Friday, November 9, 2012

For the Men

Ok, I'll admit it, I post a lot of Romances, but, most of my fans are women. As my fan base grows, I'm trying to gather free books that you guys would like too. So here is a list of Western and Men's Adventures! Enjoy

Railroad! Volume One:Rodger Dodger (a steampunk western)
Railroad is a fast pace steampunk story of gadgetry, gunplay and grit.

Join us as we follow the strange stand-alone train known as the Sleipnir (pronounced Schlipnear); eight cars of free traveling steam powered might. Able to lay her own tracks, as well as pick them up again, the train is a marvelous feat of engineering, and as an unbound entity she can travel anywhere her master desires. The only trouble is the trouble she attracts. Her owner and creator, one Professor Hieronymus J. Dittmeyer, can’t seem to help but catch the attention of all manner of odd characters, including an undead conductor and a ghostly guardian. But even the most well intending ghost just isn't enough to keep trouble from the tracks. From run of the mill outlaws, to world-class super villains, the crew of the Sleipnir needs hands-on protecting and they need it fast!

Enter Rodger Dodger, dead-eye marksman and all around vexed soul. Dodger finds he is inexplicably drawn to the Sleipnir and her crazy crew, though he is reluctant to return to the work of a gunslinger after a dreadful history of bloodshed and violence. At the request of a restless spirit, Dodger takes on the work, straps on the biggest guns this side of the Mississippi and soon finds his life will never be the same again. (Which is just fine with him because he didn't like the one he had anyways.)

On a train that can go anywhere, anything is bound to happen!

Still half asleep, Michael looked up at his parents sitting on the buckboard of their covered wagon and saw an arrow penetrate his father's chest. Then he saw his mother being dragged from the wagon by two Indians. His mother fell from the wagon and disappeared from his sight and from his life forever. Now he was all alone.

The Mighty Peculiar Incident at Muddy Creek
When the train doesn't stop in the Old West town of Muddy Creek, Sheriff Jesse Hawkins goes to investigate. What he finds is a mystery that goes far beyond anything in his experience: a car full of people frozen in time.

The Devil's Justice



When Jace Carlin’s family is killed by drunken marauders, he goes on a quest for vengeance until he settles the score. With his mission complete, he finds no satisfaction in what he has done. His family is still gone. He is alone and haunted by the violence and killing he has left behind him.

Incident at Bandera Pass (Redstone Stories)
"Incident at Bandera Pass" is a complete short story of about 2000 words. It is based on characters from the upcoming Redstone Trilogy novels. In this story, Jake Holder of the Texas Rangers fights in a historic battle with the Penateka Comanche, and meets an unusual warrior who will come to have a strong influence on his future. It is also available as part of the anthology, Redstone Stories

Six from Greeley
Greeley, Texas--a frontier town with a bad attitude and a reputation to match. Who lived in such a wicked place? Several compelling answers spring to life in this short story collection spanning more than a century of life, love and lust in the west Texas dust.

Greeley plays host to six short stories, each focusing on a special time, not just for this hardscrabble frontier town, but for the entire country. The time line stretches from the Civil War to the aftermath of Vietnam. Sin, it seems, never goes out of style.

Some characters come and go; others appear in multiple stories, and some of the most memorable aren't even human.

"Six from Greeley" will take readers on a tour they'll enjoy from beginning to end, and leave them hungry for more from this up and coming writer.

Wrong Number
It was the right person, but the wrong number to call.

Brad Mullen finds a phone number scrawled on a cocktail napkin outside a “meat market” bar. On a whim he dials the number, connecting him in ways he could never have imagined with a woman named Julie.

Things move fast, culminating in sex at a local park. Trying to slow down the breakneck pace, Brad eases off a bit, but Julie doesn’t like that at all. She burrows into all factions of Brad’s life, invading his work and telling him to stay away from other women and even his best friend.

Julie’s suffocating Brad. But that’s nothing compared to when the handcuffs, knife, and tire iron come out. She wants to possess him in every way—even if he’s dead.

Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Beret Series)
The Green Beret Series:
Eyes of the Hammer
Dragon Sim-13
Cut Out
Eternity Base

Warleader - A Blood and Tears Short Story
As a young warrior in the elite Kifzo army of his father’s tribe, Tobin lives a life consumed by the relentless training demands of his uncle. Despite his best intentions and hard work, he struggles to cope with his father's indifference toward him and his brother's outright hatred.

A chance opportunity may change all of that. Tobin’s father gives him, his brother and three other young Kifzo each a small squad to lead on a key mission. The squad leader who succeeds will be named Warleader and will command the entire tribe’s army. Tobin sees this as his best chance to step out of the shadow of his brother and earn the respect and recognition he’s always desired.

Warleader is a short story of approximately 9,200 words. It is a prequel to the epic fantasy Rise and Fall: Book One of the Blood and Tears Trilogy. 

Free Excerpt included of Rise and Fall: Book One of the Blood and Tears Trilogy.

Catch of the Day (Short Story)
Ken and Steve reluctantly give up their lawnmowing duties for a weekend of fishing, booze and male bonding. Unfortunately the fish aren't biting, supplies are running low and worst of all ... the beer just ran out. Then, without warning, an alien colony ship arrives in orbit, and that's when Ken's problems REALLY start.

Ken leapt into the hall, saw the flapping flywire and stopped.  He heard a whirring sound, but it was a second or two before his brain connected the noise with the fishing reel on one of the rods, a reel that was rapidly spooling out line.  He spotted a thread of silver stretched taut across the base of the door, and a slow grin spread across his battered face.
  "Gotcha," he muttered, scooping the rod up and adjusting the tension with a quick twist of his fingers.  The whirring changed tone, and the tip of the rod began to bend.  Ken leant back and heaved.

A 4000 word short story by the author of the Hal Spacejock series

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