Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sports and Outdoors

Scoring 40 at Age 40
This book will delve into Michael Jordan’s short tenure with the Washington Wizards at the Age of 38. Jordan’s true greatness lied in his two-year short stint with the Washington Wizards and how he was able to dominate games on given nights like no other superstar in NBA history at the age of 38 to 40 years old. His ability to still perform and prove to the world, he could still play the game of basketball. A comparative look into what Jordan was able to accomplish compared to previous NBA superstars at the age of 38. The book will also look into Jordan and whom many have dubbed as the next scoring prototype of Jordan; Kobe Bryant and a look into their playoffs and NBA finals performances. The glaring differences in their post season performances and results. In addition, Larry Bird’s early continued dominance over Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls, during the span of ’86-87 season. How it took Jordan years to find out what Magic and Larry already knew; the concept of team-play. The book will also look into Jordan’s astounding ability to average 37 points a game, during one of the most physical eras in Basketball history. A deeper look into how Jordan would fare in today’s game with no hand-checking and stringent defensive foul rules. This book looks into why his comeback with the Washington Wizards can be the real sign of his true greatness and what separated him from his contemporaries.

Let's Get It On!: The Making of MMA and Its Ultimate Referee
An intimate profile of the legendary mixed martial arts (MMA) referee, this first full-length autobiography of pop culture icon “Big” John McCarthy details every aspect of his life—from his strong-handed Los Angeles upbringing to his involvement in the naming of the sport, his role in its regulation, and MMA’s rise in stature. The narrative follows “Big” John through his 22-year career as a Los Angeles police officer, where he taught recruits arrest and control procedures as well as survival tactics, then his 15-year career as MMA’s premier official in the chain-linked cage. A fixture of the sport, “Big” John started refereeing at UFC 2 in 1994 when MMA was in its infancy and went on to officiate at every major UFC event but two until 2007. Following a one-year hiatus as a color commentator and on-camera analyst for MMA and boxing events, he returned to MMA refereeing in 2008. In his own words, "Big" John relates his insider’s perspective from the midst of many of the sport’s greatest moments—from Tito Ortiz–Ken Shamrock I at UFC 40 in 2002 to Randy Couture–Tim Sylvia at UFC 68 in March of 2007—along with his account of the birth of the sport in America, its evolution, and MMA’s ongoing struggles for acceptance.

How to Camp Out
Originally published in 1877, just 12 years after the Civil War ended, John M. Gould's How to Camp Out: Practical Advice for the Outdoor Adventurer Based on the Experience of a Civil War Soldier is at once a down to Earth guide to recreational camping and a must-have, "you are there" handbook of 19th Century American military methods, sure to please any fan of Civil War reenactment. From Boy Scouts seeking to "rough it" in the wilderness to contemporary wearers of the Blue or the Gray, How to Camp Out: Practical Advice for the Outdoor Adventurer Based on the Experience of a Civil War Soldier is an indispensible addition to any well-stocked library of outdoor wisdom.

Horse Racing
You can win at horse racing even if you're not sure which end of the horse goes first. 

Beginner or Pro if you follow the easy instructions in this book you will win without needing to know any horse racing terms or horse racing statistics.

This is no pick six horse racing program or any of the other seemingly endless horse racing schemes. 

This is a horse racing program that brings results.

Black and Blue #1
Follow Thomas Peña's journey from the streets of the Bronx, NY to the cages and rings of early Mixed Martial Arts fighting in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Japan.

Speedtacular is a informative book on sprinting techniques, 5 different workout plans, exercises needed to activate your fast twitch muscles, training methods,and explains the science of sprinting. Speedtacular is very easy to read and easy to follow if you have a young athlete that needs just a little edge this will blow him past the competition.These techniques and exercises will make your muscles stronger, faster and less likely to get injured.Stop being in the middle of the pack take the lead and keep it.

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