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For the Guys


Good Morning Fans. How about something for the guys today? Ladies, no worries, I got you covered a little later on this morning!

Police Officer Frank O'Ryan's knee exploded when struck by a bullet from the kid's gun. It was a junk gun, something with duct tape wrapped around the handle. It worked just fine though and Frank was going down.
His sergeant squirmed on the pavement, bleeding out from a gunshot to the chest, begging Frank not to let him die. Frank raised his weapon and fired. One round. Center mass of the suspect's chest. It was just a kid.
Not-Even-Promoted Detective Vic Ajax is the most hated man in his small suburban police department. The kind of cop who spends more time with drug dealers and burglars than he does with other cops, probably because he likes the dirtballs better. The brass keeps Vic down in the basement by himself, until the day Frank O'Ryan returns to work and gets ordered to be his partner.
Together, they'll take a journey into the dark heart of The Job.
Superbia is a world filled with grandfatherly pedophiles and drug zombies who hide their stashes in dirty baby diapers. It's a place where a group of rogue cops rely on an angry six-foot bunny called the Truth Rabbit for really tough interrogations.
In Superbia, doing the right thing can be a fatal career move and the bosses are more dangerous than any crook on the street. Superbia is the funniest, scariest, most brutal account of what good cops truly experience and most of the world never gets to know.

The Interpreter

This novel is the story of an Afghan national working for the US army as an interpreter. The author writes from experience in an original and simple way, highlighting the complexities of the Afghan war through his interpreters.
While the author writes in a free and poetic style, the reader is there in the story experiencing the war, scene by scene. Shabir Khan and Mullah Aslam is well known to the reader as two opposite characters, who also have a personal vendetta.
In this book the reader experiences action, drama and horror facing the foreign forces, the Afghan interpreters and the local Afghans by the Taliban. 
Readers can see how the Taliban leader send men to follow interpreters, until they catch one and behead him. The American officers report the men to the Afghan army and police. When the man is captured he confesses that he is a Mullah Aslam's man and he is responsible for the death of two interpreters.
One night, Shabir goes to visit his fellow interpreter in another camp. One the way back, Shabir and his friend Sami encounter a Taliban check point, where the reader experiences the most horrifying fighting scenes between the Taliban and these two men. In the cover of a stone, Shabir and Sami fire the rest of their bullets and keep one bullet each.

Get Some

Anybody who has read Danny Birch's groundbreaking first novel, 'Clipped', will be expecting a fast-paced, sharply-written, emotionally charged gangster thriller, written in Danny's inimitably catchy, witty and streetwise style.

If so, prepare yourself for 'Get Some', a gangster revenge thriller that fizzes and crackles off the page like few others.

It is the tale of two childhood friends, Tommy and Joey, and of how they stand by each other in traumatic times. Tommy's trauma is to be betrayed by an army colleague to a militant group in Iraq and to be subjected to routine and gruesome torture. Pity his betrayer should Tommy manage to escape. And Joey's trauma? Ah, for that, you have to read this book.

Marine At War

In 2001 I was twenty seven years old, and about to go to war in far off Afghanistan. Ten years later, I finally have told the story. Here is a true tale of Heroes and Villians, of Young Men fighting and dying for a pure cause-the defense of their country. I have been part of something truly great in my life, and now, I hope I can pass that experience on to you.

Blind Switch: A Jack Doyle Mystery (Jack Doyle Series)

One-time amateur boxer Jack Doyle, an irreverent and rebellious advertising account representative, goes to work one fine Chicago day and finds his desk—and his job—both gone. A two-time loser at the marriage game as well, Doyle, usually ultra-confident, fishes himself out of a bottle to take stock, realizing, “with a thumping finality, that Life sure as hell did have his Number and was crunching it.”

At loose ends, Doyle accepts a most unusual offer from an acquaintance, Moe Kellman, to fix a horse race. The context of making the deal, a Cubs game at storied Wrigley Field, sets the tone for the drama that follows. Thus begins a chain of events that will lead the FBI to Doyle’s door where they “coopt” him into a quest after people who are maiming or killing thoroughbred horses for their insurance values. Their number one target is a loathsome media mogul who can’t bear to lose…at anything.

Built upon recent factual events, spiced with satire and peppered throughout with engaging loonies, Blind Switch is a noteworthy first novel with a hero forced to ask in its ultimate line, “Where have I gone right?”


Have terrorists killed the Superbowl Quarterback? Private investigator Tom Mullins and his 12 year old boy-genius next door neighbor are on the case in this story of a championship football season wrapped in a quirky, fast moving, whodunit. 

Black and Blue #1

Follow Thomas Peña's journey from the streets of the Bronx, NY to the cages and rings of early Mixed Martial Arts fighting in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Japan.

Fighting the Storm (Cageside Chronicles: Tommy Knuckles Trilogy 1)

Exactly what UFC & MMA fans have been waiting for!

The saga begins with the lonely Mexican teenager, Tommy, who's been beaten up his whole life. But when ghosts emerge from his dead father's boxing past, a new world of adventure, love and pain awaits as he learns to fight his way across the border to his father's homeland, and into the famed cages of Las Vegas.

The Ninth District - A Thriller

The Federal Reserve has never been robbed. 

FBI Special Agent Jack Miller, pulled into a high-profile case to mentor a new agent, finds himself in a clash with the toughest opponent of his career. The chase culminates in the bowels of the city, in the storm sewers and tunnels beneath The Ninth District Federal Reserve of Minneapolis.

The Ninth District is approximately 75,000 words  in length.

The Divided Man

It's not the end of the world. It's the beginning.

On December 29, 1890 the U.S. Calvary put a brutal end to the Ghost Dance in the Wounded Knee Massacre . Before the soldiers finished their slaughter one small boy danced a prayer to save his people and in his dying vision, reached out to the one who could lead them into a new life.

It is summer 2012 and that prayer is about to be answered. Luke Kimball is The Divided Man, a global security expert who isolates himself from emotional involvement because people who get close to him end up dead.

On the eve of the war that destroys the world the Ghost Dance prayer finds him, spinning the Hoop of his life in directions he could not have imagined. Claimed by the prayer, Luke is connected to past and future, chosen to be a savior of legend, a unifying force of past and future, of man and god.

Luke must awaken the Sacred Tree of Life and balance the harmony between human and spirit existence or lives of all will cease to exist. Opposing him is the Manitou, an elk-headed god who has stolen Luke's soul and requires death for its return.

Luke's quest takes him across a land sundered by war and on the verge of miraculous change, far into the realms of once-mythical gods and deep within him to face the demons that have haunted his life.

Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Beret Series)

Mayer follow up Eyes of the Hammer with a pulsing techno-thriller set in June 1989. As Chinese students are dying in Tiananmen Square, the U.S. stages Dragon SIM-13--a routine computer exercise involving a simulated Special Forces raid on a Chinese oil pipeline. But the program has been written by Doctor Meng, a refugee determined to strike a blow against his onetime tormentors in Beijing, and Sgt. Dave Riley and his Green Beret A-team find themselves actually in China, confronting disaster when a helicopter crash leaves half the men stranded in hostile territory. Mayer, an expert on special warfare operations, convincingly presents a situation in which no one in authority can quite believe the sudden connection between computer screens and real life. He equally successfully demonstrates how lower-echelon uncritical obedience to orders can make sense individually but add up to absurdity. The book's greatest strength, however, is its story line. In particular, the final rescue mission--featuring a hotshot female helicopter pilot--is a nail-biter in the best tradition of adventure fiction.

Screaming Woman Road & other stories

A stolen UFO in a guns-hot chase across the American desert. A bootlegging mama on a motorcycle at a movie-house in the woods. A country music labor riot. A race across the county, robbery in progress, complete with armed lesbians. A sword-carrying WWII veteran arguing with an atomic toddler. A showdown against a giant tiger. And the unbelievable origin of the most haunted road in all of Culloden County, Mississippi.

This collection of short stories, including the title novelette Screaming Woman -- a Southern Gothic retelling of the Norse Saga of the Volsungs -- gives a deeper glimpse into the strange and nefarious characters that make up the gritty, grimy mythology of South Mississippi's most infamous county.

Missing! (The Florida Chase, Part One)

When their father goes missing, two brothers travel to Washington D.C to find answers. Their search takes them from the backstreets of the capital to the hurricane torn roads of the Florida Keys, where they enlist the help of the army in an attempt to save their dad and stop World War III.

Split into 4 parts, this is a rip roaring tale that will have readers eagerly turning the pages right through to the thrilling and action packed ending that no one will see coming. At roughly 14,000 words, Part 1 of this young adult serial, The Florida Chase, is a fast paced, action packed read.

With their father missing, Luke and Jordan Brody head to Washington D.C to seek answers. And, in the dusty backstreets of the capital, the brothers stumble across a clue that propels them to travel to Key West.

Arriving, they find out that a hurricane is approaching the coast. Desperate to find answers before the storm hits, the brothers decide to search high and low.

But before they can get started, someone holds them up at gunpoint! What is going on? And why does someone recall seeing their father, but insist that his name was Mr. Lake and not Mr. Brody?

Mayday! (The Florida Chase, Part Two)

At roughly 11,500 words, Part 2 of the serial, The Florida Chase, continues moments after the conclusion of Part 1 and is more exciting and thrilling than the previous part.

With Hurricane Adam losing strength, the brothers decide on a plan but, before they can put it into action, a car speeds past and an object is hurled towards them... an object that is ticking.

Is it a bomb?

Find out now by reading MAYDAY!

Lost! (The Florida Chase, Part Three)

At roughly 10,000 words, Part 3 of the serial, The Florida Chase, continues moments after the conclusion of Part 2 and is more exciting and thrilling than the previous part.

The brothers suspect that something crooked is going on in the small town of Flamingo, but what? And in such a remote place with so few residents, how is it no one remembers their father?

While searching, a trap is suddenly sprung upon them! Luke escapes, but is pursued through the Everglades until he finds himself lost. What will happen? And what makes Luke risk his life by entering a burning building?

Traitor! (The Florida Chase, Part Four)

At roughly 14,500 words, Part 4 of the serial, The Florida Chase, continues moments after the conclusion of Part 3. All the burning questions that readers have been asking will be answered in this thrilling final part that will knock your socks off.

Barely surviving the attack on their boat, Luke and Co. swim to shore only to discover that armed men surround them. To make matters wors, Luke discovers that there is a traitor! Who can it be?

Captured, Luke escapes and goes on the run. But with no means to get to the mainland, and no way to get help, what will he do? Where's his father and brother? And what are in all those crates being put onto the aircraft?

Will help arrive before the soldiers start World War III?

Or will Luke have to wage the battle all by himself?
The Jury Series (Four Complete Novels)

The complete saga of Brett Macklin, a one-man judge, jury, and executioner, fighting a war on terror on the streets of Los Angeles in the mid-1980s. Over 160,000 words/550 pages of non-stop action, wildly erotic sex, and wicked humor.

HURRICANE FATS (A Cole Sudden Thriller)

Auburn Longstreet’s Caribbean-based Ponzi scheme took in $300 million at his offshore bank before he was caught.

Thousands of small investors, lured by fanciful and falsified interest rates, lost their life savings, as the slippery six-foot-four con man eschewed restitution. Instead, he spent the bulk of the money on stateside lawyers and crooked politicians who kept him out of jail. He also prudently put aside millions to pay off some favored clients (drug cartels) that would otherwise have cut him into little pieces.

But the greedy Longstreet wasn’t satisfied. He decided to keep $35 million that “rightly” belonged to a New Orleans mob boss – by arranging to have the mobster tried and convicted on financial evidence he secretly supplied the Feds. Even better, the jailed mobster dies in prison thinking it was one of his own crew who turned on him!

Longstreet thought he was in the clear, free to dabble with the mob’s millions in Florida’s distressed real estate market.

Enter the dead mobster’s brutal son, who finds out the truth. He wants to avenge his father – but only after getting back the $35 million.

Add a literate but lethal Government spy, a laconic Las Vegas hit man and a Category 5 storm into the volatile mix and HURRICANE FATS, the first of the Cole Sudden thriller series, builds to a shattering climax. 


Chris Connor stages his death in order to go dark and take on the head of an International Russian Crime Syndicate, perpetrators of illegal arms dealing, human trafficking and the death of his first born son. Tense, action-packed and filled with more twists than the Coney Island Cyclone, THE ACCIDENTAL EXISTENTIALIST poses the question: How far would one man go to rid the world of evil, and avenge his son?

The Krone Experiment

This techno-thriller novel is set at the time of the break-up of the Soviet Union, yet reflects today's headlines. Damage to a Russian aircraft carrier leads to a breakdown in the detente with the United States. Star wars erupt as the two countries invoke space-based weapons in a deadly face off in orbit. Robert Issacs, Deputy Director of Scientific Intelligence for the CIA, and his top aide, Dr. Patricia Danielson, connect the carrier damage with a mysterious seismic signal. Thwarted by internal CIA politics, they put their careers at risk to engage in an unauthorized consultation with Jason, the secret group of physicists who consult for the government. Astrophysicist Alex Runyan advances a fantastic theory that triggers a race for the truth before the conflict with Russia can spin out of control. The quest leads to the New Mexico laboratory of Paul Krone. The true danger dwarfs that posed by the international crisis. Bonus links to historical background material are provided at the end of the book. The Krone saga continues in the sequel, Krone Ascending, also available for Kindle.

Effected Intent

Steve Pfister is a reticent polymer chemist who lives in the past, unable to let go of his military experience. His latest invention gets the attention of some high level government officials, leading to an opportunity to work on a top secret project with national security implications.

Life couldn’t be more routine for computer programmer Bill Miller, until he stumbles on information that he shouldn’t have, including a bioterrorism plot. Unable to come forward with the information, he needs to find an ally to believe him before it’s too late.

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