Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wanton in the Windy City

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Welcome to Wanton in the Windy City! 

Book Blurb: Penny is caught up in a sexless marriage that she isn’t going to leave. She has learned to fill the void with anonymous lovers on her frequent business trips. Now, even her ‘regulars’ have become a routine. But a new trip to a new town will provide Penny with adventures and pleasures she never dreamed of. A week in the Windy City turns into five nights of sexual bliss, each with different men. On the last night, her erotic adventures are not limited to just one man, her appetite demands them all. Chicago will never be the same.

Get to know Stefanie Scott! 

I'm Stefanie Scott. I’m an erotic story author that loves pleasurable encounters in the bedroom (or wherever else ), and writing about them. Or at least the ideas that so frequently cross my mind. My tales aren’t necessarily slanted in a particular direction or genre, my mind jumps from situation to situation. Deep lust and a desire to push normal boundaries are the foundations of my stories. I to explore fantasy, but also keep it within the realm of reality. I like women with humility, but not shame, women free to exercise their desires without judgment. Pandora’s Box is filled with too many goodies not to open it. With life being so busy with work, family and other activities, I’m focusing on Short Erotic Fiction for now, stories that should fit nicely into your reading time.

I've been writing erotic stories for myself for over ten years, kind of an erotic therapy. I occasionally shared stories with friends and feedback grew increasingly positive. Recently, a friend from the past encouraged me to pursue actual publishing.

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