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Heating up the Kitchen

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Today, I think we should keep warm in the kitchen. Most of the US is freezing! Not to mention, Game Day is coming up. Let's celebrate with some free recipes!!! Enjoy

Hall of Fame Game Day Appetizers
Here are some of the delicious 25 Game Day Recipes you'll discover inside:

Awesome Applesauce and Sausage Appetizer
Bacon and Cheddar Deviled Eggs
Bacon and Cheddar Jalapeno Poppers
Bacon and Olive Wraps
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Peppers
Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork Sliders
Blue Cheese BLT Bacon Super Bowls
Cowboy Caviar
Fabulous Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortillas
Goat Cheese and Asparagus Quesadillas
Green with Envy Cheesy Ritz Crackers
Honey and Garlic Glazed Meatballs
Little Hawaiian Chicken Wings
Wonderful Pastrami Chicken Wings
Pigs in a Blanket Cocktail Weenies
Poor Boy Shrimp Cocktail
Super Bowl Beergaritas
Super Bowl Burger Bites
Super Bowl Meatball Sub Sliders
Super Brown Sugar Smokies
Super Cool Cocktail Meatballs and More!

27 Kick Ass Party Dip Recipes: Delicious Appetizers That Anyone Can Make!
If you are looking for some amazingly delicious, and simple appetizers, you've found the right book.

Whether it's watching the big game with the gang, or entertaining family, these recipes are guaranteed to be a big hit!

Appetizers - Easy Game Day Appetizers From Sweet Southern Mama
These are easy appetizers that don't take much preparation. I love the fact that they are easy, smell good, taste good and look pretty all at the same time. You will be so proud to share these.

Wowza Tangy For Your Tastebuds Cheese Ball 5
Perfect Eye-Catching Shrimp Mold 6
Weiners Fit For Any Competition 7
Partytime Snacks That Every Fan Loves 8
Let’s Hear It For The Orange Pecans 9
Hot Game Days Meet Hot Crabmeat Goodies 10
Spread It On Thick Boys 11
Chicken and Almond Delight Sandwich Spread 12
Celery Rings Huddle-Style 13
Beat Those Devils With Divine Deviled Shrimp Spread 14
Spice Up Game Day With This Mexican Casserole – Ole! 15
Sweeten The Day Easy Chocolate Brownies 16
Coach! Put The Caramel Squares In! 17
Don’t Drop The Ball Chocolate Drops 18
Was The Game A Lemon? Lemon Squares

Hmm...can't you just see, taste and smell those yummy Appetizers?
Let's get cooking!

Slow Cooker 101: Master the Slow Cooker with 101 Great Recipes
Perfect both for beginners and more experienced cooks looking to broaden their kitchen horizons, Slow Cooker 101's breadth of recipes are drawn from a wide range of culinary traditions. Among the delicious recipes include here:
Beef Stroganoff
Lamb Biryani
Winter Vegetable Risotto
Corn Pudding
Chicken Mole

Baking Basics and Beyond: Learn These Simple Techniques and Bake Like a Pro
With the demise of home economics in the school system, many adults have no baking experience at all, relying on dreary store-bought baked goods and artificial mixes to satisfy their cravings. Baking Basics and Beyond allows even absolute novices to prepare a wide array of delicious, healthy breads, cakes, cookies, pies, and more. In a warm, reassuring manner, Pat Sinclair leads beginning bakers step-by-step through each recipe, thoroughly explaining each technique and direction. After learning a basic technique, additional recipes provide further practice and more elaborate results. This second edition contains more than 100 recipes, from old favorites like icebox cookies, cornbread, and brownies to updated classics, including Butterscotch Cashew Blondies, Chai Latte Custards, and Savory Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding. Throughout, explanations and precise tips, based on Sinclair's years of baking experience, make readers feel as though there is a friendly teacher in the kitchen, peering over their shoulders, and guiding them toward perfect results, every time.

This new edition of this basic, down-to-earth, reader-friendly baking guide is updated with beautiful full color photos throughout.

31 Delicious and Nutritious Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes (The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Cooking)
What You'll Get... 
  • 13 Quick and Easy Dip Recipes
  • 14 Fabulous Finger Food Recipes
  • 4 Simply Amazing Salsa Recipes

Plus These Helpful Lists:
  • 20 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Appetizers In Under 15 Minutes
  • Eating Lite: 24 Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes Under 300 Calories

Circle of Friends Cookbook 25 Chili Recipes

Warm up your family on the chilliest days with these 25 tried & true recipes for hearty, zesty chili of all kinds...from Chili With Corn Dumplings and Slow-Cooker Steak Chili to Creamy White Chicken Chili and Rio Grande Green Pork Chili, you're sure to find a favorite!

Circle Of Friends 25 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Make your mornings bright with these tried & true recipes for mouthwatering breakfasts and brunches...from Cranberry-Pumpkin Waffles and Scrumptious French Toast to Old-Fashioned Baked Eggs and Sausage Breakfast Bake, there's sure to be something for everyone!

Easy Brown Bag Lunches on a Budget: How to Pack Great Lunches Everyone in Your Family Will Eat and Still Save Money (Food Matters)

These days, everyone is eager to save money and still live well. The humble brown bag lunch has made a come-back as money-conscious parents look for the best ways to feed the family on a budget, and to help everyone eat in a healthy manner as well.

But what if you have picky children who are easily bored, or tempted by too many treats? In this guide, the authors give you a range of ideas to help liven up your lunches so that everyone in your family will hardly be able to resist peeking inside their lunch bag to see what delicious food and other surprises you have in store for them today.

From a range of sandwich choices, to the best ways to use leftovers, you will discover a range of main course ideas for your brown bag lunches. You will get a wealth of ideas on the best healthy snacks that can be transported easily and hold up without refrigeration, plus ideas for sweet snacks the whole family will love without having to worry about what's in them. 

You will also learn about food safety issues with regard to keeping foods safe for your children until it is time to eat. If you live in a hot area of the country or your children will be taking lunch during warm weather, this is need-to-know information no parent will want to miss. 

You can also learn how to make your own great lunch kits like the ones your kids like in the supermarket, but in more healthy versions, for a fraction of the cost. This guide also comes with a variety of recipes for great lunch box treats to try, and a handy appendix with checklists for lunch box essentials.

From sandwiches to salads, snacks to sweets, this guide will help you create easy brown bag lunches which everyone in your family will be eager to eat, while saving money at the same time. 

Chocolate Dessert Recipes

25 Quick & Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes when
you hear those words "Just Bring Something Chocolate!" Everyone loves
chocolate and this quick recipe guide gives you something fast to whip up in a
hurry that will have your friends and kids begging for more! When you work all
day and your feet are barking, you need a fast answer to that quick request in
the hallway that says, "Oh yeah, and Just Bring Something Chocolate."

35 Easy Pasta Recipes - Delicious and Traditional Italian Pasta Dishes (The Italian Cuisine And Italian Recipes Collection)

If you want to learn more about cooking pasta recipes and find new recipes for delicious Italian Meals this might be the cookbook for you!

This book is all about Italian Pasta Dishes. There are 35 different Italian pasta recipes to choose from in this edition, I am sure you will find something you enjoy!

The type of slow cooker recipes you will find inside 35 Easy Pasta Recipes – Delicious and Traditional Italian Pasta Dishes include basics like spaghetti and lasagna and more creative Italian dinner recipes as well. 

Feed Your Tike What He Likes

“WOW How do you get your child to eat so HEALTHY?”
There’s nothing worse than trying to think of healthy meals to prepare for your children. Don’t they seem to be ALWAYS HUNGRY? 
You get home and you stand in your kitchen trying to figure out what to make for them to eat. It’s been a long day and you’re EXHAUSTED. 
You look through your kitchen trying to figure out what to feed them NOW. Finally you give up and you order a pizza promising yourself you’ll do better tomorrow.
Sound familiar? This is a common scenario parents find themselves in.
Ask yourself THIS:
Are you a parent who has NO IDEA what to feed your child?
Are you tired of feeding your child expensive JUNK food because there isn't time to prepare meals?
Do you want your child to eat healthier food than what you ate when you were growing up?
How would you like to learn simple recipes that are healthy and require only MINUTES to prepare?
Most important do you want healthy recipes that TASTE GOOD, food YOUR CHILD will actually ENJOY eating and meals the rest of your family and friends will enjoy?
If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then you need to ...
"Feed Your Tike What He Likes"
Raw recipes approved by 4-year old Andrew for him and his friends

Easy Pizza Recipes To Impress Your Family (Step by Step Guide with Colorful Pictures)

It's pizza time!
Are you ready to prepare delicious pizza to impress your loved ones?
If so, you've come to the right place
You are about to learn how to make delicious pizza of any kind in less than 30 minutes. 
There's no need to go to Pizza Hut or any other fast food restaurants, because you'll know their secret of making great pizza at home. 
This cookbook has colorful step-by-step pictures of how to prepare each of the ingredients for the pizza and much more...
Grab your pizza cookbook now!

Brilliant Breakfasts on a Budget (Food Matters)

Breakfast is considered by many health experts to be the most important meal of the day, but when you are tight on money and time, it can also be the easiest meal to try to skimp on, or skip completely. 

In this guide, the authors discuss the importance of breakfast, and how to have brilliant breakfasts each morning, all without breaking your budget. 

Learn how to eat a balanced breakfast that will help you and your family power through your busy day, all for pennies compared with what you might be grabbing at the local fast food place or corner coffee shop. 

Learn more about quick and easy breakfasts you can make and take with you as you head out the door. Find out how to make wonderful brunches economically. Discover breakfast foods from all over the world that can help you eat well and eliminate food cravings throughout the day. 

A good breakfast can help you stay slim, eat less and get more nutrition once you know how. Get started today on the path to better health and even more savings with brilliant breakfasts on a budget. 

9 simple and easy salads recipes

Lunch can be a tricky meal. You know you should be eating something to keep your blood sugar levels even and your metabolism running high. At the same time, you can’t be eating anything too heavy or you will be dozing off shortly after lunch. salads are the perfect solution! They make nutrient dense and filling meals without weighing you down. Best of all they are healthy and mostly low in calories. You can prepare many of the salads in this e-book ahead of time and take them with you. Not only will you be losing weight, you’ll also save money by bringing your own lunch to work. We encourage you to give these recipes a try. Just pick a few that sound appealing and get cooking.

Easy Cupcake Recipes: A simple step by step sweet cupcake book (LynLyn baking dessert series)

Attention*Attention* Disclaimer please read with caution just kidding no serious read it =]

Hi everyone this is Arik Burnit the underground bad boy of cupcakes. alrighty I wanted to explain to you what and how this book came to be. lets get into a couple months ago Sally Baker are master and chief editor came up with this Idea to make this simple cupcake book that has everything needed to bake sweet easy cupcake recipes in the most simplest way with all the information needed included in one book for a great price without having to spend two months looking for it all over the place like I did with only frown, till I came across information compiled in this very book. 

So what I did was research every website high and low for the best information from all websites and local bakers and nothing is copied with out proper credit to publishers are bakers some information is sourced for ideas but never copied for compiling this book and yes I have a helpfull resource chapter at end of this book that does have the best ---youtube videos--- I could find on topics we talk about again wanting to give you the best possible information in this book and again not 100% unique homemade videos that I wanted, not in Sally Bakers budget shes kinda cheap but she told me the next cupcake book and all other books that will be released in the LynLyn baking dessert series will have a budget for this family business to bring you a bigger and better book with a completely 100% unique book from scratch to finish for every book release we have with the only goal to bring you the best simplest pertinent Information that we research on any given book topic without all the fluff and hype. 

Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Recipes (for chefs on the edge)

Are you a chef on the edge?

Are you a busy wife and Mom who barely has time to pluck her ever-encroaching chin hairs let alone make sure the people in her house are clean, smell good and up to date on shots?

Do you find you need to take more slow… deep… breaths so as not to cause a scene in public when your son obliterates an entire coffee mug display?

Do you feel most days it takes every ounce of strength just to keep your impending emotional breakdown in check so you can finish scraping glue off the cable box?

And yet, despite the fact that you’re on the edge, one strong wind away from going over, you’re still expected to put dinner on the table even though the other humans in your house all have working hands and can technically feed themselves. (Okay except the 3 year old)

Medium Rare

I've been a busboy, dishwasher, baker, barista, cashier, and pizza delivery driver. I've lived through the highs and lows of the restaurant business. I've cleaned up dead rats, watched cooks screw with people's food, heard tales of walk in cooler blow jobs, and delivered pizzas to S&M parlors. I've also seen far too many man boobs for any one delivery driver to stomach.

The Best Pie Recipes

This amazing little book will be an essential staple in your kitchen because it contains the best pie recipes! Whether you are hosting a picnic or holiday gathering, attending a party, or simply satisfying a sweet tooth this book of easy pie recipes will be your “go-to” guide for pies!

Don’t be fooled, these are not new pie recipes, but yet the classics and some with a spin. Are you looking for a fancy, lattice top pie? Or maybe a classic two-crust apple or pumpkin pie for the holidays? Or perhaps an amazing fruit filled pie in the summer months? 

This little book will make your creations become the talk of the town. And here’s the kicker… they’re not complicated. Sure there are recipes that are more complex or will take a bit longer, but these are easy pie recipes as well. And let’s face it, sometimes you just want to make a filling instead of using those preservative-loaded cans from the grocery store. Well, this book also contains pie filling recipes!



Historical Thrillers:
Havoc: An Extremely Controversial Historical Thriller (Book 2 of the Betrayed Series)

What if the Tablets of the Ten Commandments were not sent off in the Ark. What if they contained more than the Golden Rule? 
Rebecca and Brandt go on their greatest adventure trying to stay one step ahead of a new viscous enemy, the Disciples of the Stone.

Binary: An Encrypted to Cipher bridge short story (Robin Hood Hacker Techno-Thriller Series)

What's it take for an FBI agent and the FBI's #1 wanted cyber criminal to have a date night?
Why just a sinister meeting between the Chinese mafia, the Triad and the Yakusa on a remote island country.
Ronnie will have to bring all of her toys to bear to get them out of this explosive situation

Romantic Suspense:

Fire and Ice, Novella Sequel to Trial by Fire

* They call her the Ice Princess. She's blond, beautiful and cold as Ice. 

* The sexy police commander turns up the heat and proves that Fire does melt Ice.

* When the tough cop's "go it alone attitude" almost gets her and others killed, she's forced to reconsider.  

Spirit of a Champion (Sisters of Spirit #7)

  • To save her brother's life, she must act quickly.
  • The ticket are sold, the bets have been made, time is running out. 
  • Someone wants to kill her to stop her.

Romantic Mystery: 

Party Crashers (humorous romantic mystery)

No invitation, no alibi...  A young woman is stressed to the max, selling shoes at Neiman Marcus during a busy holiday season. Also pressing on her mind is the fact that her boyfriend of the last few months is missing, along with her car. With problems piling on, she manages to make a new friend at work, but too late she realizes her gal pal is a serial party crasher. It's fun--at first. But no one's laughing when a body turns up at an upscale party they've crashed and they're the only people who aren't supposed to be there!

Contemporary Romance:

A Family Forever (Contemporary Romance Novella)

Adam thought he and his young son had the perfect life travelling the world together. Then they meet a beautiful woman and her daughter in a sleepy English village and the cracks in Adam's jet-setting lifestyle begin to show--cracks that can only be healed by the love and stability of a proper family.

Western Romance:

The Friessen Legacy, A Box Set (A Western Romance Series)

THE FRIESSEN LEGACY BOX SET - INCLUDES four novels in this dramatic western romance series, A BABY AND A WEDDING, FALLEN HERO, THE SEARCH, THE AWAKENING A western romance box set collection of dramatic romance stories of the  Friessen men and the women they love

Paranormal Romance:

Treasure of the Jaguar Warrior - Mystery of the Mayan Sun Calendar (Paranormally Yours)

A delightfully enchanting, ghostly tale, full of light hearted humor, heartwarming romance, haunted histories, and ancient mysteries.

A tale of discovery, mischievous spirits, and Mayan mayhem!

What do you get when a mischievous ghost, a new divorcée, her helpful mother, the nosy neighbor, her hunky son, a leaky pooch, and a fed up gardener are thrust together for the Christmas season?

A fast paced, action-packed, mystical thriller that is just what the veterinarian ordered to start the new year (tun) off right!

Jessie has agreed to house sit her eccentric aunt's empty bed and breakfast for the Christmas holiday while she tours Italy. But Jessie soon learns that the old mansion isn't necessarily empty. . . . After meeting the resident ghost, she is convinced she's lost not only her old life, her practice, and her beloved dog, but quite possibly her sanity as well!

Having just gone through a divorce, Jessie has more on her plate than dealing with her nosy neighbor, the blue haired dynamo's perpetually leaky dachshund, and her gorgeous son, who could be at home in the halls of Valhalla playing the part of Thor. . . . She has to find Jacques, the ghost pirate's treasure map, the fabled city of El Dorado, and the Heart of the Mountain itself in order to save the man she loves . . . along with the planet!

This book explores the hidden mysteries of the ancient myths surrounding the Mayan Sun calendar, with enough nonsense thrown in to make it all deliriously whacky. The Christmas season takes on a whole new meaning in this humorous, romantic adventure.

Paranormal Realities (A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Box Set)

Paranormal Realities: A Box Set including three tales of paranormal romantic suspense (Entanglements, The Banshee and the Linebacker, and Fated Hearts) by award-winning author Patricia Mason writing as P.R. Mason.
Praise for Entanglements

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