Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Self Help and Advice

I'm feeling kind of blue today, so how about some Self-Help books? Better your life one free book at a time.

10 Dating Lessons from Sex and the City is the essential guide to dating, based on the cult hit Sex and the City. By studying the dating drama and disasters in Sex and the City, women can discover what to do, and what not to do when it comes to dating and relationships. The book provides humorous and practical dating advice for women of all ages written by an author with a degree in Psychology.


This new edition of How People Tick is a practical guide to over 50 types of difficult people such as Angry People, Blamers, Impatient People, Workaholics and Gossips. Each difficult situation is described, how it happens is analysed, and then strategies to help you deal with the problem are suggested. Disruptive behaviour patterns can be addressed once and for all, instead of having to handle one-off 'difficult' events, time and time again. Absolutely invaluable to everybody, How People Tick is full of tried and tested tips for handling 'difficult' people in 'difficult' situations, based on a real understanding of their behaviour. It is an essential read if you find people bewildering or just plain difficult, and yet still want to understand them, work with them and live with them.


Elisabeth Wilson looks at the sources of stress – occupational, genetic and environmental – and reveals 52 brilliant techniques for creating a stress-free zone. When your batteries are blown and burnout is imminent these top tips can help you regain control.


Want to know the easy way to approach and make conversation with new people? In this book you`ll discover simple ways to ensure you always have something interesting to talk about.

Find out how popular people make it look so easy and how you can do the same. 

Is your marriage struggling? Do you desire a closer relationship with your husband or wife, but you don't know where to begin? If so, this short eBook is for you. Fewer than 50 pages in length, it's designed for married people on the go. If you want a comprehensive, academic treatment of the male and female psyche, look elsewhere. But if you want solutions, including a few that get at the root issues of how people think about their marriage as well as the future, then this is for you. 

Written with a faith-based audience in mind, author Barry Franklin lays out five simple steps you can start implementing over the next several days to give yourself and your marriage a needed jump-start. It won't solve all your problems, but it can put you on the road to achieving the happiness and intimacy you crave in your marriage relationship. 


We all will get hurt in life; unfortunately, oftentimes it’s by the people we love the most. “I Forgive You: Why You Should Always – The Path of Forgiveness Book 1” explains why it so important to forgive everyone; it’s for your own personal benefit. Without forgiveness, you are hindering your own life in ways you may not understand. This first installment of a three-book path toward complete and total forgiveness explains why no matter what happens…you should always forgive, and we will show you why and how. If you are ever going to truly forgive and release the hurt from your past, you must first understand why it’s so important to do it.


Do your friends and colleagues see you as a successful person who is calm, professional and cheerful - while sometimes you feel far from it?

Sarah Dale, the chartered occupational psychologist behind the Creating Focus coaching programme, has met many people for whom this seems to be the case. People who face daunting workloads; rapid change; uncertainty about the future; and a sometimes impossible conflict between work, home and well-being.

It's a mix that can dampen your enthusiasm for a career you once loved and leave you too tired to enjoy your leisure time. This book, drawing on sound research, suggests realistic ways of Keeping Your Spirits Up


In Boost your memory, expert author Darren Bridger provides 52 brilliant ideas and brain training exercises that will help you make and store new memories effectively and re-arrange your existing memories for more effective recall.  Boost your memory will help you perform better at work, and make sure you never forget another anniversary or important detail again. Simply brilliant.


The Ultimate Career Coach is an inspirational guide to getting to the top at work, and staying there. Packed with advice to help you achieve career success and enjoy your work, The Ultimate Career Coach covers everything a career-minded professional needs to know about getting ahead at work and staying on top. Topics include ways to get your dream job, how to network like a pro, how to use influencing methods to achieve success at work, how to balance work and home life, tips for managing stress levels, methods for thinking like a business leader and 140 other ideas to ensure high performance.

In Succeed for Yourself, Richard Denny shows how you can transform your individual dream of success into reality. Crammed with common-sense advice and inspiring ideas, Succeed for Yourself will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will help you seize your self-belief, set goals and achieve them, overcome setbacks and rejection, become highly motivated and find happiness at home and at work. Richard Denny believes that everybody has the potential within them for achieving success, wealth and happiness. The power of his message resonates with people from all walks of life, and Succeed for Yourself gives you the opportunity to put his ideas into practice.


What About Love? Reminders for Being Loving is a collection of 23 essays and 58 short quotes about love and relationship taken from Gina Lake's many books, which are meant to expand your understanding of love, drop you into a more loving space, and inspire you daily to be more loving. 


The Prosperity Bell is Ringing: Will you answer it?
About the Proclamations in this Kindle eBook: Spirit of God is alive and all powerful. Each man and woman, though we are often unaware, may utilize the resources, energy, and the vibratory power of words to create. It is important to know that whatever any man woman or child voices and feels (believes), he/she begins to attract. Carefully choose your words, what you feel, and what you think. Words... become "things". The words in this book are no exception. This book was wholly researched for 2 years; it is Spirit-led and was created on a Metaphysical plane. 
How these Proclamations work: It takes a minimum of 90 days of repetition to establish the Rich Proclamations presented in this book. There are no guarantees any person(s) reading this book will become wealthy or reap any of the rewards, benefits, etc. defined in the Rich Proclamations of this book. Yet, when practiced, these Rich Proclamations may positively yield increase, abundance, and advancement in the life of the person(s) who "proclaim" these words in "Good Faith". 
Not every proclamation in this book will resonate with every person, so simply choose your favorite proclamations from this Kindle eBook, work with those first, and then advance to practicing others as you enjoy abundant results. Also, try reciting your favorite proclamations in this book aloud in a quiet place with an assurance, belief, and feeling that you are already successful. 
Disclaimer: There is no exact science, no guarantees, no claim, that the words defined in this book will achieve Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune, Healing, etc. However, since this book was wholly researched over a span of 2 years and created on a Spiritual and Metaphysical plane, the proclamations written in this book may indeed transcend lives for the better. The Law of Attraction does not allow any person to use these proclamations to allow any other person than the reader to profit, transform or change when these proclamations are put into practice. Faith is a seed that must be sown individually – for any of these Proclamations to profit any person(s) life. Also, nothing that God does not ordain can ever be accomplished, including these proclamations if it is not in God's plan. 
The Author of a Pocket Full of Wisdom, Tamara Dawn Savino, Amazon.com, Kindle or any other associated Marketing Company or Publisher (i.e., Kindle or Amazon.com) accepts absolutely NO liability or responsibility for the outcomes of the study or practices researched and subsequently written and/or otherwise presented in this publication. This book is a Spirit-led, and Meta Physical guide for more faith, joy, love, hope, optimal health, prosperity, and rich abundance. This publication is only intended for mature audiences over the age of 18, but it has also been useful in the lives of teenagers and college students as well. God’s Blessings and Prosperity Be with You Now and Forever... as you join me on this Abundant and Rich Journey.


Janet Butwell reveals 52 brilliant ideas for keeping your body working at its best and your mind active and alert. Enjoy retirement will inspire you to use retirement years to make your personal mark on the world. The second edition of this best-selling title is now even better value: Enjoy retirement now contains bonus chapters with brand new inspirational tips and techniques, has been updated with our new cover design, and also has an exclusive added-value offer for every reader.


With the wave of a wand and a snap of their Fairy Godmother’s fingers, your favorite characters are transformed into their fantasies all in a magical makeover montage. You too can become anything you want to be by reading this book and learning all about the magical world of movie makeovers. There are lessons from each movie makeover, followed by makeover tips to make your fabulous.

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