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Good Morning Fans. Welcome to 2013! Hope you all had a great New Year. What's your book goal this year? How many do you want to read this year? I'm trying for 200!! Good luck.. Here's some free Thrillers...

The Aspen Account
After a colleague at Denver’s top accounting firm dies in a mysterious skiing accident, Michael Chapman is assigned to replace him on an audit of software behemoth X-Tronic. At the same time, rookie journalist Sarah Matthews of the Denver Post starts nosing into rumors that may connect X-Tronic to her brother’s death. And the reclusive Aspen billionaire who founded X-Tronic thirty years ago begins to fear that events unfolding at his company will finally make him pay for a past he would love to forget: when he sold out friends and neglected family in his single-minded pursuit of success. Soon all three will discover just how much they are willing to risk to uncover the truth behind a conspiracy that will shock the world.

Children of the Fog
Let A Kidnapper Take Your Child, Or Watch Your Son Die.

Sadie O'Connell is a bestselling author and a proud mother. But her life is about to spiral out of control. After her six-year-old son Sam is kidnapped by a serial abductor, she nearly goes insane. But it isn't just the fear and grief that is ripping her apart. It's the guilt. Sadie is the only person who knows what the kidnapper looks like. And she can't tell a soul. For if she does, her son will be sent back to her in "little bloody pieces".

When Sadie's unfaithful husband stumbles across her drawing of the kidnapper, he sets into play a series of horrific events that sends her hurtling over the edge. Sadie's descent into alcoholism leads to strange apparitions and a face-to-face encounter with the monster who abducted her son--a man known only as...The Fog.

The Prophet Motive: A Cult Thriller

Red Adept Reviews Indie Award for Thrillers/Suspense 2011

San Francisco Homicide detective John Richetti spent part of his childhood living inside an infamous cult known as the People's Temple. As a boy he'd lost his parents to cult-instigated mass suicide. The memories come flooding back when he investigates the bizarre suicide of a former member of Earthbound, a New Age cult--and suspects murder instead. To uncover the truth he infiltrates the group, along with police psychologist Marilyn Michaelsen.

The new recruits find themselves pushed to their physical and mental limits by a series of sophisticated brainwashing techniques as well as by a cult leader, known only as The Wizard, who appears to possess psychic and paranormal powers. Even the psychologist's expert knowledge of cults can't explain The Wizard's feats, and it isn't long before John, like his parents before him, surrenders his independence to another . . .

Dark Corners (The Ella Reynolds Series)

Ella Reynolds knew from the first moment she walked into the old house someone or something was watching her. Waiting. Her husband's violent murder sent her spiraling into a world of grief and isolation, but Ella isn't alone. Who or what is responsible for her husband's death is still with her. Darkness has engulfed the past year of Ella's life. Everyday reality slips a little more between her fingers as she struggles to break free from her memories. She must look deeper into her past as well as the present to discover truth of her husband's homicide. A string of uncanny events takes place and practical explanations run thin as Ella follows the terrifying road to closure. As the past and present come to a head, Ella must decipher who or what the murderer is before it takes her as well.

Ripped Apart



Unspeakable tragedy and cold-blooded murder conspire against Clare Carson when her six-year-old son is kidnapped after a heart transplant and his abductors want her dead. A dying cop’s last words lead her to former Special Ops Jake Wyatt, who helps her discover the horrific truth behind her son’s abduction and offers to help her get Tyler back. With nowhere else to turn, Clare entrusts her life to Jake not knowing he has a deadly agenda of his own that could destroy them.


Abi and her newborn daughter, Kelly, are in trouble. Someone has made repeated attempts on their lives, and her sister, Chyna, thinks she knows exactly who; Trevor Madden, Abi’s soon-to-be ex-husband. Trevor has turned violent and abusive. Who is he mixed up with and why does he want to get rid of his wife and baby daughter?

Abi takes Kelly and flees into the icy wilderness of Montana with handsome Detective Miles Sandler. It doesn’t take Abi long to realize her heart isn’t all that safe either. But, with Trevor hot on their trail and Chyna getting dangerously close to the truth, will any of them come out of this alive?

Falling Stars: The Journey Home

Seventeen-year-old Tuck Bellerose has lived among the first space colony for over a decade, and although she would love to say she enjoys the twinkly view from her dorm room window, the truth is that she would rather be anywhere else.When the calamities of 2012 came a decade after predicted, the world managed to survive, but it was not prepared for the nuclear war that followed. Tuck, however, didn’t have to be ready. At the time she was seven, and one of hundreds of children handpicked and driven to a secret hangar, where they were put on a spacecraft and launched far from home days before the bombings. They were the offspring of renowned scientists, engineers, and supermodels, and each was accompanied by a parent—except Tuck; hers weren’t invited. She was your run-of-the-mill Earth-girl, born to a single mother in Las Vegas, without a clue as to why she had been chosen. Now, years later, she and her only friend, Aiko, stumble down a rabbit hole of an adventure that becomes their ticket home. Without really knowing what to expect, they pack their swimsuits and sunglasses and stow away to a post-apocalyptic time that is anything but vacation.

After a crash landing, a breadcrumb trail of clues reveals that the only thing standing between them and a grim fate is the top-secret quality that Tuck was chosen for so long ago, and a mysterious letter pointing to an unknown object: Caelum. FALLING STARS is a 115,000 word commercial fiction novel in a not-too-distant futuristic setting, guaranteed to take your breath away.


Reva Zamora is a hot-blooded Latino woman whose blood runs cool these days thanks to a past relationship she had the sense to run away from--in the middle of the night with a body full of bruises.

Back home near her family, her new job and quaint little house take her mind off the past and she delves into both full force. When a hot neighbor and his kid end up in her back yard, she should be scared but somehow they fit. In more ways than she’s ready for. The employee that wants to make her pay for imagined grievances doesn’t.

Past issues make it difficult for her to know the best way to handle it and not get burned. Or beaten. She has no idea his thoughts have gone a lot farther than she feared.

Todd thinks the backyard neighbor and her family are an amazing mix of crazy and cute. He’s had the serious relationship, now he just want to –not be serious. Unfortunately, not being serious with Reva is a seriously dangerous thing to do.

STONE COLD: A Jackson Stone Mystery

The discovery of a dead body at the Blue Moon jazz club doesn't bode well for the club's owner Sam Sebastiano. Sam hires Jackson Stone, a private investigator, to solve the murder before national press coverage creates an international sensation. But this case won't be easy to suppress for Stone when the dead body belongs to Candy Lane, the headliner for the Blue Moon. She's a woman without a past and Sebastiano refuses to lift the shroud of mystery hanging over her life.
Stone's investigation grows cold and leaves him with more questions than answers about the beautiful young jazz singer. Sam Sebastiano wants the case eliminated while continuing to maintain a tight rein around the mystery called Candy Lane until the end.

Broken Crystal

Would you let the love of your life risk it all?
What if he asked you to do the same?

Young intelligence officer Harry is smart, ambitious and loyal.

But this loyalty leads him into the heart of a dark conspiracy.

Meeting Sarah, a country girl called up to crack codes in secret
wartime nerve centre, he slowly realised the depth of the betrayal and
the danger Britain is in as they uncover a sickening plot to rule
Europe in partnership with the Nazis.

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