Friday, November 9, 2012

Family Saga

Good Morning all! With the Holidays approaching, I've decided to run some Family Saga's today. Maybe you'll find some families here that remind you of yours, or maybe some that are more embarassing than yours... who knows! Enjoy these Family Sagas for free!

Happy Hour
Every woman has that group of friends in her life ~ her "go to girls" The friends that she can turn to who "get it." The ones who are there for you no matter what. The ones who laugh with you and cry with you. The ones that will always be there. These are the women of Napa Valley.

Jamie is the editor-in-chief of Wine Lover's Magazine, a single mother and caretaker to her senile mother-in-law ~ a woman who thinks her daily caregiver is Dean Martin. Jamie is still recovering, financially and emotionally from the death of her husband several years earlier. And when she finds what could be the key to happiness, can she open the door and let it in? Or will her feelings of guilt and betrayal hold her back?

Danielle is a vintner and the divorced mom of two. She's basking in what she knows is going to be a successful launch of her new wines. Wines she created on her own after her divorce. But what she doesn't expect is for her daughter to come home with news that will shock her to her core. Will an old flame help her accept the changes that are coming and find the love she's been missing in her life for so long? Or will a tragedy that no one sees coming change their lives forever?

Kat is a sommelier, co-owner of a magnificent restaurant with her chef husband, and mother of a blended family. But is being deeply in love with your husband enough to get them through the teenage years, step-children and exes? And what happens when old faces return and she's faced with the knowledge that not everything is what you thought it was. What happens when she finds she was mad at the wrong person and finds out the "right one" was in the wrong? Can she forgive and move on? Can love overcome everything and truly bring a family together?

Alyssa is an artist and gallery owner with a secret of her own. One she was hoping would stay buried deep in her closet. But the time has come for her to put someone else first, to face the past and to deal with her demons. What she never expected to find was love and her "home."

No matter what is going on in their own lives, no matter the heartache or joy they're experiencing these four women are always there to love, support and encourage each other.

Prince in the Mist
Fact one: By tradition and treaty, Fae do not interfere with the human world—it is against the rules.

Fact two: For a Royal Fae prince who suffers from the ennui of immortality, watching and interacting with humans—especially lovely, spirited human females—can be entertaining.

Fact three: When entertainment changes to affection, and affection becomes love, rules will be broken.

His name is Breslyn, Prince of Dagda of the Tuatha Dé. He is a royal Fae, immortal and endowed with more than eye candy looks. He is a being with immeasurable powers but life for him lacked something—so he looked around, and found...humans.

Watching their lives and interactions, from another dimension filled him with feelings he had thought long lost in the ennui of immortality. The more he watched--the more addicted to their antics he became. An affection for the human race grew inside the heart Fae are not supposed to have, and it was inevitable that he began to have preferences with regards to them.

In 1314, when Scotland’s rule was in jeopardy and the British were about to take more than they should, he chose a side--and then he saw her, and nothing would ever be the same for the prince ever again…

Some Happy Day (Rescued...A Series of Hope)
Nobel Reeves had his hands full when he found a little toddler wandering in the tall grass of the Great Plains. Who was this child? Where were her parents? How would he evade the law long enough to see that she was safe? Would he ever have a home of his own or was he to remain a fugitive?
Kidnapped on her way home from school, fifteen-year-old Myrtle Jennings finds herself in the clutches of unsavory men. Their intent is to give her over to their boss who gathers young girls for his traveling brothel. She must escape, but how? If she does get away, how will her family and friends accept her after they find out what has happened to her?

The Many and the One
THE MANY AND THE ONE by Donald Wells
From the author of  DOUBLE OR NOTHING & THE FIX-IT MAN 

When Lindsay Parker catches her boyfriend Derek Stern cheating, she wants only one thing--Revenge! 
Knowing of Derek's hatred for Jason Reynolds, she begins dating Jason simply as a way to hurt Derek. 
However, something happens that Lindsay didn't count on. She falls in love. Derek schemes to get Lindsay back into his life, however, his obsession goes too far, 
and leads to a violent and life-altering confrontation with Jason. 
When Derek's beautiful, but conniving mother Charlotte enters the fray, 
the stakes escalate into a decades long struggle that tests Lindsay and Jason's bond, 
while redefining the boundaries of love.

Marti Talbott's Highlander Series 1 (Anna, Rachel & Charlet)
ANNA -- In love with a woman he had only seen once and could not find, the Highlander, Kevin MacGreagor was growing older and needed a wife to give him sons. No other woman pleased him, even the daughters of other lairds, so he finally settled for Anna sight unseen. But when his men went to meet her guard, she was all alone and badly beaten. Who could have done such a thing and why? 

RACHEL -- had a dark secret and even she didn't know what it was. She was seventeen, determined to become as good a warrior as any Highlander and was firmly against taking a husband. Connor had other ideas. He loved Rachel and when a rival clan took her, he thought he would lose his mind. How would he ever get her back and if he did, would her dark secret separate them forever?

CHARLET -- The King of England asked the Highlander, Kevin MacGreagor, to hide a baby girl and save her life. But sixteen years later, someone discovered where she was. To Blair Cameron fell the duty of hiding and protecting Charlet. It was not an easy task. She was furious, head-strong and determined to run from him. Could Blair keep her alive? And if he did, could he keep himself from falling in love with her?

The Girl in the Lighthouse (Arrington Saga, Book 1)
Writer's Digest 2010- "The authors choice of incident is well honored in the way the individual scenes reveal character through action and dialogue; an entertaining and informative read."

  Historical Novels Review Online-" This historical fiction novel is brimming with tension and crescendo like drama that will captivate the reader."

The Billionaire of Aspen Estates
The Billionaire of aspen estates is the first book in a new series by M.D. James. Think of a mixture between Downton Abbey and a V.C. Andrews book and you'll have this first book of the Concord Series. 

Jonas is a pre-teen boy living happily in an orphanage when his long-lost Uncle comes for him. He is transferred to a world of wealth and riches and finally gets to learn all about his mother. But, all is not as it seems. Soon he is running for his life and must find a way to stop those that wish him dead.

The Scion of Abacus, Part 1 (of 6)

The Hymage of Aaria rules an entire continent as its tyrant. For a millennia, the Eikos caste has been subject to him and to the Synths, who consume the powerful hyma drug in order to awaken their ether and work magic. 

Toven Aimis is a poor Eikos boy who passes a test and is taken to be trained as one of the Hymage's Synths. At the University where he is schooled, Toven begins to understand that his ether is quite different than that of the others around him, for he is able to do things with magic that should be impossible.

He finds himself at the center of a thousand-year-old conspiracy, though what his part is in that plot, he does not yet know. What he does know, however, is that he is no mere Synth. A thousand years ago, the true mages died out, but all evidence points to Toven possessing their superhuman ability to manipulate the physical world.

The question now is whether Toven can use his power to right the many wrongs of the Hymage and bring equality and justice to the Aarian Dominion, or whether he will simply become the next in a long line of tyrants. Because power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Approximately 35,000 words, or 140 pages.

Maudie (The Line of Passion)

Book One of The Line of Passion trilogy. Julia Newbury is the government's brightest star, and when the Prime Minister starts falling in the polls, he decides to hand the reigns over to the beautiful young woman who, with her handsome husband and gorgeous kids, seems to have it all. But just before the announcement is made, Julia is told that the affair she has been having with a Polish builder is about to be exposed - jeopardising everything she has achieved. Devastated, Julia starts thinking about the 'curse' that has blighted her family - three generations of women whose passionate natures have caused scandal and heartbreak.

Firstly there was her grandmother Maudie, a poor girl from Liverpool who married into the aristocracy and shocked 1930's society by having an affair with an Irish poet, and risked losing everything she possessed, including the daughter she adored….

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