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Short Story Collections

Donny and Tonya went trick-or-treating and stumbled into a haunted house.

Or did they? Donny can’t be sure of anything anymore.
But how will they escape the madhouse? 
Werewolves, man-eating plants and living dolls all stand in the way. It’s got to be Ronald Reagan to the rescue!

TRICK OR TREAT is book ten in Shana Hammaker’s short thriller series Twelve Terrifying Tales for 2011.

Approximately 5000 words/24 printed pages

Ten dark tales that step into the shadows of humanity that few dare to enter. 

REDSTONE LAKE - a newlywed couple ventures to a family cabin in the woods that conceals a disturbing incident from the past.

REST STOP - a fed up wife runs into terror rather than away from it while fleeing her abusive husband. 

JACOB’S GIFT - a boy takes a midnight tip to the graveyard to dig up his brother who he believes is still alive.

THE PHONE CALL - a man impatiently waits for a call from a young woman, only what condition will that lady be in when she makes the call.

THE OTHER SIDE - a desperate young man gives the online dating scene one last try and this time seems to find the girl of his dreams.

SUNBURN - a grieving husband will do anything to keep his daughter from suffering the same painful fate as her mother, even if it involves murder.

RED PICKUP - a police officer gets a hunch that not everything is as it seems with the young man he has pulled over, though the discovery he eventually makes is something he would never have imagined. 

THE BONE YARD - a man and his dog take a quiet walk through a town where children frequently disappear.

CODE BLUE - the fiancé of a young lady waiting for a lung transplant faces a decision that will forever change his life.

WRONG TURN - an out of work adult living with his parents goes for a nightly bike ride through the old neighborhood and uncovers a horrible secret from his youth that he had buried long ago.

Containing twenty of the very best supernatural tales from the golden age of the ghost story, this new selection ranges from acknowledged classics by the likes of Sheridan Le Fanu, Edgar Allan Poe and M.R. James to neglected chillers by lesser-known authors, such as Frank Cowper, William Hope Hodgson and Amelia B. Edwards. Newcomers to the genre can absorb themselves in a wide range of stories, from the quaintly comic to the genuinely frightening, while enthusiasts may also find something they have not read before or else rediscover gems they may have forgotten. Each story comes complete with a brief biography of the author. Look out for volume 2 (now available)!

Twenty-five short tales based on Halloween written by members of a writers' group in upstate New York. Suitable for an audience 14 and older, although some may have adult content. Illustrated by members of the group as well.

These bone-chilling, mind-wrenching short stories will leave you wondering about the people around you...and yourself.

The Owners
What happens to us when the original owners of the planet finally show up?

More To Me
When the ugly truth is too much to bear, some people make their own truth...and it can get even uglier.

Cats are the most lovable of companions...until you cross them.

Kings Mountain
Three points of view spanning one Town’s story of treachery and murder.

Plumb the depths of what a woman is capable of when everything she knows is threatened.

No Forwarding
Crazy is catching.

PLUS three more and the first chapter of the novel "The Devil Stood Up" and the first three chapters of "Messages"...also by Christine Dougherty

Now, for the first time, Episodes 1 thru 4 of the Skeleton Project are packaged together at one low price. In addition, Fright Pack #1 contains a Sneak Preview of a future Wayne Thomas Batson novel called "Unnatural."

See below for Teaser Summaries of each Skeleton Project Episode!

Episode 1: File #0001 is about the mysterious circumstances that led the FBI to form The Skeleton Project. The most secretive branch of the Bureau, the Skeleton Project searches out the paranormal and supernatural cases that are far beyond the means of regular law enforcement. In Episode One, you'll meet two of the Skeleton Project's finest agents.

Obsessive, bend-the-rules Special Agent Oswald "Oz" Pershing is forced to contend with a trigger-happy new partner, Rachel Minnis. Together, Pershing and Minnis travel to Spud City, Idaho solve a series of supernatural pet abductions. Haunted by memories of his own loss, Pershing must juggle alien spacecraft sightings, the demands of breaking in a new partner, and the expectations of his volatile Chief Inspector. And all the while, the ultra secretive and ultra dangerous group known as The Executors watch over these two agents and weigh certain fateful decisions...

Episode 2: File #0002 will expose one of the Confectioner's darkest schemes as something terrifying escapes from a top secret laboratory. Special Agents Pershing and Minnis will follow a trail of shattered bones, desperately trying to solve the case before more people die. Clues will lead the feuding Skeleton Project agents to Maryland's celebrated Eastern Shore where something monstrous awaits. But this time, the supernatural may be more than these Skeleton Project agents can handle. 

Episode 3: File #0003 will send Skeleton Project Agents Pershing and Minnis into the unforgiving heat of Nevada's Black Rock Desert. UFO sightings and a mysterious, ultra top secret Air Force base force our heroes to proceed with caution, but caution isn't enough. There are things waiting for Pershing and Minnis in the desert. It might be a link to Pershing's long lost pet fennec fox Max, or it might be the end of the Skeleton Project itself.

Episode 4: File #0004 will find Skeleton Project Agents Pershing and Minnis heading to the North Carolina shore for her parents' huge Halloween party. But the sleepy coastal town of Redport has a bloody secret. A three hundred year old mass murder, ghostly sightings of a fiery pirate ship, and dozens of unexplained deaths--will test Pershing and Minnis' wit and will as they attempt to solve the mystery of the Ship of Fire.

Mystery, humor, horror, suspense, and supernatural--the ingredients of a read-me-under-the-covers kind of story. The Skeleton Project is a series of supernatural mysteries in the same vein as the X-Files or The Nightstalker shows. Written to be enjoyed by readers from sixth grade to senior status, you'll find these tales are a little serious and a little tongue-in-cheek. Please note: this is a series of short stories, minimum 7,000 words.

Thirty-two tales of horror from acclaimed author Donna Burgess. Enter the world of vampire, zombies, ghosts and people who aren't quite sane. Travel the darkest roads, from the American South to the Chernobyl contamination zone and find out what lies in wait. FOR MATURE READERS. 

This is a compilation of the short-story singles listed, including, Breaths In Winter, The Dancing Water, The Dead Girl's Blog, Abigail, Scarecrow John, Twilight Poison and many others. 

Total word count is approx. 116000 or 368 pages.

In his second collection of short fiction, Bruce Jones describes worlds in which things are askew, not quite right: a prostitute falls in love with a werewolf; a man loses his wife on a shopping trip and discovers that he's lost an entire life; a young girl who cannot speak screams hideously in a fog-enshrouded coastal house when she is forced to take her nightly bath; a businessman discovers his dream life in a sordid little porno shop. 

Jones takes us places where most of us would rather not go, given the choice, but you have no choice with Jones's incredible collection of short stories, comparable to Stephen King in his scope and range, to Shirley Jackson in his understanding of the human (and inhuman) heart.


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