humans. 20 stories set the scene for a cast ranging from the Grim Reaper, shambling zombies and restless spirits, to unimaginable monsters that only inhabit the shapeless darkness and the author’s imagination. Join them as they wreak havoc on their unsuspecting victims and celebrate with a victory dance on hollowed bones.

A Twisted Tale
What happens when one member of the household makes a shocking discovery that leads to a life-and-death decision? 

This is a micro-short story.

Enchanted Forest of Horror (Short Story)
I could hardly believe I had let my girlfriends convince me to join them for the weekend at the Bear Creek Lodge—the site of the Bradley Massacre. Eight years ago, some crazy guy gunned down six hikers in the woods near the lodge before a forest ranger shot and killed him. And now the place has become a playground for urban legends. 

My girlfriends had thought it would be fun to stay at the lodge on the anniversary of the massacre, sharing ghost stories and trying to give each other nightmares. And now, here I was, stranded and alone in an allegedly accursed forest. Just my luck.

Horror D'ouvres
6 short stories that are cannibalistic in nature.

In Don't Play With Your Food, a young couple on a camping trip find themselves fighting for their lives. This is followed by Dinner, in which a woman discovers her husband is cheating on her, with their neighbor. 

Fire involves a young boy that tortures animals and Ghost's From the Past reunites a father and daughter for a family Feast. In Family Ties a cousing brings a meal to her cousin only to find he has a feast of his own already prepared. The collection concludes with The Beast Inside, a story about a young werewolf who grows tired of being bullied and decides to bite back.

If you have never read my writing and are looking for something to sample before buying, this would be a great addition to your library.

Scraping the Bone: Ten Dark Tales
Ten dark tales that step into the shadows of humanity that few dare to enter. 

REDSTONE LAKE - a newlywed couple ventures to a family cabin in the woods that conceals a disturbing incident from the past.

REST STOP - a fed up wife runs into terror rather than away from it while fleeing her abusive husband. 

JACOB’S GIFT - a boy takes a midnight tip to the graveyard to dig up his brother who he believes is still alive.

THE PHONE CALL - a man impatiently waits for a call from a young woman, only what condition will that lady be in when she makes the call.

THE OTHER SIDE - a desperate young man gives the online dating scene one last try and this time seems to find the girl of his dreams.

SUNBURN - a grieving husband will do anything to keep his daughter from suffering the same painful fate as her mother, even if it involves murder.

RED PICKUP - a police officer gets a hunch that not everything is as it seems with the young man he has pulled over, though the discovery he eventually makes is something he would never have imagined. 

THE BONE YARD - a man and his dog take a quiet walk through a town where children frequently disappear.

CODE BLUE - the fiancé of a young lady waiting for a lung transplant faces a decision that will forever change his life.

WRONG TURN - an out of work adult living with his parents goes for a nightly bike ride through the old neighborhood and uncovers a horrible secret from his youth that he had buried long ago.

Burn Pile
This intertwined collection of twelve creepy tales embraces the dark side of common people bound together on an island in Washington by a secret. People vanish in the night. Neighbors are linked by an undying dog, a mysterious trailer, and something twisted hiding in the barley field. Your friends have a dark side. Do you smell what's smoldering in the burn pile?

"The Evening After" sets the stage as Jim awakens on a beach holding the remnants of his dog's leash. The dog has vanished and, apparently, so have portions of the man's mind. It doesn't take long for him to notice something is wrong with his sense of place and very wrong in the field near the long trailer.

"Burning" embraces love. Love of nature. Love of memories. And love of who Grace believes she is. But can Grace find it in her heart to save the feral boy who is out to destroy the world?

"Milepost 4" peeks into the mind of a raptor, or is it the mind of the woman watching him? Is he dead or alive? And what is that strange thing in the field under his flight pattern?

"Dark Smoke Things" reveals the light in the center of a young woman's joy. Is it the light of God or the light of fire?

"Mono-track" sticks us in the tunnel vision of a man focused on finding the truth of strange happenings on the island. Can he open up enough to see what is in front of him?

"The Truth About Halloween" is told by a granny to her rowdy grandson who is too busy plotting pranks to pay heed. But Gran may have a few tricks up her own sleeve.

"Brutus" is an immortal dog that only wants to go home to his master. He can make it, if he completes a task and outwits the people on the island.

"Sweet Well Water" holds a delicious surprise for those who partake of it. Is the smoking man who concocts it a chemist, or something else?

"The Morning Before" trips us through a time loop, back to "The Evening After." What's with all this lost time?

"The Smoking Man" patiently waits for the call that will free him from his prison on the island. Guilty of causing the death of his friends at the hands of secret American forces, his banishment to the island is coming to an end, and signifies the end of life as they know it to some of those around him.

"The Secret Life of Taylor" must remain a secret, since it revolves around knowledge learned on the other side of death. Only Taylor, a brain-damaged man, knows the truth of what he has been told about heaven and hell.

"Meant to Be" teaches us the truth about holding on, letting go, and fills us in on the real secret of the island. How many will be left to tell the tale? How many will remember?

Nightmares and Afterthoughts
A collection of tales that will paralyse you with fear, making sleep impossible. With every turn of the page, the terror grows stronger and before you know it, the beast will be upon you, in the darkest corners of your room, watching and waiting for the perfect time...

This book also includes the short story Donnie

The Grip: A Horror Short Story
Lt. Cready and Engineer Andreas Chavez have been chosen to man a claustrophobic outpost on the outer edge of the solar system. After a year and a half with no word from Earth, nerves become frayed and tensions mount as Cready begins to suspect that his friend isn't entirely human.

Note: This short story is 3000 words (around 12 pages)

Bad Billy
Bad Billy has spent his entire life in Mama's basement. When the chains break free and he escapes into the world, he must learn the difference between being a monster and a human being.

It's going to be a bloody education.

"Bad Billy, it's 'Of Mice and Men' meets the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre.'"
--R. Scott McCoy, Publisher of "Necrotic Tissue Magazine," author of "Feast" and the "White Face Bear"

Deadly Reflections

Justin Wells has a less than perfect life. His parents have recently divorced and he is living with his dad, who does nothing but watch TV all day. They've moved into a house that is falling apart around them. Worst of all, he is attending a new high school, where everyone treats him like an outcast.

Things don't get any easier for him when he becomes interested in Sarah Ellis, girlfriend of all-star hockey player Brandon Tate, a quick-tempered bully who soon has it out for Justin.

Right when Justin is starting to make friends and his life is incrementally improving, an ancient and mysterious entity is unleashed on the sleepy New England town. After a few suspicious deaths, it becomes apparent that something is going on a killing spree.

…something that can only be seen in mirrors.

As the bodies start piling up around them, Justin and his new friends have to figure out how to stop this terrible force before it picks them off one by one.

DEADLY REFLECTIONS is a classic page-turner, blending the thrills of a horror novel with the romantic sweep of a passionate love story.

American Zombie - Night of the 28 Legends

Three potheads encounter a zombie outbreak in the backwoods of America.

Sy, Nile, and Poe are three complacent stoners driving the back roads of their town when a startling event causes their night to detour into escalating danger.

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