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Young Adult

She is the most famous woman in the world—a former actress, songstress, ex-girlfriend of the biggest rock star on the planet, and magnetically privy to scandal. She is twenty-eight years old, but doesn’t look a day over twenty with her petite, 5’2” frame and her dark hair teased in a short pixie cut. Her beauty is that of premium natural selection—full pink lips, high cheek bones, big blue eyes framed by impossibly thick eyelashes, a button nose, and deep dimples set into a face of light freckles. This woman is not of high birth, has no college degree, and has graced the covers of every tabloid in the world for years. 

And this woman has just married the prince of the devastated country of Kenth. This woman has just joined the royal family of Aravica, a monarchy ridden with their own share of unbelievable scandal and tragedy. 

I invite you to embark on the most important interview ever done—and one of the most significant conversations of our time. 

Meet Bets Anthony. This is her story of becoming a princess.

Book one of The Alpha Girls series introduces you to Alexis, Brittany and Caitlin who have grown up together since birth. Caitlin is ready to become a woman, but she's fourteen and has yet to experience her first French kiss or her first period. The summer before high school will change all of that.

Caitlin is taken by surprise when Joshua reveals his feelings for her. As Caitlin sorts out her own feelings toward Josh the memory of the kiss she shared with Trick on the beach continues to invade her thoughts.

Good thing she'll never see Trick again or things could get complicated.
Nashville - Part One - Ready to Reach - A Novella

Nineteen-year old CeCe Mackenzie leaves Edgetown, Alabama for Nashville with not much more to her name than a guitar, a Walker Hound named Hank Junior and an old car she’d inherited from her grandma called Gertrude.

But Gertrude ends up on the side of I-40 in flames, and Nashville has never seemed farther away.

Help arrives in the form of two Georgia football players headed for the Nashville dream as well. When Holden Ashford and Thomas Franklin stop to offer CeCe and Hank Junior a ride, fate may just give a nod to serendipity and meant to be.
Zellie Wells has a devastating crush on Avery Adams, the son of her mom’s high school sweetheart. At her sixteenth birthday party, held in the basement of her dad’s church, she finally finds the courage to talk to him. Turns out, the devastating crush is mutual. 

As Avery takes her hand and leads her out onto the makeshift dance floor, Zellie is overwhelmed by her first vision of his death; shocking because not only are they both covered in his blood, but they’re old, like thirty-five, and she is pregnant.

Afraid to tell anyone about the vision, (she’d just be labeled a freaky black magic witch, right?) Zellie keeps the knowledge of Avery’s future to herself and tries to act like any other teenager in love. When they get caught on their way to a secret rendezvous by her mom and his dad, they are forbidden to see each other.

Convinced that their parents are freaking out unnecessarily, Avery and Zellie vow to be together no matter what. They continue their relationship in secret until Zellie learns that their parents are just trying to prevent her and Avery from suffering like they did. The visions are hereditary, they’re dangerous, and if they stay together the visions will come true. 

Now Zellie must choose between severing all ties with Avery, like her mom did to prevent his father’s death, and finding a way to change Avery’s future.
Augustus Tomlin is found floating face-down in the waters just off the Florida coast when he is just a year old. He spends most of his young life trying to overcome a paralyzing fear of water, and when his adoptive parents bring back to the Keys from his home state of Arizona at age fourteen, his life changes forever after a ferocious attack by several nightmarish creatures waiting for him in a cove, and a daring rescue by a girl riding a massive sea creature that resembles a dragon. 
Not long after that Augie is introduced to the magical world of Grim's Peak where underwater lakes, trimsticks and wimballs, cryptoquariums, and water arches are the order of the day. 
Augie is immersed in this new world and must make new friends, learn how to co-exist with the sometimes unfriendly plants, adverse underwater weather conditions, and amazing creatures like the hippocamp, which is a creature of legend said to be half-horse half-fish; all the while trying to figure out who his parents were; who is trying to kill him; and what his connection is to the town's founding fathers whose centuries old secrets threaten to throw the residents of this amazing world into complete chaos...
In Talgard, prophecies are everywhere. Some are bizarre, most are wrong and the rest are open to a lot of interpretation. One in particular threatens to pull the world apart. Two cities are brought to war when the Firestone, an artefact of great power, is stolen. Can the King of Demir, with the help of a young boy and his female dragon, find the Firestone and restore peace before it's too late?

Firestone is the debut fantasy novel by Damien J. Nash, suitable for Young Adults of all ages.
Sun Coast High and Marina are rival schools. Sicily is Sun Coast’s head cheerleader. She’s downright attractive, popular, and has that bitchy and snarky personality that ensures her fellow students either love her, or fear her. 
Lucas Mercer is her male counterpoint. He’s drop–dead gorgeous, the King of his school, and has that mysterious and commanding presence. 

Due to her inattentiveness Sicily breaks Lucas’s arm, rendering him unable to play basketball for the rest of the season. Her punishment for the negligent action is to babysit the player on a regular basis and abide his every request. Being archenemies, the task isn’t exactly a piece of cake, no matter how attracted they are to one another.

Warning: This book contains some mature content.
Flo has always had problems. Her stammer prevents her speech and her dad’s abuse makes her life a living hell. Not to mention she sees colours other people don’t. 

When her dad decides to ship her off to live with her grandma in the sleepy town of Chesterport, Flo thinks that this is her chance for a better life. But on her very first day at her new school she is ridiculed and laughed at for having a stammer. One student sticks up for her and his name is Frank.

Frank’s body is surrounded by an aura of fire, but Flo is the only one who can see it. He lives in a foster home for troubled teenagers. Flo is drawn to him because he’s different and so is she. 

Things are about to get scary, because Chesterport is not your ordinary suburban town. It’s infested by a coven of dark witches who prey on the young and the elderly. Soon Flo discovers that she’s next on their list of victims, and finds herself fighting a battle she never would have imagined possible.
An explosion at a secret laboratory. A rift in space-time. Alien dogs that can camouflage and sniff rips in time with their supervac noses. Be prepared to traverse shifting time streams and deeply entrenched shadow worlds in a wild and crazy fantasy/sci-fi near-future that will make your head spin and your heart pound. 

Chockful of science and romance (yes, the two are compatible!), follow Bria Harrison, brilliant teenage daughter of two prominent scientists, as she searches for her mother, whom she insists is alive, despite the devastating explosion at the National Laboratory. While re-creating her mother’s last experiment in her basement, Bria, her autistic brother Dylan, and four friends cause a rip in time-space—and out of the resultant black hole tumbles K-Six, a time sniffer who has come to get them. 

This doglike alien takes them back through the rip to his training world, where the teens must be altered to adapt to dangerous time confluences and worlds they must traverse to save the scientists trapped in a time eddy. If the scientists cannot be rescued soon, dark energy, now streaming into the galaxy at an alarming rate, will cause horrific destruction—including the end of all life on earth
Shane Krivich has plans for the summer.

But an ancient evil entity long lost, has plans for him...

All Shane wants is to meet a girl, fall in love and finally lose his virginity, just like any red-blooded eighteen-year-old male. Except not all typical teenagers have their own personal anxiety best that wraps its constricting tentacles if they even think of touching a girl. Add in a best friend named Cam, that will not only sleep with anything with breasts, but try to sway any girl's eye from Shane, it's enough to make a virile young man crack. He's learned to deal with the nagging anxiety beast over the years, and Cam, but when he starts hearing a voice in his head and losing moments of time, he believes that either a split personality is scratching to get through, or, his intrusive anxiety disorder has gained enough momentum to finally take him over, altering who he is and what he does.... 

After Shane and Cam win an all-expenses paid trip to Stonehenge, he is determined to have the time of his life and to finally break the bonds of the anxiety beast; leaving his boyhood behind so that he can become a man. But, unknown to Shane, he was brought to Stonehenge for a reason-a reason that reveals the answer to the question of whether his recent bouts with anger and amnesia are psychological. 

Against the ancient backdrop of Stonehenge, something older than the mysterious stones waits to be reborn. And it needs needs his blood.

Author Recommendation: Mature Young Adults (language, drinking, sexual situations)

In a world comprised of three rival kingdoms as different from each other as the families that rule them, Emariya Warren is unique in being a daughter of not one but two of the ruling families.

Sixteen years ago, Emariya narrowly escaped dying on their cold estate floor beside her mother. Now, after learning her father has been captured, Emariya makes the desperate decision to follow in her mother's ill-fated footsteps and journey to marry the prince of a rival land, Torian Ahlen. But when Emariya discovers the secrets of the three families and an ominous prophecy warning the three bloodlines must never be combined, she begins to fear the handsome prince waiting for her may desire more than to steal her heart.

CORNERSTONE is a full length Young Adult fantasy.
Mature Content - Cornerstone does include a few minor curse words. No sexual or explicit content.
The paperback (Due to be produced in early November) will be in a 5.25x8 and it is 344 pages long.

At first, Nick Morrison and Trevor Devane believe that solving a thirty-year-old mystery should be easy; even for two twelve-year-old boys.

Using Nick's psychic visions of the crime, they decide to piece together enough clues to identify the killer and capture the $10,000 reward. It soon becomes apparent that the boys are digging up bones that others would prefer remain buried. The harassment begins slowly with members of the local police force and quickly escalates into a serious threat to the young boys' investigation...and their lives!

As the boys dodge their pursuers and continue to gather clues, they begin to realize that the mystery may go much deeper than just the local police force. It appears there are even more powerful people trying to keep the past right where it is...buried and forgotten.

When Travis MacDuff meets the girl next door, Eliza, it is love at first sight. Teen-aged love is complicated enough, but Eliza has a secret that makes everything just plain weird.

On the planet Kelanni, life is cheap.

With the aid of the fearsome "Keltar" enforcers,
in their flying cloaks, a ruthless invader is forcing the native people to mine
the colloquially named "lodestone" - a substance from another universe with
infinitely destructive power.

The only ones who can stop him are a tiny girl with fiery disposition, a
former Keltar, a failed revolutionary, a musician and the mysterious creature,
Boxx, who seems to speak only in riddles.

In “Magic’s Guardian” Life will never be the same for soldiers of fortune, McIvor ”Mac” Docherty and his buddy Angus “Striker” McDonough. Trapped in a cave system after a lost battle, the two men find their fate tied to Ch’dwen of Ard’win, Guardian to the King of Elves. In a race to save kidnapped Queen Shad, Mac and Striker will learn the truth of Striker’s own existence and the meaning of true magic. Magic and lore come alive as Guardians and Soldiers join with their spirit animals to ride across Egypt into the Northern Continent in search of a traitor, dragons and lost love.

Megan Miller, a freshman at Carver High and a Double Threat, the perfect combination of smart and popular. She's got the grades, she's got the friends, and she's got the connections. Freshman year should be a breeze, but it's not. How can it be when you have boys, boys and boys on the brain. And really only one in particular. Alex Aguilar...the boy of Meg's dreams. They met at a party and Meg's whole world shifted. The spark was there, there was no denying it. But could that spark lead to more? Can a Senior and Freshman really make a go of it no matter what kind of connection they share? Or will outside circumstances ruin not only Meg's Freshman year, but her chance at hooking the guy of her dreams. Being a Double Threat is supposed to make you special, but is it worth it if you don't get your crush?

Braden's witch eyes give him an enormous power. A mere look causes a kaleidoscopic explosion of emotions, memories, darkness, and magic. But this rare gift is also his biggest curse.
Compelled to learn about his shadowed past and the family he never knew, Braden is drawn to the city of Belle Dam, where he is soon caught between two feuding witch dynasties. Sworn rivals Catherine Lansing and Jason Thorpe will use anything—lies, manipulation, illusion, and even murder—to seize control of Braden's powers. To stop an ancient evil from destroying the town, Braden must master his gift, even through the shocking discovery that Jason is his father. While his feelings for an enigmatic boy named Trey grow deeper, Braden realizes a terrible truth: Trey is Catherine Lansing's son . . . and Braden may be destined to kill him
Bethann, a struggling college student, takes her evil younger sister, Holly, to re-raise after the grandmother who tried to raise them dies. On the rainy interstate, en route from South Georgia to Miami, Florida, Bethann lays down the rules to Holly--no more stealing, no more lying, no more recreational eating, no more hanging out with more, no more... The list goes on and on as Bethann mentally searches for reasons why Holly is like she is. If Bethann can understand her, she can fix her. So she thinks...
14 year old Stephen moves into a tough neighborhood and soon finds himself in love with Kristine, one of the prettiest girls in his class. Kristine appears to like him, too, but Stephen learns she “belongs” to a big, mean football player who’s three years older. Despite warnings from his best friend, Stephen moves ahead anyway. All hell breaks loose. Will Stephen allow himself to be shoved into the background, or will he win the girl he truly loves?

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