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Now, let's enjoy some Thrillers!

The Savannah Project
The truth can be a dangerous thing.

Terrorism, duty, and personal safety collide when Jake Pendleton, an investigator for the NTSB, is called to investigate an aircraft accident in Savannah, Georgia during the St. Patrick's Day celebration. The accident, which at first appears to be quite run-of-the-mill, turns out to be anything but. Since Jake is not willing to pretend there are no suspicious circumstances and more than the usual share of rather unlikely "coincidences," he sets off a veritable avalanche of secrets, violence and treachery. Aided by an unlikely partner, Gregg Kaplan, the air traffic controller who was the last person in contact with the airplane that crashed, Jake sets out to untangle the webs of deceit and to find a vicious killer. 

Nothing is as it seems, nobody is who you thought them to be. 
Nothing is sacred. 
Nobody is safe.

The Toymaker
Former NTSB Investigator Jake Pendleton faces a dilemma as the line blurs between right and wrong. After his judgment comes into question, Jake is entrusted to his new mentor, an eccentric old man who sees beyond Jake’s flaws. A man who makes ‘toys for spies.’ 

A man known as The Toymaker. 

Jake’s first assignment reunites him with Gregg Kaplan in a daredevil mission to rescue a fellow agent held captive in Yemen. He risks his life to stop the first attack of an al Qaeda mastermind. But now, with no one to trust but himself, can Jake stop the terrorist from destroying what is most precious to the free world? 

Unfortunately, more trouble comes his way as a killer from his past threatens something more important to Jake than his own life, leaving him to make the hardest decision any man ever has to make— 

Who to sacrifice.

Book One of the Black Flagged series.

A graduate of the Department of Defense's experimental Black Flag program, Daniel Petrovich carries secrets he'd rather keep buried. Secrets his government has hidden in the deepest vaults of the Pentagon. Unfortunately for Daniel, someone is trying to raise Black Flag from the dead and bring Daniel back with it. Someone who knows all of his darkest secrets. 

In exchange for the promise of a clean slate and a chance to keep the life he has built with the woman he loves, he agrees to carry out one final mission. 

Daniel's life is about to disintegrate, as he becomes the focus of a relentless FBI manhunt and the target of a vengeful CIA agent. To survive, he'll be forced to release a dark side he fought for years to keep suppressed. A dark side with few boundaries, and even fewer loyalties.

Black Flagged lays the foundation for a gritty, unapologetic series exploring the often unceremoniously brutal world of covert operatives and government agency politics.

This Time You Lose
What would you do if street thugs invaded your home? What if you're a daycare provider, caring for a dozen children at the time? Lisa Kaamp, a most unlikely heroine, faces just such a nightmare in This Time You Lose, the suspense driven story of one woman's struggle to survive when she and the children she cares for become victims of a home invasion gone terribly wrong.

Lisa Kaamp operates a small childcare business out of her home in Nogeksum, Michigan. Highly respected and known for going the extra mile for her daycare kids, she thinks she's handled every daycare emergency possible. But nothing prepares her for the horror she now faces.

Lisa finds herself bound and gagged, four strange men in her home, and the daycare children held hostage in the next room. Terrorized by her captors as the authorities work to meet the ransom deadline, she tries negotiating with the men for the release of the children, but soon realizes they have no intention of letting anyone go.

With the deadline approaching, Lisa must do the unimaginable to protect the children and get everyone out alive.

Love's Been A Long Time Coming
Alex goes to college, and finds that her best friend and the boy she secretly loves, Cade, has also chosen to go to the same school. The two soon meet up with Alex's friends from her childhood (from before she met Cade). 

As the group begins to bond and grow close, the others try to get Alex and Cade together. As things progress, the group learns that there is a reason Cade and Alex were never together in the first place, and it has to do with a secret. A secret that has haunted Alex for a very long time. However, their plans of a still possible romance between Alex and Cade are soon put to a stop when Alex and the others recieve threatening emails. Things only worsen when one of the friends gets attacked and put in the hospital. 

What is the secret? Does it have to do with the emailer who is still on the loose? Will Cade and Alex ever be together? More importantly...will the group of friends ever stop this madman that is after them, or will the emailer get to them first?

Deadly Eyes

James Cuffy, better known as Cuff, is living in paradise with his girlfriend, Rosie, on the small Caribbean island of St. Croix, where the sky is as blue as Cuff's eyes, the ocean as pretty as Rosie's cheeks, where the gentle lapping of the waves is a lullaby, and the swaying of the palm trees is a dance. The sandy beaches are as white as sugar, and the horizon is a world away. St. Croix indeed is paradise, the perfect place for living, laughing, and loving. 

But the sandy beaches and the turquoise sea can provide no cover from the deadly eyes of the unknown stalker pursuing Cuff. Murder leads to murder as he attempts to untangle the terrible web in which he has suddenly become entangled. 

The twists and turns are many, the roads of the fast action leading in all directions. Cuff an

"Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity". Marshall McLuhan

Following eight years of retirement, a trio of French intelligence agents must again take up arms to defend against a "cleansing" operation initiated by their former employers. Their response launches a series of global cataclysms, transforming the world for all time.

What is the true nature of these reformed black ops agents? Who are they? Will they prevail in this contest with “The Circle”, a mysterious clandestine organization that seems to control every aspect of the society world-wide?

'Remoras' weaves aspects of political fiction and the thriller, while skillfully delivering a master-crafted story inspired by true events in the everyday news.
Explore where truth breaks free from fact.

First novel written by 2 co-authors in French (original edition published in February 2012) - translated by John Temple.

The Soul of the Ships
From the author of Spilled Blood and The Cold Nowhere

An enchanting Christmas short, in which two strangers witness a magical spectacle on the misty waters of Lake Superior

Bangkok Burn

A war is taking place on the streets of Bangkok as political cliques fire bullets and rockets at each other.
Mysterious 'Men in Black' snipe combatants from both sides.
It is a good time to settle old scores.
Take a walk on the darkside with Chance. An enigma: family-orientated, loyal and loving... and a cold-blooded killer.... This chilling, high-octane thriller takes you to parts of Bangkok no tourist should ever go, a world where life is cheap and morality non-existent.

Franklin Asylum
Suspense, Psycho Thriller

Alone, his whole family dead, certain that he is losing it, Danny checks himself into a safe place to recoup and try and get his life back together.

All he wants is a little time and space to think about where he's going and what life holds for him next.

Safe isn't always what it appears to be. Quiet can be an illusion. Sometimes the only one you can rely on is yourself.

Sometimes getting in is easier than getting out.

Something in the Dark
Based in fictional Ilaloona County, Oregon, "Something in the Dark" tells the story of Austin Ward, a woman dealing with achluophobia, a paralyzing fear of darkness. Austin believes she's coping well with her phobia, the result of a traumatic childhood incident, until she finds herself locked in a windowless room, and someone turns out the lights. 

Austin finds a therapist to help her overcome her fears and the debilitating anxiety attacks they produce. But her search for healing is sidetracked when those around her begin to die in shockingly brutal ways. With her once safe world crumbling around her, Austin is driven to discover the killer. But who is it? Is someone seeking revenge? Has a serial killer come to her small Pacific Northwest town? Or, has something sinister followed her from childhood, something she met once the dark? 

This book tells the story of William Ridley, ex-special forces soldier, now marketing manager for a major aerospace firm who is recruited into a covert CIA-run organization informally called The Cancer Club. 

Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer, Ridley is recruited by the Club through a renowned cancer treatment center in Virginia. It is there that he is told his cancer is untreatable. The pitch is: do something worthwhile with the short time you have left – do something meaningful for your country. After giving up all he owns and severing all ties, including those with a woman he’d planned to marry, Ridley joins the group whose members are sent on high-risk, often one-way missions to take out selected targets in the United States’ global war on terror.

In the meantime, the Lions of the Jihad, a sophisticated Islamic terrorist organization with a sleeper cell in New York City, moves forward with a plan to detonate a powerful and highly radioactive dirty bomb near the Hell Gate section of the East River. This pending disaster looms large when Ridley discovers the Cancer Club carries its own malignancy, one that makes all other CIA-run black operations look like child’s play.

Pandora's Succession
CIA operative, Ridley Fox, never stopped hunting his fiancée's killers--a weapons consortium called The Arms of Ares. When an informant leads him to an old bunker outside of Groznyy, Chechnya, Fox is captured, beaten, and left for dead. When the informant rescues him, Fox learns that his capture was no coincidence: someone had set him up--possibly another government agent. Fox barely escapes after learning that Ares has acquired a hyperdeadly microbe--called Pandora--that is believed to have wiped out ancient civilizations. The trail leads Fox to Tokyo where he discovers that people within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Japanese Intelligence want Pandora for themselves. The only person Fox can trust is a woman from his past who he nearly got killed.

The Proxy Assassin: Book Three of the American Spy Trilogy: 3

October, 1948. Former OSS agent Hal Schroeder gets an invitation to Washington D.C. from Frank Wisner, who heads the CIA’s new covert opps division. Hal is whisked off to Wisner’s Maryland shore retreat and introduced to a brace of Romanian royals, including the scarily beautiful Princess Stela Varadja, a direct descendant of Vlad Tepes Draculea.
Then Frank Wisner pops the question. Would Hal consider parachuting into a remote mountain camp to meet with the leader of a group of Romanian anti-Communist guerillas?
'I had already survived two previous suicide missions and a third did not appeal. But I told Frank Wisner I would need a few days to think it over. I had some sightseeing to do.'
As it turns out Hal Schroeder gets to do a lot more sightseeing than he bargained for. A journey that brings the American Spy Trilogy to a surprising, and emotional, conclusion.

The Krone Experiment

This techno-thriller novel is set at the time of the break-up of the Soviet Union, yet reflects today's headlines. Damage to a Russian aircraft carrier leads to a breakdown in the detente with the United States. Star wars erupt as the two countries invoke space-based weapons in a deadly face off in orbit. Robert Issacs, Deputy Director of Scientific Intelligence for the CIA, and his top aide, Dr. Patricia Danielson, connect the carrier damage with a mysterious seismic signal. Thwarted by internal CIA politics, they put their careers at risk to engage in an unauthorized consultation with Jason, the secret group of physicists who consult for the government. Astrophysicist Alex Runyan advances a fantastic theory that triggers a race for the truth before the conflict with Russia can spin out of control. The quest leads to the New Mexico laboratory of Paul Krone. The true danger dwarfs that posed by the international crisis. Bonus links to historical background material are provided at the end of the book. The Krone saga continues in the sequel, Krone Ascending, also available for Kindle.

Model Agent: A Thriller (Jaclyn Johnson, code name Snapshot series)

The human body consists of two-thirds water.

As concertgoers on a steamy day in Boston find out, water can kill as much as it gives life.

A terrorist attack at City Hall Plaza has the authorities perplexed. The government, in response, sends in a capable but young agent – an agent born from the ashes of terrorism itself – to handle it.

But as her partner dies and the terrorist strikes again, Jaclyn Johnson – code named Snapshot – finds herself in a situation she has trained a decade to face: She’s up against a man with enough money to finance a war against his competition. With a deadline in place to stop him – and with a car holding enough hidden tricks to evade capture – Snapshot infiltrates his hidden installation and finds out her target’s true end game, a secret that could have the world fighting over water.


An Agent on his final mission for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service unseals a document concealed since WWII revealing a shocking truth from the past: that Allied commandos had not thwarted Germany's nuclear bomb development, they had only driven it underground - allowing the creation of a device hundreds of times more powerful than even the atomic bomb eventually dropped on Hiroshima.

Stepping back into the years before WWII, a secret underground Nazi organization, unknown to both Churchill's Intelligence geniuses and US General Grove's ALSOS teams at Oak Ridge, had been formed exploiting German nuclear scientists and extorted Jewish nuclear physicists in a diabolical conspiracy to create the world's first Hydrogen Bomb.

Caught in an emotional struggle between his idealism for the Third Reich and exploding the Nazi's Super Bomb on innocent civilians as Germany nears it's disastrous end in 1945, the secret organization's leader Horst Deeke inevitably becomes the only Nazi with the ability to destroy it.

As Horst 's own future is viciously attacked by his vindictive Nazi overlords, a transformation finally drives him into a fanatical revenge to destroy his own diabolical creation. But, after being stripped of his authority, Horst may be left powerless to stop Nazi Germany's leaders from exploding their disastrous horror in a major city of the Allied world. 


Radiation-burned bodies are decanted from radwaste barrels at an atomic waste burial ground. Hunks of bones and organs are missing from the desiccated corpses. Is a serial killer on the loose -- or is "Doctor Death," nuclear medicine pioneer and notorious Cold War atomic experimenter, up to his old tricks? Special prosecutor John Stryker follows the clues and uncovers a fantastic terror plot that threatens the heartland of America.

Red Run

Any father's worst nightmare.

A knock on the door in the middle of the night.

A police detective tells you your daughter's been found beaten to death and left in the Red Run Drain.

When you go to tell your son, he's missing.

Evidence links your son to the killing.

What will you do to prove your son's innocence? Will you sacrifice your own?

Blackened Cottage

Her only chance is to run...

Victorian England, 1875

When her mother leaves Blackened Cottage, Lisbeth grows
increasingly terrified for herself and her little brother Eddie.
Desperate, she befriends a disfigured girl, but when her father
finds out he imprisons her in the cottage and invites his
lecherous friend to court her.

Lisbeth discovers that her father has sent Eddie away and
escapes to find him. Pursued by the two men, she embarks on
a dangerous journey and captures the eye of a psychopath
who seeks to possess her body, mind and soul.

As Lisbeth flees, she is shocked to discover how little she
remembers about her life, and unprepared for the terrifying
truths she must face.

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