Saturday, February 23, 2013

For the Authors out there

Morning Fans. I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time, and bestow some advice upon you. Self publishing, being a new author and indie authors often get "lost" in the overwhelming mass that is digital media. So, let me help you a little.

1. Cover: You need to have a great cover on your book. With all the "free" books, cheap books, and massively followed authors, you need to have something to Pull fans to you. One of the first things anyone looks at, is a cover. It doesn't have to be bright, or fancy, just something appealing. You want your cover to depict what your book is about, to set the mood and tone.

2. Reviews: We all know reviews and word of mouth are highly important in selling your book. Not everyone will love your book. You will get bad reviews. But DO NOT make the mistake I see so many authors doing! If someone leaves you a bad review, DON'T respond. Do not feel you need to "stand up" for yourself, or defend your work. A review is an opinion and everyone is entitled to it. Defending your work on a posted review will only make You look bad. You have to take criticism. Just shrug it off, because if your book is good, then you will have 5 positive reviews for that bad one in no time. Don't lower yourself in the eyes of potential readers. This is a turn off for them. No one wants to know that an author is going to re-butt or argue.

3. Advertising: Being Self-Published, a new author, indie author is vastly becoming popular these days. A lot of people decide to finally write that book that's been bouncing around in their head, to help supplement income, make a little extra money for something, for many reasons. It's outrageous what some people will charge you to post a link of your book on their blog. There are options out there! There are pages that will allow you to post links, there are blogs that will help advertise for affordable rates. You just have to look for them.

  • Your biggest advertising tool is yourself. Share your links where you can. Tweet your links. Use social media to it's fullest. You have Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blogs. There's so many options and places for you. Set up a fan page on FB. Share it around. Get as many likes as you can. You know what, not all of those likes are going to buy your book. But, the ones that see something that catches their eye, will. Others sharing your page, may entice someone else to check you out, and buy a book.
  • Network. Add other authors as friends on Facebook and twitter. Add readers. Join book events and mingle. Get to know your readers and other authors. You know why? These are the people who are going to Champion you. They will share your links. They will spread the word and tell friends and family about you. Be sociable. 
  • Blog advertising. Beware of blogs that want to charge you an outrageous amount. Think to yourself, is it worth it? On average, if their blog gets 1000 views a day, chances are, only about 5-10 are going to buy your book. Take the cost they are charging you to advertise, divide it by how much your book is selling for. This will tell you how many books you have to sell to make what you paid worth it. (Now, for a little shameless plugging here.) Take for example my blog. Say you want to do a Release Day Promo Blitz. I'm going to charge you $12. If you sell your book for $1.99, that's basically 6 books you need to sell to make it worth using my services. Some blogs will charge you $29 or more, 15 books! Now, what are you getting for what you pay for? Here, for $12, you get a blog post, including links, book info, author bio, and usually a giveaway that will push people to get to know you. Your links will be tweeted often through the day, as well as massive FB sharing. Now, a lot of blogs, no matter how much is paid, will do this. But, there are quite a few, who think that just posting your link on their page is worth the $30 you just dropped on them. (Please don't take this as me pushing my services, I want you to be completely aware of things to look for, questions to ask, before you shell out your hard earned money. ) Be knowledgeable. 
Stop selling yourself short. Stop taking money out of your pockets.
Be smart about what you do and you will succeed.

Ok, so, it's late, and I know there's so much more I want to say. Editing, Formatting, Content. But, right now, I'm going to go to bed. Chew on this. If there's a topic you want to go more in depth with, leave a comment. Have a question? Leave a comment! I'll do my best to answer what I can for you.

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