Sunday, March 3, 2013

1000 Fans Celebration

Hey Fans! We finally did it! Our facebook page has made 1000 likes. You know what that means? A Giveaway Free Ebooks Galore style! You know how we do it around here! 

Prizes you say?

Falling Into the Abyss by Jess MacGregor-Jones
A tale of child abuse, suicide and survival. An account of surviving the worst things life can throw at you and coming out on the side, changed for the better and able to look at life with new eyes and a new perspective. This is my story. I'll take you from the the time 

I've shared my life and my journey with thousands of fans through my blog at and now I tell the whole story, with all the background. See how I came out and got to where I am today. Learn why I advocate for those who have no voice.

Dirty White Candy, The Beginning, Book 1 by Anita Cox
WARNING: For audiences 18 and up for graphic sex and language. May be offensive to some.

Recovering from a divorce from the only man she ever made love to, Candy Kavana finds herself longing for something and that something is sex. Horribly repressed, painfully shy and sexually uneducated, she turns to her best friend Stacy for advice. 

Candy nervously dives into sex therapy and discovers what mind blowing sex is all about. Now that she’s had a little taste, she can’t get enough. She craves more, but how far is she willing to go?

Dirty White Candy, Ultimate Vacation, Book 2 by Anita Cox
Candy is surprised when new friends gift her with a vacation for two to a swingers’ resort. She chooses to take John, a neighbor that has been frequenting her bed more and more often.

Candy and John embark on the wildest vacation of their lives. While they went to find ultimate pleasure, they may come home with something more.

Taking Control by Kim Mullican
Kat Trueblood, genetically engineered medium and former CIA Agent, thought she had escaped the danger and drama of her previous life. She has a stable job as a paralegal, is dating her first girlfriend, and has plenty of time to spend with her best friend and guardian – a ghost named Grant. 

In denial about missing the action of her former life, Kat’s thrust head first back into it when the Russian mafia – the same guys who raped and tortured her for two weeks during active duty – targets her and her family. The CIA forces her to choose between working with the FBI to catch a serial killer who is slaughtering area drag queens or leaving her family at risk.

Distracted by discovering Grant is in love with her and her girlfriend ending up on the suspect list, Kat finds herself as the hunted instead of the hunter. Captured by the killer, she must face her inner demons in order to survive and end the serial killer’s mayhem.

Losing Control by Kim Mullican
Local cops are baffled when a murder-for-hire goes terribly wrong and they call in former CIA Agent Kat Trueblood to help them solve the crime.

Kat dives head first into trouble when she thwarts the hit man’s plan to get it right this time. Or is it a hit woman? Kat’s determination to catch the killer is firmly cemented when the killer kidnaps her boyfriend, Grant. Armed with weapons and hatred, Kat is determined to make the killer pay and to get Grant back alive.

The Trueblood family circles around Kat to help her cope, and seek revenge. Injured physically and emotionally, for the first time Kat finds herself running from the law. She falls into the darkness and considers the unthinkable.

Can Kat escape the trouble she's in, or will she be on the opposite side of the law for good?

Plus other swag, paperbacks donated by Free Ebooks Galore!! 

Enter, share, congrats and Thank you all!!! 

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