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Now, today I felt like doing something a little different for you. So, I have here a small listing of Non-Fiction. 
***For all you Nook users out there, I searched and searched and couldn't find many good Nook books for free under these categories. There were tons with no Cover Image. I'm sorry! 


The Cold War: A Very Brief History
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Want to learn more about history, but don’t think you have the time? Think again.

The Cold War is the term that was coined to describe the relationship between the USA and the USSR that began with the end of World War Two. The Cold War dominated international politics for decades; the presence of nuclear weapons in both countries meant that the US and USSR would never themselves go to war, but their conflict was played out through the actions of numerous client states. Incidents included the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and the construction of the Berlin Wall. 

The Very Brief History series is intended to give the reader a short, concise account of the most important events in world history. Each book provides the reader with the essential facts concerning a particular event or person; no distractions, just the essential facts, allowing the reader to master the subject in the shortest time possible. 

Topics In Greek Mythology
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Often regarded as the source of much of the worlds creative literature, drama, comedy, and even much ancient history, Greek mythology is as alive today as it was over two thousand years ago. The Greeks explored every topic in the human experience, from the loss of a loved one, to insults and honour, war, sex, politics, and sport. This text discusses the topics of tradition, belief, societal order, the society of the Homeric age peoples, and the concept of agon.

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The story of how Palestine became Israel

‘Rishou Hass'an had decided it was impossible to pick apples all day with a permanent erection …’

Palestine, 1933. The centuries old rhythms of sleepy Rab’allah have been disturbed by the building of a Jewish kibbutz on the swamp in the valley below the village. The Jews are the future, the twentieth century. The Jews are the enemy. The Jews are their new neighbors.

The Jews, in the shape of Sarah Landauer are also beautiful, tempting - and a direct challenge to the way the men of Rab’allah have always lived.

Zayyad Hass’an, Rishou’s father and muktar of the village, can see the future and it fills him with dread. On one side the Jews; on the other, the Britishers and the Arab muftis in Jerusalem, who don’t give a damn about them either. His son, Wagil wants to rise up and fight for Islam. But what is Islam? What is Palestine? And where will the fighting lead them?

Far away in Europe, another father faces the same impossible dilemmas as Zayyad. Josef Rosenberg has been a respected, even beloved, man in Ravenswald. But he is also Jewish. 

As the Nazis take a hold in his homeland, he watches with despair as his only son falls in love with a German girl. Once he would have objected that his son was finding a match beneath him; now it is his son who battles prejudice of quite another kind.

Two fathers; two sons; two very different women. A world about to convulse into war. How can they protect all they know and love from the cataclysm to come?

From the snow-hushed winter streets of Nazi Bavaria, to the burned hills of Palestine, from the Alte Post to the Al-Aqsa, the Dome of the Rock, romance and terror collide in a novel of forbidden loves and ancient hatreds. 

This is the first book in the Jerusalem series, tracing the roots of the Jewish-Arab conflict in the Middle East, from the exodus from Nazi Germany to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. It is the story behind the scenes that you see every night on the evening news. 

The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby
"No other figure of the Civil War became during his lifetime such a storybook legend as Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the audacious and resourceful Confederate soldier who, operating in sight of the Capitol dome with a handful of undisciplined guerrillas, performed prodigies in breaking up Union communications and capturing or putting to flight detachments of Union troops that were often far larger than his own."--Edmund Wilson, Patriotic Gore
"Since the close of the war, I have come to know Colonel Mosby personally, and somewhat intimately. . . .There were probably but few men in the South who could have commanded successfully a separate detachment, in the rear of an opposing army and so near the border of hostilities, as long as he did without losing his entire command."--Ulysses S. Grant

John Singleton Mosby (1833-1916) studied at the University of Virginia and was admitted to the Virginia Bar in 1854. Upon the secession of Virginia he entered the Confederate military service and subsequently formed an independent cavalry unit which operated behind Union lines in a region that came to be known as “Mosby’s Confederacy.” After the war, Mosby held several U.S. Government posts, including a consulship in Hong Kong.

Hurricane Katrina, A Journey Of Hope
UK Link
Here's the bottom line: if nothing else, this book will make you more aware of the wrath of nature. Hopefully, it will also make you start to think about what steps you would take to protect your family BEFORE something like this happens again. If you make it a priority, it will make itself so. It costs nothing to start planning in your head what you would do the time the next big one hits. And I'm not just talking about hurricanes here. Start thinking about what action you would take and talk it over with your family. Planning is a great first step that costs nothing and can save your life.

Many disciplines were involved in the FEMA-coordinated rescue and recovery efforts following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. Urban Search and Rescue, or USAR for short, is a discipline that came into the forefront of public awareness after the events of 9-11 exposed the need for specialized crews that could effectively rescue those trapped in collapsed structures made of reinforced concrete. Following those tragic events, many states received funding from the Department of Homeland Security to develop USAR capabilities. The work is dangerous, unglamorous, and demanding, both physically and mentally. USAR crews must train to operate in a variety of disciplines and be prepared to operate in all-hazard environments ranging from natural disasters to terrorist events.

Rhode Island deployed its trained but untested USAR Task Force 1 (RITF1) to Mississippi in the aftermath of the disaster. No amount of training could prepare anyone for the destruction that was unleashed by the storm surge that swept inland as Katrina made landfall. This book serves to document some of the challenges that RITF1 faced and overcame along the way.

True Crime:
UK Link
An innocent man, locked in jail facing 56 years prison, all from fake claims by his policewoman ex wife, only six days after he claims child custody.
Based on a true story, the police hide his evidence and he has no trial to clear his name
Innocent in jail, on a $250,000 bail!
Innocent, yet treated as guilty all the way!
Invited on The DR PHIL SHOW and they say it is an amazing huge story and must be a book and a movie!

A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School (Memoir Series Book One)
UK Link
When Doctor M. Scott Peck suggested Elan to my parents I was skeptical because the first program he sent me to was a drug program, and I had never done drugs. He said it wasn't, and that Elan treated teens with emotional problems. He told me that Elan had psychiatrists and counselors, and activities, so I agreed to go.

What I witnessed was unbelievable. Elan was an insane asylum, run by the inmates, and Joe Ricci was God. For more than thirty years I told people I had been in prison, rather than the truth of what happened there. After you read this book you will understand why.

DAMSEL FOR SALE; The Tragic Tale Of Aileen Wuornus. (WOMEN SERIAL KILLERS)
UK Link
Damsel For Sale

Aileen Carol Wuornos is probably one of the most notorious women serial killers of our time. Much has been written about Aileen, some of what has been written is true, and some of it is wrong. Much has been written to sensationalize, and to monetize her story. She was described in the media as the first US female serial killer, yet nothing could be further from the truth. There had been decades of women serial killers long before Aileen was conceived. 

What makes her stand out from most other women serial killers, if that what she was, is that Aileen killed with a gun, and her victims were strangers. Aileen, never denied shooting her victims, but claimed it was in self-defense. The majority of women serial killers normally use poison and their victims are usually (but not always) acquaintances or family members.

Biographies and Memoirs: 

Son of Scarface: A Memoir by the Grandson of AL Capone
UK Link
A Memoir by the Grandson of Al Capone is a journal of the grandson of the most notorious gangster in American History. Chris W Knight chronicles his courageous search to find the truth behind the lies, the deceptions and the heartaches. Torn between denying the family bloodline and embracing it, he finds himself forced to confront a dual identity, that he is not only the grandchild of a celebrity, but the grandchild of America's most notorious and infamous Mob boss.

Cry into the Wind'
B&N Link
Cry into the Wind is a spellbinding story of triumph over incredible tragedy, and an inspirational guide for those struggling to overcome the effects of abuse. Abject poverty, a house fire that claimed her mother’s life, the loneliness of an orphanage where she was separated from her siblings… and so much more … yet nothing was able to break Othello Bach’s spirit. She couldn’t read until the eighth grade, yet sold her first novel to Avon Books at the age of 27. She is the author off 17 published books and has 35 recorded songs by Broadway, TV, and Hollywood stars Joel Grey, Tammy Grimes, and Sandy Duncan. 

Speed Needles
UK Link
"Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort" gave a gritty and brutally honest glimpse into Ashly's life as a female escort and methamphetamine addict. Written in journal format with entries sometimes written weeks or even months apart, reading it was much like her life was at the time of writing it - confusing and fragmented streams of consciousness, that is. 

The feeling that sets in after a week with no sleep and not a bite to eat. When the shadows begin to dance and everything grows darker as your mind begins to work against you in clever ways. 

Speed Needles is a bit more intentionally written and aims to tell more of Ashly's back story than her previous journal. She goes back and does her best to explain some of the biggest events that took place in her life, leading up to where the first book began. 

While the style is somewhat different, be prepared to encounter the abrupt drop offs that were found throughout "Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort." More than anything, get ready to hear her voice from a different perspective as she paints more of the picture that is her story.

Unspoken Abandonment
UK Link
One of the most powerful and moving stories you will ever read, this book will completely change the way you look at life. 'Unspoken Abandonment' is the story of one man's struggle to return home from the war in Afghanistan, only to find the person he once was may never be the same.

Bryan Wood is a military veteran who served during combat operations in Eastern Afghanistan. After returning from combat, he found that his life was falling apart at every turn, and Bryan faced the greatest battle of his life in finding his own peace. He surprisingly found the answer was hidden within a daily journal kept while at war, and Bryan's path ultimately led him to find redemption in the most unexpected of places: love.

In a genre filled with war novels, 'Unspoken Abandonment' stands out as the work is brilliantly written, in a narrative form, which takes the reader on a breathtaking journey into the heart of Afghanistan. The reader is then taken back to America to face "life after combat." This story takes a head-on look at the powerful effects of war and post traumatic stress, but the true focus is on the inspirational triumph over this demon that haunts hundreds of thousands of America's bravest men and women.

The story is captivating, the message is inspiring, and this is a "must read" for every American who cares to take an inside look at what our soldiers face on a daily basis. This amazing story will grab your attention immediately, and it is sure to keep you up, past your normal bedtime, for more than a few late nights of reading.

Broken Child
UK Link
There exists the long-held assumption that a loving, caring mother would never knowingly subject her children to psychological damage. Despite the most compassionate maternal aspirations, some mothers unintentionally inflict just such harm upon their offspring. There are disturbing indications this may be a more prevalent occurrence than one might suspect.

This brief memoir-esque article of 40 pages details one such regrettable situation. While being secondarily affected by our mother’s inadvertent emotional misshaping of my sister’s life, I fortunately escaped with relatively few scars. Even as a very young child, I became uncomfortably aware of what I later realized were very disturbing factors in my mother’s misguided attempts to protect us from the horrendous circumstances and events that made her upbringing a grim nightmare.

It was not until I became an adult that I was able to persuade my mother to allow me a glimpse into the horrific plight that dominated almost every aspect of her childhood. With each new revelation, the disturbing narrative proved more dismal than I had ever imagined. Information gleaned from relatives who had been aware of her early life not only substantiated my mother’s account; it actually revealed far more dreadful aspects than she had allowed herself to disclose

Minutes of Heaven Miles of Hell B&N Link ONLY
At age 20, Mitch Webb awoke from an alcohol-induced coma only to return to the demons that put him there. Webb continued to abuse drugs and alcohol to the point of dying twice before being revived by paramedics. Driven by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand, Webb put his thoughts to paper intentionally while intoxicated to gain better understanding of chemical prison.

Sophia Grantham aka Kezia Tregilgus B&N Link ONLY
The true story of a female convict transported to Van Diemens Land aboard the Rajah in 1841. She married a seaman known as Handspike Jack Tregilgus and together they pioneered the settlement of central Queensland. They built the first hotels at Taroom and Rolleston, then moved to Rockhampton where she ran bushranger-friendly hotels before she died at the age of 52.

A Submariners Story (Sinking to Crush Depth)(short story) B&N Link ONLY
This is a true account of an unexplained dive in the British submarine HMS Alcide. This frightening event lasted only minutes but it felt like an eternity. It took place in 1964 and by Gods grace I survived to tell you this tale.

A Soldier
First-person account by British Army Private Albert Money of his experiences in one of the bloodiest and most futile battles of World War 1. Seriously wounded by machine gun fire he spent hours in No-man's land lying in a muddy ditch surrounded by the dead and dying, eventually crawling back to the British trenches. Casualties for the day, 10,000 men. Territory gained, not a single inch.

Kittyhawk Pilot
UK Link
B&N Link
This is the true inspirational story of James “Stocky” Edwards, Canada’s top living fighter pilot. The story begins in Battleford, Saskatchewan where Stocky grew up. During his childhood, shooting partridge, and working hard, Stocky learned the lessons that would serve him well during the Desert War. The story progresses through Stocky's training and then his posting over seas to the Desert War where he flew the P-40 Kittyhawk. This is the incredible story of a young Canadian who goes to war and becomes a superior pilot and leader of men.
This book was written by Michel Lavigne and Stocky Edwards and first published in print in 1983.

A House in Damascus - Before the Fall
As Syria confronts an uncertain future, A House in Damascus seeks to balance the Western view with the lives and views of the everyday people living in the world’s oldest continuing capital city 

Drawn from the author's experiences occurring immediately before the 2011-2012 social and political upheaval, each story traces the Old City of Damascus and its people's present through the past, capturing the universal human element often missing from the strategic and political accounts. 

UK Link
The adventures of a young man graduating from college in 1969 and his efforts to grapple with decisions about his future at a time when the siren song of the Counterculture calls and the draft for bodies to fight the war in Vietnam looms. This is the story of those decisions and their effect on the young man. He did it all...saw much...and in the end was called upon to pay the price.

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