Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday's a Mystery to Me

Good morning fans! Let's announce some winners before we get to the freebies! 

My Stupid Girl by Aurora-Smith Winners-
Sara Doyle
Brooke Duffey
LaGina Keisha Hagerman Reese

Congrats ladies!

Weekend Giveaway Winners

Sweet Temptation (Sweet Series) by Angel-Steel - Heather Andrews

Ominous Love by Patricia-Puddle - Robin Mann Nichols

Delta Project: Hide by Jessica Jaster - CuAnam Wolfspirit

Finding Sarah (Pine Hills Police) by Terry Odell -  Tina Connor Myers

And...... the moment you have all been waiting for..............The winner of the Kindle Fire by Grace Burrowes......

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Thank you to everyone.. if you see a name you know, please contact them.. I need email addresses and prize format (kindle/nook) inboxed along with what you won to free ebooks galore.

Now.... onto some free books: Mystery

Woman Slueths: 
Firefly Beach
UK Link
When Beth LaMonte rents a cottage on the coast of Maine, she wishes only to withdraw and paint. A mysterious ball of light disturbs her peace and leads her to a secret beach where she finds the diary of a girl who disappeared in 1975. Now Beth is on a mission, not only to bury her own past, but to put to rest the spirit of Firefly Beach.

Progressive Dinner Deadly (A Myrtle Clover Mystery)
UK Link
B&Link $2.99
Retired octogenarian schoolteacher Myrtle Clover is fit to be tied when her book club votes to change to a supper club.  Who wants chips and dip when they can have Dickens and Twain? 

The first supper club is a progressive dinner...where Myrtle loses interest during the hors d'oeuvres. But when a body is discovered during the main course, the evening quickly gets interesting. Myrtle pits her sleuthing skills against her police chief son's to find the killer....if the killer doesn't find her first.

Damn Straight (The Lillian Byrd Crime Series)
UK Link $3.38
After her narrow brush with death in Holy Hell, you would think Lillian Byrd would have learned to keep her head down, but when a friend in crisis calls from Palm Springs, Lillian jumps on a plane and wings her way from Detroit to California and danger. It's the weekend of the Dinah Shore golf tournament, the wildest women's sporting event in the world, when thousands of lesbians from around the country descend on the small desert town of Rancho Mirage and take over. At a pre-championship party, a capsized tray of champagne serves to introduce Lillian to a top LPGA star, and Lillian leaps into a sizzling romance without a second thought. But her superstar athlete has a secret: Someone is quietly terrorizing her. Lillian, eager to help, goes undercover as a high-profile reporter, an unhinged nun and a professional caddie while uncovering disturbing layer after layer of her lover's past. Who is the stalker? The lickspittle agent? The fierce rival? The alcoholic mother? Finally, with violence erupting at every turn, Lillian uncovers her lover's final horrifying secret. And it is not at all what she thought. Once again, Elizabeth Sims has crafted a nail-biting thriller, featuring her oh-so-human amateur detective, that sizzles and zings and has readers laughing through their shivers.

DEADLY SWEET SIXTEEN (The Deadly Collection)
UK Link
COZY MYSTERY: DEADLY SWEET SIXTEEN is a contemporary cozy mystery set along the Mississippi River in bayou country in the fictional town of Ville Nouvelle. An unearthed handbag lost years before with a note inside stating a friend will die sets amateur sleuths, Byrd Jeffcoat and Emmaline Beard on the hunt for the killer or killers.

The Ophelia Trap (The Julia Henry Mysteries)
UK Link $2.03
B&N Link

Julia and her family may have escaped the rent trap... but curiosity has drawn a predator home.
When Julia Henry's former neighbour plunges eight stories to her death in the snow, she's convinced her previous landlords harassed the woman to suicide. But as she investigates, another dead girl turns up with a connection to a serial rapist.
Julia and her husband have put as much distance as they could afford between them and the landlords who put them through hell, and stories from humiliated tenants match Julia's own. She's determined to prove their tactics resulted in tragedy. But the half-empty building is hemorrhaging tenants, the girl's boyfriend comes complete with a wife and daughter, and the best friend overdosed days after giving police their only description of a serial rapist.
Now it seems someone wants Julia buried under the heaviest blizzard in thirty years. But when one of her daughters is targeted for a brutal attack steps from home, two nightmares converge.

Cupcake Kitty(Grace, Jack & Magical Cats Cozy Mystery)

Welcome back to the 1920s. When a singer at an engagement party dies, Grace, Jack, and magical cats, Tatania and Zeus are on the trail of a killer that leads to TiJuana and a bootlegger's doll: Cupcake Kitty.

Murder Passes the Buck : A Gertie Johnson Murder Mystery
UK Link
B&N Link

Murder Passes the Buck is approximately 60,000 words.

When her neighbor is shot and killed, sixty-six-year-old widow Gertie Johnson seizes the opportunity to move on with her life by investigating his death. Gertie is abetted (and hindered) by her grandson Little Donny, man-hungry best friend Cora Mae, and word-of-the-day challenger, Kitty. It doesn’t help that the death has been ruled an accident by the sheriff of this backwoods community in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Or that Sheriff Blaze Johnson happens to be Gertie’s son.

Whether it’s interrogating neighbors, spying, or impersonating the FBI—not to mention staying one step ahead of Blaze—Gertie will do whatever it takes to solve the case, even when the killer takes aim at her.

Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) (A Jillian Bradley Mystery)

Did the woman jump over the balcony or was she pushed? When the shocking death disrupts the West Coast Garden Club Society's second annual conference, Jillian Bradley and her garden club friends join with Chief Frank Viscuglia to solve the mystery. Jillian and her friends move through the Ritz-Carlton hotel to private mansions searching for the truth, pausing for afternoon tea along the way, of course. The unlikely team helps the chief uncover a series of mysterious events that lead to solving several murders, both past and present. Could it be the mean spirited conference director? Perhaps it's the wealthy widow on the make for her next husband; or maybe the killer is the haughty business woman who shows no regard for her brow beaten husband.

'Murder in Half Moon Bay,' first book in the Jillian Bradley Mystery series, introduces Jillian's little  companion 'Teddy,' a Yorkie who falls prey to danger but rises to become sleuth dog in the next book.

Fit To Curve (An Ellen and Geoffrey Fletcher Mystery)

Ellen is on assignment to Asheville, North Carolina, to do a followup on a story she wrote a year before. Geoff is reluctant to come until he learns his college girlfriend and new husband will be staying at the same bed-and-breakfast.

Their trip turns deadly, but the police see only accidents. They're on their own if they want to solve the killings before there are more vicitims, before they become victims themselves. Fortunately their fellow guests pitch in.

Geoffrey and Ellen live in Roanoke, Virginia, in the mountains north of town. Geoff is a poet who teaches creative writing at Hollins University and Roanoke College. Ellen is a free-lance travel writer, frequently published in TravelAmerica. Geoff travels with Ellen, when his schedule allows and she can persuade him to come. With an uncanny frequency they find themselves involved in murder investigations, often involving deaths not recognized as crimes.

First Impressions (Grace deHaviland short story)

A Grace deHaviland bounty hunter short story from crime thriller writer David DeLee, author of Fatal Destiny

When you're a bounty hunter, making snap judgments about people will often save your life. But what if those first impressions are wrong? When Grace deHaviland chases a bail jumper to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a long way from her home turf of Columbus, Ohio, she may discover the answer -- with deadly consequences.

Hard Boiled 

Rainy Nights: Three Novels
UK Link $5.41
B&N Link
Mother, wife, private investigator...vampire. Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire. Now the world at large thinks Samantha has developed a rare skin disease, a disease which forces her to quit her day job and stay out of the light of the sun. Now working the night shift as a private investigator, Samantha is hired by Kingsley Fulcrum to investigate the murder attempt on his life, a horrific scene captured on TV and seen around the country. But as the case unfolds, Samantha discovers Kingsley isn't exactly what he appears to be; after all, there is a reason why he survived five shots to the head.

Dark Horse takes place in Huntington Beach, California. Surf City, USA. Written in the tradition of Robert B. Parker's Spenser and Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe, Dark Horse introduces a new hard-hitting, wise-cracking hero with a modern twist. When high school student Derrick Booker, the only black student at a posh Orange County high school, is accused of killing his white girlfriend, ex-college football hero and detective Jim Knighthorse is hired to dig a little deeper into the murder. It doesn't take long for Knighthorse to realize that not all is as it seems at tranquil Huntington High, from a band director who preys on the innocent to a vice-principal with a secret agenda of her own. Not to mention someone's hired a professional killer to keep Knighthorse permanently off the case.

Three years ago, high school student Veronica Fortune witnessed the brutal murder of her parents. Now armed and dangerous, she sets out to hunt down the very thing that destroyed her life. That is, until she disappears. Spinoza is a private investigator who specializes in finding the missing. He's good at what he does. Damn good. But he's also a recovering alcoholic and a royal mess. Hired to find Veronica, Spinoza won't let his personal demons—or demons of any kind—get in the way of finding the truth about the missing girl. Now following a bizarre set of clues that leads him into stranger and stranger territory, Spinoza is about to come face-to-face with something legendary...and something hungry for blood.

UK Link
B&N Link
A ruthless hitman confronts his destiny in a startling tale of redemption.

Maxwell Street Blues (Jules Landau Detective Series)
UK Link $0.77
B&N Link
Grabbing snapshots of cheating spouses and hunting down bail jumpers provides a comfortable living for Jules Landau—until his estranged father knocks on the door. Second-rate con man Bernie Landau reports Jules's beloved "Uncle Snook" has taken five bullets in the head. The newspapers dismiss the victim as another bean counter for the mob caught skimming off the top. But Jules isn't buying it. Sure, his uncle's accounting practice included shady characters, but the wise-guys loved Snooky and not just for his money-laundering skills. With Snooky you had a devoted friend—a regular hoodlum's therapist. From the start, Bernie criticizes his son's brash approach to the investigation. But despite their conflicts, father and son uncover Snooky's entanglements in a convoluted world of crooked politics, corrupt police, and drug trafficking. And those who stand to benefit from Snooky's death reads like a Who's Who of the Chicago power elite.

Guilt (A Noah Milano novella)
UK Link

Years ago Noah Milano was the son and bodyguard of gangster boss Robert Milano. He was forced to shoot Lisa Waxman's father, turning her into an orphan, saddling him with a lifetime of guilt.
Now, Noah Milano has broken off all ties to his father and tries to make an honest living as a security specialist. He finds out Lisa's stepfather is accused of being one of the vilest, most sadistic serial killers of California. This is Noah's chance to find redemption. He swears to prove his innocence. It seems not everyone agrees with his quest, though. Soon not only Noah but his dearest friends are in mortal danger...

The Scavenger's Daughter: A Tyler West Mystery
UK Link
Disgraced newsman Tyler West is desperate for a scoop that will save his career. When he investigates the baffling deaths of several of San Diego's elite, he uncovers a common link: torture devices not used since the Dark Ages. Plunged into a mysterious world of medieval torture scholars, antiquities collectors and sadomasochists, he must break the brilliantly conceived series of slayings that has cast a dark shadow over a city better known for its sun, sand and surf. The elusive killer goes by the name Friar Tom, in tribute to his hero, Tomás de Torquemada, the first Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition. As Ty scrambles to unmask the monstrous zealot, he is drawn into a lethal game of cat and mouse that could cost him everything.

Where The Sun Don't Shine
UK Link
A missing girl.
A lost father. 
Murder. Mayhem. Tattoos. 
Just another day in Venice Beach. 

Where The Sun Don't Shine is the story of Marley, a once successful Hollywood player who's tumbled so far down the ladder of success that he’s got almost nothing left. Just a one room apartment on Venice Beach and a fragile relationship with his 16 year old daughter.

Marley’s at the end of his rope when he gets a phone call from an old producing partner who wants to throw Marley some work. Which sounds great until Marley realizes that the “work” is tracking down a missing actress. An actress who may or may not be dead. Every instinct Marley has tells him to walk away. But the lure of easy money is the single thing that everyone in Hollywood has in common.

Marley finds himself thrust into the back alleys of the film industry. Into a nexus of porn, kidnapping, studio politics and the dream-dead denizens of modern Hollywood. Struggling to do the right thing, and to be a father to his daughter, Marley soon finds that everything is at stake: His future, his daughter, even his life…

The Black Song Inside (An Atticus &Rosemary Novel)
UK Link
Newly engaged private investigators Atticus Wynn and Rosemary Sanchez have seen the dark and violent side of life. Atticus's dry wit is born of a traumatic childhood that's left him emotionally scarred and estranged from his homicide detective sister. The medals Rosemary earned during her tour of duty in Iraq are little reward for returning home to San Diego missing a leg and tormented by PTSD and her continuing failure to save her younger brother from his own violent nature. Still, nothing they've been through has prepared them for an explosive murder investigation that tests the couple's trust as they struggle to solve a case where the best result leaves them in prison or dead.  

Atticus's manipulative and gorgeous ex-girlfriend, Claire, bursts back into their lives wielding a secret about Rosemary's family that she exploits to force the couple into investigating the execution-style slaying of her lover. The case thrusts Atticus and Rosemary headlong into the world of human trafficking and drug smuggling as well as rendering them pawns in Tijuana Cartel captain Armando Villanueva's bloody bid to take over the Cartel. Villanueva Machiavellian scheme sends one of his minions, Rosemary's own gangsta brother, after Atticus, and as if that weren't bad enough, Villanueva dispatches "The Priest", a former child soldier for a Colombian rebel group who is now a messianic mercenary whose religious psychosis has launched him on a trajectory that can only end in mayhem. 

The Black Song Inside is a vivid crime thriller rife with the murder and madness, melded with gallows humor and the heroism of two flawed protagonists who, in struggling to unravel a skein of human suffering, learn the nature of redemption and the ability to forgive others and themselves.

Bargain Books:

Down & Dirty: A McCray Crime Collection $0.99

This collection includes the prequel short story, Gauntlet to the full length novel, All Hallow's EveThe one night it is BAD to be good.
The prequel short story, Anatomy to the Harbinger thrillers
The prequel short story, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary to the Nursery Rhyme Murder series
The prequel short story, Devious to the Darc murder mysteries

Ghost Box: Six Supernatural Thrillers $4.99

Better leave the lights on for weeks! A box set of six supernatural thrillers from bestselling author Scott Nicholson, featuring more than 400,000 words of fiction. DRM-free.

THE RED CHURCH (Stoker Award finalist, alternate selection of the Mystery Guild Book Club): A boy and a sheriff must solve the mystery of a haunted Appalachian church when a strange preacher returns to town.

DRUMMER BOY: One misfit kid is all that stands between a small Appalachian town and a ghostly Civil War troop.

BURIAL TO FOLLOW: Roby Snow must help Jacob Ridgehorn find his eternal rest--or else.

CREATIVE SPIRIT: Artists at a remote Appalachian retreat discover their work is reviving a sinister spirit.

THE DEAD LOVE LONGER: Private investigator Richard Steele must solve his most difficult case ever--his own murder--while torn between women on opposite sides of the grave.

SPEED DATING WITH THE DEAD: A paranormal conference in the Appalachian Mountain's most haunted hotel goes haywire when ghost hunters accidentally stir up demons.


  1. I don't do mysteries, or seldom ever, I prefer Regency and Historical romances, I am also learning to read and like a few contemporary ones. Do you ever offer them as freebies?

    1. We do a different post daily, different genres. Romances typically towards the weekend when we do our Giveaways of Romance books. But each day we have something different!