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**18 and up only ** Erotica


Warning Ladies! These are EROTICA!! They are dirty, smutty, wonderful books! Better warn your man before you read these! *** 18 and older only ***

The Gift (The Original Sinners)

A trained submissive, Eleanor will do whatever her master commands…even spend a week with a stranger. Daniel has been a recluse since his wife's death, and Eleanor's lover thinks spending time with her will be therapeutic—especially since Daniel is also a Dom.
Despite her defiant streak, Eleanor can't resist giving in to Daniel's erotic demands. But while she'll let him have her body, she's determined to keep a guard around her heart. Even if Daniel wants to make Eleanor his permanently….

Graham Victor (Savannah's Romance)

Savannah is young, beautiful, and single; a modern woman searching for the most unconventional and passionate kind of love. She wants a man to love, honor, and obey but has been left wanting more by every boyfriend she’s ever had. At the advice of a friend, she decides to actively pursue what she wants –“a firm hand in a silk glove,” a lover who will dominate and love her in all the ways she’s always craved.

Savannah finds that lover in the form of Graham Victor, a powerful and mysterious Miami millionaire, who is more than willing to shove this submissive beauty to her knees and keep her there until he’s satisfied.

Caught up in the throbbing heartbeat of decadent South Florida, Savannah and her lover explore their kinky passions in as many ways as they know how; indulging their pleasures at five star restaurants, in limousines, aboard luxury yachts. Their affair soon builds to an explosive climax that will catch them both off guard.

But while Savannah is exploring her new and unconventional life, a danger lurks in the background ready to pounce. Will this danger upset her new found happiness or will her love from the bottom triumph above it all?

Seducing Sophie (At the Billionaire's Command Part 1) (Similar to Fifty Shades of Grey/50 Shades of Grey)

Sophie, a small town girl, is thrilled when she lands her dream internship with Wall Street firm Carey and Uhlmann. She's even more excited when she begins flirting with the handsome stranger who sits at the table across from her at the cafe she frequents for lunch.

Sophie doesn't know who he is, and after a steamy encounter in the cafe bathroom, she doesn't expect to ever see him again. But what happens when he finds her working alone in her office, late at night, and she discovers he's Alex Carey, the head of the company?

Sophie doesn't understand why she's so infatuated with this domineering man who orders her around, but when he tells her she should apply to be his personal assistant, she decides to do it. But when he tests her loyalty and submission to him during the interview, will it be too much for Sophie?

Cajun Hot (steamy erotic romance with hot Cajun hero)

Three days in the steamy Louisiana bayou
Two gorgeous, hot-blooded Cajun brothers
One guileless lost photographer
He captured her for wicked erotic pleasures...but she captured his heart forever

When it comes to love...who, then, is the captor, and who is really the prisoner...?

Bedding the Geek Tycoon

When it comes to computer programming, Jenn MacLennan is a superhero. Ryan Stone has a business proposition that will put her brilliant mind to good use, but when they meet, their mutual attraction gives him an even better idea. He wants to do more than putting her brains to work. He wants to claim her body, too.

This spicy short is 15,000 words of growling, geeky, sex-against-the-wall alpha male erotic romance.

Billionaire Kink

When sex becomes an obsession...

Desperate to continue funding her Family Free clinics, Gretchen Fox agrees to an unorthodox business deal with the mysterious and eccentric billionaire, James Gordon. His control over her is established, as he observes and records her in a series of naughty encounters.

Not content to be a billionaire's plaything, Gretchen turns the tables on her employer, chaining him to a bed. He is at her mercy now, helpless, naked, and utterly enraged. Her obsession is about to be realized, and there is nothing he can do to stop her.

This story contains erotic romance, lesbian sex, bondage, threesomes, anal sex, double penetration, rough sex, rimming, forced orgasm, kidnapping, and dominance and submission. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

The Sweetest Torture

Thirty years ago, when the sultry and headstrong Cait left Logan Paige, the Alpha cougar shapeshifter of his Montana pride, his entire world came crashing down. He couldn’t explain where he’d been the previous night or why there was a strange woman in his bed…because he had no memory of the night before. Wounded and betrayed, Cait refused to listen to Logan’s excuses and walked straight out of his life…determined to exact her revenge on the sexy cougar who had crushed her heart. With a little help from her influential father, she made sure that Logan’s business, as well as his life, crumbled into ruins. Hell hath no fury, indeed.

But now it’s thirty years later and two of Montana’s most powerful cougar prides are on the brink of war. A tenuous peace is reached, but it’s dependent on Cait and Logan marrying on All Hallow’s Eve. Spitfire Cait has her own plans of revenge…using her feminine wiles to turn Logan into a purring kitty lapping cream at her feet. And Logan has his schemes to regain control and dominate like the Alpha he is…

When they realize that the erotic passion between them is still so intense, Logan and Cait will have to decide if dwelling in the past is worth sacrificing the future…

GAME MISCONDUCT (The Dartmouth Cobras)

The game has always cast a shadow over Oriana Delgado's life. She should hate the game. But she doesn't. The passion and the energy of the sport is part of her. But so is the urge to drop the role of the Dartmouth Cobra owner's 'good daughter' and find a less...conventional one.

Playmaker, Max Perron, never expected a woman to accept him and his twisted desires. Oriana came close, but he wasn't surprised when she walked away. A girl like her needs normal. Which he can't give her. He's too much of a team player, and not just on the ice.

But then Oriana's father goes too far in trying to control her and she decides to use exposure as blackmail. Just the implication of her spending the night with the Cobra's finest should get her father to back off.

Turns out a team player is exactly what she needs.

Taking Stage: A Night with the Rock Star (BBW Erotic Romance)

Therese is convinced that hot rock-god guys like Max Stone could never fall for a girl like her. They chase after pencil-thin supermodels who never have to watch what they eat or exercise to keep their figure.

She also has no desire to see the Max's band live when he comes to town, but her groupie sister can't stop going on about how sexy he is. When Therese nonchalantly wins a pair of backstage passes for her sister during a radio contest, she decides to give it a try despite the horde of tattooed and pierced fans that will be there.

When the limo arrives to take them to the show, she is sure she makes a fool of herself by not recognizing Max and the rest of the band who are already seated. She is fascinated by him, not for his fame, but for his jaw-droppingly good looks and magnetic personality. She allows her mind to wonder what it would be like to have him to herself for a night.

Max is caught off-guard when one of the winners of a radio contest takes a seat in his limo. Her full-figured frame, beautiful curves, and piercing eyes show him that she is interested in him personally, not his fame. He wants to show her there is more to him than being a rock star.

Will Therese look past the stage lights and her own insecurities to spend a night with the mysterious rock star, Max Stone?

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