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Sci-Fi Adventure

Good Morning Fans! I hope you all take a few minutes to check out our Author of the week. Sean Platt! Co-author of the first two books I'll be listing below today. Make sure you grab these and keep on the look out for other free books by him and David Wright! They are an amazing writing team. Hopefully we will be able to get David to do an interview later in our series! For now, make sure you enter our giveaway to win Yesterday's Gone Episode 1!

Now, onto the freebies! Here's some Sci-Fi adventures for you!

WhiteSpace Episode 6
UPDATE: You can now get WhiteSpace: Season One, containing all SIX episodes, at one low price on Amazon amazon.com/dp/B008ASB4GI

From the Kings of the Serial, Sean Platt and David Wright, who brought you the post-apocalyptic series, "Yesterday's Gone," comes the new sci-fi horror series, "WhiteSpace."

Hamilton Island seems like the perfect home.

The Puget Sound bedroom community has it all -- beautiful homes with white picket fences, a thriving tech sector, and one of the best school systems in the state.

But not everything is as it seems.

And on the morning of September 1, the veil is lifted in a school shooting that will shake the island to its core, and expose an evil dynasty and a dark conspiracy that threatens the future of our species.

Yesterday's Gone Episode 5
(THE FULL SEASON - ALL SIX EPISODES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR $4.99 http://www.amazon.com/Yesterdays-Gone-Season-One-ebook/dp/B005REXCKE/


On October 15 at 2:15 a.m. everyone on Earth vanished.
Well, almost everyone.
A scattered few woke alone in a world where there are no rules other than survival... at any cost.

A journalist wanders the horrible reality of an empty New York in search of his wife and son.
A serial killer must hunt in a land where prey is now an endangered species.
A mother shields her young daughter from danger, though every breath fills her with terror.
A bullied teen is thrilled to find everyone gone. Until the knock at the door.
A fugitive survives a fiery plane crash. Will he be redeemed, or return to what he’s best at: the kill?
An eight year old boy sets out on a journey to find his missing family. What he finds will change him forever.

These survivors aren’t alone...
Someone or something is watching them.
And waiting...

Strangers unite.
Sides are chosen.
Will humanity survive what it never saw coming?
The only certainty is that Yesterday’s Gone.

You’ve never read anything like Yesterday’s Gone – the epic, groundbreaking, thrilling new series. Look for a new 100 page episode each month.

The FULL season is now available in one convenient download http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005REXCKE

At the End - a post-apocalyptic novel (The Road to Extinction, Book 1)
Night 1: 12 billion taken. 

Day 1: Confusion.
Night 2: 13 billion taken.

Day 2: Panic.

Night 3: 13 billion taken.

Day 3: The fight for survival begins.

In 2048, the human population borders 39 billion after the termination of the birth control industry, and the realities of overcrowding have sunken into the minds of the world, until billions mysteriously go missing. In the wake of civilization's collapse, a trio of teenage gamers from Washington struggle to endure. Maggy, a strong-willed intellectual, leads Darrel and Félix, two shy geeks, on an expedition down the west coast, as they try to determine the source of humanity's downfall.

Uprising (The fall of Haven)

**This book, formerly titled Haven, has received new cover-art and titling to prepare for the release of it's sequel. The two books together are now known as The Fall of Haven, books one and two called Uprising and Exodus, respectively. More editing has been done to alleviate complaints.**

Before Proposition 172, being a Citizen was a way to separate one’s self from the rest of society. After Proposition 172, the rest of the world truly was separate from you. It was such a simple answer, really. How could one keep every undesirable part of society away from the parts that deserved better? Move it.

In the city of Haven, the dreams of the Citizens have been realized in the Separation project. No longer will people of good stature and breeding be required to interact with the working class, the filthy and disease-ridden rejects that fill the streets. No longer will real people have to suffer junkies, criminals, and thieves. Instead, a cleaner and purer world has been crafted to suit your every need. The best part? Well, all those undesirables had to be worth something, after all. Why not just use them? Give them a short re-education and make them docile workers.

This is the world that a young woman named Kaylee lives in. One where Citizens, the aristocratic elite, capture and enslave ordinary people to suit their needs. This is the Haven of constant fear, where any moment you might be brutally beaten by a gang, stolen by a squad of Citizen “recruiters,” or you might simply starve to death. It is a world of darkness, hidden far below the bright and shining city where the Citizens and their ilk live in splendor. It is a world without hope.

Yet in these dark slums beneath the city of Haven, things are being set in motion. Plans are being carried out, forces are being gathered. The powerful and reclusive slumlord, Elijah, starts a chain of events which will swallow everyone in the city - Citizen and undesirable alike.

Diary of the Displaced - Omnibus 1 Parts 1-4 "The Journal of James Halldon"

Omnibus edition of parts 1-4 (the original book 1)
"The Journal of James Halldon".

There is a place where nightmares are real. It is a dark and terrifying place, hidden from the world we know by borders that

only the most unfortunate of souls will ever cross.

James Halldon woke up in the dark, alone, without any food or water, without a clue where he was, and with no memory of

where he came from.

It only got stranger.

James has somehow found his way to The Corridor, a midnight place that no human should ever see and the prison of a creature

that has destroyed entire worlds. Somehow James has to learn to survive.

But he is not alone. The lost souls of others who have drifted into The Corridor, and died, also haunt this world, and they

have been waiting a long time for someone to come along.

The Journal of James Halldon is a dark sci-fi novel that follows Halldon's struggle to survive whilst trying to understand

the strange, dark, and terrifying world in which he is trapped.

If it's dark when you wake up, and you can hear growling, then close your eyes and maybe it will go away.

But maybe it won't...

Wool- Part One

Thousands of them have lived underground. They've lived there so long, there are only legends about people living anywhere else. Such a life requires rules. Strict rules. There are things that must not be discussed. Like going outside. Never mention you might like going outside.

Or you'll get what you wish for.

Nano Zombie

Not all zombies are undead.

Brent lives in the near future in a crumbling civilization where man feeds upon man. Escaping from the chaos of the city, he is suddenly thrust into an unspeakable nightmare of sickness and war. In a world of post-apocalyptic horror, he battles for those he loves, an orphan girl and a woman with a dangerous past. In the desolated countryside, Brent fights to stay alive and find a cure to the most terrible disease that humanity has ever known.

The Wormhole Project

The first attempt to create a wormhole resulted in an uncontrollable beast that killed many of the world's top scientists. Dr.Harry Stevenson and his sidekick Wanda, a human-like hologram who wants to escape cyberspace, lead a new effort to recreate the technology that folds and bends space, opening the door for mankind to explore the galaxy.
Terrorist moles iniltrate the project, devise an ingenious plan to steal the wormhole technology, and convert it to a black hole weapon of mass destruction. Deadly computer viruses delay the project and buy time for the terrorists to steal and adapt the technology-subversive acts that cause an already highly unstable and risky technology to become more dangerous and unpredictable.
Researchers die fighting viruses as they endevor to implement the complex techology. In its stable mode the wormhole is docile, but as Harry and his team soon realize, it can quickly morph into a monster.
Convinced they have eliminated the threats, Harry and his team venture throught the wormhole on deep space missions. The first trip to Aplha Centauri is plagued with acts of sabotage that kills crewmembers attempting to launch a deep space telescope. Harry barely escapes with his life then goes EVA, without assistance or backup, to save a teammate hopelessly adrift in space. A rescue attempt that backfires.
On the final mission, a sleeper virus routes the starship to an uncharted part of the galaxy, erases all flight history, and shuts down the wormhole. Stranded above an alien world, Harry makes an amazing discovery: a rare and extremely valuable mineral needed to fuel the Earth's power grid. To investigate the find, he leads an excursion to the surface.They encounter bloodthirsty predators and meat eating plants that consider the away team a part of the food chain. An intense struggle to survive ensues, and only a few return to the ship. The team must somehow find out where they are in the galaxy, communicate with Earth, and reestablish the wormhole, or spend the rest of their lives, however short, on a hostile and alien world.
Completing their plan to steal the technology and create an indefensible weapon of mass destruction, the terrorists unleash the monster and wage a campaign of fear and devistation. The world's population cringes in absolute terror as the black hole ravages the earth. Emboldened by success, they give the United States three days to surrender or face total annihilation. Harry and his team become the nations only hope to defeat the merciless beast and save America.

Resurrection Planet: A Zombie Sci-Fi Adventure

Classic science fiction adventure meets zombie horror in this off-beat tale.  On a wasteland planet called Sybaris, a savage undead horde begins decimating a mining community. Ronald Crisp, an egocentric soldier-of-fortune, is summoned, but he brings with him his own secret agenda of conquest.  However, Sybaris is a world where the laws of nature don't apply and nothing stays dead for long--at least nothing Crisp wants dead...[REVIEWS range from "a diamond" (U.S.) to "offensive..."(UK)]  ***FOR 5 DAYS ONLY (beginning 1/12/2013), this edition is being offered free.  Visit Resurrection Planet and consider writing and posting a review.  Your response will be greatly appreciated!


The apparent suicide of a stranger, a cryptic warning and a strained relationship with a beautiful yet mercurial woman all lead Dexter McAllister to embark on a profound and fantastic journey into another reality.
It is a world where every soul that he encounters will seemingly stop at nothing to achieve their goal; the discovery and subsequent control of 'The Sanctuary'.
Dexter is wholly unaware of the 'gift' of which he has been bestowed but when his past is revealed as a grand deception and a glimpse of his future appears to offer only terrifying insights into an alien world, he struggles to come to terms with the fact that he alone holds the key to the balance of power of the entire galaxy!

Modern day crime intrigue meets outrageous science fiction adventure in this fast paced, often humourous story of faith, duty, destiny and rediscovery.

Written by the author of 'Dark Phase', Sanctuary is a witty, compelling science fiction adventure.

Far From Home 1: Legend

The Best-Selling Far From Home Series!
Top 100 Sci-fi Category!

Follow the adventures of Captain Jessica King and the crew of the Defiant as they find themselves pulled into a black hole and thrown from everything they have ever known.

If you liked Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Star Wars then you will LOVE the Far From Home series, a 12-book epic adventure unlike anything you've ever read!

Surviving the Fog

Have you ever been to summer camp? What would you do if almost all of the adults left “for a few hours” and they had not returned a week later? What would you do if no one’s cell phone worked and your parents never showed up to take you home? What would you do if you realized that the area was surrounded by a mysterious brown fog that was dangerous? How would you survive the winter? How would you get more to eat?
This is what Mike, John, Desi and the other campers have to contend with in Surviving the Fog.
Warning: sexual situations, cursing, brief violence


Spectronomy introduces the reader to the modern age of Science and Technology, in respect of Christendom. Throughout the pivotal new age the journey transcends by the aboriginal Dreamtime. Following on from the Alchemy Trilogy, in theme, age old questions are revived in platonic dialogue.

Paramount (Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak, Book 1)

A goddess hell-bent on revenge...

Pax Burnson is the descendant of devas. She has vowed to live her life without practicing her powers, but recent events have overturned her entire existence. Thorn Kalgren has been the love of her life since she was fourteen -- he helped her to heal after the loss of her parents. As a close family friend, he is one of a select few who understand and share her unique heritage. His recent betrayal has released a violence within her that she cannot restrain.

While her first instinct is to escape and forget, her aimless road trip is interrupted by a childhood friend in need. An idea strikes Pax as she sees her own pain reflected in Thorn's sister, Amara Kalgren. She is suddenly filled with a new, all-consuming purpose: vengeance. She believes there is nothing else left.

Using ancient magick and enlisting Amara's help, Pax orchestrates a complex, drawn-out plan to deceive and emotionally destroy her former lover. The friendship and loyalty between the two girls becomes fortified and unshakable as they venture down a dark and twisted path together, encountering formidable roadblocks and demons.

It soon becomes clear to Pax that everything she has been led to believe about her powers and her past was shaped by blatant lies. When she discovers that Thorn's infidelity is closely linked with her mother's death, she is forced to make a life-altering decision...

The Aurora

The Aurora is a science fiction adventure written for Young Adults, but is perfect for anyone who likes this genre. It is a cocktail of action and drama, mixed with a healthy helping of romance. Approximately 103,000 words.

Londuo is a Qinant teenager. She is stranded in Colorado, USA, sixteen thousand light years from home after the spaceship Aurora is destroyed. The year is 1964.

Meanwhile in 2019, James is living in the English countryside and thinks he is just a normal teenager. However, his mother has kept a secret from him, one that will change his life and ultimately the fate of his race.

As teenagers, Londuo and James’ paths have crossed before, in a timeline where every world in the galaxy is under threat. Time was supposed to have been rewritten, but yet it seems they are destined to meet again.

After the untimely death of his mother, James discovers that he is not human, in fact, he is Qinant. He starts a journey into space in search of his people and discovers that his home world has been destroyed by the Treitans. He meets an inseparable and inestimable travel mate, Kalrea, and the love of his life, Londuo. Together they fight against the Treitans. But are the Treitans their real enemies…?

Vacation on Earth

The Earthians were horribly split up internally. But Kcid took a man's delight in inhabiting them.

Short Story


The body of a man lay on the bed. He appeared to be sleeping, although an experienced finger would have found almost no pulse, and a practiced ear would have detected only the feeblest breathing. Life in the body of the prone figure was at a low ebb.

Slowly, seemingly out of the very head itself, a haze began to ooze — a gray, filmy, foggy vapor which grew thicker and thicker, spreading out until the man's face was totally obscured.

The haze assumed shape and even a kind of substance, and when it had formed into a long, oval mass, it began to float across the room.

It settled down in the seat of a large upholstered chair, almost as if it were trying, humanlike, to make itself comfortable.

After a moment the mass of gray vapor began to glow, first with a dull orange tint gradually brightening to red, then into purple and finally into a luminous green. Tiny points of light began to flash inside it, and then one sudden, stabbing beam leaped out of the glowing hazy stuff. It passed swiftly up through the ceiling and beyond into the sky, and continued out into the great empty reaches of space…

At the End of the World

Archaeologist Arthur Dawkins discovers the tomb of a god from the Mayan creation stories when he responds to a plea for help from the KulWinik Mayans.

The KulWinik leader, Yax K'in, has reluctant responsibility for the end of the world and summons his long time archaeologist friend. The Mayan leader has a god-given power to complete his task; he cannot die.

When access to the tomb is lost after Mexican authorities interfere, Arthur and his team race against time to forestall a seemingly predetermined fate.

Michelle, Arthur's assistant and ex-partner in a relationship terminated ten years ago by Yax K'in, is shocked to discover there is a grain of scientifically plausible truth in the beliefs of the ancient Mayans.

The ancient stories of the creator god that lived among the Mayans could be partly true. Enough to cause the end of the world...

This is the first instalment in the At the End of the World series of books. However, it is self-contained and can be enjoyed on its own.

The next two books in the series are available.

Continue the series with the story of the god Hachakyum when he lived among the ancient Mayans and created the world because of, and for, a remarkable human woman. Book Two: The First Genesis.

At the End of the World begins with Arthur's geologist friend Hamish losing his wife of forty years. Book three in the series recounts the tortuous forty year love story of Hamish and Kate, as told through the eyes of Hamish's nemesis, Euan. Book Three: Hamish and Kate.

Look out for more titles as they become available.

Contact the author at www.markmacpherson.com.

Gabriel: Zero Point (Evan Gabriel Trilogy)

A Gabriel Universe Novella

Evan Gabriel wasn't always a feared and respected North American Federation Navy Commander. Before dangerous missions to the ice-bound planet of Poliahu, the deadly jungle world of Eden, and politically corrupt Mars, he was a simple recruit, fighting to make his mark in the elite Naval Special Forces...and was part of a top-secret military experiment that would change his life forever.

Zero Point tells the tale of a young man faced with difficult choices and dangerous trials. Fans of the series will see part of the mysterious past Evan Gabriel carries with him, while readers new to the series get a preview of what is to come in a military man's haunted life.

Zero Point is the true beginning of Evan Gabriel, and his story is just getting started.

Also available: Gabriel's Redemption (Book 1), Gabriel's Return (Book 2), Gabriel's Revenge (Book 3), Gabriel's Journey (complete collection) 

New Beginnings (Vitalis)

Part 1 in the Vitalis series

Mysterious blackouts left Kira with precious few memories of events in her life, nevermind those worth sharing.  Somewhere in those blank spots, she aquired skills, skills she was hard pressed to explain. But those skills got her a job as the new navigator for the Rented Mule, a transport ship that plied the Rim Systems at the very edge of human civilization.

When their ship is set upon by pirates and damaged beyond repair, Kira's fears of surviving the attack pale in comparison to her fear of the secrets relating to the dark spots in her past.  As each layer of truth peels back, Kira discovers a new talent, and with it comes the dread of finding out who she really is.

If you like New Beginnings, look for the Vitalis Omnibus, which contains Vitalis parts 1 through 7!

Continue the Vitalis series with Vitalis: Resurrection coming soon!

The Serpent Passage

When William and Betty are trapped in a cavern in the Yucatán, they discover a way out through a strange passage that propels them a thousand years into the past. While searching for a way home, they become entangled in conflicts between Mayan kingdoms. Priest Quisac agrees to aid William if he promises to help his people. William is awarded the bloodstone, a magical gem that puts him in the path of Mayan gods, demons, and extraterrestrials.

Can William survive the challenges of the past long enough to return home? Will his love for a Mayan Princess complicate matters? How is William’s destiny tied to the end of the Great Cycle in 2012?

Peace Warrior (Peace Warrior Trilogy, Book 1)


It’s the mid-21st century when Sergeant First Class Grant Justice is killed during an ambush on an enemy tank column.

Six hundred years later, his body is retrieved from the frozen, arctic lake where he perished. Re-animated by a team of scientists, Grant awakens to a civilization that has abolished war. A civilization that has outlawed violence and cherishes Peace above all else. A civilization that has been enslaved by an alien race called the Minith.

Grant is humankind’s final hope against the alien menace. He must be the... Peace Warrior.

Blood Skies - Book 1

In the time after The Black, human survivors of the Southern Claw Alliance clash with vampire legions of the Ebon Cities in a constant war for survival. Earth as we know it has been forever damaged by an arcane storm that fused our world with distant realms of madness and terror. Things that once existed only in our nightmares stalk the earth.

Now, humanity is threatened by one of its own.

Eric Cross, an enlisted warlock in the Southern Claw military, is part of an elite team of soldiers and mages in pursuit of a woman known as Red -- a witch whose stolen knowledge threatens the future of the human race. The members of Viper Squad will traverse haunted forests and blighted tundra in their search for the traitor, a journey that ultimately leads them to the necropolis of Koth.

There, in that haven of renegade undead, Cross will discover the dark origins of magic, and the true meaning of sacrifice...

Experience a dark and deadly new world in the debut novel of the "Blood Skies" series from author Steven Montano.

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