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Weekend Mania

Good Morning Fans! I had so much fun yesterday giving away so many prizes! We still have lots and lots more! So stick around! But, today may be slow until later this afternoon! SO, for now, enjoy yourself some freebies, and Help us Get M.L. Stephens to 1000 "likes" and then comment on the post in the event! You will be entered to win 1 of 2 kindle sleeves! 


Ok, freebie time. It is our romantic/erotic weekend once again. So, here it is: ** PLEASE NOTE, THERE WEREN'T MANY OF OUR CHOSEN TITLES FREE ON b&n AS WELL

Contemporary Romance:

The Marriage Bargain (Billionaire Games: Book 1)
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Julian de Laurent needs a temporary wife. Camille Chandler needs a job after he inadvertently gets her fired. If she agrees, he'll pay her five million to marry him. It's just a business deal, but neither could have foreseen what happens next, especially Camille, when she learns he's capable of stealing her heart.

An Offer He Can't Refuse
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Madison needs a husband fast. Someone who can put on the performance of his life…someone tall, dark and temporary.

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Former model Justine Phillips agrees to be auctioned off at a charity event. Dramatically changing her appearance, she attends as “Jasmine”. Alex Melrose, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company wins the bidding to take her to dinner. The attraction between them is instant, mutual and powerful.
It isn’t until Justine returns home after their date that she learns that Alex’s company manufactured the drug responsible for the death of her mother. Alex searches for “Jasmine” but cannot find her.
In spite of her conflicted feelings about Alex, Justine cannot forget him, but when they meet again, he doesn’t recognize her. The attraction is still there, and they embark on a difficult and sometimes surprising emotional rollercoaster ride on their way to discovering the truth about each other.
This book contains explicit sexual content.

Close to You (A Laurel Heights Novel)
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A Laurel Heights Novel, Book 2

When Treat Byrnes walks into her bookstore café, Eve Alexander wants to eat him up. Bad boy isn't her usual flavor, but for the sexy contractor, she's willing to take a walk on the wild side.

Treat meets Eve on a reconnaissance mission for his mother, who owns a neighboring teashop, but he keeps going back to Eve for her sweet smile and sassy shoes. He has a history of falling for damsels-in-distress, but Eve doesn't need rescuing. Not even when her cafe is sabotaged.

But when Treat finds out the saboteur is his own mother, he knows he has to do something before things go too far.

A Bolt from the Blue

Alix likes her secrets, but one of them is about to draw her out of hiding and make her face a few facts about her life. He's someone she's only chatted with online, yet he already knows more about Alix than any other man she's ever encountered. For some reason she's told him more than she should and when the voice in her head asks what the hell she's doing, she has no answer to give.

Silent Run (Sanders Brothers #1)
A woman wakes in a hospital bed with no idea of who she is. Her memory is gone, her baby missing. All she has is the gripping certainty that she is in mortal danger. Then a handsome, angry stranger barges in and makes a terrible accusation. He was her lover--and her child's father--until she disappeared seven months ago.

Jake Sanders swore he'd never forgive Sarah Tucker, but he isn't about to let her get away again--especially not with his daughter still missing. If he has any chance of recovering his baby, he must help the woman who betrayed him retrieve the pieces of her shattered memory--without letting his feelings get in the way.

Haunted by troubling flashes of memory, Sarah begins to realize she's lived a life of lies. But what is the truth? And where is her baby? 

A young woman recounts a moment of true love in her life and a twist that changes her heart forever. Have you experienced true love?

Seeing Stars
Arizona astronomer Claire Welland is anything but starry-eyed when it comes to romance. She knows her home on an isolated mountaintop observatory makes marriage to most men impossible, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a little romantic fun. The last thing she expects when she comes home to Port Townsend, Washington, for her high school reunion is to be swept off her feet by blake McKenzie.

Once the town bad boy, Blake is now a prominent shipbuilder dedicated to helping local teens. When he asks Claire to talk to one of his boys about astronomy, he’s only thinking she might give direction to a troubled kid. He certainly never dreamed she’d inspire him - to fall in love. Now Blake is determined to show Claire that their future together is in the stars … if she’ll only open her eyes.

Lonely Millionaire
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Dear Mr. Lonely....Mandy Clayton never answered personal ads, but this was one she couldn't resist and now she was falling for a guy she'd never met. 
Adam Gray was not interested in a mail-order romance, but he was willing to write some love letters for his friend. Then he had to go "check out" the bride to be. Off he went on an undercover job at Mandy's Bed and Breakfast in a small California beach town. Adam was a good guy who always played by the rules, but one look at Mandy and he couldn't help it - he wanted her for himself! He wasn't there to romance his best friend's fiancee. He knew that. It would be wrong... He knew that too.

Lonely Millionaire is part of the Miramar Inn series. For more Miramar Inn books check out Almost Married and Wanted:Husband.

Advertising for Love B&N ONLYA woman who could not forget her past, and a man who would not give up on their future -Tizzy McKenzie a shy but talented consultant in an advertising agency loved her work. She had a wonderful boss in Grant Mallaby and a great friend in Becky Whitman. And then one morning she gave him a lift and suddenly their sensible world was turned upside down.And that was before the 'cupids' stepped in.

Witch Weigh (A Paranormal Romantic Comedy)
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Tessa Von Hellengaard is a real witch. Magical spells aside, she’s snarky and selfish, and the other witches in her silent spell coven are fed up with her. Their plan to reform Tessa involves taking away her magic, saddling her with one hundred extra pounds, and sending her to a weight loss spa. For good measure they call in Liam Kennedy, a charming and sexy fairy godfather, to teach her some manners. Desperate to regain her magic and determined to shed the weight, Tessa soon realizes that protecting her heart from Liam will prove to be her greatest challenge.

A Man for the Summer
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Dentist Junior Atkinson left her tiny home town to see if she would fit in better in the big city.
She definitely didn’t.

Now she’s back, living in the house she grew up in, friendly with every citizen of the two-stoplight town. Things couldn’t be more wonderful. Well, maybe if her patients paid her regularly.
If there was an eligible man in a fifty-mile radius.
If she hadn’t just been told that a medical condition meant she had only a few more fertile months despite her tender age of twenty-eight.
Junior barely has time to digest this news when she finds hunky travel writer Griff Ross in her chair with a hell of a toothache.

Business and Pleasure (Manhattan Series)
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Elizabeth Hamilton is a smart and successful business woman. After her parents died, Elizabeth moved her college student sister in with her, took over her family's business, and even started one of her own. She has no time in her life for a relationship. Her company is her passion, it is what gets her up in the morning, what drives her, it's what she lives for so when Alexander Preston comes in and decides he wants to buy it from her it is no surprise that Elizabeth fights for what is hers. 
Quickly Elizabeth realizes there is a spark between the two of them, a spark that she decides to ignore until Alexander presses her for more. Elizabeth feels the internal struggle between her desire for this man and her passion for her company. 
Elizabeth soon discovers that there is something going on in her company behind closed doors that she is unaware of. Fighting for what she believes in, as well as her company, may just unearth some secrets she didn't know were buried.

Stirring the Embers (The Starting Over Series, Book 1)
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Kate Corsi always dreamed of working in her family's world-famous demolition business—a wish her old-fashioned father denied until his untimely death. He leaves a fortune to Kate and the business to her ex-husband, Donovan—but only if they agree to live under the same roof for a year.

Kate and Donovan married too young and stayed too long in a dangerously destructive marriage. Ten years later, surely they're mature enough to co-exist peacefully. But the embers of attraction swiftly flare into flame again.

Now, they must confront the pain of the past if they are to have a chance for a future and save their business from a saboteur they're beginning to suspect of murder.

Tropical Spice (Second Chances Series)
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Runaway heiress, Pepper Grady, is in charge of her own destiny, one that doesn’t include being ruled by an over-bearing man like her father. Pepper will never follow in her mother’s footsteps and accept marriage to a man who can't remain faithful. She's held firm to her convictions. Until she meets Nick Guerrero, a hunky, Latino dynamo who bears her father’s supreme confidence, that same Delgado arrogance. He’s intriguing and romantic—a man she decides to have an affair with, but without falling in love. She has no idea that he's traveled to Grassy Key to take her back to Isla del Diablo and make her his wife in order to please his dying father. Ñico seduces her into complying with his plans without realizing he's the one who's seduced. He wants her with the passion Fernandez males are known for, but he doesn't believe in love. After all, passion fades and he is his father's son, so he can't promise what she desperately wants…a lifetime of love and fidelity.

Meet Me at Taylor Park
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What would you do if you ran into your high school sweetheart and the passion flared up all these years later, just as you are getting married to someone else? Katie and Brandon were in love as teens, before life sent them their separate ways. 

Brandon finds her again, but she's engaged to a wealthy and caring man. Katie spends a sizzling night with Brandon, agrees to leave her fiancé for him - then changes her mind. When Brandon storms her wedding, Katie is torn. 

Will she choose the man she knows is the love of her life, or play it safe? Can she ever go back to Taylor Park, not just the place where she had her first date with Brandon, but the ideals of her youth? Or is she making the worst mistake of her life? 

Meet Me at Taylor Park is the story of a second chance at first love. Inspired by a true story, this love story explores the nature of regret, the fire of passion and the tenacity of unconditional love. 

The Engagement Game (How To Marry A Billionaire)
 UK Link
Two best friends. One billionaire bachelor.

When Kat Artino meets the billionaire of her dreams she doesn't expect the number one contender for his heart to be Holly . . . her best friend.

Rex Kinlan needs a fiance and he hits every checkpoint on Kat's list. A life with him means trading in shabby hospital scrubs for a closet full of Jimmy Choos. But after a tell-all lunch with best friend Holly, Kat discovers they're falling for the same guy. And Holly refuses to step aside. Why waste a good catch?

A friendly competition suddenly turns into a disastrous game of "out the backstabber". And after humiliating herself in front of her future mother-in-law, Kat finds herself running into the arms of the one man who is completely wrong for her.

Paranormal Romance:
JUMP (The Senses)
A band of extraordinary warriors walk in the shadows of the human world with capabilities derived from the senses: Trackers, Sounders, Healers, Tasters, Visionaries and the rare Reflectors. Collectively, they are known as the 'Senses'.

Centuries of loyalty
His code of honor was respected without question, until he consumed the blood of an enemy in exchange for a mortal woman to be set free from certain slavery.

He can't forget her
Despite knowing, he will be imprisoned and put to death if caught, Balen, a fierce Senses Tracker, returns to Toronto to find the mortal woman, Danielle, he left behind two years ago. Haunted with memories of the torture they endured in the hands of a Senses enemy, Balen's determination to see her again, drives him to risk everything. But when he does, a new enemy comes into play, one he can't defeat. 

To conquer the wrath of fear
Determined to find some sort of peace after her abduction, Danielle finds solace in painting a man from her nocturnal unconsciousness. When he comes knocking on her door, her world is shattered and Danielle must face her worst fears in order to survive what is coming after them. It won't stop. It can't. For the ancient spell has no compassion. 
A journey of tenacious desire that refuses to fade even though that is what will destroy them. Because--in order for Danielle to live, first she must die.

Meeting Destiny (Destiny Series - Book 1)
UK Link
Lauren is visited in her dreams for years by a stranger claiming to be her destiny. Destiny becomes reality when paths cross during a failed robbery attempt. Lauren and the stranger experience chemistry like no other and now her doubt over her long time relationship with her high school sweetheart is not her only secret…someone else knows about her keen intuition and sixth sense.

A mysterious clairvoyant seeks Lauren out and tells her not only of her life now but what the future may hold. Soon Lauren is in the middle of a murder investigation and a questionable friendship with the key suspect. Law enforcement, friends and family are concerned for Lauren but unfortunately they are unaware of the true danger…Sinister forces are at work and will stop at nothing to destroy Lauren’s abilities.

Foreshadowed (The Crimson Bond Series, #2)
UK Link
Let's face it. Life with Alex Chase is all it's cracked up to be... and more.

Being pursued by vampires and a slayer all intent on ending your existence... not so much.
After a whirlwind courtship that has Brooke bonded and married to one of the most powerful vampires in existence, she's ready to settle down to a normal life. 

But, unfortunately, between Brooke's newly acquired ability to see visions foreshadowing the future, and dealing with the Regency, Lucien, and an ex with a secret; normal is the last thing her life returns to. 
And just when it seems things can't get anymore complicated, Brooke and Alex face something that threatens the strength of their trust in each other and tests the boundaries of their love forever. 

Foreshadowed is the second book in The Crimson Bond Series.

Book 1 in the Crimson Bond Series above is :
US Link $2.99
UK Link 1.99

Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick
UK Link
After a rogue werewolf attack triggers her latent powers as the Selected, Sydney Sedrick is reluctantly dragged into a war of vampires and werewolves, both battling for total species domination. Each try to use her as their pawn and are willing to use any force necessary to gain control of her special gifts. For her protection, Sydney is armed with only her grandmother’s journal and Blake, the sexy werewolf who insists they are meant to be together.

In order to succeed, Sydney must embrace her destiny and join the battle to protect both sides from genocide. Caught between two very different worlds, belonging to neither, Sydney is forced to risk it all, or lose everything and everyone she holds dear. 

Dragon Call (Lunes & Lords)
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Insomnia does things to a girl’s head, drives her to perform acts she would have scoffed at if not for a bad case of desperation. Yoga. Meditation. Getting in touch with her inner Lune via witchy rituals she doesn’t even realize she’s enacting until she’s naked in the dark with an aggressive dragon…or two.

Cora Phillips has spent her life denying the Lune tradition but with two dragons--and their masters--hounding her with mating claims, her denying days have come to an end. Like it or not, the dragons have come.

And she doesn’t like it one bit.

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Can love transcend time to rewrite the past? 

The night before their wedding, Nicolo Covelli's fiancé disappeared without a trace. He grieved for her until the day he died. 

115 years later, Rachel Delacourte is suddenly plagued with nightmares where she is entombed alive. But it's not just the nightmares that compel her to seek help from the Covelli sleep clinic, it's the errotic dreams that follow and the disturbing feeling that the man in her dreams is real.

He’d never met Rachel, but he knew her intimately all the same. His fingers had sifted through her silky dark hair, traced the line of her delicate jaw, caressed her soft skin. Night after night she came to him while he slept and made love to him in his dreams. For a year now, she has haunted him, consumed his mind both day and night, and it made Nic wonder…was he the one haunting Rachel Delacourte’s dreams as well?

Shattered (Dream Realms Trilogy, #1)
UK Link
Laura Cubus was perfectly content with her life. A junior in high school, she felt perfectly normal. She had good friends, a great family, and did well in school. Nothing particularly exciting ever happened where she lived, and everything was stable.

But that all drastically changes when a new student arrives at Laura's school. Wild rumours swirl about his past, and Laura becomes determined to find out the truth. 

As she gets to know the mysterious student, he shares with her an ancient secret... one that may yet put both of them in grave danger.

And for the first time in her life, Laura is exposed to a completely unfamiliar world. She is swept away on an exhilarating journey that takes to a place where great destiny may yet await... and where supernatural powers run rampant

The Seduction of Evelyn Hyde

Matt Alexander was Hollywood’s most notorious playboy, and he enjoyed every minute of it. Until his sins caught up with him and he died in a freak accident. Now, to avoid the fiery depths of hell, he must face his most difficult challenge yet. He has ten days to win the love of introverted librarian Evelyn Hyde. Problem is the blasted woman is more interested in taking Charles Dickens to bed than him.

Evelyn has lived a sheltered existence, finding contentment in the classic tales she enjoys night after night. Love is the last thing on her mind. She is more than happy to live vicariously through the characters found in her collection of timeless books.

Then Matt Alexander’s ghost drops into her world, upsetting her perfectly ordinary life. Despite her best efforts to ignore him, Evelyn slowly discovers the thrill of falling in love. Unfortunately, it’s with a man no more tangible than the fictional heroes she reads about . . . until desire teaches them both how truly magical the soul can be.

Queen of the Clueless (Interim Goddess of Love)

Book 2 of the Interim Goddess of Love trilogy: If you've been feeling neglected by the Goddess of Love lately, don't worry -- Hannah Maquiling, college sophomore, is in training to take over. The Original Goddess is missing, but Hannah is Interim Goddess now, and she should figure out how to solve humanity's love problems soon. Quin (God of the Sun) is still her mentor, still really hot, but apparently isn't as honest about his other earthly relationships as she thought. It's frustrating, and enough to make her check out possibilities with Diego (God of the Sea) and Robbie (Cute Human).

In the meantime, she's decided to spend some of her precious training time helping to break up a relationship, instead of putting one together. Why? Because the girl in question happens to be her best friend Sol, whose boyfriend is stealing not just from her, but from other people on campus. Sol didn't exactly summon the Goddess, but this is what power over Love is for, right? Surely it's not just about matchmaking, but ending doomed relationships too. (Even when it's not what people want.)

The Dreamer's Prince (New Atlantis)

What happens to an unattractive teenage girl who jumps off a ferry, in 1968 Sydney, and wakes up a stunning red head in the fabulous future-world of New Atlantis? Jane is about to find out, when she’s targeted as an unsanctioned Retrieval by Brazilian born Julio, after she’s mortally wounded trying to save the life of Julio’s real target.
For Julio, Jane is an anomaly. The handsome Retriever hasn't cared about anything for hundreds of years, and he certainly doesn't expect to start caring now for a little nobody he meets as part of his mission to rescue one of the ‘Missing Children’. But care for her he does. So, even though Jane doesn't fit the criteria, Julio goes against Protocol to bring her back to his utopian world where she can be given a beautiful new body, and offered the kind of life she could never have imagined possible.
But for Jane, being beautiful is problematic. She doesn't know whether the gorgeous bad-boy, who has stolen her heart, loves her for who she is or for her beautiful new body. And what dark secret does Julio hide that is driving him to dangerously flout the safeguards set down for rescuing missing children from the past?

Eternal Vows (First book in The Ruby Ring Saga)
Never marry a stranger...even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king.

Never pretend to be a princess.

And most importantly...never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about.

Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway princess on the run by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daring—become this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home. Then find her sister and run as fast as she can out of Dodge. But taking on the identity of Princess Gloria comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on the ruby ring comes with an even higher price.

Young Adult:

Whisper: The Whisper Trilogy, Book One (Volume 1)
People think I'm crazy. Maybe I am, since I've been able to talk to spirits for as long as I can remember. They are the forgotten, the souls who have unfinished business and can't cross over. I help them, or at least I try to. There's this one in particular, Jack, I call him, who's been following me around a lot. Usually they tell me what they need to do and move on. Not him.

It isn't until he brings another spirit, Tracy, the victim of an unsolved hit-and-run accident, that I know for sure he's something more than just your average spirit. Then I start seeing him. And feeling his touch. And falling for him.

In our quest to get justice for Tracy and help her move on, Jack and I become something more than just a dead boy and a living girl. I'm just waiting to see what happens next...

Whisper is a young adult paranormal romance at approx, 84,000 words

The Deepest Cut (a MacKinnon Curse novel, Book 1)
***Due to strong language, mention of cutting, alcohol and drug use, and sexual situations, THE DEEPEST CUT is not intended for younger teens.*** 

Sixteen-year-old Riley Williams has been able to see ghosts since the car crash that took her mother's life and shattered her family. Guilt-ridden over the belief that she's somehow responsible for her mom's death, Riley is desperate to see her mother's elusive spirit to gain her forgiveness. 

When her father moves the family to Scotland so they can all start over, Riley believes her life couldn't get worse--that is until the ghost of nineteen-year-old Ian MacKinnon catches her purposely cutting herself. An uneasy truce quickly turns into friendship, and soon Riley's falling hard for Ian. 

Riley believes her gift could help Ian end the curse that has kept him tied to the land for centuries, but that would mean letting him go forever and she's not sure she is strong enough to do that. As if her life wasn't complicated enough, the malevolent spirit of the woman who killed Ian returns and she'll stop at nothing to keep Riley from helping Ian find eternal peace.

Deep Blue Secret (The Water Keepers, Book 1)
California teen Sadie James thinks her life couldn't get any better. She has great friends, an energetic mother she adores, and the beach practically in her own backyard. But her carefree life is turned upside down when she's rescued by a mysterious and strangely familiar boy who won't even tell her his name. Each time the boy appears, Sadie's unexplainable attraction to him deepens along with her need to unravel his secrets. The boy is there to protect her, but as wonderful and exciting as it might be to have an irresistible boy with crystal green eyes protecting her every move, every minute of the day...why does Sadie need one? As Sadie finds answers, she realizes her life isn't as perfect as she thought. Not only is she caught in a world of dangerous secret agents she never knew existed, but it turns out her true identity may be the greatest secret of all.

Project ELE (ELE Series #1) (The ELE Series)
Millions have already died, and thousands more are perishing daily. As a last ditch effort to preserve the human race, the government implements Project ELE. With the earth heating at rapid speeds, all remaining survivors are forced to turn to F.E.M.A. shelters to wait out ELE's wrath.
Fifteen-year-old Willow Mosby's life, as she knows it, ends the moment she walks through the shelter's door. Willow has to quickly adapt to the new challenges that shelter life demands, the least of which includes making new friends, working a full time job and experiencing her first relationship. 

Soon after making an interesting discovery, Willow and her friends start exhibiting strange abilities. Seeking answers, they embark on a mission to find out what these new abilities mean and whether they are a gift or a curse. This new adventure can send her world crashing down around her. The question is: Can Willow survive the fall?

Pure (Book 1, Pure Series)
Sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff lives quietly in the small town of Elspeth's Grove, unaware of the troubled past that forced her grandmother to flee Russia with her when Katie was only a child. When people in the town begin to disappear, and Katie's own home is attacked by a terrifying creature, Katie and her grandmother return to Russia to find answers.

Pursuing them is the handsome William – who just might be a vampire. Katie discovers that William is indeed partially a vampire, but he is also one of the Sidh, an ancient clan whose members are gifted with great power – a clan to which Katie's long-deceased mother also belonged.

Soon, Katie discovers that her mother's seemingly natural death was actually murder, and she is forced to confront the question she wants to face the least: Is William her otherworldly protector, or is he the monster who killed her mother eleven years ago?

Historical Romance:

Dreamer of Destiny

An epic journey, which will test a young woman's will to survive and lead her into the arms of destiny.

The Pendant (An Italian Gothic Romance)
A gothic romance of murder, desperation, and true love!

A lost ancient treasure. A 100 year family feud. And a woman with a passion richer than the bloodstone pendant she wears around her neck. In medieval Italy, as spirited and stalwart as any man, the brazen Contessa Morena is betrothed to the impoverished, black-hearted Count Ernesto, a man desperate to escape his mounting gambling debts by marrying her and laying claim to the ancient treasure secreted somewhere in the underbelly of her castle. Morena meets her match when Amoro, the handsome and brash heir to the Duchy of Genoa, who swears an oath upon his father's grave to claim her as his bride and end the feud between their families. Soon, Amoro's virile charm awakens the passion in her steadfast heart. But a treacherous plot ensnares them; Ernesto abducts Morena and renders Amoro helpless. Embroiled in a life-and-death chase, Morena learns that not even the devious madness of her captor can destroy her love for Amoro as their hearts unite and their destinies become one.

A Winter Heart, Sexy Amish Historical Novella

A WINTER HEART, A Sexy Amish Historical Novella

Hannah Peachy has nurtured a winter heart since she lost her family in a carriage accident she caused. Caleb Skylar struggles with the horror of his wife’s suspicious death, and his six-year-old daughter’s memory-induced nightmares. When Caleb aimlessly pulls up stakes and leaves his home forever, Anyah Peachy, the spirit of Hannah’s earthbound twin, leads him straight to Hannah. But how can two bruised souls accept love as a reward for their transgressions?

Love's Portrait (Historical Erotic Romance)

One woman’s rebellious act; One man’s quest for seduction; A portrait that ignites a scandalous passion ~ ~ ~ 

When Julia Westgard commissions a nude portrait of herself, the painting is much more than a rebellious act. It’s an attempt to regain her self-worth after years of a loveless, repressive marriage to her late husband. But the private portrait puts her directly in the path of Morgan St. Claire, one of the Marlborough Set’s most notorious seducers. A man who doesn’t take no for an answer.

From the first moment Morgan sees Julia’s portrait, he’s determined to have her. But the woman he meets is a far cry from the image on canvas. What starts out as a simple exercise in seduction quickly evolves into a quest to reveal the true Julia. With each sensual encounter, he employs every erotic weapon at his disposal in hopes of making Julia see she really is the woman in Love's Portrait. 

Silver Storm (The Raveneau Novels, Book 1)

Dashing and dangerous Andre Raveneau is the Revolutionary War's most reckless privateer captain when Devon Lindsay stows away aboard his ship after her Connecticut town has been burned by the British. Raveneau sardonically agrees to deliver her to her childhood sweetheart in Virginia but doesn't count on his own potent attraction to the enchanting, courageous Devon.

Through high adventure, swashbuckling sea battles, and the colorful history of America's revolution, the couple battles the fiery passion that binds them together.

The Bride and the Brute

Jayce Cullen has been fighting her fear of thunder and lightning ever since she was a child, but nothing could have prepared her for the fury of her new husband. Feeling deceived and betrayed into a loveless marriage, Lord Reese Harrington wants nothing to do with his new wife. Trapped in a marriage with no escape, the beautiful young bride must battle the demons of her husband's past and hope that she can weather the storm his brutish behavior unleashes.

The Bride and the Brute is a medieval romance novella.  Please note this ebook also contains several multi-chapter previews of medieval romance novels written by Laurel O'Donnell.

A Moment In Time

Present-day hairdresser Jackie Clarke is either having a very bad hair day, or an erotic dream come true when she falls into the arms of a miner with a heart of gold in 1891 Colorado...

Romantic Suspense:

Pushed Too Far (A Thriller
Two years ago a woman was brutally murdered, her body burned until only ash and shattered bone remained. Police Sergeant Valerie Ryker solved that case, putting psychopath Dixon Hess in prison for life, and becoming the first female police chief of her tiny Wisconsin town.

Then the original murder victim turns up in a frozen lake, all in one piece and only recently dead, and Val must enter a race against time. In only forty-eight hours, Hess will be set free, and he wants payback. And Val, her town, and everyone she loves are at the top of his list.

But surviving Hess's vengeance is only part of her dilemma. For there's another killer in Lake Loyal. One who may be closer to Val than she knows...
Val will need all the help she can get, including a sexy firefighter, her dead sister's daughter, and a tough Chicago cop named Jack Daniels. Everyone has a breaking point, and Val has just reached hers.

A PERFECT EVIL (Romantic Suspense)
Old sins leave dark and lasting scars...

Hannah Stuart thinks she's safe within the dark and private rooms of Kenninghall, her friend Milo's rambling and secluded Washington estate. Here she hides from the outside world, nurturing her depression, and lost in a past and painful tragedy she can't let go. She lives her days by rote, each day the same as the one before.

But change, for good or ill, is both relentless and inescapable.

Milo dies, leaving Hannah a fortune and three letters. Letters telling of old sins and ugly lies, now tangled anew in more shocking depravities. Letters the rich and powerful will kill to suppress. Letters Hannah is driven and honor bound to expose—and time is running out.

When Milo's long-lost relatives and former business partners start showing up at Kenninghall, Hannah doesn't know who to trust. In desperation she turns to the mysterious Yates Lang.

Yates has the experience to help her, but he also has secrets of his own—and a compelling reason to destroy the letters.

He may be falling for the reclusive beauty of Kenninghall, but when love gets entangled in existing loyalties, bad blood, and a perfect evil, it can get you killed. 

Digging Up Death (A Mari Duggins Mystery)

To unearth a killer, you have to get your fingernails dirty.

Archaeology Professor Mari Duggins is adjusting to life as a single mom, but she’s caught between the pull of her former flame and her ex-husband. When her colleague is murdered and her ex is accused of stealing an Egyptian artifact, Mari interferes in the FBI investigation, compelled to prove the innocence of her children’s father. 

Soon she is buried deep in suspects. Her old flame, her student and tenant, the office secretary. No one is who they appear to be, and she begins to wonder where her loyalty and true affections lie. 

Mari Duggins’ life caves in as she tries to excavate the truth, but realizes only God can dig her out of the hole she’s created. Will Mari sort through her muddled feelings and put her trust in someone else? Or will the truth bury her alive?

Crime At Cripple Creek (Sisters Week Series)

Beth is flying to Colorado for a week with her two sisters, Joy and Lynn. On the flight she is seated next to a very handsome, single FBI agent named Tyler. Both Tyler and Beth can feel a strong attraction growing by the time their plane lands in Denver. Beth is distracted by this attraction but knows this week is primarily for the three sisters to laugh, be silly and have fun, which they start off doing until Beth stumbles upon a dead body and Tyler is worried that he might not be able to keep Beth alive long enough for the two to explore the romance they briefly started.

This book is a novella.

The Taxman Killeth

Amy finds herself in the doldrums because it is tax season and the firm's accountant, Mr. Pickle Pickens, is due. He'll spend a few weeks making demands and making her work-life hell. What a surprise when a hunk by the name of Todd shows up at the firm instead. A delightful, delicious surprise. Instead of stale sandwhiches for lunch with Pickles Amy finds herself at dinner with Todd at a French restaurant. Suddenly she is awhirl going through her wardrobe for just the right outfit to wear to work.

However, a damper cools off her enthusiasm the next day when she finds Todd's photo in the newspaper. He is wanted for murder. Of course he doesn't return to the job, but he does need assistance. Amy, fresh from a bath and dressed in a robe, finds him standing outside her bathroom door. What can she do? He is handsome, vulnerable, and built.

In their quest to prove his innocence Amy encounters down-at-the-heels suspects and meets his sister's brutal husband. Still Amy is not about to let Todd get away from her.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR... (The Wishes Chronicles)

Author Evie Longfellow wants to stay alive long enough to write her fourth New York Times Best Seller. She accepts a blind date that changes everything sane in her life. Drugged, kidnapped, and horrified Evie escapes and runs for her life with evidence the FBI needs to nail one of their most wanted.

TV Psychologist Dr. Nick Franklin wants to help Evie with her goals. He hides her from a sadistic mafia kingpin, and even though he doesn't trust his judgement when it comes to the diagnosis of love, he senses Evie may just be the story of his life.

Hit man Tony Aiello plans to do whatever it takes to protect Miss Aida Marino and her Fortune 500 company. He chases Evie and Nick from New York City to the wilds of rural Vermont to recover the stolen evidence threatening to take Miss Aida down. He faces off with the threat in a showdown that brings hometown justice to life.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…is a Thriller laced with romantic tension. 65,000 words of fast-paced Romantic Suspense delivers a happily-ever-after ending romance readers will cheer for.

Hot Property

Betsy Alexander rides a Harley to blow off steam after stressful work days peddling real estate in a soft market. She desperately needs a motorcycle ride after her first encounter with the arrogant hunk Skylar Blakewood. Then to find out the real estate developer snatched up the land she'd planned for her dream house and a hillside of Christmas trees, knocks her off her sturdy footing, literally.


Her Eternal Lover ((Erotic Horror, Erotika, Paranormal Romance,Werewolf, Vampire and Demon Erotica))

Natalia Rasputin is a beautiful mystical assassin, tasked with protecting the human race from all forms of supernatural threats. Werewolves, vampires and demons, she has dealt with them all without mercy and without hesitation.

When she finds herself falling for the man she is supposed to kill she finds him almost impossible to resist. 

Should she risk everything and give in to the passions which are threatening to overwhelm her, and why does she feel so drawn to him?

World of Whorecraft

World of Warcraft is an erotic fantasy story where a brutal plague has cursed the realm, the infected dying only to rise from the grave and seek out flesh of the living. A young half human orc, wielding his battleaxe, searches the land for the only man who holds the cure. Will he prevail, or will the gorgeous female warriors distract him with their unending thirst for passionate sex.

Negotiating Skills

Witnessing a private act leads to some interesting negotiations...

Software programmer Veronica James is struggling to make her new business a success. After finally landing a major account, she’s at risk of losing it all when she catches her new client Victor Rossi in a very compromising position. In an effort to regain the upper hand, Rossi insists on some sexy and compromising concessions from her that have Veronica reconsidering her hard fast rule of not mixing business with pleasure.

The First Touch (Templer Series)

From The First Touch, Tilly knew she was in trouble and the last thing she needed was to feel an intense sexual attraction to this handsome stranger. After all, two months ago she ran away from a broken engagement and was feeling raw and vulnerable. 

Andrew Templer, the CEO, of Templer Industries doesn't do relationships...he learnt the hard way from his bitch of a Mother who drove his Father to an early grave. Andrew Templer, however, could have his pick of women...and he does, frequently.

Until one day in early Summer 2012, when he has his first accidental touch of Tilly, and he knows he needs to have her.... in his bed

Follow the story, Series 1, of the Templer siblings.....

Tangled Beauty

Sinclair Jeffries thought she knew what she was getting into when her zany, gay friend, Jesse Eddington, talked her into portraying his girlfriend during his parent's anniversary party on Huntington Beach. That is, until she met Reed, Jesse's sexy as hell older brother, and ends up getting much more than what she'd bargained for.

Reed Eddington assumed his future was settled until he met Sinclair, his brother's so-called "girlfriend", but the raw, sexual tension between them is hard to ignore. As he watches their ruse from the sidelines, he finds himself wanting to uncover more than just their amusing little facade.

Due to sexual content and heavy subject matter, this book is recommended for ages 18+


A collection of three novellas that highlight the strength of the human spirit.

Dirty Little Secret
A secret affair between Jared and Kendall quickly becomes the love of a lifetime. When Kendall disappears without a trace, Jared vows to make himself a man she’d be proud of…until one day he’s able to find her again. Then, there will be no more secrets.

Let Your Heart Lead
Leo and Amelia know they have a forever love despite their youth. When their future is brutally ripped away, the pain feels as if it will never heal. They should know better. There is no greater miracle than the human heart.

His Deepest Desire (BBW Domination Billionaire Erotica)

When Kari Scott shows up to her interview as a secretary, she's surprised to find the enigmatic Jonathan Reeves to be checking her curves out. She's used to not getting very much attention, but Mr. Reeves seems to feel differently about her. After getting the job, she encounters the cold and angry downstairs receptionist, who continues to hold a flame for Mr. Reeves after their brief tryst broke off. Kari goes to Mr. Reeves to find out answers about his feelings, and gets more than she expected. 

Find out what a powerful man will do to a woman who asks too many questions in this 8300 word erotic story!

Warning: this erotic story contains spanking, rough sex, and a dominating man having his way with his secretary! Handle carefully!

Nocturnal Surrender (The Nocturnal Surrender Series)

After two hundred years in exile, vampire Bastian Evanko has come back to earn his brother's respect and plot revenge against the vampire who murdered his fiancée, Elise. In Lansford, PA, the Sin City of the East, Bastian must fight his rebellious nature and learn to control his impulsiveness so he is no longer considered a scourge on the Evanko name. When he asks for a private dance, and a bite, from stripper Darling Nikki, he gets far more than he bargains for—including another chance at love. But even the love of a beautiful woman isn't enough to sate his need for retribution.

Nicole French simply wants to learn how to live in her new town, come to terms with stripping to pay the bills, and make it through law school without having a breakdown over the painful memories she hides. Having a man in her life is the last thing she needs, but when Bastian Evanko asks for a private dance, and to drink her blood, she ends up with more than just a freaky customer. Things heat up quickly in the private room with the sexy stranger. Only problem is, he likes to pretend he’s a vampire and suck down human blood.

To make matters worse, a war is brewing between vampires and Hunters. And after losing Elise because of her vampire Hunter brother, can Bastian take the risk of bringing Nicole into his life? But, on the other hand, can he pass up another chance at love?

This novella is the second book of The Nocturnal Surrender Series.

Midnight Eyes - Taken By The Pack #3 (A Paranormal Menage Romance)

In FULL MOON, Lisa Bright discovered an impossible world hiding right under her nose... a world of wolves in human skin, living just out of sight. In STAR KISSED, she and her two werewolf partners, Toby and Warren, fled LA to escape the retribution of the local pack. Now, in MIDNIGHT EYES, they're trying to make contact with the Alpha Father, and getting in to a lot of trouble along the way...

Denver is the first stop on the long road to DC, and Toby has a plan. A local were can put the trio in contact with his father, a high-ranking DC Alpha, who can win them an audience with the Alpha Father. But not everyone in Denver are charitable types, and a lot of folk are willing to serve up Lisa's head on a plate.

Lisa Bright is earning enemies everywhere she goes, but at least she still has her two gorgeous boys to protect her... or does she?

MIDNIGHT EYES is a 10,200 word short story, and the third in a new paranormal romance/erotica series. MIDNIGHT EYES contains explicit menage romance scenes and is 18+ only.

This story was also included in TAKEN BY THE PACK: COLLECTION #1, along with Full Moon and Star Kissed


IMAGINE what you would do if you were discovering sex for the first time, and you had unlimited riches to do so...

All three volumes of CC Day's extraordinary Sex Diaries collected in one book.

Day's unique insights and luscious, intricate, descriptions of sex and bodies provide some of the most sexually stimulating memoirs ever written, find out more now!


This is an Amazon Best Seller. Kaylani Reynolds is a sexy female architect who's been laid off, but not laid in a while. She tries to keep the peace with her delicious, but annoying neighbor Ryan Stevens without becoming his next piece of ass. Kaylani lives in a huge house that she designed herself, right next door to Ryan's much smaller home. He thinks she's doing too much with her pricey pad. She thinks he's doing too much, too, with his barking pit bull, and constant complaints about her cat, and her design choices. He seems determined to set her off at every turn. It's no wonder that when she loses her job, she doesn't want his judgmental ass to know. Then again, she doesn't want anyone to know that she's chosen a job that doesn't require a degree. To make matters worse, she's seen what Ryan is packing. Will she be able to resist riding his long black limo? This is a longer version of the short story originally featured in Summer Heat anthology, also free here. Coming Soon: Novel Length sequel to this story, due Winter 2013.