Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Cooking

Now that Halloween is over, it's sad to say, but we all start thinking of the upcoming holiday season. Every year I want to try something new, different, but my family is not very welcoming to change. Too bad! I plan to try different things this season. Who knows, maybe they will like it! Maybe yours will too! Here's a few cook books to try and spice things up. Enjoy!

Cooking For One or Two: Appetizers
Hate throwing out wasted food because you're so sick of leftovers you could gag just looking at them? Hate spending a fortune making restauranteurs rich? Love home cooking? Want to impress someone special? Want to save money, your sanity, and relax at home? Check out the series Cooking for One or Two, starting with the first book, Appetizers. Pamper yourself with mini quiches, dips and canapes. Enjoy your own cocktail or mocktail hour with these. Make two or three appetizer recipes and call it a meal. In this and the next books to appear in the series, Kath Urbahn will help singles and couples learn how to prepare foods with confidence, and eat a huge variety of meals, eliminating mealtime and snacktime boredom. If you're tired of either throwing money in the trash in the form of spoiled food, or giving it all away to avoid throwing it out, this series is for you.

The Atria Holiday Cooking Collection
There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday than surrounded by good friends and good food. With that in mind, we present The Atria Holiday Collection, a free sampler featuring recipes from books by some of our favorite writers and chefs.

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes (Holiday Entertaining)
Keeping Christmas (Easy Cheap Comfort Eats)
Keeping Christmas is the history of Christmas, recipes for sweets to the Christmas Dinner, songs and links to tons of free things to read and do.

Ultimate Turkey Recipes
Ultimate Turkey Recipes is for the turkey lover. This book contains simple turkey recipes, where you can use leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving Day meal or any turkey meat you choice. Great to enjoy year round and definitively during the fall and winter months.

Christmas Grand Plan
The Christmas Grand Plan is a complete printable Christmas Planner that will help you be on top of all the little things that make the holidays so special from Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year!

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