Monday, January 21, 2013

Romanced Monday

Good Morning Fans! Hope you all had a great weekend. Did you enjoy getting to know Sean Platt? Well I have a treat in store for you tomorrow! New author coming up! Can't wait!

But, for now, how about we start our week with some Romance!

Enjoy these freebies!

Exclusively Yours (The Kowalskis)
When Keri Daniels's boss finds out she has previous carnal knowledge of reclusive bestselling author Joe Kowalski, she gives Keri a choice: get an interview or get a new job.

Joe's never forgotten the first girl to break his heart, so he's intrigued to hear Keri's back in town—and looking for him. He proposes an outrageous plan—for every day she survives with his family on their annual camping trip, Keri can ask one question.

The chemistry between Joe and Keri is as potent as the bug spray, but Joe's sister is out to avenge his broken heart, and Keri hasn't ridden an ATV since she was ten. Who knew a little blackmail, a whole lot of family and some sizzling romantic interludes could make Keri reconsider the old dream of Keri & Joe 2gether 4ever?

Friends With Full Benefits (Friends With... Benefits Series (Book 2))
Friends With Full Benefits is the second book in the Friends With...series. And although the stories are connected, they can be read on their own and book two is a great introduction to the hilarious and complicated world of Jillian and Victoria.

For best-selling romance novelist Jillian Grayson, writer's block is a thing of the past now that her clandestine relationship with her son's best friend, Brian Nash, has lifted her out of a post-divorce funk. The prospect of breaking the news to her son seems daunting, but it's nothing compared to the nightmare of meeting Brian's superstrict, off-the-wall, disapproving parents. After Jillian, Brian and his younger brother Jim, learn an eye-opening secret about the Nash parents they all go scurrying back to Miami where Jillian's best friend Victoria finds Brian's sexy, but innocent college senior brother to be just what the doctor ordered. But when Jim comes on a little too seriously, will Victoria lose interest and return to her life of casual fun or will things get even more complicated?
It's an edgy and somewhat raunchy romp filled with humor, sex, romance, passion and surprises. Full Benefits will leave you laughing out loud, slightly worked up and maybe even chasing your spouse or partner around the bedroom.

Undercover Heat
Hollywood bad boy Ty Hollister reunites with former co-star and lover Carrie Ann Langley to promote a much anticipated DVD release of their hit TV show, "Undercover Heat." Their speculated real-life pairing has always stirred the rumor mill and the mystery behind the sudden cancellation of the show. 
Carrie Ann is the daughter of a high-profile appointee of the New York Archdiocese, Deacon, Jordon Langley. He never forgave his daughter for the scandal she almost created with her co-star. 
Now, thanks to Ty’s deranged and money-hungry ex-wife, who has hired a back-alley paparazzi, headlines about the couple hit the gossip rags. But Ty will stop at nothing to protect Carrie and their potentially devastating secret.

The Pink Rose: Secrets, Love and Betrayal
Max Wilson is CEO and majority shareholder of Zetta Corp. Ever since he first noticed his shy accountant Amy Sanders, he's been trying to get her attention. So when she finally agrees to be his escort to an important gala, he knows exactly what he wants from her.

What he doesn't know is that Amy's cousin is Nicky Dunn, his business rival. Soon, it seems as though there's a mole inside the company, leaking important information to Nicky…

Liar's Fire: A Cooper Brothers Novel
Three Dates. Three Hours. No Commitment. No Kidding. It seemed like a really good idea at the time to Serena Finley, editor of the Cranfield Reporter-Star. Faking a romance couldn't be that hard could it? No one said it had to be real and if everyone thought she was in love, they'd stop hounding her to find a man. Serena knew she could do this and no one would ever be the wiser - best case scenario. Then Tyler Cooper walked into her life and best case scenario became iffy. He fit her idea of Mr. Wrong in every way. From a failing business, to limited social skills, Tyler would never have made her list of datable men. He was a cowboy for heaven's sake, who probably wouldn't know cashmere if it bit him in the butt. But she needed his help and he needed hers, which made him perfect. Until tonight. Somewhere in the midst of the pretend and the lies, her heart had been drawn to his. His kisses stirred her soul while his friendship gave her the strength to deal with old hurts and past heartaches. Serena knew this had no future. She was bound for Manhattan; Tyler was determined to stay in Texas. Would she risk everything for a chance at real love? Or walk away from this flame with her heart in ashes?

Misplaced Innocence

Charisma Clark is a dark haired beauty with a past she's running away from – literally. She's relocated from the hustle and bustle of the East Coast – and a terminated relationship with an unsavory politician – to the landlocked West. 

In the span of a week she's acquired a stray dog and chanced upon the piercing eyes of the newly divorced and irresistible veterinarian, Jared Williams. She's just beginning to feel a little safe when strange phone calls and letters threaten to tear it all away. There's nothing like a little drama and unexpected danger to bring two stubborn and isolated hearts together. Can Charisma face her demons and embrace Jared as a fresh start?

Reckless Nights in Rome (A Ludlow Hall Story)

Reckless Nights in Rome

Though the name of her celebration and wedding cake business is up in lights, Bronte Ludlow doesn't care for the trappings of success. All that matters to her is her company, her independence and her heritage,The Dower House. Home to her ancestors since the seventeenth century, no way will she part with it to ‘a man with too much money and no soul’.

Nico Ferranti’s only passions are money and power... He's a man who stopped believing in romance long ago and Bronte's a romantic, yet the attraction sparking between them like fireworks over the Piazza del Popolo stuns Nico.
When Bronte's brother is badly hurt in a car accident in Rome, Nico whisks Bronte to the Eternal City. He wants her and he wants The Dower House and Nico Ferranti always gets what he wants.

But Bronte’s heart has already been broken by one ruthless charmer and although tempted she isn’t about to give up either her heart or her home to the charismatic Italian without a fight!

Drive Me to Distraction

Sometimes life or death decisions are easy. Alex Radford has a choice – borrow the money to treat her mother’s rare and aggressive cancer from sleazy moneylender Hamish MacCameron. Or do nothing and watch her die.
MacCameron has an agenda. He wants Alex in his bed, and he wants her to help him exact revenge on his sworn enemy, Robert Dryden. He is only too happy to lend her what she needs, but the strings attached form a tangled web from which Alex has little hope of escape.
It’s not all bad. Since she was a girl Alex has had one dream: to become a Formula 1 driver and show the boys how to drive a race car. MacCameron’s money gives her a shot at fame, and in a move that scandalizes the F1 racing fraternity she becomes the new driver for Rob Dryden’s struggling F1 team, Prometheus.
Alex tries to keep her distance from Rob, knowing that one day she will need to betray one of the few people who ever had faith in her. But things begin to unravel when Hamish MacCameron is murdered and she and Rob are the top suspects on the list …

The Proposal
Jacqueline Andrews hopes her boyfriend Brad’s surprise is an engagement ring for her twenty-sixth birthday. Her best friend, Tyler Jordan, wants Jacqueline to be happy but not with Brad. Tyler regrets blowing off Jacqueline’s confession of love for him before he left for college. When he returns to their small town as a physician’s assistant, he falls in love with her. He needs to win her love back. Will his hot kisses sway her? Or is she going to marry Brad?

Playing at Forever
After achieving his dream of making it in Hollywood, Tommy Davidson returns to Ravenside, running away from the emptiness that had come with his success and the beginnings of a floundering career. There, he finds Penny Lang—beautiful as ever, but struggling with her own problems. Sure, she had the restaurant she’d always dreamed of, but the cost had been high—and it had included her marriage. Now, her ex is threatening to take it all away from her.

With the two of them so close to losing everything they have worked so hard for, it only seems natural that they help each other out. Tommy’s image is in need of some refreshing and Penny is just the girl for the job. If Penny acts as if she and Tommy are together for the long-haul, Tommy will make sure Penny keeps her restaurant.

Simple enough in thought, but as the line between reality and fiction blurs, the two of them are forced to decide…how much of it is really just an act?

Not For Sharing (Romance with Sizzle).
If your boyfriend was showing all the signs of an affair and a handsome stranger offered you just one night of mind-blowing, no-strings sex to ease the pain, would you?

After a devastating row with her boyfriend Ethan, Pru has awoken this morning in a hotel bed nursing the mother of all hangovers. More of a concern is why a deliciously scented stranger is lying beside her. She battles with her conscience as she wistfully reminisces of when she and Ethan first met and the sizzling heat they once shared. Why has Ethan been acting so distant recently and should she risk losing him completely for the illicit, indulgent lust that is already overpowering her with each second that passes?....

A short, erotic romance of around 17,000 words. 
It is arousing yet romantic. It is sensual yet sentimental. It will resonate with anyone who has ever been tempted into a forbidden moment or been swept away in the intense euphoria of a new love.

Love Lessons
Love Lessons (a short story)

Sometimes A + B doesn’t = C when it comes to the logic of love. 

Amanda Renee Winters is a ridiculously smart mathematician at Dreamers University in upstate New York. But when a secret admirer starts sending her gifts, she can’t put two and two together to figure it out. She enlists the help of her long-time best friend, Gavin Malone, who works in the archaeology department. Gavin is full of life and passion and has always pushed her to follow her dreams, while Mandy is full of logic and caution and has always strived to keep him grounded. Their love equals the perfect equation even if it doesn’t logically make sense, but the puzzle must be solved before time runs out.

Her Dark Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 1)
An angel trapped in Hell for centuries, Apollyon is tired of guarding the Devil. He longs to break free and feel the wind in his feathers, but he cannot leave the endless darkness without permission from above. When he senses someone calling him, he seizes his chance for freedom, but soon discovers the call came from a beautiful woman he has watched over from Hell, a woman who casts a spell on him and awakens the darkest desires of his heart.

Serenity is shocked when a wickedly sensual black-winged angel shows up in her city of Paris claiming that she called him when she was only casting a simple vengeance spell. He's no other than the angel of death! When the lethally handsome warrior offers to obey her and give her revenge, Serenity can't resist the temptation, but can she resist the forbidden hungers the dark angel stirs in her?

Intense and passionate, Her Dark Angel is a tale of desire and deepest forbidden love guaranteed to set your heart racing.

Soul Mates Kiss: Witching Call Part 1
Lola Ravensworth was a reluctant but powerful witch, while Marcus Swan was an orphan who knew there was something different about him, but never would guess it was a warlock bloodline. 

This four part paranormal series unfolds as we join Lola on the hunt to find Marcus, so she could bring him to the Council of Magical Beings to be educated about his powers. Although she did not regularly mingle with other covens or witches except her mother, she has no choice but to follow this directive forced upon her.

However, following it was the least of Lola's worries as the weather turned in the favor of fate and against her wishes. She headed to New Orleans to find this Marcus and hopefully be back to New York on her birthday -- the eve of Samhain, yet the darkening color of the sky around Marcus's castle, and news of the strongest flood Louisiana has ever seen had other plans in store for the two of them. 

Not being able to return home after finding Marcus secluded away in his incredible castle, she waited with this mysterious man till the storm passed. But to her surprise, he was not what she expected--handsome, young, filthy rich and obviously drawn to her, too. Given the situation, her heart was beating a little faster every passing second, and on the eve of Samhain, as fate would have it, they shared a kiss.

This first, explosive kiss unravels an inevitable and intimate romance between the two, and a perfect little escape for your next coffee break.

Wild Card (Down & Dirty #1)

As Alpha of the Lonely River Pack, Jack Owens is responsible for keeping the peace between what's left of the human population and the wolves who have taken over since the War. All wolves are his responsibility--even the ones like Virginia Howard, who don't recognize his authority.

Ginny's been a thorn in Jack's side since she took over her parents’ operation and established herself as one of the area's premiere ranchers. The fact that she's everything he wants in a mate makes it hard to stay away from her...but any good hunter knows how to bide his time.

Ginny fights hard to maintain her independence from men, human and werewolf alike. The humans may not like having a woman as their chief competition, but they're not the ones determined to see her submit. When a group of angry wolves try to run her out of business, she's forced to accept Jack's assistance. But in saving her ranch, Ginny runs the risk of losing something far greater--her heart.

The Best Kept Secret In Normandy

A tourist in France comes across Cinderella's legendary glass slipper and is turned into the princess she always dreamed of. Will she always see true beauty on the inside or will the spell be broken?

Nightshifters (Dangerous Lovers Collection)

More than love stalks the night in this Dangerous Lovers Collection...


Even the werewolf Colten knows what his fiancee Kate refuses to admit: That a silver bullet may be his only redemption.

BLIND LOVE - Short Story

For years Dr. Jared Fields has hidden his scars by escaping into his jaguar self. Can plane crash survivor Anna Stodger teach him to look beyond the darkness and find true love?


To heal her son, Rana must destroy the monster who helped create him. But the vampire Alexandru, once the lover she was engaged to before he was turned, holds a secret that could save -- or destroy -- them all.

A Lascivious Lady (Wedded Women Quartet)

Can a realist fall in love with a dreamer?

Josephine never wanted to marry Traverson. In love with a Duke, she had dreams of grandeur… until a lowly Earl stole them away from her. Unable to forgive Traverson for what he took, she has exacted her revenge in the most unforgivable of ways.

Traverson fell in love with the bright eyed, fair haired country girl the moment he first saw her. Entranced before he even learned her name, he used everything in his power to make her his, realizing too late love is something that cannot be bought.

Brought together by a mutual acquaintance, Josephine and Traverson must finally face the feelings they have been avoiding. Can Josephine overcome her tawdry past? Or is it too late to love a man who may have finally given up on her?

Find out in A Lascivious Lady, the third novella in the Wedded Women Quartet!

Mail Order Mayhem

When Maude is told she must marry a repulsive man, she instead responds to an Iowa farmer who is looking for a mail order bride. After sneaking out of town on a train, she goes to Iowa and marries. She quickly falls for the wonderful man she marries, but does he feel the same? And will she be able to escape her past?

Echoes of the Heart

When Raeden Newell, a chestnut-haired beauty, escapes an ill-fated marriage the day before the wedding in search of eventual fame as a fashion designer in New York City, she falls into a tumultuous love affair with Cash Rydell, a handsome and virile marshal, ex-gunman and rancher in South Dakota with a troubled past and ambitions of his own to help the Cheyenne tribe he grew up with, neither willing to give up their separate goals—can love survive?

The Apple Blossom Bower (Historical Romance Novella)

Annis Kelland, daughter of a notorious Devonshire smuggler, has avoided wealthy landowner Sir Edwin Page ever since he kissed her during the apple harvest celebrations. Her mother warns her that the baronet is merely trifling with her. Her stepfather, the local squire, is keen to play matchmaker.

Edwin's determined courtship is thwarted--and threatened--by an unwelcome guest desperate to claim the dead smuggler's buried treasure. Will a night of passion undo the damage caused by a meddlesome friend, or destroy the mis-matched couple's chance at happiness?

Love's Portrait (Historical Erotic Romance)

One woman’s rebellious act; One man’s quest for seduction; A portrait that ignites a scandalous passion ~ ~ ~

When Julia Westgard commissions a nude portrait of herself, the painting is much more than a rebellious act. It’s an attempt to regain her self-worth after years of a loveless, repressive marriage to her late husband. But the private portrait puts her directly in the path of Morgan St. Claire, one of the Marlborough Set’s most notorious seducers. A man who doesn’t take no for an answer.

From the first moment Morgan sees Julia’s portrait, he’s determined to have her. But the woman he meets is a far cry from the image on canvas. What starts out as a simple exercise in seduction quickly evolves into a quest to reveal the true Julia. With each sensual encounter, he employs every erotic weapon at his disposal in hopes of making Julia see she really is the woman in Love's Portrait.

Taffeta & Hotspur

Lord Thurston Tarrant, known as Hotspur on the London social scene, thinks Lady Taffeta Grantham is too young and idealistic. Experience has taught him that love is found only in fairy tales and that very few women can be trusted—especially young and attractive ones.

As for Taffy, she finds the rakehell cynical and arrogant—definitely not the hero, the man of principles and romance, her heart longs for. Besides, as one of the Rogues Three, she is more concerned with social injustice than a man who could use his influence to right wrongs but shows no interest in doing so.

So why does Tarrant find himself enchanted by the beautiful and high-spirited Taffy? Why does Taffy’s sporadic gift of sight insist on showing her visions of Tarrant as a bold and passionate lover—her lover?

When the prince of flirts catches the princess of thieves in a ‘Robin Hood’ encounter gone wrong, a secret is discovered, a promise is given, and two lives will be changed in ways neither could have dreamed.

Rogue's Honor (The Saint of Seven Dials)

To escape her stepmother's matchmaking machinations, Lady Pearl runs away, pretending to be a common housemaid, with the help of her abigail. When she is rescued from the near-disaster of recognition by a charming serving-man, Pearl pretends to be simpleminded to safeguard herself from any unwanted advances. But soon she begins to suspect that her rescuer is far more than the common servant he seemed at first.

Luke St. Clair lives a double life, pretending to be a gentleman while in reality sustaining himself and the needy as the notorious Robin Hood-type thief, the Saint of Seven Dials. The last thing he needs in his life is a beautiful simpleton in need of protection. But "Purdy" proves to be anything but simple—or common! Once he learns the truth, does he dare continue, in the ballrooms of the elite, the flirtation that began in the slums of London? The risk is enormous, but Lady Pearl's sweet kisses may just be worth it.

Gypsy Bond

The palm reader spoke of two paths. Would one lead Juliet to her gypsy husband?

At sixteen, Juliet Bailey was hand-fasted to the gypsy, Marko, but when the tribe moved on, she was left behind. For years, she has endured snubs and snide remarks whispered behind lace fans. Now that the gypsies have returned, she demands her rightful place beside her husband.

Marko, who returned to Derbyshire to lay aside his memories of their rash affair, refuses to acknowledge the union. Though attracted to her still, he is convinced that her happiness lies in taking a husband who is her peer.

Stung by Marko’s rejection, will Juliet choose the path that will separate them forever?

Lady in Red - A Medieval Romance

Jessame's best friend, Sabina, was brutally slain. Because Sabina was a fallen women, none will lift a finger to track down her killer. In desperation, Jessame takes matters into her own hands. She disguises herself as a lady of the night to lure in the murderer.

Berenger returns home after ten long years in the crusades to find his home village has been turned upside down. A lady in red calling herself Besame is stirring up trouble everywhere she goes.

When Jessame gets too close to the truth, and dark forces rise against her, Berenger races against time to prevent her from becoming the next victim!

Stealing Mercy

A girl disguised as a boy.
A villain with a brothel to fill.
A hero wondering why he’s in love with a lad in breeches.
Serving murder, mayhem and pies, Stealing Mercy is a romantic adventure set in 1889—on the eve of the Great Seattle Fire, when more than a city is set on fire.

After a night of terror, Mercy Faye flees New York. Disguised as a boy, she sets sail for a new life in Seattle, but her nightmare, Mr. Steele, follows close behind. Armed with only her chocolates, laced tarts and wits, Mercy sets out to destroy Mr. Steele and his Lucky Island brothel.

Trent Michaels is searching for his missing cousin. He can't afford complications - or romance - yet, at every turn he finds Mercy Faye. The night before the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, flames spark between Mercy and Trent leaving the life they know and the city they love in ashes.

Their story reaches forward through time to Bette Michaels, a genealogist, struggling with grief after the sudden death of her husband. Although generations apart, as Bette unravels Mercy's story, she learns that a life can be rebuilt - even after everything is lost.

Through Mercy, Bette discovers that sometimes the only way to find happiness is to steal it.

Ring of Fire

An adventurous blend of love, power, greed, and personal conviction, Ring of Fire reminds us things aren't always as they seem. 
When rare, violet-gray diamonds are discovered at Alexandra McAlister's clean-energy research site on a small South Pacific island, the reclusive scientist suddenly finds herself plagued by greedy gem hunters. To make matters worse, the island's government is threatening to revoke her permits so they can capitalize on the find.

Fresh from a confrontation with an annoyingly attractive government official, Alex happens upon a girl in danger. Instinct takes over and she rescues the girl, only to find out she is the island's princess, and the annoying official is her guardian, Daniel!

Alex finds herself thrust into a situation where she has to protect not only her life's work, but also her life itself and that of the precocious teenage princess she grows to love. Daniel appears to be their only chance at survival - if they can learn to get along. Undercover and acting the part of a loving family, they work to find out who is pursuing them and what it is they're after, only to realize their relationship may not be an act after all.

King Midas' Daughter

A thrilling adventure story of love and loss, greed, sex, murder and betrayal set in the super-rich worlds of London, Venice and Monte Carlo. Jasmine has grown up in the shadow of her brilliant father, Sam, and has helped him to build up a international portfolio of boutique hotels, but her protected, privileged life is changed forever when she is kidnapped in Venice and finds that Sam's inheritance has made her a prey for the hunter. Not knowing who to trust - mesmerising Damian, her old friend and companion Mark, or even Sam himself - she discovers that she and all those she loves are in terrible danger.

Dreams of Reality

Skye Patterson - 24-year old entrepreneur trying to make her way in the world all by herself since she was orphaned at birth - finds herself the victim of a mind controlling substance.

Moving to Detroit, was a big step emotionally, but she never thought it would be a big step mentally. The mind controlling drugs invade her life enveloping her in a world she never thought she could experience and a love that was too good to be true with one of her clients,
Thaddeus Newman, a powerful construction business owner. When she begins to experience the too real dreams she tries to convince herself they are not real, but as the dreams become more vivid, she delves deep into a world of pimps, businessmen, doctors, and murder, until she finds out what is really happening to her. With Thaddeus by her side, she is able to face her reality and conquer her fears. Dreams of Reality touches on the new age drug, GHB in the revitalization of Motown, where a woman tries to make it alone and finds that in order to survive she has to make her dreams of love, into dreams of reality.

A Dangerous Affair

Lloyd Sullivan is a former college football star and a recently paroled convict. Desperate to make amends with his mother and foster brother, Lloyd takes a job at a local carwash and encounters Jamie, the sheriff's attractive and unassuming wife.

Jamie finds herself trapped between her abusive cheating husband and the lure of intimacy with the town's new enigmatic stranger.

As secret obsessions spark dangerous desire, Lloyd uncovers his brother’s connection to Jamie's power-mongering husband who is slowly unraveling the truth about his wife's affair.

While the lovers plan for a new life together, Jamie’s husband settles on a plan of his own: one must die, the other will be left hanging..

Bargain in Bronze (Flirting to Win)

If you can’t take the heat…

Entrepreneur Libby Harris’s specialty is making her famous muesli. So when an Olympic hopeful invites her to his flat to make her delicious cereal, she’s bewildered when his brother Jack walks in, accusing her of trying to ruin his brother’s career. Libby has every intention of staying single, but with Jack around, no way can she suppress the personal pleasure she’s long denied herself.

Investment banker extraordinaire Jack Barnes’s attraction to Libby is instantaneous, but he’s raised his two siblings after their parents died in an accident, and it’s been all work and no play for as long as he can remember. He can’t let down his guard now—not when his brother is so close to the gold. But keeping Libby busy and out of his brother’s life challenges every ounce of his self-control.

Until now…

Neither wants a relationship, and though they can’t deny their incredible chemistry, Libby and Jack agree that what they have is temporary. So when things start to sizzle between them, will they be able to take the heat?

Triple Threat

Subject: Airborne Captain Eli Murdoch.
Current status: Ready and raring to go!
Mission: Serve his country.
Obstacle: Sexy Tara Swenson. Impossible to resist.

Weddings are a minefield for Eli Murdoch. Each time he goes to one, he falls into bed with the same woman--Tara Swenson! But a relationship between a footloose soldier and a homebody can never work. Can it?

Tara can't seem to keep her panties on and her legs together around her former high school crush. But she wants more than wham bam, thank you ma'am. Although Captain Hard Body is very good at that!

When he returns for a third wedding, Tara's faced with a man trained to outmaneuver her! So she makes the first offensive move. Directly into Eli's very willing arms...

Teasing the Billionaire

Just when things look they can't get any worse for poor Tracy, a car accident leaves her with a new pile of bills. But the accident has also given her the power to enter dreams, including those of billionaire playboy Mr. Paul Hayes. Will Tracy be able to transform from a timid waitress into the woman of the billionaire's dreams?

This 5500 word story is Chapter One of "The Woman of the Billionaire's Dreams".

Sure enough, at about the same time as usual, Mr. Hayes showed up. This time he had a buxom blonde with him, wearing a dress that showed off all that she had to offer. He was wearing his usual suit, and he smiled when he saw Tracy. Tracy smiled at the two of them and showed the two of them to their table. Mr. Hayes started to look over the wine list while his bimbo went to the bathroom.

“So,” he said without looking up from the wine menu. “Have you thought over my offer?” It was clear from his body language that he expected another refusal.

“Yes, I have,” she said. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Here goes nothing. “If you want me, you'll get up and walk out of here right now with me.”
He looked up at her, puzzled, then looked back down at the menu. “That's pretty funny, sweetheart. If you didn't notice, I brought a date with me. But, if you're interested, maybe the three of us...”

She cut him off right there. “If you want me, ever, you'll leave this woman at the restaurant and walk out the door with me. This is a one-time offer.”

For a moment he seemed taken aback. He was clearly not used to being talked to this way, and she could tell that he almost came back with an angry response. But then, he took a look down her body, nodded his head and stood up. As they walked quickly to the exit, he put his strong hand on her back, guiding her past the line of people at the door. The sensation sent a tingle down her spine, and she knew that this was going to be a great experience after all. Luckily, thought Tracy as they stepped into the warm summer evening, the only employee who saw them leave was the doorman. When the bimbo came back from the bathroom, and when her manager found out she had walked out on a Friday, there would be hell to pay. This was going to be worth it, though...


We all have the power to effect change--we just need to find the strength to harness it. With every good deed done, and helping hand offered, we are making the world a better place. The dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have changed many lives for the better, through their compassionate hearts and unshakable commitment. To celebrate their accomplishments, bestselling authors have written stories inspired by these real-life heroines.
In this book, Betina Krahn honors the work of Donna Fischer, the Arizona program coordinator for Casting for Recovery, a national non-profit organization that runs fly-fishing retreats for women who have or have had breast cancer.
We hope More Than Words inspires you look inside your heart and to get in touch with the heroine inside of you.

Drowning Mermaids (Sacred Breath Series, Book 1)

The deadly northern seas are growing unsettled...

None know this better than Aazuria Vellamo, who must conceal her physical abnormalities in order to masquerade as a normal human being. She is the proud Princess of Adlivun, fleeing from the threat of war in her underwater kingdom to regroup with her sisters and bodyguards in Alaska. This refuge holds unexpected surprises, for she meets a somber gentleman in a dark corner who offers her assistance. 
Captain Trevain Murphy is a successful king crab fisherman who has spent his life building his empire above the sea, and knows nothing of the greater empire beneath the surface. When an elegant dancer captures his attention, he becomes fascinated with her old-fashioned speech and unique mannerisms. Learning that her father has recently died, he cannot resist extending kindness and offering to be her benefactor.
Neither the captain nor the princess can imagine that their lives will become forcibly entwined as a common enemy threatens both of their worlds...


Neve applies, on a whim, to work as a secret agent in London. She never thought they'd choose her. But life is full of surprises, and she ends up working for them.

She is sent on an assignment to Glasgow, to work with the head of her department, Alexavier, and another top agent, Montpelier. Can she handle the assignment? Can she deal with her attraction to these two handsome men? And will she make it home in time for Christmas?

Autumn Magic

Exiled to the last outpost of the Empire…

Wren could not remember the glorious city, and could not regret the quiet way she had been raised. But she knew Sky longed for nothing more than to return to the capital. Obviously, she was willing to do anything, even leave Wren behind, to return there.

When a stranger arrives from the capital, Wren is faced with a decision that will change her life forever as dark forces from across the mountains compel her to act.

Can Wren let her sister go, restore honour to her family, and come to grips with the world of magic unfolding around her?

Someone To Believe In (Close To You, Taking The Heat)

Bailey O’Neil, aka, the Street Angel, has been the arch enemy of Senator Clay Wainwright since he was a district attorney and she a young, idealistic social worker. He put her in jail for harboring a teen offender and never looked back. Eleven years later, she’s a thorn in his side as an anti-gang specialist trying to get kids out of gangs. While Clay wants to put them in jail, Bailey is determined to help these troubled teenagers make good lives for themselves. But when Bailey and Clay are thrown together on the mayor’s task force, the impossible happens—they’re attracted to each other. Their passion erupts early on, and only grows stronger the further they get into a relationship. When they fall deeply in love, their conflicting views drive a wedge between them. Both the Street Angel and the Senator must find a way to deal with their differences in order to make a life together.

A Brush of Love

A young woman recounts a moment of true love in her life and a twist that changes her heart forever. Have you experienced true love?

The Ties That Bind

When Lady Arabella’s errant husband returns after a two-year absence that began just after the consummation of their marriage, she’s still furious with him. Will past hurts finally be explained, and will Lord James be shocked to discover that Arabella has made the best of the situation with the help of his best friend, Tom? Or will Lord James turn the tables, reveal all, and win their sexual game for an unconventional happy ever after?

Please note. This book contains m/f/m sexual interaction and mild infidelity.

Hearts and Flowers

Including the stories, Odd Neighbors, in which is recounted a tale of piety, passion, pies, and panties; Girlie Man, the story of a supposedly gay, completely heterosexual man; Hearts and Flowers, concerning Michael and Francine, and Sandra and Robert, and how each should have married the other, instead; and, The Blue Tantric Shibboleth, the story of an oddly named drink, ingredients mysterious, proper proportions unknown..

Lust, Money & Murder - Book 1

This book begins with a young and naive Elaine Brogan as she initially pursues her dream of a career as a photomodel. After becoming entangled with a sleazy modeling agency, she decides to become a Secret Service agent, struggling through the arduous training academy. After her first disastrous assignment, she is transferred to Bulgaria. There, she meets Nick LaGrange, the love of her life.

A Fair of the Heart (Welcome To Redemption)

Single mother, and work-at-home beautician, Lauren Frazier can barely keep a roof over her head, let alone stop it from falling down around her. When handyman Caleb Hunter shows up at her door for a haircut, he's the answer to her prayers--and the attraction is instantaneous. Too bad her troublesome ten-year-old son isn't quite as thrilled to have Caleb hanging around.

Old wounds have kept Caleb from returning to Redemption permanently. When he receives word of his mother's unexpected death, guilt and regret bring him home again, but will the love of a good woman keep him there? Beautiful, witty, and strong, Lauren excites Caleb like no woman ever has, but she's a package deal, and he's not sure he's prepared to take on a ready-made family.

The Cabin at the Lake

Brett and Julia had known each other most of their lives. Both had held a secret crush on the other at some time or another but kept it secret. Until now. The combination of water, sun, and isolation allow them to reveal their feelings and desires.

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