Saturday, November 24, 2012

How are you entertaining this Holiday Season? Try some of these ideas!

Christmas Gifts They'll Actually Like! 25 Easy, Homemade Gift Ideas - Plus Instructions
Do you think the meaning of Christmas has been lost and materialized? Do you ever wonder if the XYZ Gift Card you purchased for that special someone was ever appreciated? We’ve transformed our holiday gift giving by making our own inexpensive, easy to make , homemade holiday gifts - and our family and friends love them! 

Unwavering Peaks (Sweets and Desserts)
La SeƱora Quiros was a well known caterer and baker in her native Lima, Peru. This book contains some of her best recipes of my grandmother. Her memorable cakes and bavarois are still my favorites. While I do not encourage everyone to try and make them, it is a delight to read and imagine all those flavors combining in a dough to be baked into little pieces of heaven. Of course, if you have some knowledge of baking, this book is for you.

Many of her old pupils still keep the original mimeographed recipes, some of those recipes are yellow and barely holding, many have stains and other marks that prove they were used repeatedly in their kitchens. 

Unwavering peaks is a tribute to Teresa Quiros, my mom used to joke that before grandma bought her loyal electric mixer, she would beat the whites by hand.."to Unwavering Peaks" - or until her arm fell off. Here is to you, Senora Quiros, a legacy of persistence and tenacity.

Circle Of Friends 25 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes
Make your mornings bright with these tried & true recipes for mouthwatering breakfasts and brunches...from Cranberry-Pumpkin Waffles and Scrumptious French Toast to Old-Fashioned Baked Eggs and Sausage Breakfast Bake, there's sure to be something for everyone!

35 Italian Dinner Recipes - Delicious and Traditional Italian Meals To Prepare (The Italian Cuisine And Italian Recipes Collection)
If you are trying to find a variety of Italian dishes to try this might be the cookbook for you. This cookbook is all about preparing tasty traditional Italian dishes for dinner.

This book is all about Italian food recipes. There are 35 different Italian recipes to choose from in this edition, I am sure you will find something you enjoy!

The type of recipes you will find inside 35 Italian Dinner Recipes – Delicious and Traditional Italian Meals To Prepare you will find great dinner recipes as well as recipes for basic Italian homemade ingredients such as marinara sauce, alfredo sauce and pizza dough.

Cooking Outside the Box: Fast & Fresh Recipes for the Microwave
Microwaves are useful for so much more than just heating up frozen foods and leftovers. They can be used as dynamic tools for creating fresh, wholesome meals from scratch in half the time—or less!

Let this collection of recipes introduce you to a world of cooking that doesn’t involve slaving over a hot stove or waiting hours on an oven or slow cooker. From appetizers to entr้es to desserts, this book will show you how fast and easy it is to make your microwave the star of your kitchen.

The Best Party Ever - How to Throw a House Party
The Best Party Ever takes the stress out of party planning. This quick and humorous read will teach you how to pace your party planning over a month so it doesn't feel like work. Along with the book are downloadable shopping lists, music lists and a custom checklist that will suggest dates for each planning task. Imagine how comfortable you will be at your party knowing you haven't missed a thing. With that peace of mind you will be able to focus your energy on being a fun host. After all the name of the game is fun, so sit back, relax and learn how to throw the best party ever!

Ooh... Chocolate my favorite!!! a simple guide to your favorite chocolate treats
Whether company is coming or you have just had a really bad day. Every body loves chocolate. Now you can easily create any of your favorite chocolate recipes.

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