Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arts and Entertainment

Good morning. Here's something new, some Arts and Entertainment books!

Fascinating Facts About Classic Movies
Fascinating Facts About Classic Movies is guaranteed to satisfy any movie buff. It's filled with unintended consequences that were turned into cinematic gold, and great behind the scenes details about unforgettable films, like Gone With The WindCitizen KaneThe Wizard of OzTitanicThe Godfather, and many others. Inside, you'll discover:
  • What infamous movie line came from a Bruce Springsteen concert.
  • Which actor had to leave the The Wizard of Oz due to an allergic reaction to the makeup.
  • How Al Pacino got the idea to yell "Attica! Attica!" in Dog Day Afternoon.
  • Why the movie Back To The Future was almost called Spaceman From Pluto.
  • What Star Wars character was inspired by George Lucas' dog.
  • What famous fried chicken restaurant chain was named after a detective in a movie.
  • Why Frank Sinatra was angry at Spike Lee after Do The Right Thing.
  • Which classic film inspired several famous cartoon characters.
  • Which controversial film premiere Martin Luther King, Jr. attended as a ten-year old.
  • Which classic film Muhammad Ali almost stared in as a boxer.
  • And much, much more!
The Wisdom of Rock and Roll - Lessons on Life and Creativity from the Greatest Artists of Our Generation

Rock and roll has entertained our generation greatly over the last few decades. In fact, many of the great memories of our lives have rock and roll as its soundtrack. 

For many of us in this generation, a rock song, whether hard or soft, accompany many of our fondest memories of life: of going to the park with our parents, of our first day in school, of our first kiss, many birthdays, graduation, first job. Rock and roll played the soundtracks of many of our marriages, our experience of seeing our children smile for the very first time, of saying good bye to our children as they left our homes to be on their own, and so on.

In this “single” ebook, that will take you less than 12 minutes to finish reading, you will be immersing yourself in the wisdom of some of the most influential rock and roll artists of all time. Specifically, you will learn the core values, beliefs, and philosophies that inspired them to write their songs, to entertain us, and to touch our lives.

Michael Taggart Photography: The Flowers

Ordinary flowers and plants made extraordinary through the digital manipulation of photographer Michael Taggart. 
Before-and-after images highlight the amazing transformation of normal garden plants into something magical. 
Michael also offers insight into the creation of the images as well as tips for fellow photographers.

Shooting Old Film Cameras - Nikon N70 - Volume 10 (Old Cameras)

Approximately 95 pages with more than 90 color and black and white images.

There is considerable debate among photographers about whether film is better than digital with about an equal number lining up on both sides and presenting their opinions and relevant and irrelevant data. It is not the purpose of this volume to espouse one position or another. It is sufficient to know that they are each different and subject to a considerable range of interpretation. 

However, it is quite enjoyable to take one of these old cameras, that have absolutely no automatic functionality, and create excellent images. I suspect that it is the same force that drives auto enthusiasts to take an old Model T Ford car and restore it. They certainly don’t have the power and ease of operation of modern automobiles but they are extraordinarily fun to drive!

Unlike other books about old cameras this one does not dwell on the fine technicalities of the individual camera (although limited technical data is present) but to present images taken with each camera to show the reader concrete examples of images taken with each model.

Greatest Clicks: A Dog Photographer's Best Shots

40 Drool-worthy Dog Photographs by Famed Photographer, Mark J. Asher 

From a Golden Retriever on a swing to a Standard Poodle tending bar, Greatest Clicks is a captivating collection of dog photographs that tickles the funny bone and touches the heart. The images--sweet, silly, and emotive--reveal the innocence and beauty of dogs and why we love them. Snapped by famed pet photographer Mark J. Asher (Old Friends), Greatest Clicks spans a ten-year career, and includes a behind-the-lens story for each dog captured in the book.

*Note: This eBook contains color photographs, which are best viewed on a tablet. If you don't have a tablet, you can download the Kindle for PC or Mac or view using the Kindle Cloud Reader.

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