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Aurora Smith talks about My Stupid Girl

Good Morning Fans! Busy day on the blog today! We have Aurora Smith here talking about My Stupid Girl

Book Blurb:
David's only goal in life was to be the best wallflower that ever existed, so a heroic rescue of gorgeous and popular Lucy Peterson from a freezing Montana lake was never part of his plan. Little did he know that his split decision would change his life and would ultimately be the easiest part of his journey.

Book Excerpt:

Her name was Lucy Peterson, but Isaiah always called her “badonkadonk” because she had an amazing butt. I’m not a butt-watching jerk or anything; she was pretty well-known for her derriere. She looked like one of those pin-up girls from 50's cartoons: big chest, tiny waist, a big booty, curvy hips, and those athletic legs that were nothing but solid muscle. She was distracting, really. Her face was young and innocent-looking, and her body was… not.

She did seem as innocent as her face suggested, though, regardless of the Betty Boop body. The girl was  always happy and laughing loudly, drawing attention to herself with her unreasonable joyfulness. I was willing to bet she pooped rainbows and threw up skittles. She was that ridiculous.

When she finally made it out of the church van, she hovered, helping others get out of the still-spewing clown-van. Lucy looked less concerned with her beauty than the other girls. Most of the others sported perfect hair and matching outfits, while she just had her hair all tucked underneath a bright blue beanie that matched her stunning eyes. Not that I had ever noticed the perfect shade of her crystal blue eyes before…

The pink and brown scarf around her neck looked thick. I noticed her black snow suit didn't curve around her famous body, unlike the rest of the girls in her group. Instead of a pin-up cartoon, she looked like a black marshmallow with sprinkles on top. Her round face almost looked chubby with all that fluff around it.

Meet Aurora

When did you first realized you wanted to be a writer?
I am Dyslexic.  When I say Dyslexic I mean that I was seven or eight before I could figure out that b and d and p were all different letters.  My father worked and worked with me until I was reading and writing all of the time.  Because of my father I fell in love with reading and his amazing writing skills have hopefully rubbed off on me a tad.  My father tho was really the reason I love to tell stories.    

How long did it take you to write your book?
The initial number is six months.  From start to finish.  THEN my editor got ahold of it, cut her finger and soaked the whole thing in what looked like blood. Apparently it was red ink and there was a massive re write.  The whole process was over a year.
What Genre is your book and what made you choose to write that category?
My book is YA.  I am the 31 year old that will be reading books for 14 year olds.  I just love YA books, they are the greatest EVER!
What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
Sarcasm!  I am a sarcastic, snarky person so writing this character, I basically just made his internal thoughts my internal thoughts.  I see the world in complete exaggeration.  If it’s big, it will be ginormous to me.   
How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
My book count is at five.  However, My Stupid Girl is my absolute favorite.  It’s the only one so far that I felt was good enough to share.  I’m not one to publish a book just to make money.  I need it to be good and I need to feel like people will get something out of it. 
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I like to take baths, eat ice cream, read in coffee shops and hang out with my husband.  What I actually do is homeschool, fold clothes, feed kids, clean the kitchen, fold clothes, wipe butts, teach my own dyslexic kid to read, fold clothes and starve. 
Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
I do.  It’s surprising how much I hear from them and I LOVE IT!  They all ask me to write more about Isaiah who is the best friend to the main character.  I love that people love him.  He is rather wonderful.  My little honey badger who does whatever he wants!
What do you think makes a good story?
Love.  And not just love, but love you have to work for.  Love that isn’t insta-love. Make me want it, need it, long for it and then when I get it I feel like the happiest person in the world! (When I say love, I mean love, not sex.)
Are you self published or do you have a publisher? If self published, what made you decide to go that route? 
I'm self published and the only way to relate my true feelings is to refer to sweet mama brown and say “Traditional publishing? Aint nobody got time fo dat!” I have four children. I can’t tour, do book signings and have someone tell me that God isn’t allowed in books.

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